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Found 28 results

  1. Hello I start my new grow with Seeds from Barneys Farm. Eq: 80×80×180 Box 220/420 lti 400 akf 3 ventis BioBizz Lightmix/Allmix Strains: Purple Punch https://www.barneysfarm.de/purple-punch-483 Orange Sherbert https://www.barneysfarm.de/orange-sherbert-475 Ciritcal Orange Punch (Dutch Passion)
  2. This day one year ago: Stay tuned! peace
  3. I want to show you my Diesel Autoflower. That was my first automatik which i grew indoor and was pleasantly surprised. good yield. strong Weed. Yery resinous. Aroma were sweet.. with little Diesel Notes.. Nice Strain! Dryed Buds
  4. My next Grow starts. The "Gypsy Widow" was the only variety I've ever had from Exotic Seeds, she was great. EQ: 80×80×180 Box 220-400 LTI 11l pots BioBizz Light/Allmix Strains: https://www.exoticseed.eu/products/malasana-cookies https://www.exoticseed.eu/products/jelly-bananen
  5. Hello Guys, I started my Sweet Seeds grow 3 weeks ago. First i want tell something about my Eq: 80×80×180 Homelab 250w MH/NDL 220/400 lti + 400er akf 3× venti Soil: BioBizz Light/Allmix + BioBizz Grow, Bloom, Algamix, Topmax I have 3× Crystal Candy and 2× Sweet Cheese, 1× Sweet Cheese died. The little Plants first came in 0.6 liter Pots for 2 weeks then in 3.5l. I have no experience with this both Strains and the Seedbank Sweet seeds. I just had the Strain Ice Cool one time before. Is someone here he can tell something about this Strains? Week 1 Week 2 Day 18
  6. Ayo. Seems like the this website and forums got the internet on steroids treatment (thanks sannie, absolutely killed the website, if I didnt know so much I'd tell you you were lying to me you were a breeder and not a web designer) It's been awhile so I'll leave out most of my missing life link. New new and gone old old. Continuously stabilizing my life, living now with a girlie whose almost if not more batshit crazy then I am. Bout to take a big dive in this plant, starting my breeding project, started reading/researching extracts and cooking which I really want to get into next.. bout to build a new grow room for my breeding chamber that I'll post and prolly see if any of the vets got some advice on my blueprint. For now let's have some pics do some talking for my plans and we'll slowly add some history flashbacks. This is just what went done, stay tuned. Mouse
  7. Hello everyone. This is my first grow with Sannies seeds and Killing Fields I got 4 females and 6 males from my 10 pack. Ive let the first tiny clones of each plant bloom in open pollination for sexual identification of parents, so i got 4 seeded buds for a pre-smoke test already (not really positive). I killed all males during their sleep. Sorry for all following pics that were taken under hps So i dropped clones in my homesoil and scrogged them Stretch 2 weeks Early flowers week 3+ week 4 unleashing anthocyanin week 5 week 6 Now week 7 stretch included Temp range from 8°C to 23°, RH 60%, light is 600hps/1.2m², soil is mostly cow manure, coco fibers and re-used soil from last grow. about 30l per plant. drinks more than 10liters/m² every 2 days with normal nutrients, PH fixed, no bugs. Temp is a bit low by night, i waited a bit too long before switching to bloom,probably did not defoliated enough, but no real big problems I'll try to describe the 4 phenos i have First one is the deep purple, quite dense, sativa leafs, smells nothing yet. The second one is less purp. sometimes grey and low smell. The third one is a green one, with wider leafs, and smell mango since first trichrome popped. very strong sticky smell. Less dense than the purps, and more leafy. Last one is green and smells nothing yet. probably the less interesting. all his clones had less vigor in rooting or growing period than #1#2#3 here is #3, the only pheno with nice mango smell. And the #1 , most eye candy but smells hemp I still have about 5 weeks to go but i seriously doubt that "sour berry grape cream" terps will pop from nowhere next month. To be honest it may be the first time i see some so exuberant buds with a so shy fragrance. I know its early for concluding about this grow but I still have the 4 moms alive and i need to free some space as i have an army of KF clones to repot. I'm not familiar with killing fields but, to me, for now the only interesting one i got is the "wide mango green pheno". The 3 others don't smell sexy weed. from my experience, if it doesnt smells good at week 7, it will never do. I'm very surprised because my potential keeper absolutely don't match strain description, previous grow reports or other smoke tests from various websites. So i don't know what to think about this strain because i was expecting some sour cream berry that most people seems to get. So for now i would say i'm 25% happy with my grow. I will try to update with more pics next month. I can still aim the bud of the month picture if temps stays low Hazy wishes
