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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Fam! My name is Bill, nice to meet you all! I have been growing off and on since 2004, using very easy techniques to produce amazing flower. It is my goal to help as many people learn to grow their own meds as possible, while picking up some new tips and tricks from all of you. Looking forward to knowing, learning from and helping you all! Stay Lifted,
  2. Hi folks, This is my first attempt at a grow journal so I'll try not to bore you all with my writing. A bit of background... I'm describe myself as rank amateur at growing, and it's 12 years since my last attempt, which I did jointly with a friend who had some experience. That was an ebb-and-flow setup with a couple of 600 watt HID's. I've been motivated to grow because my dad isn't getting on too well with the medication he has been given to help with Alzheimers disease and there is some evidence to suggest that marijuana is potentially beneficial to people who have his condition. Of course, I also enjoy the herb and so it's a win-win situation if I can produce some nice bud I want to try and become fully organic and to be as energy efficient as possible. A lot of research went into deciding on what to grow and what equipment to use and I did find it bloody difficult to sort out the good information from the bullshit. It seems really easy to waste a ton of cash on gear that is either unnecessary, useless or potentially detrimental to your harvest. I guess that only time will tell if I have succeeded to avoid some of the pitfalls. This grow is in a small Gorilla Shorty tent 2'x4'x5'8" high (60cm x120cm x 172cm). The height extension has been fitted to get to the height I've quoted here. I am growing strawberry Sour Diesel (SSD) from the Devil's Harvest Seed Co in Plant-Magic Soil Supreme. I'm using Plant-Magic Oldtimer Grow, Bloom, Root Stimulant, Bio Silicon and Granules. The lighting is 2 150 watt Hans Panels and I also have a 23cm oscillating fan, an oscillating ceramic heater (switchable between 750 and 1500 watts) and a Rhino Thermo 150mm fan sucking through a Rhino pro carbon filter. Air intake is passive. I started 6 seeds in Root Riot cubes under a 12 watt vivarium LED in a warm spot indoors. I just made sure the Root Riots were kept well-moistened and that the temp was about 23c / humidity about 50%. The first 3 seeds popped after 3 days, and the last 3 seeds popped a day later. I had to use some pointed tweezers to help me remove the seed shell on a couple of them to prevent the leaves getting distorted. 8 days on from sowing the seeds, I was confident that the seeds were established enough to move them into 3 inch pots of Soil Supreme, dusted with the Mycorrhiza granules. These were well watered-in with water from a de-humidifier which I conveniently have running full-time at my workplace. Growth was steady for 6 days with just one of the Hans Panels running in Veg mode, so drawing about 75 watts. I set the light at 30cm above the canopy. The plants only received de-humidifier water in this time. On the 7th day, I decided to feed the 3 weakest looking plants (actually, there wasn't much to choose between them as the slower starters had caught up a bit anyway). The reason for doing this was to gauge the effect of the feed on some of the plants in case it all went wrong, then I'd still have 3 plants to carry on with. Anyway, the food was well-received by the plants, so the other 3 plants were also fed about 1.5 days later. I stuck to the OldTimer Grow Schedule on the Plant-Magic website, feeding OldTimer Grow, Root stimulant and Bio Silicon. I am writing this on day 12 since potting the seedlings and putting them under lights in the tent. On day 8, I turned on the second Hans Panel, figuring that they could use the extra light. I have now got I think good control of temp and humidity... Temps seem to stay between 24c and 31c, humidity is a bit low on average, between 34% and 54%. I hung up a wet towel, dangling in a dish of water on the second day in the tent - basically as soon as I realised humidity was too low in there. Today, I took the first pictures. I'm thinking the plants look pretty well - certainly not too stretchy anyway. They are bushing out a bit. Obviously I don't think they can all stay in the tent to maturity - I wasn't expecting 6/6 to germinate. So I plan maybe to select a couple to keep as mums. In any event, I have to probably pot up in a few days time to 8 litre fabric pots and decide if these are being left to grow naturally, or if I should top them and LST them (which was my original thought). Any suggestions would be very welcome please. A note about the images... I have played around with the colour balance so the plants show their true colour more, rather than looking all pink under the LEDs. It seemed better to have them looking more natural. Phew! That's it for today - I hope it can be of some use and interest to folks here. I'll try to update weekly throughout this grow.
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