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Found 6 results

  1. From Erin Beck, a staff writer at the Charleston Gazette-Mail: The West Virginia Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would permit marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes in West Virginia. Senate Bill 386, sponsored by Sen. Richard Ojeda, D-Logan, would create the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Commission, a group of lawyers, medical professionals, members of the public, and agricultural officials who would oversee regulation of medical marijuana in the state. Rusty Williams, of the Nitro area, immediately burst into tears when he saw the bill had passed, 28-6. “I’ve not felt this good since the day my oncologist said that I was in remission,” he said. Williams was diagnosed with testicular cancer on Mother’s Day in 2012. He said he used marijuana to alleviate the effects of chemotherapy. He began fighting for medical marijuana, so that others could access the drug, not long after he entered remission in May of 2013. He said he doesn’t believe that he would be alive today if he hadn’t used it. “I wish I could properly put it into words,” he said. “I don’t know how to describe it — to know that something got me through the most hopeless I ever felt in my life … to know there’s an illegal flower that can get you through that,” his voice trailed off, before he thanked a “small, dedicated group of people” for their work on the issue. The bill now goes to the House of Delegates for further consideration. During a break Wednesday, Ojeda acknowledged that the bill could face more resistance there. “I know people are saying ‘the speaker won’t run it, the speaker won’t run it,’” he said. “You know what? It’s time. It’s time for our state to open up our eyes and our minds and realize you know if it’s a gateway drug, it’s a gateway out of opioid addiction and it’s a gateway for people to have a better life that only have a small little bit of life left.” Jared Hunt, spokesman for the House of Delegates, has said that if the bill were sent over, Speaker of the House Tim Armstead, R- Kanawha, would gauge interest from the caucus and speak to other members of leadership. Ojeda has argued the bill could help alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder among West Virginia veterans. “On my desk right there, there’s 13 dog tags,” he said, gesturing. “We can’t help them. They died in combat but we may be able to help those that see them when they close their eyes.” “We have thousands of veterans from this state that have seen things I pray you or your children never have to see,” he added, during a floor speech in support of the bill. “I’ve got a dog tag here and I can remember telling his wife her husband is not coming home to see the birth of her first son because she was eight months pregnant when he was killed [overseas].” The West Virginia Medical Cannabis Commission would “develop policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations to implement programs to make medical cannabis available to qualifying patients in a safe and effective manner” and develop identification cards for qualifying patients and caregivers, according to the bill. The bill also sets up a West Virginia Medical Cannabis Revenue Fund. It would consist of any money appropriated by the Legislature, donations and gifts, and any fees set by the commission. Ten percent of funds would go to safe cannabis use and substance abuse and alcohol recovery programs. The bill caps the number of growers at 15, but that number could be changed later based on demand. It would cap the number of dispensaries at 60, but that number could also be changed later. Qualifying medical conditions in the bill include: “chronic or debilitating diseases or medical conditions that result in a patient being admitted into hospice or receiving palliative care, and chronic or debilitating diseases or medical conditions or the treatment of chronic or debilitating diseases or medical conditions that produce: cachexia, anorexia, or wasting syndrome; severe or chronic pain that does not find effective relief through standard pain medication; severe nausea; seizures; severe or persistent muscle spasms; refractory generalized anxiety disorder” and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also gives the commission permission to approve other conditions. The commission would also register a “public criminal justice agency” as the primary testing laboratory to test cannabis and products containing cannabis to be sold in the state. Background checks would be required for “basically anyone involved in the system,” Sen. Charles Trump, R-Morgan and the Senate Judiciary chairman, said during floor discussion Wednesday. The bill prohibits use of marijuana resulting in “negligence or professional malpractice,” operating motor vehicles under the influence of marijuana, and smoking in public, in a motor vehicle, or on a landlord’s property or at an apartment complex that does not permit marijuana. An amendment, first suggested by Sen. Robert Karnes, R-Upshur, that would allow people with prescriptions to grow two plants of their own also remains in the bill. During discussion Wednesday evening, Trump offered an amendment stating that anyone who knowingly distributes, possesses with intent to distribute, or manufactures cannabis that has been diverted from a patient, dispensary or caregiver is guilty of a felony, punishable by one to five years and/or a fine of up to $10,000. That amendment was adopted. Sen. Ron Stollings, D-Boone, also moved to amend the bill so that drug screening tests no longer include a report on the level of THC. That amendment failed. Stollings, a physician, also urged support. “I have patients that won’t even come to me now because they’re breaking the law and using marijuana,” he said. Sen. Greg Boso, R-Nicholas, spoke about a young man, a family friend, who has multiple seizures per day. He added that “I believe if we take that which God created and utilize it for the useful benefit of mankind, that’s what we’re charged to do.” Senators voting against the bill including Mike Azinger, R-Wood; Donna Boley, R-Pleasants; Mike Maroney, R-Marshall; Dave Sypolt, R-Preston; Ryan Weld, R-Brooke; and Tom Takubo, R-Kanawha. Takubo said he couldn’t vote for the bill as a pulmonary physician. He also said he has heard from doctors who say “if you’re going to legalize it, don’t put us in the middle of it.” All other senators voted for it. Senators passed the bill at the conclusion of “crossover day” at the Legislature. Crossover day is the last day to consider bills on third reading in their house of origin. Also Wednesday, senators approved a resolution, which was sent to the full Senate from the Senate Judiciary Committee, urging Congress to pass a law to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I drug to alternative drug schedule and to authorize state governments to regulate marijuana at their own discretion. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 28 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico have “comprehensive public medical marijuana and cannabis programs.” The organizations defines those programs as those that include protection from criminal penalties for using marijuana for a medical purpose; include access through home cultivation, dispensaries or another system; allow access to a variety of strains; and allow either smoking or vaporization of some kind of marijuana products, plant material or extract. According to a January 2017 report by a committee of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, there is conclusive or substantial evidence that cannabis is effective for the treatment of chronic pain in adults, and substantial evidence of an association between cannabis smoking and worse respiratory symptoms, among other findings. Authors noted that marijuana’s Schedule I status makes it difficult to conduct conclusive research. read the original article here
  2. Just to state the facts as I see it, in my state we have a bill in our general assembly called Koozer Kuhn Medical Cannabis act, named after a child that has or was having up to 400 seizures a day also after a lady named Jeanne Kuhn who found comfort using marijuana as medicine. Piper Koozer a 2 year old child was having 400 seizures a day and tried 9 different medicines none working and she was being kept sedated up to 20 hours a day to help control the seizures and as a result of side effect from some of the drugs. She now takes a non psychoactive drug derived from a marijuana plant a couple of drops that has shown to have at this time no known side effects, and has took her seizures from 400 a day down to 3 or 4 a day and she is laughing and smiling and living a somewhat normal life for the first time. A quote from Piper's father............. "At one time she was having 400 spasms a day, now were seeing one, maybe two, maybe zero, single seizures a day, it's pretty incredible," said Justin Koozer. I don't think in anyway Mr. Koozer is lying! Where is the heads of our leaders at this time? no republican sponsors on this bill at this time is a disgrace! That is the facts as I see them for Piper, now here is what I see from the Republican side, The polls show that 86% across the country feel it should be medically available to people like Piper Koozer also 21 states and the Capital of my country have legal medical marijuana . at 86 % that rounds up to 9 out of 10 yet the Koozer Kuhn Medical cannabis act has 20 Sponsors all Democrats Now here is my problem if 9 out of 10 across the country feel it should be then why do we not have one person from the Republican party standing up and saying I do support this bill. that tells me either not a one of them fall into the 9 out of 10 or that not one of them has guts enough to support the people but they will stand for there caucus. I ask one question of everyone on that side including my governor how they would vote if Piper was there child? hell nor high water would keep me from getting it for her. If you are interested in some of the responses let me know some of them made my hair stand up from ignorance that was shown on there part. if it helps one person it is worth and if Piper were there daughters they have no problem supporting it . I believe the Republican party maybe on the downward slide and may soon be a minority. The republicans do support a hemp bill and if it passes you'll see all the kids smoking ten times as much hemp trying to get high because it will be so available if you live in the usa look and listen and you see the republican Causing the problems as far as legalizations goes anyway just a thought ....... anyone stopping research that may help cure cancer or epilepsy or any other sickness In my mind is committing a crime against humanity JUST MY THOUGHTS , Happy Growing Hawky The bill went to vote today fat chance without Republican support not ONE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, update it,just failed in sub committee bummer thanks to the Republicans as I see it!
  3. Welcome to my Spring 2013 Grow, Let me tell you a little bit about my setup VEG 4' 8 Lamp T5 FLOWER 1000 watt HPS The Magnum XXL 8 Air Cooled Hood 6x6x8 Grow tent Carbon filter with 8in fan exhausting air outside Window AC unit attached to a 6in fan blowing cool air into tent AutoFlowers are under 357 Magnum NUTRIENTS Heavy 16 Bud A&B Heavy 16 Veg A&B Heavy 16 Prime Heavy 16 Fire Heavy 16 Roots Hygrozyme Great White *Roots Excelurator Xtreme Gardening Vital earths STRAINS OG Raskal seeds White Master (currently in flower) Reserva Privada Skywalker Kush (currently in flower) Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy Cali Connection Girl Scout Cookies Dinafem Critical + Positronics Cum Laude AutoFlowers DinaFem White Widow Royal Queen Bluematic Welcome to our grow I want to thank you for visiting. I am excited for my next couple of grows coming up so I decided to let you guys in. I would also like to hear from any other Heavy 16 users that brew their own tea and incorporate into their feeding.
  4. Canada is going to go through some drastic medical marijuana changes in 2014. Another Government that 'really cares' about it's sick/ill citizens. Check this out... http://metronews.ca/news/canada/701018/growing-medical-marijuana-at-home-to-be-illegal-in-2014-health-canada/
  5. When feminized seeds came on the market, many hydroponics medical marijuana growers applauded. Who’s behind feminized and autoflowering marijuana…and what’s their agenda? Is autoflowering and feminized marijuana really great for growers or its just a Monsanto GMO Plot ? Check it out here: http://bigbudsmag.com/grow/article/monsanto-GMOs-feminized-seeds-autoflowering-marijuana
  6. I really appreciate and thank Anonymous Group for doing a wonderful job. On a personal front i would say, they truly deserve to be "National Hero". As they inform people about marijuana's medical benefits, so they know facts not fiction. After knowing all right facts about the medical marijuana, people can decide whether to support or not the medical marijuana legalization movement. Read more about them here. 1)EXCLUSIVE: Hacktivists Anonymous To Battle Medical Marijuana Prohibition 2)Anonymous Declares War On Marijuana Prohibition
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