  8. I decided to try the AutoPot and just setup a 4-pot system in my tent and have a question or two before I get too far along, which isn't far. I've only put about an inch or two of clay balls into the bottom of the 3.9 gallon pots... I have the following grow medium option's: CocoTEK, Perlite, and an high quality organic soil mix from a recipe I made a batch of some time ago and had stored in a garbage can in my barn. It is very dry, but I assume it will be okay to use once thoroughly wetted. My orginal plan was to use a combination of all 3 medium's: CocoTEK, Perlite and my organic soil. But I have no idea in what ratio to use and worry if too much soil, I'll burn my new plants when they are ready to transplant into it from seed starters. So if someone could recommend an approach for what I have, I would be grateful to learn from you. From there, I think I just need to get a handle on a feeding schedule as it goes along. I was thinking the soil should provide plenty of nutrients on it's own for awhile before I would need to start feeding anything else- so this is another area where I could use some advice if possible. Pic of my tent and setup below, but not much to look at so far...
  9. Hi OpenGrow! It's my first time experience with Sannie's seeds, so I decided to go "full Sannie" and grow with the 4 step bio method, so I got a starter pack with Bacto, Buffertabs, Symbiosis and Bac Bloom liquid fertiliser. Basic stuff, "the plan": Grow space - 120x60cm tent Lights - DIY cob leds, Cree CXB3590 3000K@700-1400mA, total 300W or 400W max(still undecided) Pots - 2x 18l, 1x 11l, 3x 2l(still not 100% on the last 3) Medium - BioBizz LightMix + 4 step bio Vent + filter, of course Seeds: Sannie's Kolossus(18l), Ace Panama x BangiHaze(18l), TTSCO Durbakistan(11l) Female Seeds Auto Kush(1-3l), Mosca C99-BX1 reg(hoping for a male+female, 1-3l) There are still few options to consider, especially related to veg time and plant count. I feel plants should grow for at least 4 weeks in veg phase, so I'm thinking of 5 weeks veg for Kolossus and Panama x Bangi, 4 weeks for Durbakistan and 3 weeks for the C99s(keeping them small just for a taste and making some seeds). The plants will get topped and lst to maximise the tops and make a kind of scrog. I'm still thinking about a net but I like moving plants so I might find another solution, probably only lst. I wanted to ask a few questions before starting: Which soil is better used with the 4 step organic method? I was thinking of BioBizz and add just a bit of perlite and pelleted compost(for that nice smell of stables:) Can I start the seeds in spongepots and transplant directly to the big pots or should I bother with a small pot first? How does Kolossus handle lst and topping? Should I apply organic veg nutes at any time or are the buffertabs enough until the end? Of course more questions come to mind but it's probably enough for now. Thanks for any response and interest, I'll keep updating frequent enough with hopefully some nice pictures to show. Cheers
  10. So i was thinking of buying a 1000w kit to add to my 600watts i already have. I have an air cooled xtrasun reflector 6 inch. Is there much difference from the generic xtrasun 6 inch reflectors (kind of boxy) to the wider lower profile xxxl or raptor type air cooled reflectors? I only ask because the price difference is large,almost 100 bucks difference. Heck, the 1000 w kit with 2 bulbs hangers timer ballast and a batwing cost only $127. This would probably be my last equipment purchase for a while, unless i decide to try LED again.But with HPS so cheap i don't see that in the next couple years for me . Thanks for your time!
