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Found 26 results

  1. The images below are of a Jackberry cross with Herebei seeding from a grow of those strains SEVERAL YEARS AGO! I wanted some seed to practice with as I learned and, despite those seeds sitting in a medicine bottle for at least 3 years- you can see they are still very viable and STRONG! Thank you SANNIE! I double-seeded a 72-cell starter kit in late March and had 100% germination. I selected 24 from those and set out in my garden the beginning of April. Despite a freeze and very wet weather, and having to cull the males, I have 20 females in the garden now with these pictures taken at 11 weeks of vegetative growth. Several are well over 40" tall with several showing very strong BLUEBERRY phenotype that are beautiful and smell delicious! One of the images below I believe to be a male, but giving it some time because it began growing dark PURPLE and just continued that way, while the others (females) took longer to develop that way. If it's a male, is there any reason for keeping it to save the genetics? Or should I just settle for the females I have? If it's worth keeping, what should I do? Never anticipated this situation, but the damn thing is captivating to me with its color! While it isn't nearly as pretty as the two Blueberry females pictured with it, look at that color man! As I recall, I got roughly 2 ounces of dried flower from the grow that produced the seeds for this grow and the plants only reached about 3' high. These are already taller at 11 weeks than those! Any ideas what kind of yield I can expect from these that I don't expect to harvest until October or November (7 to 8 months of total growth)??? Thanks to everyone for helping me get this far. Outdoor growing seems to work much better for me than trying indoor grows- but I'll be taking clones of these soon and giving cloning a first attempt with my Ez-Cloner! Any recommendations on when would be the best time to take cuttings from these young ladies that are just 11 weeks? Peace!
  2. I began an outdoor grow the beginning of April with seed from a successful Jackberry and Herebei grow years ago that I let go to seed primarily so I could learn how to grow them. I was new and having a lot of trouble. After 15 weeks of growth, I now have several females as tall as I am in my garden, including both the Blueberry and Green phenotype's associated with the Jackberry. I really don't know how to classify what I have growing other than a cross between the two genotype's, Jackberry and Herebei- or what the result will be, but I am very happy that they have done so well from seeds years old. We've decided to move though, so now I am putting together a plan to save what I can. I'm hoping that I will have time for my garden to mature enough to harvest something useful from it and I've also taken several cuttings and was able to use my Ez-Clone for the first time, as you see in the pic. Beginning with the left-rear corner, there are 4 rooted clones in a row. These were taken from the mother (in the 2nd image) 11 days ago. Notice how dark the stems and stalks are on them. It's actually a very dark purple that appears almost black in the pictures. In each of the opposite corners of the cloner, I put 2 clones taken from my next 3 strongest growers. All are of the "Green" phenotype, unlike the previous Blueberry one. By far, the strongest mother from which the remaining clones were taken, was one that saw 9" of growth in as many days! (remember, these seeds are at least 3 or 4 years old- incredible imho). All of the clones in the cloner have rooted- but all of them took longer than I expected them to. It took them 8-9 days to show roots. Even today, after 11 days, I have one or two that are still showing only a few roots starting. Having never cloned before, I intend to leave them in the cloner as you see them here until I see a nest of roots 2-3" long before I transplant them into 1 gallon coco-perlite bags. Because we are moving, I will keep them in those 1 gallon bags in this tent under T5's until I can get something setup at their home. Sucks... But no other way around it I do have a question about how to start feeding the clones. I am using GH Flora Series products. Do I treat these as newbies, or hit them with full veg nutes? If I set them outside to finish (in DC area), will they have enough time? Or should I finish indoors? If so, how long should I let them veg before switching them over to 12/12? I have a large grow tent I can finish them in if needed. It's great to finally have options to where this kind of unexpected thing stops you in your tracks! I have other questions about my garden and what I plan to do with it in another thread... Thanks for all of the support here!
