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Found 6 results

  1. lumatekfan


    From the album: Flowers

    Motherlode 63 days of flower
  2. lumatekfan


    From the album: Flowers

    Motherlode 63 days of flower
  3. lumatekfan


    From the album: Flowers

    Motherlode 63 days of flower
  4. Sannies style this run, four plants of sugar punch popped and were cloned, there are 8 of plant 1,2,3 and between 4 and seven plant 4's, there are 5 Glo f2's in the mix from magilla we'll see how many girls there are, i bought the killing fields fem for knutsels KF cross because someone wanted some purple smoke but they went a little mouldy as seeds and never made it out of the sponge pot, so i started 2 of the regulars and they came on fine. sannies style each with 3 buffer tabs per pot in light mix, 2 pots of each type of sugarpunch have sannies myco the others have other brands mostly azoz and mycoz. they were watered with bacto when they were potted, they were vegged for a week under a gavita set to 660W and 2 little budmaster2 lights that will be used later for some breeding work. Start of 7 day veg at 15 hours on, surrounded by some sugar punch mothers and fresh jack parents who can say f9 private stash lol Glo F2 KillingFields Fem The lights After 7 days The first collumn is plant 1 the second plant 2, the first and second row is sannies top to bottom, the 3rd and 4th row have the different mycos. Plant 3 collumn and 2 pots of plant 4, 1 pot of 3 mixed sugarpunch and 1 pot of 3 cheese Glo f2's it's hard to see in the image but a few have purple colours in the leaves KillingFields Fem All together Left side Right side I'm looking forward to the sugar punch and to the potential in the glo, and hopefully i may find a super tasty not too strong purple killing fields, hopefully it will be a smooth run, they are now starting 11 and a half hours on under 2 gavitas on a thousand on tracks and the two little leds are still there, when my little breeding cabs arrive i'l swap them for one of the monsters in my other L.E.D thread in between the two gavitas, why not lol Thanks for browsing
  5. Here's a quick smoke report on the green pheno Killingfields I harvested about 1 month ago. Smell - Citrus w/ some dankness Taste - Citrus w/ turpenoids. Clean, clear and directed. Very focused with slight complexity. It only hints at what's to come. Pleasant. Note: I am a light smoker these days. Meaning a couple times per week at the most and generally not more than three tokes. In my younger days I would smoke everyday all day. Effect - I took one hit. It was pleasant with slight cough as the smoke expanded. 30 seconds later lights were noticeably brighter. One minute into it and I knew this shit was for real. Slight flushing in the face. 10 minutes in and I was dead silent. Not uncomfortable or paranoid. No racey-ness (which I hate). Just nice wandering thoughts and slight weight in the body. 30 minutes in and the stone was just as strong. 2 hours later and I was still freakin' baked. 4 hours later and still going strong. At some point I fell asleep on the couch. I had a friend try it and after about 5 minutes I noticed he stopped talking. He took 3 hits. This guy is chatty and is a heavy smoker. After a while he looked at me and said, "Dude, I'm stoned. Holy shit." The green KF is fantastic. Completely different than the purple pheno. I am bummed I did not take any cuttings of it. I still have a few more seeds and am hoping I get another. Thank you Sannie for your breeding genius. Amazing work.
  6. Ok folks, here's the report on the KF purple pheno. It's been curing for about 1 month. Smell - Totally bizarre. Took me a while to figure it out but to me it smells like coffee & pickles. Taste - Like killer sativa. Nothing like it smells. My buddy says it tastes like archetypical weed. Effect - High and bright. Not a mind-killer like the green pheno. A bit lighter but just as long acting. It's a stone that can be active or spacey. Really pleasant. Would be good if you needed to get things done during the day. No munchies or heaviness. I like it.
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