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Found 3 results

  1. Ok Guys, first grow in 3 years, can't grow indoors at this time, but I can outdoors, a nice thing about this area. One of the things I'm really excited about is one of my friends and grow buddies has my good cut of Chocolate Rain that I thought was lost (police got it!), he kept telling me it was Silverfields (I wish), but I knew I hadn't given him a good cut of it (if there is such a thing as a bad cut of SF), so when I picked up the clone it was potted, two foot tall and when I saw the hooked leaves I knew exactly what it was, YES, my best CR cut! So I cloned the shit out of it and outside it goes. Along with the CR I've planted Old Faithful (the strain we developed 30 years ago), Ice, Blue Matador, Gorilla Glue / OG, MK1, Platinum Diesel, Apollo 13, Radical, 10 Pound Hammer and Gorilla Glue #4. I will post pictures as the season goes along, been in a clone machine and planting for the last month and I haven't had time to take pictures yet, but they're coming and this should be fun! Here's a shot of the CR and Old Faithful. Chocolate Rain Here's a shot (taken 3 years ago) of the original CR mother when she was young. Here she is in the grow room, plant on left, the rest are CR females too, started at the same time. Here she is starting to bud She's almost ready here, now you see why I'm excited to have her back. Old Faithful 30+ years and still growing strong.
  2. I have long had a tupperware container filled with frosty trimmings, just waiting to be put to good use. Unfortunately I’ve never been a huge fan of baking with cannabis; my results have been inconsistent and the high I get from ingested weed lasts too long for my taste. I feel more like I’m tripping when I eat THC, and it’s just not practical for me to be stoned allll day long Hash is a different story – I love spicing up the usual bowl or joint with some fine extracts. So I finally got my hands on some bubble hash bags – after a while of shopping around I stumbled across a ‘maxtractor’ bag set. It contains three separate 1 gallon bags with 190, 73 and 25 micron screens at the bottom. Three bags simplify the process and for my small-scale operation, I figured they would be perfect. I got some ice ready and threw a few bottles of water in the fridge along with ½ L of frosty trimmings to start. I should also mention these trimmings were mixed from at least 8 different strains like head candy, choc rain, og kush, critical, mad scientist and others - I’m really just trying to salvage what I can. Time to whip up some hash I just used the 190 micron bag as the ‘work bag,’ filling it with ice, water, herb, more ice and more water. I stirred for 15 minutes and when I saw bubbles start to form, I let the mix settle for a few. And now sifting for green gold The leftovers: The goods I haven’t made hash this way before, so I’m pretty pleased with the results – the bags worked exactly like they were supposed to. I’ll return with some feedback on how it smoked, but I’m expecting some real fire
  3. Great day yesterday. ammelov & zODd did a some funny stuff. The run give us 5% we did want quality and not quantity. We did test allot of style`s to work with ICE. Amnesia Is use. first we need a cake. Warning making BHO is dangers please bare that in mind. BHO in the works. AHO in the make. IcE COLD. Some shots. Some IcE drops. Some BHO. Some Miyagi shots. AHO. /Vito
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