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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Open Grow guys, I am kind of new to indoor growing. Hope get your help in the future. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi fellow growers & smokers, Although I've done some outdoor and guerillagrowing back in 2014 I was not able to do so in 2015 , so this year I'm condemned to get my weed from a good old Dutch coffeeshop called ''De Vliegende Hollander'', guess it's a luxury problem. Flying Dutchmen, Painting, Charles Temple Dix, 1860 De Vliegende Hollander Coffeeshop Flying Dutchmen, Painting unknown I'm already looking forward to summer 2016 to outdoor/guerilla- grow some autoflowers again and I'm particurarly interested to try the new autoflowers strains from Dutch Passion with nice funky names refering to the new continent like..... Autonight Queen, AutoColorado Cookies, AutoDaiquiri Lime and AutoBrooklyn Sunrise. Borough Seal, Brooklyn's official motto is Eendraght Maeckt Maght A graphic novel inspired by an illustrated 17th century travel dairy written by the Dutch explorer Jasper Danckaerts, Breuckelen: 1679, The earliest mention of the name Breuckelen in the records of the colony of New Netherland is a contract dated 1646, which begins: "Gerrit Douman, sergeant, and Jan Tonissen, schout of Breuckelen, have this day agreed and contracted in manner as follows, to wit: Jan Tonissen promises to cut at Breuckelen, or wherever he can best do so, the following timber and to properly hew and deliver the same out of the woods near the ferryman on the strand…" The village of Breuckelen is not synonymous with the borough of Brooklyn today, but was one of six towns settled under Dutch rule within the area of the borough. The others were Amersfoort, New Utrecht, Boswyck, Midwout and Gravesend. Breuckelen was located directly across the East River from New Amsterdam, on the southern tip of Manhattan, at what is now Brooklyn Heights. It was only in the nineteenth century that the then rapidly expanding city of Brooklyn annexed the neighboring areas of Bushwick, Gravesend, Flatbush, New Utrecht, Williamsburg and New Lots, becoming the third largest city in the nation by 1860. Then Brooklyn itself was incorporated into New York City in 1898. Thus, the infamously patchwork street pattern of Brooklyn, with its seemingly chaotic thicket of neighborhoods, is a direct result of the area having started life as six separate Dutch towns. The area of Fulton Ferry Landing can be considered the origin of Brooklyn. In 1646 the first Dutch settlers chose this location as their new home. They called it Breuckelen, after a village in Holland. It became the first town in New Netherlands that was politically organized. After the English took over in 1664, Breuckelen was renamed Brooklyn and together with the neighboring towns of Flatbush, Flatland, Gravesen, New Utrecht and Buswick, formed the county of Kings. I'm wandering off... ...see you in spring 2016 with a modest grow report.
  3. Hello @all , I'm zafon and my native tongue is German. So indulge, if I'm not able to express; or understand correctly. To come to my person: I'm a Micro-Grower, growing under 72W of Pl-l bulbs and I chose your board to maybe be my future board. We'll see how we come along together So long, have a nice day, Zafon
  4. Hi Opengrow , I love what I've read so far and I'm happy to be here sharing in your nice vibes . This is the first forum in which I've felt comfortable enough to post, although I lurk on many boards. I choose to avoid negativity and b/s. Don't need it. Just wanna grow something good! About me: I'm a married female in my early 40's in the Philadelphia area suburbs. Hubby is a non smoker, so is my 20 yr old youngin'. I'd smoked schwag off and on my whole life and never knew any better until about 10 yrs ago when by chance I was introduced to a little something called "kind bud" :wOOt . Although I tried, I could not go back to the readily available schwag . Like Oprah says, when you know better, you do better. Since then, I have only indulged if by some miracle I can score some of that elusive "loud" (which is not often enough ), so I finally bought a grow tent and seeds and a little hydro setup . Right now I'm in germination phase . With your help, I'm sure I'll be rolling in bud in no time.
  5. Hello OpenGrowers! My name is Matt and I'm from Rhode Island in the USA. I am a medical patient due to injuries sustained while in Afghanistan with the Army. My whole lower back and hips are destroyed and I experience incredible nerve pain in my legs due to the damage above them. The Veterans Administration also diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is arguably more disabling than my physical wounds. I am a legal medical marijuana (I prefer cannabis) patient in Rhode Island and I grow quite a few different strains not only for myself but for others at low or no cost depending on their situation. I remain legal at all times and do not interact (in regards to cannabis) with anyone who is not authorized to use cannabis no matter how badly they "need it". This last part of my situation really presents a problem, there are sick people (cancer, ms, etc) that didn't get sick through any fault of their own, and their doctors have no problem throwing hands full of narcotics at them, but refuse to sign off on palliative cannabis. It's a big problem here, especially when you see big pharmaceutical reps buying these doctors and their employees lunches that run in the hundreds of dollars, sometimes more than once a week. And all so they are influenced to continue prescribing and using those meds. It is a terrible thing, the current situation in the US with the level of influence that pharma companies exert over doctors, policy makers and even patients. The Veterans Administration has had me on every antidepressant antipsychotic and benzodiazepine you have ever heard of, and some that aren't even approved yet! Even when I decided that I didn't want to take their poison anymore I COULD NOT break the hold that these drugs had on me! With the help of some Simpson oil I was able to break free from the last mental cold-cock and level myself out with nothing but all natural, organic cannabis that I grow myself. Unfortunately the physical injuries still need to be quieted sometime and I have not found a strain potent enough to replace ALL of my painkillers. If you read my whole intro I thank you. If not, you're not reading this, so no big deal. All compliments and questions are welcome, it's easy to talk to me if you're not in person. I'm glad to be here at OpenGrow as the last community I was involved with was shuttered a number of years ago. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the passion, love, and intelligence that goes into each and every one of our grows, it truly is a labor of love. Matt
  6. Hi.. it is me.. MrMonkE Previous century i used to grow like a mentally challenged amateur. Looking to start again but this time i wanna grow a little better, purely for my own pleasure and fun. I was looking at LED.. being sad.. lies crooks promises all broken. So i probably will go HPS or TNeon. Perhaps even combo. I shall be looking at everything but mainly interested in some small indoor tent grows in the forum and trying to find that succesfull LED grow. There's got to be at least one. right? CU around.
  7. Hi, Just a quick note to introduce myself. I'm a knocking on 40's door male currently residing in the SW of England. Formerly of the NW of the US. I've been growing on and off for 5 years with mixed results. I use a 1M^2 tent with a 600w hps to flower; and I've just built a veg/prop/mother space out of an old tv cabinet. To date I've been brain washed by the cannabiz! By this I mean I've bought conventional fem strains thru conventional outlets and got average results. I've used bottled nutes albeit 'organic" in canna specific 'organic' soil. But as of my next grow this is all going to change. My plan is to grow out 1 strain out of one pack of seeds for the whole of 2013. By doing so I hope to learn everything there is to know about growin MJ. Keeping mums, cloning, training, dialling everything in for excellent quality and maxi yields. The lucky strain I've chosen is Drizella from Dynasty. I plan on documenting 2013 and would like to use this site to do so. Thanks for looking, Disobey
  8. Hello Opengrow, Just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently starting my first grow in a waterfarm with Sannies Mad Shack fem. I'm very excited to see what she can do. I will be starting a journal as soon as some serious progress is made. Cheers
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