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Found 43 results

  1. Hello oPENGROW; about 2 month ago i chopped my first Dynasty Gear. Huck Kush and Caramel Candy Kush were on the menu, 5 of each. They lived in the small tent and after all 3 HK's and one CCK made it to flowering. One male HK and one male CCK were saved to colect pollen. The plan was to pollinate everything to produce seeds and take cuttings...but all that failed. I made it that i saved all the pollen and the ladies, HK 1, 2,3 and CCK 5. (but not the cuttings of those ) Here comes my first smoke report of Huckelberry Kush No.1: Grown from seeds, to find a keeper and males.. The girls ended up runt with different issues..this lil girl gave me about 5 gram. Grown under 250 watt for about 9 weeks. About 90% trichomes milky, some clear some amber.. cured 6-7 weeks Smoke Equipment: one hitter, made of glass The Look: Nice, dark green with purple hues and loads of resin. The Smell: The smel is real nice for me deep fruity essence mixed with oldshool kinda afghan smell. I dont know how i can describe the base smell but i know it since 20 years. The Taste: Its easy inhaled and hard for me to taste a bit, but when i breathe in it expands. the exhale comes with good flavours...a fruity berry taste mixed with tar and whiskey. Bomb! My taste. Resin: 9/10..small glands but a massive carpet! The High and stoned: This is real nice 4 me..lol. I'm used to sativas and mostli sativas. Didn'T hAVE A FULL INDICA since years. I was looking for that ..and from growth i must say i found.. but. The Huck Kush hits instandly. It hits me right in the forehead and fast expands to the body. A Kind a CHest high feeling.. After 5 minutes it gets real heady and then a body high sets in which lasts. After about 35 minutes my girl and me still feel a bit driven by the heartbeat and we are defo more high than couchlocked. After one hour my girl goes to bed and i stay here totally I feel great , its just the fright balance for me. I could go to bed but stay awake as well does that make sense? Resume: I will grow the remained 5 seeds asap to get keepers and pollinate the shit! Thats what i was lookin 4 from the other side of the spectrum..lol I wish i kept some of the females.. I will use the saved pollen from HK and CCK to reproduce them. SO far thanks Dynasty Seeds! booOm 100
  2. Hello OpenGrow! This post has been a long time in coming, its my first post... it could be a good one!(haha!); I have been a lurker here for a couple of years now and finally feel confident enough to begin posting. I have read through just about every post and have been there with everyone these last couple of years as a shadow, so I am excited to share my grows with all of the readers and members of OpenGrow. There are so many members that I would like to thank that i know there are many i would forget...so..just thanks to Sannie and the team of moderators that keep this site clean! Biodynamic Organic gardening describes what I am doing although I would nerdily call it Anthroposophic Horticulture. What does that mean? It means that I look at the stars a lot and think about how they are connected to what goes on in my garden. Biodynamics allows one the freedom to observe the causal relationship in all things... I grow in a no till/next container environment. My soil is set up to receive and utilize the subtle influences from the cosmos in the most beneficial way. My job is to prepare the grow environment and intent so that creation and entropy can play itself out in my small microcosm. After growing inside for two years I am beginning to see what it takes to carry out gardening indoors. Yes, I use a calendar with Astronomical events linked with the different influences for the plants....and I follow that calendar for pretty much everything. stellanatura.com My (Sunlight): 4'x5' veg/flower room 400 watt mag HPS 4'X4' Flower Room 600 watt mag HPS 4'x3' veg/seed/clone area 4't8's My Dirt: (basically) Here's