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Found 14 results

  1. here are two statements that I've heard: 1) you can't clone and auto 2) you can't top an auto 3) you can't clone from a clone what's your thoughts - mine: you can do all of them !
  2. Yes - another " list " Strawberry Banana - (DNA Genetics x Serious Seeds ) (banana kush x bubblegum) -22% Golden Lemon -20-24% (DNA) God's Gift - 22% Kosher Kush - 22-25% Critial Mass - 27% Bubble Kush - 20% Mr. Nice - ( a child of the ilustrious G-13 a powerhouse stain that was supposedlly bred in secret by the government) Stardawg - 16-24 % Death Star -26- 28% (clone only, but there are about 5 hybrids strains which one can purchase (reg & fim)
  3. 10 star war strains : Death Star Master Jed's Ewok Darth Vader Shywalker OG Yoda OG Jedi Kush OG Skywalker x Skywalker OG Obi Wan Kenobi OG C3PO Any one try any of these ? have heard that Death Star is a very strong strain and might have won a "cup" ?
  4. Ran across this product - sounds very good to use to help increase yields. Today there are so many products out there today - thoughts ???? Concerning cx horticulture - they offer a free sample pack of there products (4 bottles) - (also at present they have a win a surf board - just meed to enter. There free sample offer doesn't apply to US folks (sorry) Also cx horticulture goes with a no "N" in flower stage nutrients. thoughts ????
  5. steve


    any one have information on terpene's - Other than the " Trichome Institute" and a publication called "canabinoids and Terpenes The Medical Benefits of Cannabis" ? There is much more concern in terpene's and their effect, ect now-adays _ nice to know about so one can cultivate better medical crops _ thanks ! ( know of a few products that say they increase terpene's ((Terpinator - HB101))
  6. Have heard that one needs to "back-cross" and strain 3x's (4 ?) to get a acceptable strain or back-crossing is need to get the "true" strain back ? Help me in understanding why one need to back-cross. Thank's for sharing your knowledge. Guess breeding is the "true" next level in cultivation Any good resources ?
  7. Found a few I like called "Super Tea" and "Bubswell" (expensive) Extreme Gardening.com has some i interesting Tea's and great root stimulators products and even offer sample packs $15.00 - organic growing helps with the plants taste. Thought on ? Organic's used ? Thanks !! For Organic powders' "Kelp4Less" (expensive but seem top quality)
  8. Gorilla Glue #4 were would one purchase seeds ? Thanks ! -- having hard time finding a "bank" that offers this strain
  9. know of some folks that grow 12/12 (2400K) from seed to harvest, evening growing auto's from 12/12. One "auto" OG kush went 4 feet with many large cola's . Some sativa strains from breeders recommend you only veg the plant for 3 week and then flower. your thought's on and experience with ? (guess one would save money)
  10. have use AD nutrients - wanting to go organic : here are are few I have now : 1) Humbolt's Own 1) Super tea & Budswell Please give input and the "best" organic nutrient's you feel are good - as all ways - Thanks !!!!
  11. Any one hears of this - one pours cold water with ice cubes on plant's (soil) and then put them in your "dark time" (72 hr's) before harvest I have heard of people that use cold water in flushing their plants. And some turn on air conditioner that helps bring out your bud's color) Thoughts on? : all way's a debate on "dark" times. Here is a interesting thing - if you use side lighting after week 4 of flower turn your side lighting on 1 hr's after your main light's and then also turn them off 1 before your main light >seem like terpen's ,ect development is fast and may decrease flower time by 1 week
  12. steve

    Fluxing ?

    Have heard this term used - ? help me - does it concern a lighting method? Thanks every one whom "chimes" in
  13. Knowing that CO2 is really necessary to help with killer yields and not wanting to spend lot of money on generator's,ect and all the other co2 stuff is no good, (Bags, 5 gallon bucket's, Green Pads, yeast,ect) knowing that a grow space need at least 1500ppm's. What are do you guy's think of using small co2 cartridges (paint gun ones' ect) with and threaded adapter (cheap !10.00) many pro bicker's carry them for tire repair - any way let's say you discharge 1 cartridge a day - know that re-leased gas is very fast and could be pointed at one plant or all. Think this type of co2 would help ????? Input please, Thanks !!!
  14. Has anybody ever used HB-101 ? can get free samples - have heard of good review's. thought's on product? Thanks !
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