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Found 16 results

  1. Black Afghani This IBL offering from USC caught my eye when it was first introduced. I was lucky enough to score a pack and my first growing attempt gave me 3 females. While they were all a bit different appearance wise they all shared a definite blueberry aroma. One was intensly blueberry while the other two also added hash and coffee to their less intense blueberry smell. After a 6 week cure it is a very enjoyable smoke. It is a smooth but heavy smoke that tastes of sweet blueberry going in with a hashy, coffee mixed with berries coming out. The intense blueberry buds remained intense through the cure. Open the jar and it smells of sweet ripe blueberries. The other two are less intense but still blueberry dominate. The buds are large and fairly dense with pointy tops. All of the plants had many buds with red/pink coloration to them. The high is fast acting and intense. Unlike many indica's this one is felt in the very bottom of my head leaving the rest clear and aware though there is some visual impact as the high progresses. The body stone is wonderful, deep reaching and long lasting. This is not really a couch lock kinda smoke as the head remains mostly functional but if too many tokes are taken it may be difficult to motivate your limbs properly. I had 3 different looking BA's but in the end I do not see much difference in their smoke. They all give the same basic effect, some minor smell or flavor difference but pretty much the same intense body driven high. Now I will try to quantify this wonderful smoke with numbers... Bag Appeal = 9 - big dense frosty buds. Smell = 10 on the intense blueberry one and 8.5 on the other two. Taste = 9 Effect = 9 As you can see I really like this Black Afghani and will definitely be running it again one day. Big thanks to Cristalin and USC for their hard work preserving this and other landrace gems.
  2. Greetings! I'm a disabled medical grower in western North America. Been studying cannabis for a few years since it was crucial in getting my PTSD to manageable levels, and I've absolutely fallen in love with this magical plant that's somehow an antidepressant, a sedative, an anxiolytic, and a stimulant. I've been working with USC's genetics for a while, so I wanted to start a thread to document their grows. I grew out Nepalma, Uzbekistan, and Triple Pakistan (and Turkish, but I got all males ) over the last year, and I've got Col'Jam, Uzbekistan F2, Nepalma F2, and a cross of the two that I've dubbed Uzbeknepanama. Instead of using just one mother for the stock, it was crossbred twice -[(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uzbekistan)], and now the keeper phenos will be hunted, crossbred, and then selected for the most anxiolytic properties. I meticulously keep and freeze the pollen from the strong, stinky males of all strains for future breeding. My standard procedure for regs is to start them off under 12/12, wait for them to sex, then repot, top, and put under 18 hours of light until they're the size I'm looking for. The topping seems to take care of any revegging delays, and I think that if any phenos were to display herm traits they'd do it at this time as well. I use a soilless mix of perlite, peat, EWC, organic 4-4-4 fertilizer, coco coir, PFR-97 (for bugs), rock dust, dolomite lime, and humic and fulvic acids. They get fed with Botanicare Pure Blend Pro all the way through, supplemented with fishbone meal, kelp extract, micronized sulfur, epsom salts Lights are all LED, mostly Kingbrite. 600 total watts in flower, 325ish for veg. Here's the Triple Pakistan in late flower, just cut a few weeks ago. The flower space. Here's where the males live. Right now there are 4 Uzbeknepanama, 1 Sannie's Jack, and 1 Uzi F2. Another Uzi F2 and a couple of USC's Black Afghani are in the second picture, waiting to root and put on some bulk before going in here. Definitely battling some thrips here and there, I'm in an old farmhouse and they're literally in the wind. The seedlings under 12/12. 5 Col'Jam and 5 Herijuana are in the back left container, the rest are either RSC's Ukhrul, (ECSD x Amnesia), (ECSD x Moonshine Haze), and USC's Black Afghani. And here's the current veg space, with females of USC's Black Afghani, Uzbeknepanama, and Sannie's Jack. Excited to be here and learn from y'all
