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Found 2 results

  1. Hybridhygro Soliloqueen NFT grow 2014 First of all can I say I’m doing this dairy for a bit of fun, not to show off or convert folk to hydro growing I enjoy keeping a diary and looking back at how my past grows and stupid things I’ve done and said in them. Lets get started Started 5 Soliloqueen seeds, 100% germination. System : Start in dwc moving to NFT 420, 20ltr tank + air curtain. Light : 300w CFL, 600w MH, 600w HPS (still to get my uvb bulb) Shade : Ajust-A-Wing (MH) Air Cooled (HPS) Nutrients GH Grow, Micro, Bloom + Silica and cal-mag I started them overnight in a cup of water, I let the water get to room temperature before I put the seeds in, next day I put them between some tissue paper. Then I remembered I had got some sponge pots from Sannie. I dropped the seeds in there and next day away they went. 4 seeds germinated around the same time, 1 seed took a few days more to germinate, I decided I don’t like uneven numbers and threw that one away. Now down to 4 seedlings. I’ve decided to go back and see what I can achieve using my first and forever favourite growing method NFT. I’m doing a slight variation. I’m not using the usual rockwool blocks. I’m using net pots and clay pebbles. I’ll also be adding an air curtain to the tank, it should end up a combination nft-dwc. Depending on how many Female plants I get will determine if I do a scrog grow or not? I was a bit slow getting the light on them. They get tall fast in the wee sponge pots. Not so good for my hydro style, much better for soil or coco They were all got to about 2-3 inches tall and ready to fall over. I had a think about it and came up with this. Each 5 inch net pot has a layer of pebbles then a root riot, Sannie’s spong pot inside that, then a grodan jacket with clay pebbles around the long stems. It’s worked a treat. Next I made 2 mini-twin-dwc tanks. Feeding Canna start at 140ppm in the tank water ph 6.0 ish. They will be in here for the next 4-5 weeks. I’ll top and train them when I know what sex they are. Next update will be when I know what sex they are, hopefully in the next 3 or 4 weeks? Take it easy until then Hybridhygro.
  2. 2 Jackberry + 1 Herijuana DWC Scrog 2014 2 Jackberry +1 Herijuana. Hybridhygro’s 1st time growing Sannie’s strains. Here is the set-up for this grow. Indoor / Secret Jarden DR100 grow tent Light / 600w HM veg + Ajust-a-wing shade,600w Hps flower bulb + air cooled shade Medium / DWC 45ltr tub + net pot + clay pebbles. GHE Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom + Silica + Cal Mag. This is done with thanks to Hygrohybrid who taught me how to scrog and grow dwc Style. The 3 plants are in one large net-pot. I started from seed this time. This will be my 1st from seed scrog attempt. I started in root-riots then moved them on to coco. The plan was to do this as a coco grow, but they just sat there doing nothing for about 3 weeks? Change of plan, DWC it has to be. Soon as I moved them boom off they went I’m trying to make this a picture diary with a wee bit of text for each picture. You will get the idea ; ) How i start Sannies seeds How they looked after the transfer to dwc. Set-up for the 600w MH. The roots were getting to big for my 20ltr bucket. I had to improvise a lid and get then into the 45ltr tub. Some paper blocks out the light getting to the roots. I got my new lid for the tub and started to make the scrog cube. Started my low stress training routine, AT this point I think I should say they got mixed up and I’m not entirely sure what is what? I KNOW there are 2 jackberry and 1 herijuana…lol…they look like 3 deferent plants. As they look now in the pictures I think it’s Jackberry#1 and #2 at the front with Herijuana at the back. I soft topped the JB#1 Fimmed JB#2 and did nothing to herijuana. the JB#2 on the right is a beast. Tight internodes massive Indica leaves. JB#1 one on the right has bigger spaced internodes and just as big leaves. What I can see of Herijuana she’s doing fine. Out the tent, this is the Herijuana Got a bigger air pump Pre-LST Post-LST Added some weight to the one on the right This is from tonight. I’m looking to put them into flower this weekend, I had a choice cut a bit off my scrog cube or raise the plants a bit. Added 2 breeze blocks and it’s perfect ; ) After some HST and LST From Above Profile shot We are all up to date with this grow. They are on 420ppm nutrients with the EC around 6.0. Things are looking pretty good considering I’ve never tried a scrog from seed or grown any of Sannies strains before…I’m impressed so far @Sannie All 3 plants looks great. On a side not. My friend who gave me the seeds also started 2 Jackberry, both turned out to be males…lol…Good clones (thanks @fatrasta) are on the way mate hells bells this is a big post. Sorry about that. Hope you can get through it all more updates as we go from now on. Impute, opinions (good or bad) advice, is always welcome
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