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Found 3 results

  1. Hello fellas, Shit has quite hit the fan past months but I wanted to share with you my current grow. Plants are on 1.2 sqm with 600w on mapito. Pictures are from day 8 & 14 of flower. Zamba one ofour own crosses, we are the most curious about. Zamaldelica x Bangi Haze grows surprisingly stout, but branchy. 8 14 Aztec Rain 8 14 The towers in the back. Oaxacan 8 14 Cocoa Puffs 14 only strain showing these symptoms of overfeeding or pH issues.Kicked the mum I can't keep troublemakers!!! D's Jack 14 Old seed from a friend of mine. A pretty quick Sannie's Jack male polinated his plants. Among them Lemon Skunk which might have been the mother. Other plants were Kf, Lemon OG, Killer Queen x Blue Hammer. Looks familiar to anyone? Sugar Punch 8 14 Killing Fields 8 Left #6 right #7 (own selection) In the middle Cocoa Puffs 14 #7, #6, #5 Cannalope Haze ex-mum As I due to an emergency had to accomodate also the mother plants of a friend my place was so overcrowded thus I almoast threw her out without ever growing her. Well let's see whether she's worth it. I received it as a clone from a sho in austria but not the capital, so I can't verify anything regarding these genetics. Everyone's expertese is welcomed. Hope you enjoy the pics and maybe you have some advice for me except of planting to many clones, I figured it already out my self. However I can't help it. Luma
  2. hello my friends. im ready to share my new report. Aztec Rian, Oaxacan and Purple Storm (PS only 1 feno). few upgradings of my grow equipment and environment: 1. i had extended my grow space and it almost 1.7m2 now. 2x400 HPS + another one at 2-3 last weeks (or 2x600+400, depending on outside temperature) in other words i will give as much light as ill be able to keep with under 29c temperature. Also i have a 1.2x0.6x1.5 tent with HPS 400 or 600 HPS 2. also i changed my cheap PE web with Secret Jardin WEB IT. 3. i made pregrow box with three shelfs and 4x30wt T8 on each shelf 4. i made arduino controller which will manage the humidifier (also DIY) and air damper, depending on temperature and humidity. this is very simple device - by pressing encoder changes mode HumSet/TmpSet. by rotating encoder changes temperature/humudity depending on mode. first 2 digits is current humudity and temperature. when current temp < TmpSet servo closes air valve. when current humudity < HumSet relay switches on humudifer. so i can easely hold 22/28 night/day temp and 65/55 night/day Hum. it do the job perfect. the wite cover with wire on the overview foto is temperature and humudity sensor. ill add the list if i forgot something veg nutriens - 1part 13-40-13 + 1 part 15-0-0-25Ca = 1.1-1.2EC (usualy 1.0EC is more then enouph, but i just want to try this strength) bloom nutriens 1.5 part 3-13-38 + 1 part 15-0-0-25Ca = 1.1-1.2EC feeding +/- i use veg nutriens for cut rooting and to 12/12 PhDrop day(2-3week). then i start to dilute veg tank with bloom nutriens (3-5week). aprox at 5 week 12/12 ill waste tank and fill it with full bloom nutriens (just because its cost me nothing) flooding every 3 day to 1/3 of crate heigt, as usual. before 4-5 floodings to chop day (1-2 weeks) i flood only with 15-0-0-25 = 0.3EC im going to use H2O2 35% 1ml/1Ltr (advice me please a good proportion for H2O2, who knows) so let start: day 1 - take clones. some Aztec Rain, Purple Storm, Oaxacan and may be few Lady Cane - no foto day 7 - first roots apears from rw cubes - no foto day 12 - repoting to the 0.3 pots for pregrowing this rooted clones can be repoted few days early you can see too high clone flooding at this photo (root growth up) just try to root toping clones with 3mm long stem))) 4 Oaxacan clones - ## 1, 2, 3, 4 for small tent. day 18 - descent day. stright 12/12 mode tent clones gets 11 pregrow days before descent to big pots overview. Day 1. watered - 1Ltr per clone. 1.0EC Ph 5.5
  3. Time to get this diary started. I use the same gear every grow, I start them in my small veg tent them move them to flower tent as soon as it's empty. The big tent is 1.2m, I got a T5 light in the veg tent. I can run 400w or 600w hps in the big tent I switch between NFT and DWC, This grow is a DWC run. I've got a rough idea how I would like this to go but I'm flexible. I use GHE 3 part nutrients and silica. I'll get on with some pictures 14June Got them started 18th next stage 24th move them into the mini (diy) dwc buckets. (I have not fed them anything yet) I forgot to say I ph water to 6 and top feed by hand for 1st 2 or 3 weeks It can take some time for the roots to show out of the net pot 4th July This is what I was waiting for, nice roots in the water now I can start feeding them EC 0.2 Oaxacan and purple storm have settled in well, Aztec rain not so well. You can see Aztec rain is not so happy, I re-use my clay pebbles for years, I did wash them but I can see salts on them. maybe this is her problem? Oaxacan looks happy And Purple Storm This is the stage they are at now. I'm not intending to do a scrog just a straight up grow, but you never know what can happen??? I'll try not to let them get too big. if you seen my grows you know I like a big girl but not always Thanks for your advice @E$kob@r I'm sure your help will be invaluable.
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