  11. Due to some issues from the greater powers, I had to lie low for a while, but I'm back. To cut straight to it: NFT, totally 6 sqm, i have recently started scrogging just because it's a lot easier for me to get better yields when i do so. maybe I haven't found the right sog strain, but I think it's more a skill I don't have (yet). My system was designed for about 9 plants per square metre, but i seem to be doing far better going for a longer time in the veg cabinet and 2 plants per sqm. Each row is 2.1m long and .9m wide (2sqm), lit by 2 air cooled 600w HPS. There are 3 such rows. Till 2 days ago, I had 5 x 600w HPS (Lumatek ballast + Philips Master Greenpower bulb) and one lonely 400w HPS lighting the 3 rows. Power bills due to air conditioner overload and the frequency of air conditioner maintenance required has made me consider and research LEDs. With help and guidance from many forums' members, here as well, I eventually created my first 2 prototypes. the first one is a 432w Cree CXB3590 fixture with 8 3000k COBs, each running at 50w, cooled by an individual heat sink, totally powered by 2 meanwell drivers. (The model number of the LEDs is : CXB3590-0000-000R0UBD30H) the second one is a 420w Bridgelux Vero29 fixture with 4 x Vero29 COBs, each running at 100w, cooled by an individual heat sink, with an individual driver per COB. (i'll fish out the model numbers) These two LED fixtures have replaced 2 of my 600w HPS fixtures. Let's see how they do. it's going to be interesting for sure. The ones in scrog atm are a nice amnesia phenotype, and the wonky middle row is my testing batch for Bodhi's Goji OG. There are a coupla' monsters in there. Best Vibes El Chupa
  12. Hello everyone o/ I am new here and I thought the best introduction I can do is to post about my latest grows. This is a Grow report for Chocolate Rain under 400W HPS in Soil using only the BioBizz fertilizer series without any additional Stimulants on 10 sq ft ( 1m² ) of space .I am currently doing a Jack Hammer x Blue Hammer Freebies run, so this one is already finished. I hope you enjoy my writeup and the pictures and feel free to have a look at my latest grow that is currently running which I'll link once I am done with it in about 14 days. I am always interested in Feedback and answering questions as often as I can so feel to ask if you have something on your mind. English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any mistakes I make in the process of doing this writeup. -- This project started when a friend I regularly compete against growing the same strains told me that because of the inferior quality of most feminized seeds you can't select and keep a mother of the same quality as regular seeds. Reading the opengrow forums for some time I knew that Eskobar made a comment once where he said that because of the way he feminizes seeds there is no difference in the quality of a mother plant grown from his feminized seeds compared to other breeders regular seeds. Respecting Eskobar as someone who knows what he's doing I told my friend I'll start growing a hand selected CR mother out of only 10 Seeds and have the cuttings compete against anything he wants to throw at it. This beautiful little girl ended up being my mom so I'll start with her. We will fast forward a bit to the time I took cuttings from here. In the top left you can see that beautiful little girl all grown up. Almost no training besides some low stress bending. The cuttings rooted within 7 days in the Aero cloner without any problems looking very vital overall. After that they were transplanted into 2 Gallon Pots (6.5L) filled with BioBizz All-Mix soil as you can see in the picture below. ( Top Left) A week later they went into 3 Gallon Pots ( 11L ) filled with BioBizz All-Mix soil under 400W MH. ( Top Right ) The bottom is 9 days into Flowering still under the 400W MH when i switched to a 400W HPS system. By flowering Day 15 they were already full into flowering mode. I thinned out the bottom third that would not get much light but tied to keep as much of the bigger leafs as I could in order to give them a little extra food to work with. At this point they started bitching a little, i knew from the selection grow that the mom was extremely