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Found 1 result

  1. hey fellow OGers, it's been a while! how are you? after a long time I'm happy to post something on here again. also it seems pretty quiet lately. so my current project is something I wanted to do for at least 2 years now and finally got my lazy ass to begin with. since feminism and tranny stuff is the thing now I decided to go with it. I plan to make males out of females and then let them knock up some sisters (or themself, depends..) some years ago me and a friend made 2 lines of cheeseberry f2s. with the male I had chosen I also did several other crosses. the ones for this project are amnesia x cheeseberry (acb)and chronic x cheeseberry (ccb) the amnesia i chose because..well...its amnesia and should go well with almost every other strain I was gifted some clones by a very generous member on here around 5 years ago (thank you again my man!!!) I was so happy and kept her as a mother for about 4 years. last year i decided to let her go as a huge outdoor plant. i regretted it shortly after...(she did wonderful though even here) the chronic was a very nice plant, structurewise. sturdy, small, fat stem, thick leafs, very good yielding. it was also the only one I had, I can't even remember where the seed was from. the flowers were huge but fluffy, had a nice colour, very little odor. the weed itself was plain, no remarkable smell and taste, the high was a good daytime smoke but nothing special either. but it was the structure and looks that got me. very beautiful. so my idea was that the cheeseberry adds a little density, aroma and vigour. i started 11 ccb and 10 acb. i kept 5 ccb and 4 acb, they are at 10 days veg now and have two litre shoes on. they took of some serious speed in growth and look very good, the vigour part is achieved^^ I fimmed them around 5-6 days ago and pruned them today, noticed the following: both crosses have a similar growth pattern. side branches grow vertical, leafs look very much alike, hight is the same. on one acb and one ccb I found a branch with a triploid growth on the second node. Im kind of excited about that. a friend who got the other plants is kind of a newbie who was interested in making his own seeds and didnt know how. i figured that this would be a nice project to get into all this seedmaking stuff. would be great if he had some triploid too. the next steps are to let them grow some more, take two cuttings of each plant. the ladies go in flower mode while the clones can grow. when the favourite ladies are chosen I will use the cs method to create female seeds of each cross. i'll get up some pics soon. it's easier to do with the laptop than the phone somehow. happy growing!
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