where things start to get fun.... Spagham peat moss rabbit shit lava rock bentonite clay oyster shell crab shell diatamaceous earth earthworm castings gypsum compost kelp meal alfalfa meal rice hulls neem and karanja meal hops worms Finally......What I am growing!: Huckleberry Kush(2012) Dynasty Headband Dr. Greenthumb Oh! Zone Dr. Greenthumb Jazz Dr. Greenthumb Annathesia Wazzup Kudzu aka OGXSK#1 Freebie Med-Man Casey Jones X Green Manalishi Freebie CJGM X Huckleberry Kush CJxGM this is a freebie holy grail for me.....very stable and intense rocket fuel.. the crosses with Huckleberry are absolute FIRE I chose a beautiful huckleberry dominant male for my crosses. CJGM in the middle---CJGMx huckleberry kush crosses on either side 4x4 Flower Room at the moment 4x5 Flower/Veg room at the moment on 12/12 Seedling Area CJGM Finally watering and Nutes..... Water, no nutes! Sometimes I make kelp tea or add coconut or malted barley but very rarely like maybe once a run. I spray once or twice a week when the lights are off--For all of you out there battling mites or any pest, you are better just controlling your critters than trying to eradicate. Integrated Pest Management Murphy's oil soap Canola Oil Potassium Silicate Magnesium Sulfate Natural (Pyrethrin) if needed My path to sannies and approach to growing in general is a little different than most. My first love is gardening and horticulture. In 2001 I read a book called "The Enlivened Rock Powders" by Dr. Harvey Lisle published by Acres USA. That started me on a quest to learn about horticulture and biodynamics. The second most influential book for me has been "Culture and Horticulture" by Dr. Wolf Storl That book is better than any cannabis bible.... I am starting this log to help journal my grows for future reference, please feel free to ask any questions! Thanks for reading, I hope to get to know everyone! I will write more about what I have learned in the coming posts. Light One
  3. A few months ago i said to go with led once more to see the potential and to stick with the crowd to see my own personel experience. In the past we tried COB leds but those give a ridiculous amount of power but the spectrum was far to white for me resulting in mj without any bang what so ever... These leds contain a fair ammount of red in them so these should give a wider bandwith of the spectrum resulting in better weed so the say. This is what happened in a fly but it is fun to watch the overall picture. Started out with 3 gallons smartpots and they are filled with light mix and some amendments like guano and fish. Mycorizha and bacto's as a standard and used all the time. Myco's at transplant and bacto every week or so. An impression what went on... Strain is Powerplant, this clone only is around here for ages and is the perfect kandidate for testing. She is the mother of Powerfookies fem and they are tested aws. First week of building and testing Second week the girls get they're place Now we fly through the 9 weeks flowering in no time The 4th and the 5th week 6th and 7th week of flowering 8th and 9th week of flowering All are flipping under there weight, time for a quik hair cut. All are telephone pics, sorry for that. At least it is clear that there is more behind led then just bike lights lol. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCBD NAW Seeds
  4. This day one year ago: Stay tuned! peace
  5. Starting a general grow thread. Got two tents going right now and a closet. At the moment I'm growing: OG x ECSD OG X Pineapple Express Big Leeks Blue Cheese Herijuana x Shiva Chocolate Rain Fem. First Tent. From back to front OG x Pineapple Express Blue Cheese OG X Pineapple Express Chocolate Rain Fem. OG x Pineapple Edxpress Chocolate Rain Fem. Blue cheese Herijuana x shiva Herijuan x shiva They have just flipped to 12/12 and have been vegging for a few weeks. Maybe 4? The other tent is closed right now but I'll take picks tonight. As always super soil organic.