picky about nutriens, i just used the All-Mix soil instead of the Light-Mix in the hopes I wouldn't have to give them extra nutes at all over the course of 60 days. A little claw here and there in the beginning was something i expected and the girls didn't dissapoint me. At Flowering day 20 they started to show nice flower development. They only got clear water with slight PH regulation for the past three weeks now. Nice colors, nice flowers, everything was looking good and my friend already quite pissed about the quality of cuttings I got from my fem mother. He was in for more surprises i can tell you that. We are now at Flowering Day 28. Resin production kicking in and flowers are filling up nicely. Still not a single extra nute, just clear water. Also this was the day I started to fall in love with the strain. A close up from Day 30 because the Day 28 picture is not the sharpest. You can see the kind of resin production I personally look for in a keeper. Flowering Day 37. Time for a group shot. Smile and wave girls. Smile and wave. The picture that made my buddy really mad is from Flowerig Day 44. I told him they are majestically towering over his shitty regular mom genetics. Also the lower branches, right over the area where I started thinning them out started to grow flowers in the shape of big juicy strawberries. At this point they smelled a lot like fuel. I was expecting some chocolate but got more of a diesel flavour going on with a tiny bit of fruityness. Very strange smell but not unpleasant. Flowering Day 50. Still only clear water but full onset of Autumn going on. I'll add a macro shot of the same plant I was showing you Day 20 and 30. Flowering Day 53. Some of the nicest colors I have seen in a pant. And of course another Groupshot from a different angle. I had to tie them up a bit so they wouldn't fall over. They were still gaining weight rapidly while using the nutes from the leafs and soil only. And because the picture with the colors was a bit unsharp another one that shows the amount of Trichs better. We are almost done here. Flowering Day 57. I put them into darkness for 48h afterwards and then harvested. The picture speaks for itself. After about 6 days of drying with the paper bag method I put them into jars to cure with Bovedas and some plastic bags for personal consumption until the cure was a feww months in. Verdict: I didn't only get about 80 grams dry more than my friend got with his reg mother, but I am also glad I made this experiment because this Chocolate Rain mother went into my mother tent immediately after the selection grow. The nugs have a great look and feel, if you expect chocolate smell, my phenos smell has nothing to do with chocolate, but instead I got fruity diesel, while you can definitely smell the fuel on them while vaporizing you get more of the fruity and sweet taste from it. The quality of this smoke and it's taste is incredible if you look at how much these seeds cost you. I have the greatest respect for Eskobar and his work and that he gives other people the chance to grow his gear. I am not saying you will probably find a keeper like this in every pack of seeds, but if you are starting out or starting getting a mother selection going you could easily find 2-3 phenos that do not only smell and look great but really put some weight on the scale. At least from what I can tell with the 10 seeds I had. The lack of nutes I needed to grow this is another plus, I don't mind putting some BioBizz Nutes into the soil but the less nutes you need the better in my opinion, especially if you try to grow Bio like I do. After three months of cure in the jars the fuel smell is almost gone, but the fruityness and a very distant sour cream comes into the foreground. They taste different than the ones I consumed in the past three months that didn't cure and I am kinda sad I filled two 1 Gallon ziplocks for immediate consumption instead putting one of them into another few jars. But the good thing is I can always grow new Chocolate Rain if I feel like it. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed the little report. Your GrowBro.
  13. I prefer granular myself because I don't like buying water, and granular fertilizer is in it's dry non-reactive state.
