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Found 5 results

  1. OK, I have all the parts and I will show you how I made a cheap Hash tumbler for less than $70 us. If you already have an ice cream machine and some of the tools then the price will be lower. BE WARNED: THIS IS NOT GOING TO THE FAIR TO WIN A PRIZE!! but it gets the job done on the cheap. Also if you are not good with tools and such, then do not try this, as with anything you are converting, you break it - you buy it..... Just buy one at http://www.okief.com/ they make a very good tumbler and bho oil extractor Be careful working with tools, sharp edges,and anything electrical. Ice cream machine $45 (new) screen from DickBlick $12 Garlic press $13 Hash--> pricless Tools needed: nibbler - or something to cut the openings out of aluminum drill - to start hole removal and for braces hacksaw - to cut the braces sandpaper - or something to remove the sharp edges rivet tool razor knife screw driver tape measure pencil screen material - Materials needed: ice cream machine (electric) - can be found a garage sales 2 screw clamps some metal duct tape (my favorite grow tool of all times) 4 feet of 1/8 inch X 3/4 inch angle from hardware store small box of rivets - I used 1/8 inch Overview: You need to remove a large part of the inside metal part that would hold the ice cream mix. I drilled a hole and used a nibbler.(sounds like fun) http://www.cyberguys.com and search on nibbler. I attached 4 support posts with rivet to make the drum more solid and it will help with the tumble effect. Wrap the outside with screen material, http://www.dickblick.com . MONOFIL POLYST FABRC WHT NO 140 or 110. I used a screw clamp at the top and bottom and some aluminum duct tape for the seam on the side. Prepare to TUMBLE: Cut and remove stems/seeds, place in the freezer for 30 min. This will help sift the smaller parts (keif) and keep the screen from tearing. Fill the inside part about 3/4 full, I added 3-5 old computer mouse balls to help in the process. Put the lid on, fasten the motor on, lay the ice cream machine on its side. I use 2 overlapping pieces of computer paper to catch the kief on. Note: put a couple of rags or small towels on each side to keep it from rolling. Turn it on and it will start spinning and before you know if the computer paper will change color as the kief falls thru the screen to the paper. Quality of Product: The smaller the opening of the screen, the better quality hash/kief. The bigger the opening of the screen, the more leaf material and other stuff will fall thru. You can smoke the kief or press it for storage (like the Holidays, Birthdays, etc) I use plants that I had outdoor and maybe was not the best. You know, the stuff that bugs eat.... or the plant that went to seed, etc. Ice Cream Maker parts drum bottom - centers the drum when locked tools misc tools/parts measure the distance around the outside of the inside drum: this was 19 inches check and recheck figures: 19" = 3.5 opening and 1.25" for posts * 4(I'm calling the area left uncut between the openings as posts) I cut a cardboard template 3.5" * 7" for the opening as this will leave enough room for the clamps and fastening the screen to the outside of the drum. I put a mark on a ruler for the distance between openings. Drill pilot holes in the corners of each area that are to be removed. I used this nibbler tool - really sucks as it takes forever.. but with the light weight aluminum I was afraid to use any power tools. Anyone have a better way, please let me know... The tools cut a 1/8 inch giblet every time.. giblits nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble and nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble I decided to add the braces before cutting the rest of the openings as the drum is better than the first one I made but still kinda weak. Braces drilled and riveted. Rough cut, still needs the sharp edges removed as not to rip the screen. Screen, clamps, metal tape, scissors, razor knife Measure and cut the screen, I cut a little long on the top and bottom, to be trimmed after the screen is clamped on and used to pull the screen tight. screen and parts measure and cut
  2. Hey folks.. I'm using the ice-o-lator process and I've wondered how long you wash the material until you pass it through the sieves. Experimentally I've washed the material for as long as 14 hours (!) compared to the recommended time of 15min - 60min as recommended by others. With long washing times I found the hash to become green, probably because of the chlorophyll. However it is still incredibly strong compared to commercial hash available in my country. So I wanted to know how long you wash your material and what are your experiences. I'm especially interested if there is a relationship between longer washing time and a less sticky end-product. cheers!
  3. Hi OGs! I wanted to share my first attempt at making dry ice hash. I had a good amount of nice trim from the harvest in my journal. I had some free time so I picked up a block of dry ice and a set of 5 gallon bubble bags. For the hash catcher I used the mixing tubs in found in the concrete section of your local DIY box store. I used 2 different sizes. The larger one to collect the early sift and the smaller one to catch the more contaminated run. I filled 5 gallon buckets about halfway with frozen trim and small buds then broke up and added the dry ice. I gave this about 2 minutes to cool and shook it up a couple times to mix it. After the short wait I used only a 120 micron bag, shaking it for 1-2 minutes in the high quality bin then another 2-3 minutes in the 2nd bin. I know I could have gone longer in the quality run. I'd usually be shaking the bucket a good minute in the 2nd bin before seeing anything greenish. I knew I was using this for cooking etc so I wasn't too worried. Here are the results. Good pile - clean as can be! Greenish pile - You can definitely see a lot of nice hash mixed in there. I'd wait longer before switching in the future. 3 min maybe. Here's a 2 gram puck I pressed. After that I had to figure out how to make rosin...
  4. Im doing a gumby run ,my 1st, and I'm wondering ,how long does it usually take for the water and the particles to start separating? Im sure there are many variables,but any general info would be great,thank you my well informed open grow friends
  5. Just a couple of Hash Shots from the last couple of Grows. Safari Mix Gumby, my firtst trial was quite nice Full Melt. Then there was the Skunk, she did not get me as much Gumby, so i HBO´t half of it. Last Shot is what i did before the Ice Water Extraction, its Shakend. You can tell the difference between Layers, since there is some mixed with HBO though. Hope you enjoy
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