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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone tried the 12-1 lighting schedule? I am reading some interesting reports on this method. The idea is to give plants 12 hours of light, during the veg phase, and 11 hours of darkness broken up with an extra hour of light in the middle of the 'night'. The lighting schedule is 12 hours on, 5.5 hours off. 1 hour on. 5.5 hours off. Then repeat. The benefits are that you trick a plant into staying in the veg phase for 24 hours, with only 13 hours of power. So there is a savings in energy. Another benefit is that this throws off law enforcement who might go after someone based on their power consumption schedules. A third benefit is that the plants grow almost equally well as they do with 18/6 or 24/0 lighting schedules. The longer night time supposedly allows the plant to grow more as it does in nature, where an 18/6 schedule might exist for only a day or a week in June. If anyone has something to report, i would love to hear. I am thinking of giving this a try.
  2. steve

    LED's ?

    wanting to up-grade to LED - any information will be greatly appreciated !! Kind Led, Mars, Cob Virspectrure ???????
  3. So I opened the cab today when the lights were supposed to be on and they weren't. In doing some quick testing light is firing, stays on for about a minute then cuts off. I have a Galaxy Electronic ballast (400 W), been in continuous use about 4-5 years, so I know a new one won't hurt. Any opinions out there are these things worth trying to fix or do I just toss? I am not that electronically inclined but can mimic videos with the best of them..... I already ordered a Solistek 600/400 switchable for a replacement, but curious what to do with this carcass, hate to throw something away that could be easily repaired, can always keep as a backup or whatev. if she gets fixed.
  4. steve

    Fluxing ?

    Have heard this term used - ? help me - does it concern a lighting method? Thanks every one whom "chimes" in
  5. Hola, Curious to know your stories on the FASTEST times you grew from Seedling to Harvest? If Possible, mention the the Techniques you Used! PICS? GreenJesus
  6. Now that I have changed my growing style to perpetual I find my flowering room having younger plants in with older, flowering plants. I can probably get along OK with the hps bulb but I'm curious about dual arc bulbs or hps bulbs that are a bit bluer. I'd like the younger plants to get more veg spectrum without taking away from the flowering girls too much. So, anyone have experience with these type(s) of bulbs? I am running a Lumatek 600w ballast btw.
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