  6. Hello Open growers , I am Zeus this will be my second indoor grow and I will try some standard organic from sannies shop . I am a very old outdoor grower but life made me stop for nearly 15 years . Anyway just move back to Greece after a long period abroad and I can't wait to start my old way of life . So about my set up 2 630 CMH lumatek one with 3100 k flower and the second one 4200 for veg and flower Strains Sugar punch X 2 sannies seeds Freebies from sannies shop somari X madsomething lol X 2 Northern light from suzzy seeds ,back in the days about 1995 -1998 can't remember exactly met a yoga guy in Greece and he gift me some unreal smoke and seeds from original Northern light and it was one of the smokes that I still remember so I will always hunt for this strains .A friend of mine say try Suzy seeds anyway never heard of her but I bought my first hunting to find this special smoke from back in the day . I will run veg on 24 hours cause it is a bit cold . I will post some photos tomorrow Have a peaceful day people and sorry for my English lol
  7. Hi friends ! Here comes a diary of my actual grow, an outdoor session, in France, located on the 47.5° N . It was now 6 years i stopped growing, mostly indoor for 15 years. Just like riding a bike, you don't forget your basics. i always be an soil & organic grower. I try every possible technics in hydro, aero, and always came back to the good old dirt. For a successful grow, you need few things: - Good genetics - w/o a decent strain, it is loosing times and energy - Good medium, in my case a decent soil, organic feeding : The pot is 40 liters, filled with 6-15-13 premix(30mS/m) + 4-8-10 - slow release granulate - Passive feeding. - Sun i lost an hole life of genetics, but find back this winter a bag of seeds, the last cross i did in 2013 before i quited. But never tested them before this year. And that is not the most easy strain to work with. It a 4ways cross of Pure sativa strain, from Landraces parents; So not yet stabilized, but full of promise "on the paper" [Gambian male x Neville's Haze female] x [Colombian gold 1972 male x Jamaican Lambs-bread female]. Except the Neville's Haze, the landraces genetics i've worked were provided by USC seeds in early 2010's. And i grew all these strains individually at the time, and made my own selection, The Gambian male is very special : as far as i know, he has not been bred with a ruderalis, but he grew like an auto, flowering after only 3 weeks and showing pollen after 5 - Fast ! And he was my choice of male in order to shorten the flowering period of the 14/16 weeker i was going to pollinate; as we will see later in this diary, the result to make it as early as possible is better than expected. The seeds are 6 years old and has not been store in the rules of art, but enough to get some viable kids. In my area, spring started early, warm and sunny, and i threw directly on the ground of my garden a bunch of seeds at the end of March. 3 weeks later, on April14th i saw two of them showing up. Stage #1 - The Seedling - Early April 2019 [.../... To be continued - Stay tuned]
  8. A new season with shitty dutch weather lol.... Blue Shaze was original selected outdoor on a big field from 30+ plants, now she is upgraded she shows her inmence outdoor potencial between the others, she stands without any nutes and out performs the rest because the others are fed well. Blue Shaze XL And some Chemdog x Heribei fem, a clone that is with me for several years now. They are outdoor for a month and a half now, growing into nice bushes. Update will folow every week. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  9. Hello O.G.’s It’s been a while and it feels amazing to be back! Today is a good day. Why? Because today 8 of my 10 regular Jackberries seedlings reached the light of day. The remaining two will probably sprout later today or tomorrow. Very excited! The seeds were in my refrigerator for nearly a year. I soaked them in regular tap water for around 24 hours, placed them into Eazy Plugs inside a propagator at 80-100% RH / 20-26C and 3 days later 8/10 are ready for action. I will be using BioBizz soil along with Better Organix nutrients. I might mix the soil with some coco just to try something new. Also I will be using root pouches, since I had 2 successful grows with them already and dont see a reason to go back to pots. This round I am using regular seeds and want to make a selection because I expect to find some beautiful