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Found 4 results

  1. Sannies' Jack, Killing Fields + Jack Candy - Tropical Guerilla Grow Just did a bean drop for the official Maria tropical guerilla grow in my new location. The "tester" run was here, but I haven't even checked on them since putting them out... Have been eyeing up Sannies' seeds for a long time. Love the work he has done with the Jack Herer, creating his own F9 IBL Jacks!!! And then a few other Jack crosses, like the Killing Fields. Plus got Jack Candy (NAW) for freebies. 3 X Sannies Jack F9 (photo, reg) -- from Sannies' Seeds 2 X Killing Fields F8 (?) (photo, fem) -- from Sannies' Seeds 5 X Jack Candy (freebies, photo, reg) -- from NAW (through Sannies') Decided to drop 10 beans in total, prob going into 5 pots (2 beans / pot). Leaving me with 7 Jack, 3 KF for future grows. They're in little sponge pots, which Sannie recommends and I got sent with order. Beans are: JC -- JC -- JC -- JC --- JC -- SJ -- SJ -- SJ -- KF --- KF -- In they go! Soaking in a little Bacto for healthy start to life. Have saved a little more Bacto for transplanting. Can check out some of Sannies' strains in his photo gallery here. I'm not going to end up with anything like that in this wild guerilla grow, but nice inspiration! Sannies Jack (reg, photo) is Sannies' F9 IBL from Sensi Jack Herer. Hasn't been crossed with anything else. So can be considered inbred line by now. Goes for about 11-13 weeks, supposed to be much more stable than Sensi Jack. Sannie seems to have bred it for single stem SoG or topped ScroG growing, especially at 12/12 from seed, or maybe just 1 week of 18/6. That's a reason why I think it should be good for my tropical climate at about 12/12 to 11/13 right through the grow. Killing Fields (fem, photo) is up to about F8 by now, I think, so almost IBL. Originally a cross between The One and Sannies' Jack. The One is itself Blueberry Sativa X (Killa Queen X NYCD), so has a lot of the Jack also in the Killa Queen from C99. The Blueberry gives the purple pheno, I guess. If you search on Open Grow forum, there is an amazing thread from the breeder on his selection and breeding process. Excellent learning material for any wannabe pollen chuckers like myself, haha. Jack Candy (reg, photo) are freebies only, seem to be a cross that hasn't made it to the shop, just freebies. Is Jack Hammer X Head Candy. Jack Hammer is Jack X Amnesia Haze, and Head Candy is Killa Queen X Blue Hammer. NAW breeder Poldergrower says it'll run about 11-12 weeks, sativa dominant pheno, pineapple flavor (maybe from the Jack?) Assuming that these plants can make it through to harvest, or at least a few of them, should be able to get some females, and maybe a male, to make some crosses. There's enough Jack Herer in all three strains to get a nice Jack cross somewhere in there. Let's see. Now... have a shopping list: Cups for seedling growth. Will do "insta-planters". Soil mix, local stuff, a couple of bags. Some kind of pots or bags, maybe just 5 pots / bags @ 5-10 L each will be ok. Nappies -- to rip out some polyacrylate crystals for water retention. If possible, but not urgent: Some kind of bloom fert / nutes. No idea what at this point... Love ya all! MJS
  2. Swamp Grow 2 I have kept with tradition again this year insofar that nothing has gone as planned. The original idea was to have far more plants and choices than I could ever accommodate and have to give at least half of my plants away. But, naturally that didn't happen. Roughly half my seed stock came from Sweet Seeds and Delicious Seeds, all of them died under unexplained circumstances. I also ordered some other seeds from a Spanish supplier that just arrived today (took 5 weeks longer than stated). Its disturbing to look at the envelope with the fake returns address so clearly printed yet the mailing address is illegible, half the letters look the same, all the a's are replaced with o's, like WTF? I thought I lived in Canada, according to this I live in Corrodo. And wouldn't you know it under special instructions I asked to have the mailing address printed clearly…All this plus the freak hailstorms and bitterly cold nights equals a bad start to the season. I'm also broke and lonely. In a