  3. Hello In view of a new "limited edition" variety at the 1: 1 ratio of thc / cbd made in collaboration with a friend, I will be launching genetics donations while working This will aim to have grow and smoke report coming from outside The variety is already stable, but the work continues because we arrived at the ratio of 2: 1 thc / cbd The strain I am talking about is: Afghan cbd x black afghani So if you are interested in a package of 10 you can give your name here, I think I can give here 10/15 packs ... So do not hesitate .... ON THE CONTRARY, in exchange you will be asked (yes if you have received them ... Not like some). To launch them very very soon .. A grow report (a few lines on culture, 2/3 tofs) A smoke report (like a few lines of your feeling / taste ...) There is more than and if you have questions .... Feel free Edit: I'll leave the week to have several shipments to do and not to do one by one .. and i'll give an email here when it'll be finished
  4. Hi friends ! Here comes a diary of my actual grow, an outdoor session, in France, located on the 47.5° N . It was now 6 years i stopped growing, mostly indoor for 15 years. Just like riding a bike, you don't forget your basics. i always be an soil & organic grower. I try every possible technics in hydro, aero, and always came back to the good old dirt. For a successful grow, you need few things: - Good genetics - w/o a decent strain, it is loosing times and energy - Good medium, in my case a decent soil, organic feeding : The pot is 40 liters, filled with 6-15-13 premix(30mS/m) + 4-8-10 - slow release granulate - Passive feeding. - Sun i lost an hole life of genetics, but find back this winter a bag of seeds, the last cross i did in 2013 before i quited. But never tested them before this year. And that is not the most easy strain to work with. It a 4ways cross of Pure sativa strain, from Landraces parents; So not yet stabilized, but full of promise "on the paper" [Gambian male x Neville's Haze female] x [Colombian gold 1972 male x Jamaican Lambs-bread female]. Except the Neville's Haze, the landraces genetics i've worked were provided by USC seeds in early 2010's. And i grew all these strains individually at the time, and made my own selection, The Gambian male is very special : as far as i know, he has not been bred with a ruderalis, but he grew like an auto, flowering after only 3 weeks and showing pollen after 5 - Fast ! And he was my choice of male in order to shorten the flowering period of the 14/16 weeker i was going to pollinate; as we will see later in this diary, the result to make it as early as possible is better than expected. The seeds are 6 years old and has not been store in the rules of art, but enough to get some viable kids. In my area, spring started early, warm and sunny, and i threw directly on the ground of my garden a bunch of seeds at the end of March. 3 weeks later, on April14th i saw two of them showing up. Stage #1 - The Seedling - Early April 2019 [.../... To be continued - Stay tuned]
  5. Dear opengrow community, this year I thought about growing some autoflowering strains outdoors. I'm very interested in landrace strains and looking for some pure ruderalis like you can get from TRSC for example or Thaipan 2.0 and ruderalis crossed with another landrace like Colowryder, CBG Auto etc. (For Thaipan 2.0, Colowryder I wasn't lucky to find some up to now, so I wanted to ask the community if someone's have maybe some Colowryder or reproductions left? If you know another crossings from ruderal x landrace (NLD, BLD, WLD) please pm me. Thanks in advance and happy season for everyone Dogtowns
  6. Hello, I also started a scrog with my Misfits Haze. I didn't want this wild sativa to go as tall as the others i have in flo (320 & 400cm - see topic here) I sprouted them late, first week of June, the 4th The pot is 26 liters, 6-15-13 premix(30mS/m) + 4-8-10 granulate - Passive feeding July 8th (5 weeks) After topping the apex, time to add the screen. Metallic, 100cm x 90cm July 11th July 13th July 15th July 17th July 30th August 3rd August 4th August 12th - - Show very first pistils since a couple of days before and start to stretch