  3. 27 February Update: One month since Germination Temp: 75.4F RH: 55% PH: 6.17 PPM: 509 Lamp: 1000w IPower digital at 75% power and HPS lamp. Medium: Coco/Perlite Gave them all their GH Flora Series feeding today at 1 month since they popped. All systems go. I noticed that some of the lower foliage wasn't getting enough light, so I did the only things I could think to do: Turned up the power to 75% and ditched the tray I had them in so I could give them more space to breath and grow. I have been rotating them around and turning them periodically, so I'll keep doing that too. I continue to look for them to show sex and may have bogey dope on some bandits in the midst, but will give them some time to know for sure. I am anxious to get some ladies into Autopots so I can start cloning soon!. I resolved my low-RH problem by running two room humidifier's non-stop and actually saw 55% today! It's been around 30-35%, so I'm happy with that and think it has something to do with changing the upstairs thermostat and a rise in outside temperature cause it really shot up. I had been measuring PH and PPM in my bucket after mixing in the nutes. This time I read the runoff from one of them to get a PH of 6.17 and PPM of 509- which is a bit low according to the schedule GH put's out, but I am creating a custom schedule so I could probably give it a boost of something next feed?
  4. From the album: Weed for Warriors Exchange Grow #1

    This setup is working fine for now. But I plan to put another tent where this one is now. I am looking at another Agromax tent that is 55x55x79 that will fit nicely in this space with my 1000w and I will put the existing small tent off to the right side of the desk in this picture for keeping mothers and clones. The cool thing about the AutoPot is I should be able to just unplug their AutoPot from the propagation tent and move it into the flower tent and plug it in there.
  5. From the album: Weed for Warriors Exchange Grow #1

    Here I am, stuck here waiting on you...
  6. Finally after some hard work and labour, i like to present: Blue Hammer f3 Blue Hammer is the one i adopted from Sannie and is an ongoing project spread over many years. One of the first crosses i have ever made was Blue Hammer f2, those date back to 2012. Since then multiple selctions are done and several crosses were made with our Blue Hammer f1 male. Crosses like HeadCandy, Hammerhead, Blue Shaze and Atomic Jam are all the outcome of the Blue Hammer f1 male. Excellent stability, great overall hybrid power/vigor and the velvet touch is what he is known for. Almost everything he touches get’s better and better. In 2014 i started to select for the next generation, we do this in a small set up to keep the lines short and clear. Blue Hammer#2 is the one from the f2 that stood out, a rare Hammer pheno that smells like strawberries. A sturdy phenotype that resembles the exact copy of the original Blue Hammer looks and feel. Slightly more indica but enough sativa for the real haze lovers. We have made some crosses with her already like Strawberry Blues, Hammerhead v3 and saw the tru power she has hidden inside of her. I have used her and the original f1 male to create this f3. After years of breeding and selecting the best pheno’s, the f3 has got the complete package when it comes to this point. The tru hybrid vigor and the emerge of flavours/scents are complex but clearly a mix of all the pheno’s found in the f1 and f2. Flavours like vanilla/berries/red wine/caramel come with great nuances, the high comes up in an instant and resembles all you know from Blue Hammer in particular. Very strong and powerfull her terpene profile makes this a special variety when it comes to medical value. Very helpfull for people with ADHD, anxiety and sleep disorder. genetics: Blue Hammer f3 in/outdoor: Indoor reg/fem: regular flo time: 9/10 weeks yield: up to 600gr Sannie has to put them in the shop but had to wait on the discription. Any day now and they are available. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd
  7. Hello Everyone, Well, after having a very successful Jackberry run with 2 moms for over a year, and some shitty (my fault) cheeseberry my ADD got the best of me this summer and I spaced out on watering during a heat wave. Lost 4 moms and a run of 12 plants. But that was a couple of months ago now and its time to get back in the game. Armed with a nice order from Sannie of Jackberry and Shackzilla, with some blue rocket freebees. I am starting out with 5 each shackzilla and jackberry. I put them into peat pucks on Monday and I am happy to report all 10 seeds popped and gave me nice little seedlings. I had them under a weak lamp at first, so the shacks which popped first stretched a little, but its all good. I'm going to give them till next friday, and 3 shack and 2 jackberry will be going directly into 12/12. The remaining 2 shacks will be planted in dirt to keep as moms. The 3 remaining jackberry will be vegged for 4 weeks. Not sure how Im going to handle that yet. They have to go into 3 inch net cups next, so im thinking maybe suspend a net cup over a container? not sure. I am trying something new. I usually run in 5 quart hempys with all perlite. I'm going to try and run this one in DWC bubbler. I made a 6 site 10 gallon rubbermaid container and have a tetra 60 fishtank pump and air stone. I will be using Blue Planet's 2 part. Wish me luck DB
