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Found 9 results

  1. Ayo. Seems like the this website and forums got the internet on steroids treatment (thanks sannie, absolutely killed the website, if I didnt know so much I'd tell you you were lying to me you were a breeder and not a web designer) It's been awhile so I'll leave out most of my missing life link. New new and gone old old. Continuously stabilizing my life, living now with a girlie whose almost if not more batshit crazy then I am. Bout to take a big dive in this plant, starting my breeding project, started reading/researching extracts and cooking which I really want to get into next.. bout to build a new grow room for my breeding chamber that I'll post and prolly see if any of the vets got some advice on my blueprint. For now let's have some pics do some talking for my plans and we'll slowly add some history flashbacks. This is just what went done, stay tuned. Mouse
  2. hey folks, its been a while! today i I have for u a smoke report from my friend who has grown the supernova kush from LeRat for quite some time. as u will see, he likes it very much! so long story short, here it is: ------------------------------------------------------ Supernova Kush toke is as amasing as its growing perfomance. I truly loved this strain, kept both phenos and growed them all last year in row, cycle after cycle. Both phenos i had were very similar in taste and effect. The actual only strong difference between them was outstanding vigorous growth and development of one, super growth, super health, super yield so i called it supernova and monster supernova. Both phenos were always very crystal- full and resinous. Smell and taste are what i call ganjaman fragrance: spicy, skunky with tones of leather + dash of sweet floral tunes. Smell got more complex upon curing, perfumery kind of, it is difficult to me to determine separated aromatic lines, though definitely floral notes are stepping forward. Taste doesnt change so significantly after curing. Generally shape of buds, aromas, tastes and effects of supernova i find somewhat similar to good cheese hybrid. no news here cause its just another skunk variation after all, although Excellent variation with big E. Supernova is dreamy, relaxing buzz, perfect for evening smoking sessions. Its a bit coach-locking but doesnt block the mind. I would say its socialite type of smoke, except if u plan to go disco or do other fast and unnecessary body movements. Cause it feels so good as it is, here on the sofa...u know this typical cheese feeling? So it is supernova, except that it is ultra strong, and recommended to be smoked carefully by the occasional smokers. It doesnt bring anxiety or paranoia though, either remarkable heaviness in the morning next day. I would mark few following negative side effects as dry mouth, fast red eyes and munchies. Big big munchies!!! smth really incredible, this strain could be perfect remedy for patients with anorexia nervosa. Alltogether supernova kush gets my highest marks and recommendations to grow. Green thumb up ! ------------------------------------------------------ i have grown her too and agree totally with the performance this gal is bringing to the table! in 63 days under 600 watts she was pushing out massive flowers that caused her to bend over (I know some of u like them girls bend over :D) due to a heavy infestation of mites and bad drying I can't give u any details on smell, taste and high, sorry for that butmy friend said enough to make me want to grow it again and I still have some seeds left pics will follow as soon as I get them into my phone! greetz
  3. Hello everyone. This is my 1st post on this forum and I'm very happy to be here, close to the many breeders and growers I admire. Respect to e$ko for offering good genetics at GOOD PRICES. Some of you may remember my Chocolate Rain grow journal from a different forum but here it is again for those who missed it. ENJOY! P.S. For this grow, I'm growing in subcool's ORGANIC super soil recipe with Vermifire as the base soil. Furthermore, I am growing in 10 gallon buckets under a 600W light during veg and 1000W light during flower, while using a Magnum XXXL reflector. The various supplements I used for this grow include blackstrap molasses, Hygrozyme, and Microblast. Here are some PICS in chronological order: Beginning: Started 10 Chocolate Rain seeds in rapid rooters..... easy. Baby Stage: 9 out of 10 seeds popped. Topped: As you can see, I also got 1 runt. Not a big deal. Supercropped: This is for bushier plants, canopy control, and bigger yields. Recovering nicely: Separating the Males and Females: Here's a shot of "Pheno X" AKA "Raspberry Pheno": Here's a shot of "Pheno V" AKA "Claw Pheno": Group Shot: I got 5 nice females from this 10 pack so everything is good.
  4. This is my first post. I am new to the forum, but not new to grow diaries. I'm migrating from another forum where the owner/admin likes to censor and delete posts (good posts, not talking spam or anything negative). So I am going to give this forum a try! The reviews all say this forum is very friendly and supportive, which fits me pretty well. For my first log on this forum I am going to run two of my homemade crosses alongside 2 regular seeds of Afghan Kush from World of Seeds. So this is the lineup: (these are testers for my latest crosses) 5 reg seeds of AK-47 female crossed to a Chem91 skva male. If successful I will call it ChemK'd + 5 reg seeds of AK-47 female crossed to a Mango Tango male. I'm thinking AK2Tango for this one... If any worth while of course. + 2 regular seeds of Afghan Kush that came as freebies from an Attitude order a little bit back. If I find a great plant that is worth investing a LOT of time, then I will start to breed it to see if I can stabilize the qualities I like. My main thing about my grows is weeding out plants that hermie or throw out nanners. As I have learned a couple years ago that I am allergic to smoking male pollen (when it gets on the buds, or if the bud has a nanner inn it... for example). My plan is to create and breed a strain that is very, very unlikely or simply will not hermie or nanner. That is my goal! The soil is my personal mix. I started with my own mix and have since recycled and recharged it over the last 3 or 4 grows. It would be tough to describe its specific makeup... but what-the-hell: coco, peat, small portions of FFoF, good amounts of ProMix BX, bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, oyster shell powder, humic acid, azomite dust, good amounts of worm castings, perlite, crushed pumice, small lava rock, sand, organic material like old roots and some leaves, tossed a few handfuls of worms in it over time... not sure if they're still all alive lol, alfalfa meal, epson salt, tarantula (micro bio), super light doses of great white, soil sulfur, dolomite lime, and I have run countless teas and a few nute mixes of floranova. Phew, I think I got it all. Right now I am still only getting started. I still have a lot of veg to go, including taking clones of everything. I'm debating doing 4 or 8 tops per plant. AC#1 showing some fuzz. compared to AC#4 (this pheno also kept 3 bladed leaves to the 3rd node, not all of them did) AC#3 with the 5 bladed leaves at the 3rd node. Now the AK-47 x Mango Tango. AM#1 has very short leaf stems and nice healthy broad 3 bladed leaves. compared to AM#2 Here are the Afghan Kushes. It has been a few days since I've taken any pictures, but there will be plenty of good show to come. Warning: I tend to post a lot of pictures. . . . You've been warned. .