  14. Hello, My plants showed yellowing tips around two weeks ago. I made a post here and was told it was nutrient burn. Now i'm thinking it might definitely be a deficiency. Uploaded are a few pictures, including the fert i am using. I water once every 3 days. around a Litre per plant. every other watering i do a feeding. How i feed is i water the plant normally, then after 15 minutes i make a tea of 1 Litre mixed with 1/5 of a teaspoon (12-12-17). I water using tap water. and I have been kind of changing up PH every now and then, but i don't think it is a problem as the soil always buffers it down to 6-6.5. Oh and btw can you check the pic of the fert i am using, as I did not see Calcium written on there!? Age: 45 days, day 3 in Flowering Pot: 3 Gallon Soil: Universal Potting Compost (A bit of clay in it) (also has 0.75kg of NPK per square meter) Can you please spot any problems or deficiencies? Notice the purpling stem? it is only happening to one plant though! Next up is the damage on the leaves.(Almost only on Fan leaves?) (Also new fan leaves start out with white tips) (Also a bit of dark stripes in the leaves) One last thing, I spotted a few(3) white flies, they were tiny. I made a solution of soap and oil in a spray, they seem to have disappeared. I am thinking Calcium deficiency? Then again i am a first time grower. Thank You for your replies <3
  15. GreenJesus


    Hello, Do you guys think this a good environment for cuttings? how are they looking? cut off the main fem plants 2 days ago...watered the soil of the cuttings pot. Humidity with humidifier at %90. http://postimg.org/gallery/h21jy0j0/
  16. Hola, Curious to know your stories on the FASTEST times you grew from Seedling to Harvest? If Possible, mention the the Techniques you Used! PICS? GreenJesus
  17. Hello, I need some assistance with my [HAZE X] (Sensiseeds) plants. First some INFO: Light: 4 42watt 2700 CFLS Pots: 1 gallon for first 25 days, then transplanted into 3 gallon pots with %30 Perlite Soil: Universal planting Compost Temp: 25c (Stable) Water: Mineral drinking water (PH-7.4) 500ml per plant every 3 days. Nutrients: I only fed twice, i put two teaspoons of 12-12-17 into 500ml of water and divided it equally to all three plants, i did this procedure twice, once every other watering i did. Three days ago I noticed some browning on the tips of some edges. as another day passed, the brown tips occurred on other leaves too, usually midway through the plant. Also, now the brown tips are starting to form on new leaf growth. ALSO, there are a few random white patches on some leaves(1 inch patches at max). Leaves at the middle of the plant have also started to fade in color. This problem is only happening to two out of three plants, even though they are the exact same grow. INFO: I transplanted a week ago because since sprout, I have never seen any run off of water, this included the two times i fertilised. I got worried so i transplanted. INFO: I just flushed the plants yesterday to try to eliminate the possibility of Nute and salt Buildup, there was a bit of a boost in growth today but maybe i am just imagining it. INFO: ALL plants look extremely healthy and have fast Growth rates. IMPORTANT: One of the plants are starting to form similar to PURPLE? coloring on the side stems... LINK TO ALL PICS: http://postimg.org/gallery/14ar6im8g/
  18. Hello, If there is any information or personal experience withX-HAZE, could someone please share it with me? it is my first grow, and did not find much info on the strain..... Also, if you look at the pics, would you think it is a good idea for me to switch into flowering? kinda limited on time, but want the biggest Fruits possible. Expectation of Yields? INFO: Sprouted Feb,1 Cotyledon leaves dropped ten days ago. Transplanted from 1 gal pot into 3 gal pot a week ago, Root Ball was MASSIVE. Pics Link: http://postimg.org/gallery/2okn2k4gg/ GreenJesus
  19. Hello my fellow blades! So, last year I did my growing outdoors, and things didn't go so well. Between most of my crop getting chopped down, and the rest growing poorly in clay soil, last year sucked. Well, this year I am going to do something different. I was able to get my old lady on board with the idea of growing discreetly in the house. However, my restriction is to keep it extra discreet. No smells at all, no fan noise. I rent a house, and have a basement with a decent size crawlspace. What I am hoping to do, is grow down in the basement. I have a tote that is eiter 30 or 40 gallons, a Calfornia Lightworks 100 watt veg master light (too bright for a tote?), a bathroom exhaust fan, a computer fan, and a 2 foot t-8 light fixture. What I am trying to figure out is what else I should buy. My tote is only about 18 inches high, so I am restricted on how tall the plants can get. Also, being a basement, should I worry about humidity? I do have a dehumidifier down there though. Needs cleaned, I am sure. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar situation to this one. Also, what strains would grow well in such a restricted environment? I currently have some Tahoe OG seeds, Huck Kush, Anesthesia, Heri x Jackberry, Mandala Safari Mix, Mandala 1, Peak NLBB, Peak KNL, etc.... Any of these respond well to SOG or SCROG? Also, does that Ona gel stuff work? Thanks in advance for any advice. Peace