phenos between the 10 Jackberries. I have tried the Madberry and was satisfied in all aspects so I am even more excited about the Jackberry. I have a question for you guys though: What is the most efficient way to separate the males from the females? As of now, the only way I see to do it is the following. Veg all plants until they are big enough for flower. Up-pot all plants into end-size pots and throw away the males as soon as first signs of flower appear. This would mean that I would waste around half of the soil. Is there a better way? Like up-potting after I know what sex the plants are? But that would mean that I’m transplanting in flower and maybe the plants will not produce so many roots anymore? Any ideas? I am OK with doing it the way I described if it’s the best way but I am open for ideas. Thanks in advance!! Oh, I almost forgot the most important part! The picture.. Here it is.. Cute little babies I wish you all happy holidays and a merry Christmas to you, your family and close ones <3 Best regards RTS
  10. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Goodday all, I wanted to show my grows to all of you, so i want to start this topic so everybody (including me) can learn something from it. My setup: Mammoth grow tent 100x100x200 EVSA 250W/400W/600W/660W 400m3/800m3 extractor fan. 2x 15 cm fan _________________________________ Mammoth tent 60x60x180 1 COB LED Citizien 52W~ 3500k 1 Cob LED Cree 52W~ 3500k Extractor fan used for the 1m2 tent 1 15cm Fan _____________________________ soil: Makkelijke moestuin mix (dutch soil for vegetable gardens) 100% organic soil. +fungus +seaweed powder +Bacteria +vulcanic laom I use 18L pots in general. ________________________________ Here are some shots from my previous plants: Sannie's - Sugar Punch: White label - "Purple" bud. Wietzaadjes - Northern Light field  At the moment I'm growing several plants. In the 60x60 tent I have 2 Northern Lights from sensi seeds. Here some pictures form it: Day 8 - 12/12 day 15 - 12/12 day 20 - 12/12 In the 1m2 tent I grow 3x white label - Purple bud and 3x sensi seeds - skunk #1 Both tent had 4 weeks Veg time, after they were set op 12/12 I did some LST to them. Here are some pictures:
  11. Hi guys and gals This is my first time doing a grow report I never was one to post like this do to security reasons But here it goes Tent size 40 in x 40 in 60 high called a stacker used for long veg then flowering On top 40 x 40 x 30 in small veg tent In side the big tent ( bid for my space hehe) Lights 2 each mars hydro reflector , 96 3 watt chips led about 300 watts each 6 in exhaust in line fan hooked up to a 6 in carbon filter ( filter is out side the tent for space reasons 6 in inline fam forum take Small tent Lights 24x24 in florescent tek light for the babies 6 in inline exhaust 4 inch inline in take Plus a home made flowing chamber for the boys I mix my own soil using reused and new mixed plus the usual amendments Grano , bone meal , ( thanks to stankydank 30 he posted it a long time ago ) the used soil is all my doing Seeds 5 g39 naw 5 CB f2 freebee cannazon Sugar punch sannies Mad berry sannies Nutes Earth juice as needed ( soil has what they need) Compost teas Containers fabric bags Watering every 3 days They vegges for the most part for 8 weeks Not have been in flower to 35 days I may need help to post pics I only use my I phone and it gives me ta hard time Also in the small room about 3 weeks from seed is the next round already started Road trip ( bigun) Novacane x heri ( my cross motareble x sannies gear ) Blueberry hash plant brohdie Gogi go brohdie ( only had 2 seeds left all males last time Also I am making seeds I have Anne pollen I dusted Sp& g39 with it Anne gave me problems only 2 seeds piped all others dead Gogi pollen on madberry I will try to post pics wish me luck Also In the following room are 2 g 39 straight up beasts 2 Sp 1madberry 2 chuckys brides in 5 gal bags 2 cb in 2 gal and 1 sp clone in a 5x 5 inc pot Feel free to say hi or comment and all that