  8. Fox

    Fox`s Garden

    Hello Folks, like promised, I am going to make a grow report on my outdoor efforts: This year I have: 4 x Jackberry f4, 1 x Herijuana, 2 x RQS-Critical and 3 x HSO-Bubbas Gift. Additionally I just planted 7 x Auto Nightqueen from DP. The photoperiod plants were set mostly in late April, but dont ask me about the exact date. Bubbas Gift went in last week, but only 2 of 3 sprouted and one is a real runt... might have to do with the fluctuating temperatures we have the last weeks here. This is also why I decided to pop another 7 x AutoNightQueens to make use of the summer sun. The photo plants also received about 3 weeks under 2x55w cfl grow lights. Most of my pups have been started with eazy plugs, Sannies Bacto and have been placed in Plagron Light Mix, Sannies Symbiosis, Perfect Start along with Sannies Buffer Tabs. Actually the rest will also get the same treatment as soon as the reinforcements arrive. Pardon me for not having made any pictures yet, but those will follow in the next days. Stay tuned. Fox
  9. Hello O.G.’s It’s been a while and it feels amazing to be back! Today is a good day. Why? Because today 8 of my 10 regular Jackberries seedlings reached the light of day. The remaining two will probably sprout later today or tomorrow. Very excited! The seeds were in my refrigerator for nearly a year. I soaked them in regular tap water for around 24 hours, placed them into Eazy Plugs inside a propagator at 80-100% RH / 20-26C and 3 days later 8/10 are ready for action. I will be using BioBizz soil along with Better Organix nutrients. I might mix the soil with some coco just to try something new. Also I will be using root pouches, since I had 2 successful grows with them already and dont see a reason to go back to pots. This round I am using regular seeds and want to make a selection because I expect to find some beautiful phenos between the 10 Jackberries. I have tried the Madberry and was satisfied in all aspects so I am even more excited about the Jackberry. I have a question for you guys though: What is the most efficient way to separate the males from the females? As of now, the only way I see to do it is the following. Veg all plants until they are big enough for flower. Up-pot all plants into end-size pots and throw away the males as soon as first signs of flower appear. This would mean that I would waste around half of the soil. Is there a better way? Like up-potting after I know what sex the plants are? But that would mean that I’m transplanting in flower and maybe the plants will not produce so many roots anymore? Any ideas? I am OK with doing it the way I described if it’s the best way but I am open for ideas. Thanks in advance!! Oh, I almost forgot the most important part! The picture.. Here it is.. Cute little babies I wish you all happy holidays and a merry Christmas to you, your family and close ones <3 Best regards RTS
  10. So here it is my first grow report... I was going to backdate pictures etc to the start of my grow but i figure its a semi perpetual SOG so it will be all the same soon enough anyway. About the grow cabinet: 1200w x 600d x 1800h (8 square feet) DIY CXB3590 lights on 2 fixtures, set apart so there is 1 COB evenly over every square foot running at 50w each (50w per square foot) on at midnight off at midday flood and drain system table is flooded 9 times per day for 5 minutes, 2 hourly while it is cooler at night and hourly during the day. 4 inch extraction fan with carbon filter 5.5 inch square pots fits 31 in the tray and a space left for the overflow/inlet Strains: Dinafem- Big Kush G13 Labs- Pineapple Express Sannies Shop- Herijuana, Jackberry, C99xBBC freebies. Big Bud- Gifted cuttings Now for some pictures I guess: Light and pump timers attached to the roof of the cabinet and the extraction outlet hole. 6 inch oscillating fan and one of the DIY LED modules. Light trap for the intake on the left and reservoir on the right. Mother/clone setup with storage and a drying rack, this has some extraction from the 4 inch fan used by the flower cab. Flowering cab in full view. Sannies gear in flower regime from seed with some Pineapple Express in the background. Big Kush that was cut a couple of days ago. An experimental graft to rootstock while taking some cuttings to see if it will heal and grow faster than clones. One of the midget Big Kush plants was pollinated with herijuana. Any criticisms are welcome, and i have some questions to come but thankyou for reading my first log entry.