  7. Hi all I don’t usually post anywhere other than on the single topic but once is not customary So I wanted to know if among us there were Italians? then I ask this because: I would have liked to discuss the current situation with people on the spot and in the latest news. Going every summer to Italy, I would also have liked to meet actors or associations from the cannabic world ... And for all this also, learn Italian differently than with an application So here is if some want to exchange on these points it would be with pleasure if the post disturbs, the moderators delete the Have a good day, thank you ciao
  8. inspired by this thread: https://www.icmag.co...ad.php?t=309172 after a failed attempt, my first successfull cob enjoy. after 16 weeks of 11/13 some of the semi-dried bud gets cobbed sealed but NO vaccum i left it on my router for a few weeks to sweat in peace after one month the cob looks like this detail of the result now i just let it dry in roomtemps and seal it (this time in vacuum) for another few months as long as i like, really ... it gets only better from here uncobbed bud: dry, woody-spicy, hazey, typical satty bud smell and taste we are used from landrace buds (not very special, imvho) cobbed bud: vanilla, chocolate, smashed rotten fruits and a spicy taste and smell (cobbing is very nice for smoke that tastes bland by itself, makes better smoke) smoked effect is not very different, but i bet it makes a difference form plant to plant. the cobbing process decarbs the bud so it can be eaten as well with very nice effect. some say it is psychedelic, but those have never tripped on real entheogens. it sure makes a warm feeling in my chest and big smile on my face, tho hope you liked this tiny sum-up of my cobbing adventure ... the linked thread provides all the info you need to make it yourself. enjoy your smokes, everybody SAN
  9. Turkish Landrace smoke report These are from USC, they were grown outdoors without added fertilizer. They finished big and fast. No issues with mold, weather, pests, nute deficiencies, nothing.. Appearance: Dark, airy looking buds, various sizes. Big but not dense, very leafy and looks plain and ordinary. Smell: Very little door, slightly floral but it has become faint. Taste: All plants share a dark, flat earthy taste. It immediately reminds me of Greek cigarettes. The experience is strangely similar to smoking dark tobacco, there's a certain generic quality to it. I have two phenos, one tastes a bit like wood glue but still palatable. The other is closer to bubblegum but without the sweet bottom, its more like a powdery bubblegum. Effect: Its a strong Indica. There's no narcotic buzz but it has a stone. Its different, totally natural, it has a relaxing effect but it doesn't have to get you high to do it. If I have few puffs it feels a lot like smoking a cigarette, it brings you down and levels off and then its satisfying without any sickly feeling. You can feel the effects right into the bone but without the body buzz and it doesn't mess with my head. Finishing a joint makes me just want to roll over and sleep. Overall: A great strain, very natural, there's no desire to smoke my brains out. This actually works exceptionally well at inducing sleep. An excellent medicinal Indica.
  10. Hey guys, Passion here. I am starting this somewhat random grow thread to drop pictures and whatnot into. Come on in if ya like. -enough with the talk. Hehehehe I have 2 others in flower at the moment and another in veg. waiting for her time. Lowest yield, best taste from HLUI#3 cured is like berry cotton candy moonshine She was a beaut. A Herijuana/Jackberry from freebies This one by Professor P Dynasty was exactly as advertised Great well enjoyed satty effects made me want to keep popping more of his crosses And most recently Dynasty De*star BX This F2 was made by a fellow Open Grow member. Thanks! Also experienced a dank cross of Holy Princess X Herijuana made by Indican. as well as some others like: I grew some Santero crosses I showed. Think above was the short pheno of Choc. Fudge... Holy LUI by Santero is awesome. Number 5 was best all around. 9 was biggest yield. Number 3 was best taste. An Esko spear of dankness. Some mood music if you all like Pink Floyd Weed Mascot? Maybe. Think this will be my new grow log on OG. Catcha later OGers.
  11. Everyone knows what landraces and heirlooms are. But how are they in comparison to plants of today that we smoke? how different are they from today's strains? Take a look for yourself!