  12. Hey, here's a grow I have on at the moment in the greenhouse. I'm trying a few new things here (large smartpot with blumats and scrog) so I'm hoping people can help me spot and correct any dumb mistakes. This is my first grow report. I've included the brand names of the products I'm using, not to endorse but just to help keep everything in context for you all. I hope this isn't breaking any forum rules - if so give me a nudge and I'll edit them out. I popped three Passion #1 seeds from Dutch Passion back in March 10 under 2x55W neon lights. I germinated them directly in the substrate I'm using for the grow, which happens to be Plagron Royalmix in small pots - could've been any 100% organic soil from local growshop. I do make my own organic compost but keep it for other plants and don't trust my composting skills for my precious weed - especially given the fact it can be very humid here and moulds are an issue. I kept them indoors under the neon lights. After 3 weeks I moved up to 1 litre airpots and then 3 weeks later into 3 litre smart pots. I didn't add any nutrients during this time. Just plain water and a quick spray of foliage feed, which happened to be BioTabs Boom Boom spray, each time I repotted. A few days ago I moved them into the greenhouse to acclimatise. I submerged a 122 litre smartpot into the ground. Put about 5 cm of expanded clay pellets in the bottom. I mixed up some Plagron Royalmix with an additional third of perlite and mixed in my organic soil improver from BioTabs starterkit (could easily been same product from Sannies). Put everything in the pot and watered to make damp. I sprayed the plants with neem oil diluted in water to ward off any pests that fancied munching on fresh virgins from indoors. Will try and do this weekly throughout veg as a preventative measure. After a few days, I planted the strongest plant into the 122L pot and did the rest of the BioTab stuff, just following their instructions (again, this could be Sannies products). I have a 300L tank of rain water that supplies water to two Blumat carrots I have in the pot. This is my first time using Blumat carrots so if anyone who has used them spots how I could improve the setup please let me know! I wondered if I need another one or even two? For the moment, according to my Blumat digital reader, the soil is very damp so I haven't opened up the lines on the carrots yet. The fans are running off a small solar panel I have on the greenhouse roof. The plan is to build a frame over the pot with wire mesh to train the plant into a scrog. I'm hoping to keep things as low as possible. It's my first time scrogging as I normally grow autos which I don't think would benefit from such a technique. Here's a final image that shows a bit more of the plant. The AutoPots you see in the background have baby peppers and chillis in and will receive water from the same tank. I think that covers everything for now. Would love to have any feedback or suggestions. Next writeup will probably be on how I setup the scrog - any tips on this would be appreciated too - unless something exciting happens before then (slugs are due any week now). So let's see how things go. Hopefully the pests, bugs and mould will safe a little bud for me to reward me for my efforts.
  13. Hello everyone. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to cannabis. I am still planning my first grow. Lot's of people share their favorite soil recipes, with worm castings and guano and every other kind of bright idea. I am wondering about the potential for good organic soil, straight out of the bag, possibly cut with perlite/vermiculite to improve drainage, but nothing else. Assume my room and my environment are all spot-on. Assume i have average to outstanding genetics. If I can veg 6 plants in 3 gallon pots for six weeks and then flower for eight weeks under good quality 360 watt LEDs, but only soil and water is used, what kind of yield could i expect? Anyone with experience growing in soil only, I would love to hear your stories. I am trying to decide whether to pursue such a grow. What kind of yield per plant could I expect? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I'm the "Aquaponic Dumme". I grow using the Aeroponic-Aquaponic method. Recently I've been developing an aero-aqua-soil method, and will update as it becomes more stable. There's a picture of my garden.
  15. Found a few I like called "Super Tea" and "Bubswell" (expensive) Extreme Gardening.com has some i interesting Tea's and great root stimulators products and even offer sample packs $15.00 - organic growing helps with the plants taste. Thought on ? Organic's used ? Thanks !! For Organic powders' "Kelp4Less" (expensive but seem top quality)
  16. Hello, I'm the "Aquaponic Dumme". I grow using the Aeroponic-Aquaponic method. Recently I've been developing an aero-aqua-soil method, and will update as it becomes more stable. There's a picture of my garden.