  20. Hi OG'ers! I set up my first legitimate indoor grow recently. I'm using Sannie's products and I've got 5 big bushy plants (bigger than I would like, and semi-revegged) crammed into my 1 m x 1 m flowering tent with a 600W HPS. Things have been more hectic than I would like lately, and I haven't been as consistent as I should've been this first run. Needless to say, I've learnt some things from this. So the girls are 20 days into flowering today and I found some stem rot on one of them. This plant (Hammerhead) in particular has been markedly less healthy than the others, with leaves yellowing and dying off. I did overwater her at some point, but my biggest cause of this problem was that when I trimmed off lots of branches and leaves (after they revegged) I left it at the base of the pot. I was hoping to simulate a natural environment, but I obviously hadn't been consistent enough to allow for the good microbes to take hold. I cleared this plant residue away a couple of weeks ago due to the girls not doing as well as I thought they should be, but I only noticed the rot a few days ago. The RH is 60% now with the lights off (haven't measured lights on) with the lights off temp being 21 C. I bought some copper-based contact fungicide and sprayed the stem of this plant this morning, but I noticed that some leaves on the nearby CBH have some unusual necrotic patches on the leaves which doesn't look like a deficiency. I don't have a picture of the stem yet, I'll try to take one tomorrow. I do have a picture of a leaf from the affected HH plant (left) and from the nearby CBH plant (right two leaves). Does anyone recognise the CBH leaves on the right as being deficient, or infected? Also, if someone perhaps knows what type of fungus? I'm thinking I probably need to remove the infected HH from the tent, any thoughts? Any help/info would be greatly appreciated, roodni
  21. Here we go. As some of you may know, for reasons unknown to me, no matter what i did, soil and soilless grows failed for me repeatedly in the humid, hot climate I am in. As an effort to find out if the problem was with something in the medium (harmful fungi, pathogens, etc.) that I can't see, I tried hydro. I sowed the seeds after soaking in water and after the seed split (2 x THC bomb, 1 x 8 miles high) and 3 days later, the water pump broke. One of the THC bombs didn't survive the stress of no water for 20 hours. The other two did. I replaced the pump, and 2 days later, I had to leave for a party (we do events) for ten days. I left the system running, and added sufficient (but extremely dilute) nutrients. The nutes I use are locally based from south India, and the dosage is 10ml/litre. I put 1ml/litre, ph'd the water to about 6.0 and left. Lights were running on 18/6. To my ecstatic surprise, I came back to find these at Day 18: 8 miles high https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133990-8mh-day-18/ THC Bomb https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133991-thc-bomb-day-18/ I was pretty damn happy, to say the least. The 8MH was a bit twisted at the tips because of making contact with the CFL tubes, and the THC bomb had it's stem growing in a loop-de-loop like a roller coaster, but no further complaints whatsoever. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133989-img-20140702-160556239/ They looked like they were facing a bit of an Mg def, but the amount of times I have seen people tell me to 'play it safe' and go err on the deficient side than excessive side was firm in my head and I decided I'll tackle it in a day or two. On day 20, upon checking the pH, i found that it was a tad high, and ph'D to about 6.0 again. The ppm was around 210 (my ppm meter has a margin of error of 10 ppm, and when it measures anything above 1000 ppm that margin of error goes to 50ppm, but it's better than having no ppm meter at all). I added enough nutes to make it about 400ppm. Here's how they're looking on day 23. On day 22 I changed the light cycle to 15/9. I have a friend who has done his master's in plant genetics - although this isn't his forte, he told me that plants grow much better when the change from veg to flowering is a bit more gradual, and even one step in the middle for a couple days makes a difference. So that's what I'm doing. Is it worthwhile? No idea, but can any harm come out of it? Probably not. Supercropped 8MH on Day 22. I'm a big fan of supercropping over topping, simply because I have a better feel for getting it right. I have fucked up topping a few times, but never have I messed up supercropping. 