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Found 8 results

  1. So I grew at home for about 4 years, stopped for a few. I just was doing too much. I was just trying to make money. I’m in Colorado, dispensaries got built everywhere. In the meantime I didn’t throw anything away and am getting back to growing. New perspective. Found the passion for it again. Anyway I have 3 year old nutrients. General hydroponics and some cutting edge solutions. I bought new stuff to run with. But has anybody heard of nutrients expiring? Once I’m up and running I’m going to find out if the old nutes are viable with one plant. It’s not like they put expiration dates on the bottles and being it’s synthetic maybe makes sense they’ll still work? Been in a container in my crawl space.
  2. Due to some issues from the greater powers, I had to lie low for a while, but I'm back. To cut straight to it: NFT, totally 6 sqm, i have recently started scrogging just because it's a lot easier for me to get better yields when i do so. maybe I haven't found the right sog strain, but I think it's more a skill I don't have (yet). My system was designed for about 9 plants per square metre, but i seem to be doing far better going for a longer time in the veg cabinet and 2 plants per sqm. Each row is 2.1m long and .9m wide (2sqm), lit by 2 air cooled 600w HPS. There are 3 such rows. Till 2 days ago, I had 5 x 600w HPS (Lumatek ballast + Philips Master Greenpower bulb) and one lonely 400w HPS lighting the 3 rows. Power bills due to air conditioner overload and the frequency of air conditioner maintenance required has made me consider and research LEDs. With help and guidance from many forums' members, here as well, I eventually created my first 2 prototypes. the first one is a 432w Cree CXB3590 fixture with 8 3000k COBs, each running at 50w, cooled by an individual heat sink, totally powered by 2 meanwell drivers. (The model number of the LEDs is : CXB3590-0000-000R0UBD30H) the second one is a 420w Bridgelux Vero29 fixture with 4 x Vero29 COBs, each running at 100w, cooled by an individual heat sink, with an individual driver per COB. (i'll fish out the model numbers) These two LED fixtures have replaced 2 of my 600w HPS fixtures. Let's see how they do. it's going to be interesting for sure. The ones in scrog atm are a nice amnesia phenotype, and the wonky middle row is my testing batch for Bodhi's Goji OG. There are a coupla' monsters in there. Best Vibes El Chupa
  3. Boobsto


    HI all thx for help I would like a person to give me a advice to water with this RFX-1 product at the end of day RFX- and still wet On my offer a kind of mapito call RFX-1 AGRA-WOOL, I'm with an IWS system 36 pots Flood and Drain, I really have a big problems after 3 days the ec moves a lot, look my setup: CRITIKAL KUSH BARNEY FARMS FLO + 40 IWS 36 POTS FLOOD AND DRAIN SYSTEMS PH : 5.7 EC : 150 TEMPERATURE : DAY 25/ NIGHT 19 HUMIDITY : 40 4 WATERING PER DAY OF 30 MINUTE How much watering a day do I have to do for my 36 plants? Some tell me once every 3 days these true? If I make several rises of water in the day it does not help for the oxygen? I have to leave some time for the plants to eat EC that stays in the pots? With each drop you think that I must add again product for arrival at the initial EC? I search much especially in the topic of escobar but I can not find anything you can please help me
  4. I prefer granular myself because I don't like buying water, and granular fertilizer is in it's dry non-reactive state.
  5. Hello, I'm new here, If anyone needs advise it might be bad advise buts at least it's advise. Cheers
  6. Hey all! I am brand spanking new to OpenGrow and plan on growing my first crop of flowers soon after I move. I am seeking advice on how to best set up my grow. I'd like to harvest once a month. I plan on growing just a couple of plants at first but once I get the hang of it, I will upscale the grow. I have a few direct Q's but I am also seeking the wisdom of all of you Veteran growers out there on the interwebz ! Im was thinking about buying 2 tents, one for Veg and one for Flower. I saw some big 10' X 10' tents that looked about the perfect size for the basement. Maybe that's too big to start.. I have around $7000 to spend on the project.. I want to get my first crop then upscale the grow. In your opinion, where is the most economical and trustworthy source to acquire high quality grow tools? How many 1000W lights would be needed for each tent at max capacity? Do you recommend using different lights for the veg tent as compared with the flower tent? Should I get another tent to keep a mother(s) and propagate my favorite plants? At capacity, about how much weight can I get out of that set up per month? Thanks for the help. Im sure I will have a boatload of questions in the coming weeks !