  12. Hello OG members... I've been promising... or threatening??? to start this thread for a while now... too long in fact. in fact, the only reason i could take my sweet ass time with it is because i am working with a number of extreme sativas that take 14-20 weeks to finish!!! crazy right??? hopefully we can cut down on that with some... you guessed it, EXTREME indicas! so... this ought to be interesting. there are some beans that are from the commercial market, and some that are privately sourced and not widely available. since the genetics are limited and special... i started by backing some of them up in order to have more genetic diversity to work with. sativas: Indian Lowland Sativa: like an extreme green crack Swazi Red x Malawi Gold: Punto Roja Mango Biche Columbian Gold 1972 Double Jam Amnesia Her Majesty Green Crack - clone only Vanilla Sky Indicas: Cherry Pie OG - clone only NL x Skunk #1 Maple Leaf Indica Cheestral Purple Cheese OG SkyChurch Herijuana #1 Big Juicy El Cerebro Herijuana IBL K.O. Kush Anesthesia Caeser's Cheese A-Train Cheese Purple LA there will be more news about crosses i am working with here, that are not limited to this list. but this project should likely be the main focus for a little while. i'll also be working with some of the genetics that i have already developed. i just sprouted a tray of 50 Purple LA Cindy, and had 100% germ rates. great results for my first germ attempt. growing at a nice rate too! these were the seeds i was most unsure of too. so far so good. looking forward to those. i really want to increase Cindy's yield, and get a nice flavorful hybrid from this one. PEACE!!! keep it green!
  13. Greetings from India. I'm at about 18-21 N, 70-73 E It is my first inddor grow ever to be successful (hopefully), as i finally feel I have ironed out all of the problems I was facing earlier. I have grown massive trees of indian landraces and much tinier trees of seeds from mandala, dinafem, mr.nice and nirvana, but once moving to a new city with less outdoor space and a much warmer and significantly more humid climate, things were difficult. I have now managed to sort everything out. So here's the information: Medium : Coco based organic medium, organic additives include the easily available ones, like neem cake, pongamia cake, cottonseed cake, karanja cake, EWC. I also have cow manure to use if necessary, as well as bone meal. Other medium additives: I have ordered my beneficial bacteria and fungi (trichoderma (viride and harzanium), mycorrhizae (Ventricular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae), Pseudomonas Florescens and Beauvaria Bassiana. The first two are well known as being effective in preventing harmful bacterial/fungal growth, everyone knows myco, psuedomonas florescens is another fairly general bio-pesticide and Beauvaria Bassiana is a insecticidal virus (parasitic) that infects nearly any arthropod that comes into contact with it's spores, or any arthropod that comes into contact with an infected arthopod. It is a pretty cool little thing that is vicious against pests (and, unfortunately, probably many beneficial bugs). Growing space: Here's the crazy part - I have about 7.5 sq metre/80 sq feet (9x9) of flowering space and about 1.8 sq metres/ 20 sq feet (10x2) of veg space. they are both separated by a sliding door and are light proof. room walls are flat white - no mylar here as far as i know lighting (veg) - ~90w of T5 tube lights as well as 400w HPS, soon to be more when i choose a mother plant lighting (flowering) - The largest size ballast available in this country are 400w Magnetic Ballasts. So I have a setup whereby I can accommodate upto 6 x 400w HPS bulbs, but as of now, I have only 2 set up. Intake: Passive through a straight, unbending, hard 6" wide plumbing tube that's pulling air from outside Exhuast: Massive exhaust fan that's pushing air outside. I don't remmeber the CFM/CMH of the fan but the air in the room is exchanged every 2-3 min. strains: 5 x 8 miles high (mandala seeds, regular) 5 x thc bomb (bomb seeds, regular) I have 5 more of each left, we'll see how things go (i number the days with roman numerals until the seeds break the soil's surface as it is just how i like to do things) day i: seeds sowed in sannie's spongepots, watered with bacto, waiting to break surface! Pictures soon folks!
