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Found 2 results

  1. Time to get this diary started. I use the same gear every grow, I start them in my small veg tent them move them to flower tent as soon as it's empty. The big tent is 1.2m, I got a T5 light in the veg tent. I can run 400w or 600w hps in the big tent I switch between NFT and DWC, This grow is a DWC run. I've got a rough idea how I would like this to go but I'm flexible. I use GHE 3 part nutrients and silica. I'll get on with some pictures 14June Got them started 18th next stage 24th move them into the mini (diy) dwc buckets. (I have not fed them anything yet) I forgot to say I ph water to 6 and top feed by hand for 1st 2 or 3 weeks It can take some time for the roots to show out of the net pot 4th July This is what I was waiting for, nice roots in the water now I can start feeding them EC 0.2 Oaxacan and purple storm have settled in well, Aztec rain not so well. You can see Aztec rain is not so happy, I re-use my clay pebbles for years, I did wash them but I can see salts on them. maybe this is her problem? Oaxacan looks happy And Purple Storm This is the stage they are at now. I'm not intending to do a scrog just a straight up grow, but you never know what can happen??? I'll try not to let them get too big. if you seen my grows you know I like a big girl but not always Thanks for your advice @E$kob@r I'm sure your help will be invaluable.
  2. This is the set up for this grow 1.2 m green quebe tent T5 for Early veg 400w Hps Ajust-a-wing 5" fan and filter + 8" desk fan, passive intake Small Nft tank Homemade Scrog-net 1m I'll be using GHE Grow Bloom Micro and Ripen, Cal-mag, Silica and Cane Sugar/molasses The plants are Sannie's Sugar Punch & Bomb seeds Berrybomb (backup plant) both Fem seeds The original plan was to do a 3 plant nft grow with no scrog but the Sugar punch dominated the plant in the centre and the berrybomb seems to be a lot more indica than the last one I had. I had a re-think. If you seen my soliloqueen/berrybomb nft grow you will know what i'm doing next push berrybomb out to the side and give sugar punch as much room as it needs. I'll do a full nutrent change every week and top up mid week with half strength nutrients. I've still to find the sweet spot for sugar punch. The EC is 0.8 Ph 6.1 I'll not go above EC 1.2 -1.4 Max and see how things develope? I just dropped the Scrog net on sugar punch, just using LST done the trick, I did not monster crop anything as she was so bendy and plyable ( just as i like me women...lol....) She should fill the net up nicely over the next two weeks and i'll just let berrybomb do it's thing on the side. Sugar punch is the one I'm interested in. Pictures will say more a bit more. Anything i've forgot to say or any question just fire away
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