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Found 4 results

  1. Bonjour mesdames et messieurs Hello opengrowers So this is my first grow on this forum, I appreciate being here with you and sharing the joy of seeing wonderful plants grow into even nicer Buds! Here with me is a long flowering Selene Pheno, a big-headbud Madshack Pheno and a crazy tasting and beautiful smelling fast flowering Grapefruit Sativa They all grow in 10Liters of coconut fibers and get Canna-Coco as food and clear Swiss mountain water to drink Enjoy
  2. The best bud in the world in the making Good organic soil goes a long way, find a Nursery, get 20 CFL bulbs in a 115 L container with 24/7 light for the first 2 months, then set to 18/6 with a timer and this is what you get in a little under 3 months, Sannies Mad Shack Strain, the Lady J has also been topped every top since it sprouted, will have over 50 main COLAS as you can see, try my method, you will be happy, Grow Big by Fox Farm and organic fertilizer that you mix in with the soil which has blood meal, fish emulsion, bat guano, and 25 other trace minerals, go to a nursery and get your shit, best thing one can do, just ask them questions. I waited 2 months before using the grow big, Sannie I hope you find my post and like what you see, I like your strain so much I am going to make it a world wide seed for free
  3. Here is a quick smoke report on my recently harvested Madshack. First of all it was the first to flower and finish. You could immediately tell it was going to be a killer. I harvest when the trich's were 75 cloudy / 25 amber. It's been curing for about 1 month. This pheno stayed short with minimal stretch. Buds are dense and trichome covered. I took cuttings. Smell - Spices w/ a hint of grapefruit, desert sand. Taste - Thick, a little rough around the edges. Once again spicy, heavy on the lungs. It is early in the cure so it will probably smooth out in another month. Effect - Very immediate. Face flush, slightly unsettling. 15 minutes in and your are very, very stoned. I wouldn't want to smoke a bunch of this at once. It would be too much for me. I could see it riding the ambient paranoia line. The effects come on and wear off much quicker than the Killingfields. A bit of couch-lock and munchies. You don't feel like getting up and doing things. This is the kind of weed that you put on Apocalypse Now and take a ride into the Heart of Darkness. Overall this is an incredible strain. It's amazing that it is a freebie. It's heavy, sharp and will punch you in the face. I took clones and will continue to grow it.
  4. Hi Og'ers, This is my first posted grow. I rollin flood and drain in that great mapito stuff, really does blow everything else away in terms of speed. Gotta thank esko for introducing the method to me, all of og really coz this forum is the shiz nitz.Most my genetics are now from here nowadays. OK..the goodstuff. Im doin 12/12 from seed a method taught to me by speescees, also a good breeder with a lot of know how. will answer any questions about if anyone is curious. running a 600w sunmaster, need a greenpower (can i run that on my digital ballast??) 650 cfm fan spc controls secret jardin tent, the best! Hesi nutes all the way strains: Madshack sugar punch kollosus jackberry x ko kush blue widow purple haze esko's shiva all seeds popped, a total of 24, Yes i know i should have gone with 18 as esko suggests,i had to learn the hard way, i got a jungle in there now! I havent got many pics of the starting, i had no camera then, next time i will show that. ok so here goes, hope i got this pic thing right jb x ko kush, budding already!!! sugar punch (im running outta room these things keep on strecthing!) Just where i drain from, its ok, i will modify it later. a lovely shiva has the nicest leaves ive ever seen mapito with coco inside it, its good, however i have to take 3 days off the watering coz it holds too much. a kollosus, i like it its pretty cool my cool unit. but this shit buzzes too much. will get variac next time THE SETUP I dont know damn i forgot what this one is! Btw these are 3 weeks into actual flowering, i do a 3 week total germination period in another chamber, so about 6 weeks since popping. Hope you all enjoy, next time i will take pics with hps off, they look so much better then. peace!
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