  11. Hi everyone, Welcome to ROUND 2. I wanted to make a new thread to showcase new genetics from Esko & Sannie and my first experience with Hempy buckets. Round 2 is all about looking for some keepers. I'm hoping to pick 3 keepers from 10-12 females. Due to the summer heat, I'm just taking it easy, vegging under fluos until mid September. I'll run a perpetual setup and harvest every 2 weeks for 2-3 months straight. By the new year, I want to fill the entire tent with clones from 2 keepers and just do 1 big SCROG. The new genetics: After 5.5 days in spongepots, they were ready to be transplanted x5 Holy Princess x5 Chucky's Bride x5 Jackberry F4 x2 Esko Blueberry #3 x1 Riri Sour Diesel X Esko BlueBerry Holy Princess Chucky's Bride Jackberry F4 Blueberry #3 Riri SourDiesel X Esko Blueberry Alright, that's it for now, just wanted to get the thread started I will update with the plants that have been in veg and reveg when I get home tonight. This round is going to be a blast...
  12. OK ere we go again 8th grow Jackberry and chemistry Chemistry 21days flo. Jackberry 21 days flo Jackberry 27 days Chemistry 27 days flo. Cheers JIMBO Using t same food as last time jungle juice veg and bloom co2 tabs big bud powder top the 2 of them 3 days into flower. seems 2 of wrked well. think t chemistry is 10 to 12 wks flower so she luks a little behind. she still luks gr8 tho
  13. 2 Jackberry + 1 Herijuana DWC Scrog 2014 2 Jackberry +1 Herijuana. Hybridhygro’s 1st time growing Sannie’s strains. Here is the set-up for this grow. Indoor / Secret Jarden DR100 grow tent Light / 600w HM veg + Ajust-a-wing shade,600w Hps flower bulb + air cooled shade Medium / DWC 45ltr tub + net pot + clay pebbles. GHE Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom + Silica + Cal Mag. This is done with thanks to Hygrohybrid who taught me how to scrog and grow dwc Style. The 3 plants are in one large net-pot. I started from seed this time. This will be my 1st from seed scrog attempt. I started in root-riots then moved them on to coco. The plan was to do this as a coco grow, but they just sat there doing nothing for about 3 weeks? Change of plan, DWC it has to be. Soon as I moved them boom off they went I’m trying to make this a picture diary with a wee bit of text for each picture. You will get the idea ; ) How i start Sannies seeds How they looked after the transfer to dwc. Set-up for the 600w MH. The roots were getting to big for my 20ltr bucket. I had to improvise a lid and get then into the 45ltr tub. Some paper blocks out the light getting to the roots. I got my new lid for the tub and started to make the scrog cube. Started my low stress training routine, AT this point I think I should say they got mixed up and I’m not entirely sure what is what? I KNOW there are 2 jackberry and 1 herijuana…lol…they look like 3 deferent plants. As they look now in the pictures I think it’s Jackberry#1 and #2 at the front with Herijuana at the back. I soft topped the JB#1 Fimmed JB#2 and did nothing to herijuana. the JB#2 on the right is a beast. Tight internodes massive Indica leaves. JB#1 one on the right has bigger spaced internodes and just as big leaves. What I can see of Herijuana she’s doing fine. Out the tent, this is the Herijuana Got a bigger air pump Pre-LST Post-LST Added some weight to the one on the right This is from tonight. I’m looking to put them into flower this weekend, I had a choice cut a bit off my scrog cube or raise the plants a bit. Added 2 breeze blocks and it’s perfect ; ) After some HST and LST From Above Profile shot We are all up to date with this grow. They are on 420ppm nutrients with the EC around 6.0. Things are looking pretty good considering I’ve never tried a scrog from seed or grown any of Sannies strains before…I’m impressed so far @Sannie All 3 plants looks great. On a side not. My friend who gave me the seeds also started 2 Jackberry, both turned out to be males…lol…Good clones (thanks @fatrasta) are on the way mate hells bells this is a big post. Sorry about that. Hope you can get through it all more updates as we go from now on. Impute, opinions (good or bad) advice, is always welcome
