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Found 7 results

  1. lumatekfan

    Lady Cane #9

    From the album: Flowers

  2. lumatekfan

    Lady Cane #9

    From the album: Flowers

  3. lumatekfan

    Lady Cane #2

    From the album: Flowers

  4. lumatekfan

    Lady Cane #2

    From the album: Flowers

  5. Hi OG growers and readers. I thought i would share our ongoing grows, i read so much in this forum so i have to give some back. Karma you know. We grow in Coco substrate since a few years with great success, this time we try something new, correls E/F in pots , but just on 1 of 4 Wilmas. Nutrients are Canna all over. (Canna-Coco,-Aqua,-Zym,-Rizotonic and a little bit Boost or CaneSugar.) Our water from the line is EC 0,65 PH 6,7-7,1, we do not use osmosis filtering. (waste of water) The setups and strains are as follows, i hope you enjoy our grow and ask what is to ask. 1x1m Homebox with 400W HPS AAW, 9x10L+2x6L pots with coco substrate, hand watering. Grow from seed,Strains: 3x Chocolate Cheese female, 4x Lady Cane female 1x male, 2x Chocolate Rain female 1x male They are flowering for maybe 10 days now i have to look for that, startet the seeds in the end of December last year. They were vegging in 0,2L pots with soil under a 250w hps till they showed sex. EC 1,8/PH 6,0 Chocolate rain male smells sweet coffee cocoa Lady Cane male smells hazey fruity incense 2,4x1,2m Homebox with 2x 600W, 4xWilma E/F+circulation pump, 24x11L pots (18xCoco and 6xHydroCorrels) + 8x6L pots (6xCoco and 2xHydroCorrels) Plants all from Cuttings, left side is mainly Chocolate Rain on the right is: Sour Lemon Haze, in between them the are 1xJack Herer&1x Brambleberry Kush on the Left side and 1xChemdog, 1x Pineapple Gold & 1x Maple Leaf Indica. In the front row thre are: 1x Sour Lemon Haze, 3x Super Lemon Haze, 2x Maple Leaf, 1 Iced Apple x OrtegaMLI#7, 1x Sour Lemon Haze#6 The plants in Coco are waterd by hand till they root nicely, i think i will fill up the wilmas end of the week. I flushed the coco last grow a little to much so the Plants had to less nutrients after transplanting and ther was a slight P defiency and then we sprayed against spyder mites (got a ED Superbud cut which was infected, so better before then after its to late) so it was getting worse. Now the new growing tips look healthy so i have put the net in ,put the clips down and switched to flowering. Coco EC 1,8/PH 5,9 Aqua EC 1,8/PH 5,7 Have a nice day OG I go to bed, i hate night shift.
  6. clydefrog


    hey all. i just got my seeds last thurs, and got them moist asap...lady cane, herijuana, kinky cheese and some purple bud thingy Mr. C threw in for free... they start here then they get a washin and get some roots going till theyre big enough to clone in here then they end up in the ring of fire to finish... you guys with journals on these strains already have me pumped up...hope i can do these girls justice! PEACE
  7. I'm making another thread for my latest follies: I want to log this properly, I'm going to try to actually document and post each step as much as possible for this grow. I think the process will help me organize my growing, expose weak spots and open up for critique, all of which I expect to learn from. So, without further delays, here is the relevant info: I filled 15 old spongepots with coco fiber, dug a hole with a screwdriver, dropped in 5 seeds of each strain and watered with my seedling mix until the coco was soaked and I used the remaining water to soak the coco in the humidity dome to help with humidity -RO water - -CNS17 Coco Grow - 200ppm -Sannie Bacto and Endo Bacto ~ 25ppm -ProTekt Silicon ~ 25 ppm FINAL PH 5.8 - FINAL PPM 250 18 hours later: MOVEMENT! damn that was fast. 48 hours: Lady Cane is 1st to show it's head. One of the Huck Kush fell out of her pot: So I put her and a friend in new home: the rest of the tray was looking great last night at 72 hours: Tonight I will put them into cups since I imagine they must all be ready to see the world! I will post more details about the space and such later, just wanted to get this started before I got behind
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