8MH day 23 https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133996-8mh-day-23/ https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133995-8mh-day-23/ Unusual, but the 8MH was placed in the hydro system in a spongepot. Haven't read this before anywhere but haven't researched it. And I'm seeing some very vigorous root growth. I find it easier to germinate seeds in spongepots anyways, so this might be my way of the future. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133992-8mh-day-23/ THC Bomb day 23 https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133997-thc-bomb-day-23/ https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133998-thc-bomb-day-23/ Remember the looping stem? I bent it down and covered it with hydroton and repositioned the dripper tube. It is now in the process of becoming a part of the root mass. I'm sure the humidity is helping. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133994-thc-bomb-day-23/ https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/133993-thc-bomb-day-23/ Right now they are under 80w of CFL t5 tubes, but they're obviously not getting all the 80w. When should I move them under the HPS (400)? Also, as the humidity is only set to increase till about the end of august (till a max of 80-90) after which it will come down to 50 or so in sept, I'm wondering if it would be safer to sex these, then veg the females into monsters, then cut her up into clones and flower? It's unlikely i'll do this if there is only one female, as I am far too impatient to wait that long. As soon as I get a bit more cash I will be building another two identical systems. One with more sites for cloning, and one that I can flower about 4-5 clones in. I have the seeds, just need the rest. Also starting a very big outdoor grow this month. Just finished soil tests and the NPK content is on the low side, the organic content is on the low side, red soil, and there's a decent amount of water due to a tributary running through the middle of the field. the pH is also around 8.2 - on the high side. How would you advise me to go about treating 1 acre of such soil? I want to go 100% organic. Any advice would be more than welcome. OpenGrow, here we go again. : ) Greetz from India El Chupa
  22. Dis is a clone from my C99 (femaleseeds). the mother hermied on me.she became mammy and daddy. so cut her at 6 wks flower. The smoke was lovely. But cant wait 4 dis 1. Very hardy plant. the clone looks different 2 the mother. fatter leaves. the mothers were skinny sativa leaves. Anyway smokin a nice joint of original cheese. so 4give the ramble. shes in a 20 ltr dwc system these 1s ave no home at t mo. but they seem 2 b goin grand. Dis 1 is in flower (1st wk). She was under a flur lite 4. well 2 lng. Put she is a monster of a plant.(just like her mum) had 2 do sum bending w her. (shed take over the hole closet) 4 t 1st wk of flower I decided 2 stay w the veg. food.(jungle juice) Next wk shes goin on sensi bloom and big bud powder. I am also using co2 tabs as well. Cheers JIMBO
  23. Hello all just some pics from my indoor project be safe all
  24. These are my Ladies (Kolossus). These Ladies are 12 days of age.I have them in an organic composted soil and a little bit of worm castings.70%to 30% ratio.I put them out in the sun in the morning. To get that Cali sun Shine.Then bring them in under a UFO LED light. Its as good as a 400 watts MH/HPS. I have grow under it before and it is as advertised, for veg. I have yet to use it for flowering. For Flowering ill be using a 400 watt HPS. If temps in my grow tent were to get too hot, ill try out the LED and see how it performs in flowering. That's further down the road tho. I plan to germinate 7 more Kolossus. Ill give them about 3 weeks veg then 12/12 time. Here are a few pics..
  25. I'm growing in soil and have some seedlings about ready to graduate from beer cups. How many times to you repot? What is your favorite pot size for vegging and blooming? I have some 7 L containers that I'm thinking of using. I'd love to hear what the more experienced growers use.
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