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Found 1 result

  1. I already told about my first grow, but here are some main facts to make it easier medium coco/perlit ferts: 1. clone: root booster, brown liquid 4-12-5 with humic acid and microelectronics 2. Organic fertilizer, liquid which contains beneficial bacteria which in proces of fermentation produces auxin (indol 3 acetic acid) - this is mainly used in cloning/veg period but I add it during flower as well but in much lower dosage per water volume 3. 12-4-3 liquid + Microelements both 3 above ferts are used n veg flower: 4. crystal 20:20:20 + Micro Elements for first 3 weeks flower 5. crystal 4:10:40 + Microelements 6. crystal 4:40:10 + Mcroelements + 8% Sulfur above two are combined to gradually make PK boost starting from week 4 into flower all above 3 ferts are including Micro elements including Mg, but I notice absence of Ca (they probably rely on high Ca content in tap water) Since there is no CalMag available in mt coutry what alternative I have, will crushing some chalk (Calcium carbonate) replenish Ca deficiency ? If you think it might ne important I could post all the labels I do my best to ph 5,8 nut reality is that it varies from 5,5 to 6,2 Now this is the bud and I'm wondering how much until harvest, today is 61st day of 12/12
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