desperate measure to compensate I dug out every last bagseed, deadseed and old freebie I could find. A lot of it isn't suited for my climate or almost certainly won't finish outdoors. So, here's a list of hopefuls: 14 x Freedom Dream (reg) 04 x Boudica/Silverfields (reg) 03 x CH9 Special Indica 2014 (fem) 03 x CH9 Cluster (fem) 02 x Kollosus (fem) 01 x Dinafem Original Amnesia (fem) 02 x Random Ducksfoot hybrids (reg) All the above seeds have germinated and are progressing nicely, especially the CH9 stock which has been growing vigorously from the start. The seeds that arrived today were Female seeds Lemon Kush (4) and USC Turkish Landrace (10); they're all soaking overnight. I also want to include a big thank you to Dana Larsen at Overgrow for sending me 100 free cannabis seeds, it really saved my bacon. From what I've read of last year's performance, these are a cross of Blue Dream and Freedom 35. They produce mid-sized pole plants and around 8-12% CBD plus require virtually no maintenance. Before putting them outside I need to grow them out a bit first so they can withstand the elements. They are all either in small peat pots or leftover beer cups. Some are on the seedling mat underneath and a 36W T5 overhead. Its all encased in a small 3 by 3 grow tent. I also have a small 150W HPS about five feet above them that I put on sometimes. My fans are starting to fade out and its difficult to maintain a balance of temperature and airflow, something else to take care of. The actual swamp is currently 3 feet underwater, I have at least a month or so before I can even think of taking these outside. I'll let you know if anything changes. Hopefully it will be the weather.
  3. Hello again fellow OGers. I'm strictly an outdoor grower at the moment, so I am at a major disadvantage when it comes to the cannabis plant selection process, as compared to indoor growers. Unlike you indoor guys, who can do perprtual grows all year, us outdoor guys only have one shot at it. Well, I've been taking the last few weeks to contemplate my next grow. I've kept a somewhat detailed journal of last year's grow, and am currently pricing several strains, as well as growing supplies. So, anthough I'm not growing, I am at least doing something.. Well, I have been thinking about making seed this year because I can't be keeping clones in my house all winter. I know, it sucks ass, but I know I'm not the only guy with a living situation that doesn't allow for growing weed in the house. I was kind of curious if anyone has had a successful breeding program outdoors, doing it guerilla style. If so, how did you do it? The next part of this post has to do with the selection process. If I am mistaken here, I am sure I will be corrected quickly but.... An F1 is where you select 2 IBL lines, two F1s of different stock, or even F whatevers as long as it's a first crossing makes a hybrid. I've got that. Now, when selecting a male and female from that F1, what should you be looking for? Structure? Yield? Taste? Effect? Or, should you try to compromise the best of all worlds? Now, once you select the F1 male and female to cross you get F2. These vary greatly from what I have read. Should you have seperate parents from that line that you breed in order to breed them together later? If I have failed to explain what I mean I will try to clarify... Here is an example... Huck Kush is an F1 Take Huck(f) and Huck (m) and make an F2. Once you get here, should you select several parents for different trits? Like take F2 (f) x F2 (m) pair 1:Say the female has a great stone and the male has a good resin profile . Then, have another pair of F2 parents that you have simultaneously selected for yield and flowering time. Do you cross their offspring (F3) like a female from pair 1 and a male from pair 2? Or do you keep the lines, refine them until they are stable, and then cross them? Am I way off here?
  4. Hello Overgrowers. Just wanted to show some of my guerilla plants. Have a few plots, this is the first one to go in. Strains are Exodus,Freisen Dew and Ultra kush. A few autos in the last 2 pics. They are stealthy hidden in my veggie garden. Got to have a few plants that the rippers wont find eh.
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