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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Sannities, Since I've been around here for 10 years now, and I'm mostly running offerings from here, I thought it would be prudent to salute his, and his cohorts hard work, and to the folks that send in the freebies. This round I'll be running LeRat's Big White x Herbi freebi gift. It was Sannies Sugar Punch offering, that had me thinking of threading this run. When ordering, I saw the Herijuana, one of my very first orders I placed once coming here 10 years ago. I want to openly Thank Sannie for his vision and hard work, and for putting together a great team, making Sannies one of the very best on Earth in this business. So, we are running NAW's Blackberry Haze BX1, Sannies Herijuana, Sugar Punch, USC's Triple Pakistan I added Dynasty as I'm still running one of my most fav's Honey Badger Haze clones for a few years now. All 6 Sugar Punches tailed in one day. 5 Herijuana, tailed. 3 Big White x Herbi's tailed. 1 Triple Pakistan tailed, and all are in cups. I just poked the tails in cups this morning, with fresh pro mix and in the veg area. Now where in the &@*!&#@^ did I post the first set of pics? Oh well. That is about all the blahblahblah I got for now.
  2. lumatekfan

    Hammer of Dawn

    From the album: Flowers

    just after the harvest dried and not properly trimmed and cured yet. Nevertheless it has a nice pineapple candy spice smell.
  3. KillaKoosh Today I cracked the jar and packaged up the KillaKush that had been curing for about 8 weeks now. I meant to get to it a couple of weeks ago but time and circumstance did not allow. When I was done I rolled up a doob and stepped out the back door to give it a try. When the bud went into the jar it had a strong pine scent with some lavender also, now it is more citrus, like grapefruit rind. Break it up and you get a citrus/fuel mix. The buds are fairly dense but not real heavy so they fill a bag nicely. If I did not know what was in the joint I smoked I would never had guessed afterward that it had Bubba Kush in it. The smoke is smooth going in with a citrus/haze taste. The exhale is heavier, like there was real substance in the smoke and it is only then that I get a tiny bit of kush taste. The effect is fast and 80% in the head. After 3 hits my eyes feel like they are wide open and soaking in the world. I feel a very uplifting but intense high that takes a few minutes to adjust to. Then I cruise along with this weird feeling behind my eyes, like my brain is hollow and pulling in all that I see. It is the intensity of the high that gets my attention, and makes it difficult to concentrate on the rest of this smoke report.... So, to put it all in numbers I would say - Smell - 7 - it is alright but nothing special Taste - 7 - if you are a haze lover you might score higher. Looks - 8 - nice dense buds covered in frost. Potency - 9 - intense head high with numbing body effect that lasts well. KillaKoosh is a plant that looks kush when grown but is definitely influenced by it's G13 genes when smoked. Congrats to the dudes at NAW for putting together such an interesting and potent cross.
  4. Strain: Green Manalishi Genetic: (Pacific G13 x HashPlant / G13) Gifted / Grower : NAW seeds Vapreport dumper: Tools use: De Verdamper. De looks: The Smell: A nice fresh tasting strain. Sweet with herbal and some nice hash taste. If take the smell for some time a deeper sour earthy hazelnut smell is noticeable. After grinding came a little Petroleum smell free. The Taste: Truly a delicious taste in the Verdamper. Vapor taste if the are angels shitting on you tongue but the heavenly style then A fresh herbal vapo is was you first notice. with a really nice sweet sour taste dripping in some hash. After taste here is a earth hazelnut do not notice the Petroleum which was released after the grinding. Delicious vapor weed is this The Feeling: A selfie after the first Vapor. The G13 / hash plant combo men oh men epic painkiller. Really unbelievable i have a very pain full left angle bone stick on the lower part (Close wound now) but after this i even forget we have angle`s. It grow a bit sneaky on you at first i did doubt about the vap but in mins it was .... BOM!!! Gong fill a second one. Selfie after Number 2. That second balloon on 220 did really chilling it all down. The effect is really medical and i really love the way it kill my pain in my left feet. Summary of the flavors, Strawberry [] Earth [] Ammonia [] Pineapple [] Banana [] Berry [] Floral / Flora [2] Blueberry [] Butter [] Bubblegum [] Cedar [1] Chocolate [] Citrus [] Pine [1] Drop [] Grape [] Mint [] Fruit [] Fuel [] Yeast [] Grass [] Grapefruit [] Hash [6] Haze [] nuts [1] Hay [1] Cheese [] maroon [] Cherry [] coffee [] Coconut [] herbs [4] Lemon [] Mango [] Melon [] Menthol [] Mint [] Musk [] Nutmeg [5] Notes [2] Orange [] Pepper [] Peach [] Petroleum [4] Sandalwood / licorice [] Mold [] Skunk [] Spar [2] Sour [2] Turpentine [] toffee [] Vanilla [] Sweet [5] Acid []. Summary of the effect, Anxiety relief [6] Audio perception [4] Communication [5] Consider process [5] Appetite [8] Humor experience [4] Ability to rest or sit [9] Paranoia relief [6] Pain relief [9] Sex drive [3] Sleep [8] Taste perception [5] Imagination / creativity [4] Visual observation [5]. Note: i am verry sorry of the bad englisch. Mr.
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