  7. Here we go. As some of you may know, for reasons unknown to me, no matter what i did, soil and soilless grows failed for me repeatedly in the humid, hot climate I am in. As an effort to find out if the problem was with something in the medium (harmful fungi, pathogens, etc.) that I can't see, I tried hydro. I sowed the seeds after soaking in water and after the seed split (2 x THC bomb, 1 x 8 miles high) and 3 days later, the water pump broke. One of the THC bombs didn't survive the stress of no water for 20 hours. The other two did. I replaced the pump, and 2 days later, I had to leave for a party (we do events) for ten days. I left the system running, and added sufficient (but extremely dilute) nutrients. The nutes I use are locally based from south India, and the dosage is 10ml/litre. I put 1ml/litre, ph'd the water to about 6.0 and left. Lights were running on 18/6. To my ecstatic surprise, I came back to find these at Day 18: 8 miles high https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133990-8mh-day-18/ THC Bomb https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133991-thc-bomb-day-18/ I was pretty damn happy, to say the least. The 8MH was a bit twisted at the tips because of making contact with the CFL tubes, and the THC bomb had it's stem growing in a loop-de-loop like a roller coaster, but no further complaints whatsoever. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133989-img-20140702-160556239/ They looked like they were facing a bit of an Mg def, but the amount of times I have seen people tell me to 'play it safe' and go err on the deficient side than excessive side was firm in my head and I decided I'll tackle it in a day or two. On day 20, upon checking the pH, i found that it was a tad high, and ph'D to about 6.0 again. The ppm was around 210 (my ppm meter has a margin of error of 10 ppm, and when it measures anything above 1000 ppm that margin of error goes to 50ppm, but it's better than having no ppm meter at all). I added enough nutes to make it about 400ppm. Here's how they're looking on day 23. On day 22 I changed the light cycle to 15/9. I have a friend who has done his master's in plant genetics - although this isn't his forte, he told me that plants grow much better when the change from veg to flowering is a bit more gradual, and even one step in the middle for a couple days makes a difference. So that's what I'm doing. Is it worthwhile? No idea, but can any harm come out of it? Probably not. Supercropped 8MH on Day 22. I'm a big fan of supercropping over topping, simply because I have a better feel for getting it right. I have fucked up topping a few times, but never have I messed up supercropping. 8MH day 23 https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133996-8mh-day-23/ https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133995-8mh-day-23/ Unusual, but the 8MH was placed in the hydro system in a spongepot. Haven't read this before anywhere but haven't researched it. And I'm seeing some very vigorous root growth. I find it easier to germinate seeds in spongepots anyways, so this might be my way of the future. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133992-8mh-day-23/ THC Bomb day 23 https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133997-thc-bomb-day-23/ https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133998-thc-bomb-day-23/ Remember the looping stem? I bent it down and covered it with hydroton and repositioned the dripper tube. It is now in the process of becoming a part of the root mass. I'm sure the humidity is helping. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133994-thc-bomb-day-23/ https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133993-thc-bomb-day-23/ Right now they are under 80w of CFL t5 tubes, but they're obviously not getting all the 80w. When should I move them under the HPS (400)? Also, as the humidity is only set to increase till about the end of august (till a max of 80-90) after which it will come down to 50 or so in sept, I'm wondering if it would be safer to sex these, then veg the females into monsters, then cut her up into clones and flower? It's unlikely i'll do this if there is only one female, as I am far too impatient to wait that long. As soon as I get a bit more cash I will be building another two identical systems. One with more sites for cloning, and one that I can flower about 4-5 clones in. I have the seeds, just need the rest. Also starting a very big outdoor grow this month. Just finished soil tests and the NPK content is on the low side, the organic content is on the low side, red soil, and there's a decent amount of water due to a tributary running through the middle of the field. the pH is also around 8.2 - on the high side. How would you advise me to go about treating 1 acre of such soil? I want to go 100% organic. Any advice would be more than welcome. OpenGrow, here we go again. : ) Greetz from India El Chupa
  8. Hi OpenGrow. This is more for me to keep a record of what I am doing and put it into some sort of order. Any comments / feedback etc are most welcome. I have popped a Black Rose seed which I was fortunate enough to get from Graham at High Life seeds (received 3 reg purple wreck for free too). I got a pack of 11 regular seeds, but I'm a bit funny about popping lots of seeds at the same time and to be honest, I only need to run one at a time. The only time I ever did more was when I had shed loads of bagseed. This was when I was a teenager and expected great things from growing plants on my window sill! Since then I have only pulled off one grow of Pineapple Express in a DR100 tent under a 400W MH for veg then a 600W HPS for flower. That didn't go too badly so I have grown out a clone of that and have a pure power plant on the go. The seed popped after only about 12hrs in a shot glass of tap water. After 24 hrs I transferred it to damp kitchen towel on a small plate. Unfortunately I let it dry out and the root shriveled a bit and went brown. I thought that was it, but I persevered and despite it looking very sad, even when I popped it into a jiffy pellet, it sprouted and now has the first healthy sets of leaves. This grow is very much undefined. Currently I am waiting for the PE clone to finish and a pure power plant (both in DR100 tents and due to finish in 1-3 weeks). I think the black rose will go into one of the DR100 tents to be kept as a mother. Clones will be taken and if I can get it together I will be running a mini vert a la Heath Robinson. While I realise this is unoriginal, I just want to try it out. I would have gone the whole hog and copied his flooded vert but I honestly don't have the skills to attempt anything that involved. I think it's going to be tough going feeding the mini vert with clones as it is. I also want to try a tree grow of the black rose. So like I said, a little undefine, but we'll see how it goes. Either way, I'm excited about the black rose. I've not seen a decent purple strain for years from any of the local market traders round these parts. zamzia
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