  14. Hi all! I post regularly on another forum under a different handle, but now that I'm going to be growing some gear from Sannie's Shop (and testing some Blueberry!), I wanted to make my way over here as well. These are my first Canna plants from seed. I've started 5 Jackberry x KO Kush and 1 Chocolope. The Chocolope was the lone seed that turned up while trimming a friend's plant, so it's kind of just a bonus I thought I'd include. I grow organically in soil. The seedlings are currently in 4" (I believe) pots. When they move up in size (I haven't decided yet what size, but I'm thinking of flowering them in 3 gallon smart pots) I am planning to put them into the following soil mix: Base 50% Sphagnum Peat 25% High quality EWC 25% Airation (Perlite, Pumice and/or Lava Rock) Ammendments (1/2 cup ea. per cubic foot of base soil) Crab Meal Kelp Meal Neem and Karanja Meal (50/50 mix) Glacial Rock Dust (this one will be 3 or 4 cups per cubic foot of base) Unless it seems like I need to do something different, I will probably just feed them with teas made from Kelp and Alfalfa, plus a little Pro-Tekt. Since they need to be sexed I'm leaning towards cloning them early and putting them into flower small, and then using the second round to better glimpse their potential. Here's some pictures! I had 100% germination within 3-4 days. Most of them came up within 2 days. Here they are on day 15... #1-3 in the top row, #4,5, and Chocolope on bottom row. So far so good. Thanks to Sannie and the other great breeders here for making these genetics available!
  15. Hi all I started my outdoor grow for this year just over a month ago when I put 10 jackberry seeds into cotton wool to germinate. 10 days later I germinated 5 killing fields, and the Mt. Hood Huckleberrys are to follow soon. My plan is to try to select the nicest female of each strain to plant into the ground, and most of the other plants will probably be given away. So far I have had 2 JB runts, and 1 KF died after it germinated (not too sure what happened but I found a whole lotta ants surrounding the sprout and some white dusty stuff?) All the plants are in organic promix in 1.5l pots so far. Some jackberrys Top 3 are jackberry bottom 4 are killingfields Nice internodal spacing on the jb They are starting to show a deficieny, should I start feeding them vegging nutes? Any feedback would be much appreciated Peace, Roodni
  16. Seeds in the dirt, nothing happened yet. Soaked them in a glass of water overnight. They are now in the propagator, temps are 26C/78F. Hopefully I get at least 1 female. Wish me luck! 2 x Kolossus reg 1 x Jackberry F4 reg 1 x Chucky's Bride reg 60 x 60 x 160 tent 250 W MH + 250 HPS for bloom time. I might add a bit more wattage later on in the bloom. Seedlings go under 85 W CFL as soon as they show themselves. Then into tent under MH. Plangro Roal Mix, coco coir, worm castings, biotabs kit, bio molasses, 7gal / 26 ltr container, small air-pots. Next time I'll get some other soil, but this was gifted to me...
  17. Hiya opengrow First off, sannie is a diamond 100% certified cannabis general and and a great guy. I order Kf and he looked after me after my cat ate my kf7 seedlings lol. She just took out another seedling a few days ago lol. She's a fan leaf beast . Sannie bless me with more Kf. He is a gem and so is Kf Anyhow I places an order of kf fem to search for my ultimate purple mother with a great yield. I also had some Jackberry f3 I have germed with Kf. Also two kfxcbh that I made and two killing katsu, but my cat ate one. I still have a pack of 5 left tho . I also order huck kush and miss u jack from sannie, sour power from hortilab with sour amnesia freebees and rare darkness hillbilly armour for future kush runs. I'm a happy kid In a large sweet shop Details now I have downgraded my flower tent from 1.2x1.2m2 to a small tent which is 2ftx4ftx2.5ft. Not a lot of height at all but should be enough for 8 11l pots in a scrog. Will do a small soil run this time as I can control my height better in soil. Most plants I grow in soil finish around 2ft+ inc pot with a good yield of 2-3 oz as long as I prune correctly. Veg tent is 63cmx67cmx81cm with a t5 2ft 4 tube. Will Veg to around 5-8" before putting under a scrog net in the flower tent, depending if the reg seeds are sexd. Will use a 250w mh for 1st two weeks 12/12, then hopefully a 600 has for around two weeks to build buds and sights, then a 250w hps when most major flower growth slows. Sounds crazy but I like experimenting, plus 600w is overkill but a cooltube and fat outake should help. This is only a run to find a strong purple. I might avoid the 600 tho if I buy another t5, but a 8 tube 432w version . Pics of setup in a bit.
