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Found 9 results

  1. hi, 300 watt led 12 inches away from seedlings sprouted in a 5 gal pot. seedling is ten days old and is in Levington multi purpose compost with added john innes. was thinking light burn or nute burn, your thoughts?
  2. Need to know what's in your commercial nutes? I came across this site a while back. The best resource I have found to give a full breakdown of ingredients. It really surprised me to see the difference (or lack of) between the big $ canna stuff and the cheap nutes you can buy at the local dollar store. Washington State Department of Agriculture https://agr.wa.gov/PestFert/Fertilizers/FertDB/Product1.aspx?ltr=A
  3. Ran across this product - sounds very good to use to help increase yields. Today there are so many products out there today - thoughts ???? Concerning cx horticulture - they offer a free sample pack of there products (4 bottles) - (also at present they have a win a surf board - just meed to enter. There free sample offer doesn't apply to US folks (sorry) Also cx horticulture goes with a no "N" in flower stage nutrients. thoughts ????
  4. steve


    any one have information on terpene's - Other than the " Trichome Institute" and a publication called "canabinoids and Terpenes The Medical Benefits of Cannabis" ? There is much more concern in terpene's and their effect, ect now-adays _ nice to know about so one can cultivate better medical crops _ thanks ! ( know of a few products that say they increase terpene's ((Terpinator - HB101))
  5. hi there I am using canna and AN for a long time now but I guess I am just a victim of advertising. So I wanna know if there are other brands which may give me better quality buds (quality > yield)? for me quality = clean and smooth smokable buds, tasty and ofc potent btw i dont want to use any bio nutrients because drippers.
  6. have use AD nutrients - wanting to go organic : here are are few I have now : 1) Humbolt's Own 1) Super tea & Budswell Please give input and the "best" organic nutrient's you feel are good - as all ways - Thanks !!!!
  7. For many years now I've been growing in hydro and have used many nutes and boosters over the period, so I thought I would put a little list together, of what I have found works, others can then add their own good bad experiences, so at least we can separate gold from snake oil. For base nutes, there is a list of five that stand out: Advanced 3 part ,maybe not popular, but work well and contain fulvic for extra chelation. Hesi coco -great one part coco nute H&G -good (but not in DWC) Dutch Pro-surprisingly good. Canna-never used but seen excellent results. Boosters & Additives: Dutch Pro explode, works very well, my favourite. Buddha's Tree 9/18 & meta-boost collection, work quite well but you also have to use their meta boost to get best out of it. Plant Magic-platinum, only used for last grow, but seems to work well. Advanced Nutes-B5, works really surprisingly well, not even a boost, but works. Buddha's Tree Solar green power, silicon, pure sio2, not derived from potassium silicate, imo, best silicon on market. These products in my opinion, do increase yield. Could probably add much more, but it's only an overview.
  8. Firstly I'd like to thank you for allowing me to become a part of the Open Grow community. Please allow me to introduce myself. ~ I have been a medicinal grower for many years. I grow for no financial gain, but use my passion for growing as a tool to help those in need. By donating my success, I preserve the growing of this special rose as pure in gift as it is in nature. Please call me Rose... ~ As much as I enjoy the purity of growing, I also enjoy the technological advancements toward indoor growing and nutrition. I was blessed recently with some relatively new products to the market, so I wish to share my experience with these products simply as a journal and nothing more. This journal I am growing in a tent that is 7ft x 4ft I have: 8x Sensi Jack Herer's in 18L Rocket Pots filled with Coco (Vegged 3.5 weeks) Tropf Blumat watering system 1000W Solis Tek Matrix Ballast Solis Tek SolisMax88 Aircooled Hood fitted with a Solis Tek 1000W MH 4K And using the full line of Grotek Nutrients to test how they perform. The previous week to this, the princesses were "pre loaded" with: Grotek Calmax - 2ml/L Grotek Vitamax - 1ml/L Grotek Pro Silicate - 1ml/L Grotek SoloTek Grow - 2ml/L Grotek Bud Fuel - 2ml/L Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster - 0.1g/L EC watered back down to 1.6, PH 5.8 Here we are, 3.5 weeks veg, topped 1 week ago, day 1 of 12/12 I hope you all enjoy the grow Thankyou
  9. hello stoners and growers and medical users. Im Smak This is my semi-ghetto grow. 250w HPS 115 cfm 5" fan uknown indica strain, high quality weed soil seedlengs 1l pots flower pots 8l soil mix K pothgroung, florabela, 10% perlite, ferts 5-6-7 for flowering + micronutrients organic fert Tent: 2x3x5 50x90x160 cm Light 250w HPS simpe one exaust bathroom fan 115 cfm (195 m3/h) and small seedleng 70w HPS (bad i know) box 29x40x60 cm veg box seedlengs 7 days .. cute i know.... but seedleng stage is boring...let's go in lil veg stage... 18/6 day 10 18/6 day 18 18/6 23 days 18/6 28 days, 12/12 4 day plant 2 TIP: later only 2 strongest girls remains....
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