  5. I have crossed a K.O Kush with a Ghost OG and the results have been stable despite various stress tests no nanners have appeared. The Buzz has the power of the K.O with the added uplifting nature of the Ghost Cut. Outdoor veg. Indoor flowering. I was thinking of naming this freebie Snowcap OG If Sannie was open to it. Its his genetics that are dominant in this cross. I would like to offer up this strain as freebies to Sannie if he will have them. So far in my tests they are stable despite stressing them but I'm limited and overwhelmed in breeding projects. Its the ADHD in me.     
  6. First off let me say hello as this will be my first post here on opengrow. I have quite a few new seeds started a couple weeks back and 3 of those are dyansty cck I have from sannies. setup nutrient- gh flora series doing lucas formula modified to heads formula for coco. 6mlmicro 9mlbloom 1g epsom salts and 1ml silica per gallon ph set to 5.8 or abouts. hand watered daily to waste with 20% run off. veg tent is 2x3x6.5ft with 8 26w cfl bulbs of mixed spectrum. flower tent is 4x4x7.5ft running 600w cooltube,4in carbon filter, 4in ventec inline fan, with a 4in duct booster and for my intake i just vent for airflow..also have a 150 hanging in there that i turn on from time to time open bulb vert. medium is coco/perlite 70/30 in smart pots 1 gallon veg and either 2 or 3 gallon for flower size and room dependant. on with the show... cck#1> was just topped in the last couple days and the one I waited longest to do any training with. cck#2> topped early and responded well cck#3> this i used the old fim on and just ripped the top off she loves it when i smack her around(hope it's a she) group photo> so besides me overwatering a little they are still doing there thing and are now taking the full 6ml 9ml and eating it up!!!!!!! hopefully get around to placing them in the 1gallons i plan to veg with for another 3 weeks and then to there final resting place for flower. If I get it done I will take some pics and upload them.
  7. High, today i put 10 Caramel Candy Kush from Dynasty Seeds in Spongepots. I will weekly update this report. Equipment: Darkroom DR 90 Homebox XS AKF Carbon Active 350-400cbm/h ø125mm LTI Rohrlüfter PK 220/360 cbm/h ø125mm BLT Boxventi 2 x 36W PL-L Armatur 400W Philips SON-T Greenpower HPS AAW Medium Gavita Digistar 400 Composana Soil At the moment i have some Starbud and Bubblegummer in my Bloombox Here two Starbuds.. Peace
  8. 5 Placed in papertowel, 4 cracked in less than 24 hours. It's on. These will be grown in ProMix BX,(until I find a keeper, then clones go DWC) nothing added except for patience and love. Feeding will eventually consist of GH Flora Micro/Bloom at a ratio of 1:2, with Hygrozyme through veg and the odd hit of Floralicious Plus. Early veg lighting will be 100W 6400k CFL and T5 Pre-flower veg will be with the trusty 400w SunMaster MH Flowered under Eye Hortilux 430w Super HPS. 3g pots. Will add pics as soon as they're potted this weekend. Peace RM
  9. Hi, this is my first grow report, we'll see how it goes... First some strain info Barney's Farm: Critical Kush type: Indica yield: 750gr/m2 height: 80-90cm flower time: 55-60 days harvest time: End September thc: 25% cbd: 2.1% genetics: Critical Mass X O.G. Kush Vanilla Kush type: indica dominant yield: 600gr/m2 height: 60-70cm flower time: 60-65 days harvest time: end september thc: 22% cbd: 1.2% genetics: kashmir/afghan kush Breeder's Choice: Mad Kush Type: Indica Flowering time: 8-9 weeks Harvest: up to 550 gram/m2(indoor) Taste: Dark kush and coffee smell Effect:Very stoned but with hints of high Flowers: Extreme dense nuggets THC: Percentage up to 22% DNA Genetics: Rocklock Warlock x Rockstar 80% Indica : 20% Sativa Flowering Time: 8 Weeks Yield: 500-600g/m2 Sharksbreath Great White Shark x Jamaican Lambsbread 80% Indica : 20% Sativa Flowering Time: 9 Weeks Yield: 500-600g/m2 Not much to look at..... Next update when seeds are above ground. Have a good one - SM
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