  18. My 2nd post and 1st grow. Same info here as in my post to introduce yourself forum, but with pics as I go. Seed Selection: Since I don't know and can only make assumptions, I chose to go with Sannie's Fem Mix and also bought the regular Jackberry F4. For my initial grow (which I will post with pics in a more appropriate forum- probably Sannie's area unless advised otherwise), I have chosen to go with 1 seed of the feminized Killing Fields and 3 seeds of the Jackberry (hoping to get at least 1 female). I assume this combination will work without serious issue. Seeds should arrive next week. Soil: I wanted to use FFOF, but have read conflicting reviews of it. I would rather NOT use what the stores around me carry which is Miracle Gro and other like soil with fertilizer added, moisture control, etc. Just want good dirt I can rely on. I live on a horse farm and have a ton of rotted manure, but probably full of bad juju. Anyway, if I want something other than Wally World or Lowes soil, looks like I'll have to buy online. I also have a couple or few pounds of worm castings and thought I would mix that in with 30% perlite into whatever soil I go with. Also have some General Hydroponics Grow, Bloom and Micro liquid I can use (as long as it is still good. It's about a year old). Have some Neptune's Fish and Seaweed fert too. Plan to use 10" or 13" pots and leaning toward 13". Will start seeds in jiffy pots or spongepots. Lighting: I have a 4' 6-lamp 54watt T5 setup that I will use start to finish. I have 6 each of the AgroMax Grow (6400k) and Bloom (3000k) lamps. Grow Box (under construction): I tried to get creative by using two old bookcases that I have turned to face each other, spacing them far enough apart to allow my light fixture to fit into one side with enough space on the other side (with a shelf) for clones, which I will add another small floro lamp to do. I've taken some heavy white fire retardant plastic material that is used in construction with scaffolding, doubled it up and wrapped it around the backs and sides of the bookcases. I'll hang it in the front too making curtains for access. The back of the box is placed in front of a window that I've boarded up except for about 3" along the bottom so I can crack the window open for ventilation as necessary. This may turn out to be a problem as the material doesn't completely block the light that comes through, but I figure I can eliminate that by hanging mylar to line the insides of the box. I'll cut some kind of vent through the material and add a piece of 6" hose from the box to the window crack.... More in the grow thread later- with pics of it all. I'm determined to do this without asking for help. But I see that with a grow log, experienced growers often chime in when they see a problem that goes unnoticed. So I will welcome inputs but will try not to ask for them. Wish me luck!
  19. I was looking or a strong indica strain for crohns pain and for insomnia. I have found it in herijuana. And the freebie JBxMS is amazing as well. I used a 400 watt HPS. I had problems with spider mites but not enough to use any sprays or anything. Ended up with 4 1/2 ounces bud from 2 heri plants and 1 jbxms ..and 3 ounces trim/leaves for hash. Yield is low for sure, but I was looking for quality, not exactly yield. I didnt weigh the hash but I made 8oz of peppermint schnapps tincture for cannamist spray which i like. Anyways Herijuana - I grew two plants of Heri. One was short and squat, the other taller and branchier. Both yielded the same. I haven't smoked too much of both but they smell the same and each get me super high. Both got a couple seeds from hermie. Never found the flowers, but a few little seeds did show up in the yield. Visual - 8/10 Very frosty. Has just gotten even better as it cures. Those stalks are really showing. Only a couple big buds, most are small. It is dense bud. I put the various popcorn buds into the trim pile. Smell - 7/10 There is definitely a coffee like smell along with a nutty almond like smell. It's a dull smell, you aren't going to get fruity tones here at all. Heri is like having black coffee instead of a peppermint mocha. Taste - It's still developing taste so I'll have to get back on this one. Right now it's a very hashy taste, very dull taste. The smoke expands quickly in your lungs. High - 10/10 I rate that because I haven't smoked any bud this strong before. I have to stop after one bowl because I just get too stoned lol...I basically get so stoned I forget where i am, start a train of thought which goes all over the place and before I know it 30 minutes have passed and I'm ready to close my eyes which are already mostly closed from the stone. It hits behind the eyes and it creeps. It creeps up on you and before you know it you feel like you're covered in blankets, heavy blankets. Very creeper, this bud. I'm sure if I smoked more than one bowl or a bong hit, I'd pass out lol.. Jackberry x Mad Scientist - Visual - 8/10 Looks a lot like the Heri. It is frosty like the Heri, it sparkles in the light, Bigger buds on this one. I yielded a bit more with the JBxMS. Smell - 10/10 Best smelling weed I've had. When I open the jar it hits my nose so fast with tones of blueberries, strawberries and roses. A very intense, sweet smell. A complete 180 from the Heri. Taste - Still developing but I can already tell it will be a sweet smoke when its cured for a while longer. High - 9/10 I use this as more a daytime smoke because I can function after smoking unlike the Heri. If I smoke too much I'll get sleepy like the Heri but a good bowl will get me set for a good day. With both these strains you can feel the indica CBD's interacting with the THC giving a strong body high. I can function better with this bud than the Heri but trust me on this, it's still a very strong strain. It's stronger than anything I've found on the streets or have grown. Normally for me it takes a good few months for a strain to really develop a strong high, but these have only been curing a few weeks and already are more intense than what I've grown in the past. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from Sannies. You can't go wrong with this bud if you need a medicinal strain or just looking to get really really fucked up.