  17. Hello Og! This is my Sannie Jack end of week 3 since flip. Soil mix is 1/2 Klassman pot soil and worm castings with guaranteed analysis and NPK 3.5- 3.4 -4.4 boosted with brewed worm castings tea + hydrolyzed fish emulsion and liquid sea kelp+ bacto. Veg phase was charged with stinging nettle tea and soil is more than live but Jack is like small bush. Ph value and water runoff is 7.2(same as declared on worm castings). I dont wanna to make mistake but this look maybe like Mg def or maybe beginning of P def or ph lockout even ph runoff is 7.2. Please anyone with enough knowledge and experience with soil grows and organic way to gave some advice? Thanks
  18. I want to welcome you all to the grow journal of a set of plants that will be grown for varying reasons. I will report on the coming 22 weeks of their growth. This journal will predominately focus the four Kolossus (Sannie) mothers. These four ladies are being accompanied by 10 feminized Amnesia Haze Automatics (RQS). I tried to germinate 12 seeds, but 2 of them turned out not to be viable. The spots that were reserved for these 2 are being filled with 6 (2 times 3) regular autoflowers ((Auto Mazar x Auto AK47) x Snowryder). All plants are situated in a 750 liters big bag (+/- 90 x 90 x 90 cm). This big bag is filled to about 40 cm with 350 liters of soil. The top 50 liters of the substrate is composed of a mix of Supreme light mix, bentonite clay and Perfect Start. The other 300 liters is comprised of the following mixture: When repotting I put a bit of Symbiosis in each plant hole. To give you an idea of the total setup, you can take a look at the picture below which was made on day 11. This is the 11th day, counted from the moment that de Kolossus seeds germinated. The Amnesias have been put to germinate on day 5. They started their lives above ground on day 9. The majority of the 6 extra autoflowering seeds has germinated today (day 18). My setup is as follows: 1 x 1 x 1,80 meter tent; 400 watt Phillips Master SON-T PIA Plus; DIY softbox with Rück fan (370 m3/h with build in thermometer & dimmer); passive inlet of air; multiple organic and anorganic substances to control certain things. ------------- Today is day 18. The ladies will enjoy 18 hours of light per day for the coming weeks. The plan is to have this reduced to 12 hours per day on day 77. In the meantime a lot is going to happen. The main focus is on the cultivation of four Kolossus mothers. For this I will top them (around day 30) and will train them to grow horizontally. The planning is to cut two clones from each plant on day 45. If they are rooted I will start reducing the amount of light hours per day that the plants receive. This will go gradually. Below I have inserted four overview pictures that show the development of the Kolossus ladies during the past two weeks. #1 #2 #3 #4 At the time that the clones are rooted and the light hours are being reduced, the Amnesias will have grown a lot. I expect them to be in flowering mode for about a week then. The idea is that the Amnesias are going to be harvested before the Kolossus mothers show the first signs of flowering. An above average performing Amnesia Haze Automatic is shown below to give you an impression of the lag that they have when comparing to the Kolossus plants. At the time that all autoflowers have been harvested (around day 85), I want to place a scrogg-net above the remaining plants to fill up the environment. The Kolossus lady that will perform the best will serve as a mother for future grows. For now this is probably enough text. I am curious to read what you guys think. Kind regards, Thomson
  19. It's been a while... After some runs on rfx/hydro i wanted to do an bio/organic grow. Also the jars of organic grown herb are empty so its time to fill them jars up. This grow im going to use an scrog. The Selene i'm using has an purple'ish colouring. She goes 8-8,5 weeks 12/12 till the chop. Set up Dr120 tent Gavita 600/750 DE 550m3 extraction fan 460m3 carbon filter 3 60L/16 gallon tubes 50% peat moss 25% cocopeat 25% vermicompost 30 buffertabs Mycho Bacto The plants had 4 weeks of veg under 72watt fluo. Today first day in the tent. Will veg them for a week than will flip to 12/12. An new update with better pics soon... Gr, Worm
  20. Greetings! Been a long time since I visited these boards and what a better way to get back than to start a grow log :-D Here's what we have- 40x Golden Diesel (chemdog x sour diesel) F4 seeds from the previous stock (new batch is currently drying with much better looking seeds) Much used living soil 5 weeks until a flowering room is open (1.2x1.2x2.0 m, 600W light) and the strongest 5 fems will go in. (might have another place for a few more) High hopes :-D