  14. This thread is to express the sheer extent of frustration i've been facing regarding growing for the past 9-10 months. 10 months ago, i was growing happily outdoors, growing big indian landraces, massive yielding plants, strains from mandala seeds, mr.nice, etc. i grew organic but didn't give too much heed to what went into the potting mix. i'd dump a visually measured mix of coco peat, vermicompost, bone meal (certainly went overboard with the bone meal, as the rats showed me with their presence) and either perlite or sand. and the plants grew beautiful. no nutrient problems or anything. then, suddenly, one day all the new seeds i sowed stopped growing after a few days of popping out of the soil. i thought it was a slow starting strain. then they didn't grow at all for days. the more beans i popped, the more displayed this issue - seed sprouts, either damps off and dies or stays above ground and just almost stops growing after the second node or so. the ones that did grow further would wilt and die very quick. as i began to handle the problem by elimination, as nobody anywhere seemed to know what was going on, i tried pesticides, fungicides, etc. Nothing had any effect. Then i tried organic bio agents. Trichoderma Harzanium, VAM (myco), pseudomonas flourescens, tricherma viride. to no effect. then i had to move to a different city for work. and i'm now growing indoors. and i'm pleased to say that i don't seem to be experiencing the 'disease of immediate wilt and death'. however, the seedlings seem to be growing so so so slowly. after 3 weeks, i'm hardly two inches above the ground and i've got tiny little cotyledon sized leaves at the nodes, considering there's only three nodes. i stopped feeding. i've tried using a lighter or a stronger mix. this current mix is coco:perlite:cow manure compost:vermicompost in a ratio of 7:1:1:1. i've tried as much as 4:1:2:3 and as little as 9:⅓:⅓:⅓. i'm just trying advanced nutrients grow to see if it works. i hate chemicals but i hate failure more. i did manage to grow out a bagseed to give me a small runty plant that's hardly even a foot tall and probably won't give me more than 8-10 grams of bud, using AN bloom and micro from the 4th week of flowering, and it's now just about a week from finishing.. and basically, i want to know, WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY PLANTS GROWING AGAIN, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! grow room temps : 80-85 R/H: 70-95% Flowering : 1 hps x 400w (bare bulb) [i have space for 6 hps bulbs in total but what's the point if i can't get my bloody seedlings up?) veg : 4 x 28w T5 seedlings for 21 days since sprouting…just sad i would really appreciate any advice or experience with stunted growth…as i'm nearing my wits end i don't know what to do any further... These are my african landraces - v scrog- from ethiopia. what causes downward leaf curling? i read that it was excess N, cause this is not an overwatered/underwatered plant i can guarantee that... this is the poor photography of the old wilt disease my plants began to face…wilt, necrotic leaves, death. can somebody tell me anything about what they think is going on? i'm bamboozled and i don't like knowing that for whatever reason i can't grow my herb!!! and money is just being wasted in the effort…pics of seedlings soon...
  15. Started with these seeds: 30 Ace Malawi 20 Robogro WOS Wild ThaiX (RoboThai) (Landrace) 30 Roboskunk (various skunky type strains from Robogro) 18 Neville Haze 20 Highland Lao X Thai82 (my own line) (Landraces) Planted in three plantations Plantation 1 Test of RoboThai and Lao/Thai sinsimella unseeded Thai plants to see how the buds look and personal Medical marijuana stash Plantation 2 Most of the skunks (all ex Robogro) personal Medical Marijuana stash Plantation 3 Seed Crop. Objective produce my own Haze line. Grow a bunch of sativas and pick best male and seed the lot just to get plenty of seed to play with. All were planted in the ground outdoors in September.
  16. As the topic suggests, I'm growing out some malawi gold, it's said to be a 100% landrace Sativa, produced by Holy Smoke. I'm around week 4 of flower, had an insane stretch, and is slowly growing. I'm not having any issues with the plant, but I can tell it's going to be a really long bloom time. Anyone else grow this and can give me an idea on flower time? It stretched for 3 weeks after 12/12, so I'm expecting a 12-14 week, maybe longer bloom time. I put her in 12/12 around 16" tall and now she stands 5' from the top of the pot. If I weren't growing vertically I would have some problems, as I have 2" of headroom left. Fortunately stretch has stopped and she's putting out buds slowly. Whats the soonest you could theoretically chop this? I have clones of it in bloom also I'm going to experiment with, and this plant is huge and takes up a big part of my room.
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