  20. Hello , Me and Friend are planing to put all these beans I compulsively bought into flowers. Friend is a loooong time friends (about 18 years) and smoking is really something we have no will to quit. So after seeing the results (outdoor) of my first try , he decided to go indoor last year, for one year we have been toying with AK 48 from nirvana (these were cheap , and i didn't want to lose good genetics). Now we feel is the time to get a bit more serious, the last two years I've bought *Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze *Caramel Cough *Killing Fields *Blue Hammer *JackBerry *Chocolate Rain *Chocolate mix *Anesthesia *Vanilla Sky *Chucky's Bride *Holy Princess *Killing Field x Katsu cut *Sour Diesel x Blueberry *Killa Queen X Blue Hammer We would like to test all these in the next year or so, my cab is not ready yet , but the dimensions are known. Friend's cab is inside a Pax wardrobe from Ikea. Flowering part -2 x 150 w HPS - 95cm (wide) 55 (depth) 1.20m (height) - Carbon Scruber - 380m3/h rvk Veg part -80 cm height same width and lenght - 150 w TN -Sunon My cab should be ready around Halloween, dimensions are about the same, a bit wider (105cm), deeper (58cm) and a total height of 250 cm with 4x30w T8(?) in the Veg part and 8x24w (2 times 4x24 really) in the flowering part. I hope to make 52 updates (once a week) to document the grow of these little babies. This round will be in soil (plagron light and royal mix), but i hope to switch to coco and passive hydro next time (dirt is ....dirty and we do have a social and familly life ). Before showing (drumroll) , who was choosen first , I would like to thank Sannie, I've had once a germination problem on one pack and another time with the post and suffice to say the man didn't let me down:o) so thanks again and if you are gifted something..the less you can do is share.
