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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, bought a couple of girls to start my first grow. Been reading lots, any special tips or secrets for an amatur will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Greetings, I am a life-long gardener, but completely new to cannabis culture. Fortunately, I live in a state with medical cannabis. For the past four years i have been treating muscular-dystrophy-pain with weed. Purchased from a dispensary. However, in a couple months i will be moving to a state without any such allowances. And for this i am excited, because it gives me a reason to begin growing. Look for my first grow beginning sometime this December. I might need some help. My goals are modest. I need to be able to produce ~30 ounces, or 840 grams, per year. My action plan is to begin with soil and organic amendments. I want to keep things simple. I will fill in more as i get closer to that first grow. In the mean time, I will be following threads and learning from others. I really need to nail that first grow. (If i don't, i will be in a world of hurt when i run out of medicine.) At the same time, i don't want to over design anything. I would hate to set up a system capable of producing pounds, when i only need ounces. I aspire to maximize yields and quality, while keeping things simple and pleasurable. Nice to meet everyone here. Gardener
  3. Greetings Open Grow, to be honest with y'all I registered as a member and then I read some post here that said more or less you never know who you are talking to....be careful...etc. Well I got paranoid, figured I can just navigate posts without logging in. Until my 2nd grow, I thought I had overdosed my lady's.( Yellow leaves, stunted growth) I wanted to login and post a pic so bad but no. Then after flushing and testing ph run off which I learned from here. My ladies continued their downward spiral. Couple more weeks pass and i Spot a cob web at the top of my boudicaxsilverfields it was all over. Spider mite bastards!!! Ask (for help) and you shall receive. In hind site, its way too much work to have nothing for 420 day.
  4. Looking forward to learning more about this awesome plant from experinced blades. I just sent my cash in envelope for my first order from Sannie's. Hope it gets there in time while Herijuana is still in stock. Im so stolked about running this strain outdoors and some of the Heribei crosses i hopefully get as freebies:) out doors with many other strains some name brands from other breeders and some select bagseed of dank stuff with great names lol. But nothing has me as excited to run this year as the Heri. Anyway thanks for having me here and I will start a journal asap on my current hatchlings as well as the Heri and any freebies when they arrive . Peace!
  5. Hi im new to the forums and i am introducing myself as asked. Canada here!
  6. Hi All, New starter... Below is basics of what I have got... DS120 II Tent Maxibright 600w Ballast 4 pot Wilma and and and..... kit arrived, massive! imo, so a few hours later and most boxes open, tent is up, now fook me, where do I start.... sent me a CAN-FAN without any power cable, so butchered an old flat screen TV, that do? cid:18A4CF79-890D-4EC2-A8FA-32C6CBD124C3@Home The Rhino Pro Filter 150/300 looks mahoosive too - need to find some decent set up pics so any pointers of anyone you know who has set up a DS120 II or that beast of a filter so I can get some ideas, bit anal with my work so want a clinical environment cid:BDF693FF-01AA-4C39-9801-EC29F1BDB513@Home Also I need to extract externally so my own bit of DIY to do for that but would like to see some ideas on how to fix the ducting outside and inside of tent. Worried about bug intake around the intake and light as the exhaust site should be covered by the Rhino filter. Haven't even looked at the Wilma system yet... Feel like a kid in on first day of school but one who cannot even count!! Please be gentle and appreciate any constructive help, thank smuchly.. Sweaty!
  7. Hello @all , I'm zafon and my native tongue is German. So indulge, if I'm not able to express; or understand correctly. To come to my person: I'm a Micro-Grower, growing under 72W of Pl-l bulbs and I chose your board to maybe be my future board. We'll see how we come along together So long, have a nice day, Zafon
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