  21. Hello OG! My 1st half diary here. Grow report not started since begining because i lost labels on pots and had issues with my camera. Pots are 20 liters and soil mix is Gold Label Special mix Light + Sannies buffer tabs, mycorizzae and bacto. All seeds are sprouted over 10 days period and i gave them little BioBizz root juice. Bacto added every week together with worm castings tea + little Sea Kelp and Fish emulsion 2-2-2. Sprayed them foliar until beginning of flowering with Algae. Since i was very curious about different fertilisers im adding since 12/12 flip on half plants Biocanna Bloom and Bio Boost +Rhizoactive and on other half plants im going with Biobizz half recommend dosage. Got some light fingertips burn on some plants which i gave Bio Canna. Overall im very satisfied from last grow when i used Biobizz ferts..yield is not big as with mineral ferts but oh man taste and potency is beyond any expectation and i warmly recommending every one switching to organic. However as i said i lost my marked plant labels and since im newbie grower i cannot recognize from structure and phenotype or smell.. For sure i can recognise Sugar Punch 100% without any mistakes, and Choco Rain because brown color and DJ Short famous Kush claw trait. But nothing else..even im not sure what plant is Heri because that plant which i think is Heri look very similar with CR or CC plants.. Maybe later when they become more ripe i can recognize them more but for now im not sure. Strains suppose to be: 2x Sannie's Jack- one failed germination 2x Shackzilla 2xSugar Punch 2xChoco Rain 1xHerijuana 1xChocolate Cheese I have one hermie either CR or C.cheese, not sure which. Grow Tent is Homelab 120x120 with more than sufficient ventilation and average temperature of 26 celsius. Humidity is 60% in veg and slowly decreasing untill half bloom and now is 40%. Some of them are at end of week 4 and some one week later, week 5 bloom. Veged under 250 MH and 2x150 led by Hans. First 2 week since 12/12 flip i keep them under 400 hps and when they begin to stretch and throwing flowers i switched to Gavita 600. I have 7 plants in grow box and 2 other plants under 2x150 LED in separate flower area. Those picture with too many plants is just for demonstration purpose. I guess those two under LED are maybe Shackzilla... Lucky or not until now i dont have any issue.. Other than those hermie or maybe was male in fem package. Seem like buffer tabs working flawlessly. I will keep using them thats sure 100%. Thank You for any comment and if you recognize some plant please name it, there is numbers on every picture. Sorry for average photo quality. Take care and spread love. p.s Pictures coming in next few min, just to sort out.
  22. Greeting Opengrow, Time to stop diddling around all the time with growing. (Im sorry, I get a little bored sometimes) This topic is to showcase a few genetics in a nice simple, perpetual fashion I will be good and do my best to put on a good show Starting up we have: 2x 1000mm x 2000mm Flood and Drain tables filled to 100mm depth. (1x filled with 50/50 Perlite/Coco, the other 70/30 Perlite/Coco) Over each table I have a Dimlux 1000w DE Fixture @ 1000mm above table. In the middle of the room on a light mover rail, I also have a Solistek 400w 10K bulb for extra UV Drain to waste, using EWC tea and 1x dose per week of BAC Organic Bloom @ 2ml/L First run of genetics are: Sour Amnesia (Hortilab) Kali China (ACE seeds) Critical Mass (Unknown) Enjoy!
  23. i started ten of each of these, i've had some sad fatalities due to my plant murdering cat and have only 4 pineapple diesel's and 5 of the (love potion#1 x c99) x huckelberry kush. i'm calling it harmony after harmony park music park in minnisota. the cross is a creation of mister dirts. really excited to see what beauty these produce. and the pineapple diesel they've been kept a little warmer than what's ideal so i might get a high rate of males. i'm hoping for at least four girls out of the nine, but of course would be much happier with six or seven. they will be getting transplanted into 3 gallon fabric bags in the next few days. it might be a little early to start this thread as they won't be put into flower for a few more weeks yet, but i thought i'd like to be able to look back to see how they started. d.o.g.
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