  21. Hey everyone. I just germed the Indica mix which is comprised of - *4 KO Kush F4 *4 Anesthesia F1 *4 Jackberry F4 I managed to get a 100% germ rate. 12 out of 12 ain't bad. Well played Sannie. Here is a little Ana popping up
  22. Firstly My 2 cabs sizes are 1) 1mx1mx2m Hiegh and 2)1.6m x 1 m x 1.7 Hiegh The tall cab is running a single 400w hps and home made cool hood temps are perfect 76 f day and night 60 its a bit cold for now but the winter here will be over in the next few weeks so not worried bout night temps at the moment. The wide cab has 3 x 400 watt Sumaster Cool metal halides and will switch to Sunmaster Super HPS when i want to flower.Temps same as above ive had to add a bit of humidity to cab as its a bit low so i use humidifiers to counter that. And here are the products kindly suplied to me by The KIng Of Genetics Sannie himself Thanks again really quick delivery with no issues the way i like it . Hers the germ cab i built and for clones Built this bubble clonner for the near future Quick note all of the goods in cab including cab handmade.Cool hoods and carbon scrubbers aswell!! i like makin things hehe ...Scrubber done Here are pics of the opperation Tall Cab Wide cab Humidifier in action Going to be flipping to 12/12 in a week or so will still see progress on them. Jackberry week 3 veg KO Kush week 3 veg .. Group Photo !! A cheese that i got from a mate and its really goin fast All comments are welcome !!! Feel free to tear me a new one hehe
  23. Hey I'd like advice with a deficieny on my jackberry seedlings. They are about 20 days old, in 1.5l pots filled with organic promix. I haven't started feeding them yet, will a grow nutrient like biobizz biogrow or fish mix work? The plants look healthy overall, just these first leaves are becoming deficient. Thanks in advance for any help, it would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for a while,learning from so many people that are kind enough to share pictures, research and time. Enough of just sitting back, time to participate! This is going to be the second run in this setup, I have a little OCD so I can't stop adjusting everything. I'm always trying to improve things, one little thing at a time. I've got a DR120 with a 600W HPS for flowering. We currently have 6 ladies under the light, they got between 2 - 3 weeks of veg and have 2 - 4 weeks left in flower. I just upgraded the fan from a 6 in booster fan to this 420 CFM monster... It's actually dimmed to 40%, and my temps have dropped 2 degrees directly on top of the hood. Not too bad. It's actually 78 degrees and 45 % RH inside the canopy. I've also got a 400W 4ft T5 that I use for seedlings, clones and vegging. Hopefully we'll be able to keep a bonsai mother or 2 as well. The plan is to set up perpetually so I can pull 1 plant out of flowering every 2 weeks. Currently in flowering, we have 2 Killing Fields ( the limited FEM freebee batch ). Both show more color than my lavender plants! I won't start to describe the smell, but if you've seen KF grows, or heard Sannie describes the smell and taste, it's exactly it. Strong, dark, complex smell. I took a sample last week, I couldn't even let it dry for 3 days... This is going to be some TASTY weed for sure if that sample is any indication. KF1 has 4 big tops and looks similar to some phenos I've seen grown here. KF 1 - The sample came from one of her lower branches. She has some of the biggest buds in the tent! KF2 is a bit of a mutant. She started by being twice as stretchy as a seedling and has had smaller, crimped leaves. I think it's a trait from the blueberry side... . Flowering was slow to trigger and then it stretched way too much, so it got it's dose of supercropping. While I'm not expecting much yield from this girl, it could be an 11 week pheno, so she could put putting on a little extra weight next couple weeks. KF1 look very promising, I definitely see a full pack of KF in my future. I also have 2 Sugar Punch that smell like... i don't know. WHAT IS THAT SMELL SANNIE? I think it's naughty candy canes... It actually smells sweet and you just want to stick your nose in again to make sure you just smelled candy. SP1 - Another early sample I took, this got to dry for 3.5 days, when I ground it up, it filled the room with sweet smell. I was surprised him much this smelled for some uncured, early bud. SP1 is falling over herself from the weight of the buds, I supercropped the branches in the wrong direction a few weeks back, so that didn't help. I've got a couple sticks helping her out now. SP2 was made a little too branchy, between topping once too many times and structure, this girl takes 1.5 times more room, the buds are smaller. My fault. I've also got a beautiful Jackberry X NYCD ( regular seeds ) that actually smells like fruit and a little fuel. The JBD is starting to show a little color on the lower buds... The nights can get frisky, so if the genes are there, the color will show. For a freebee that I could find nothing about, it sure looks great... And it's looking like it's going to finish right around 7 - 8 weeks. For the next round, we have to pop some seeds. One of each: Kollosus ( fem ) Mad Shack ( fem ) Sugar Punch ( fem ) I'll also pop 2 KO Kush in hopes of finding / keeping 1 female. That's the veg closet with the T5, it's currently empty, except for some seeds that will go in those sponge pots once the temp drops a few degrees. Next update I'll build the SCROG screens I plan on using for the next round and report back on a larger, riper sample of SP1.
  25. Hello My OPENGROW Friends it has been awhile since i have been on the site to post my progress and how well YOU all have helped me get this far please feel free to Take a peak at mine and your efforts at this MAGIC FARM.. But my JACKBERRY is really starting to scare me does it look like its healthy please help and gimme feed back.. what am i doing wrong? i would gladly appreciate any feedback good or bad to help me get my baby back on track again thank you my friends..
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