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Found 27 results

  1. A new season with shitty dutch weather lol.... Blue Shaze was original selected outdoor on a big field from 30+ plants, now she is upgraded she shows her inmence outdoor potencial between the others, she stands without any nutes and out performs the rest because the others are fed well. Blue Shaze XL And some Chemdog x Heribei fem, a clone that is with me for several years now. They are outdoor for a month and a half now, growing into nice bushes. Update will folow every week. Just enjoy! Poldergrower and RhinoCbd NAW Seeds
  2. Hello my lovely Friends, I start my new grow on my Balcony with Autoflower. I did not have time to buy Soil so they were put in small pots first. Tomorrow there are in 14l pots. Last year i had good Results with Auto Duck (Dutch Passion) on my balcony with less sun.. https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/west-coast-og https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/zkittlez-auto https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/lemon-ak
  3. The images below are of a Jackberry cross with Herebei seeding from a grow of those strains SEVERAL YEARS AGO! I wanted some seed to practice with as I learned and, despite those seeds sitting in a medicine bottle for at least 3 years- you can see they are still very viable and STRONG! Thank you SANNIE! I double-seeded a 72-cell starter kit in late March and had 100% germination. I selected 24 from those and set out in my garden the beginning of April. Despite a freeze and very wet weather, and having to cull the males, I have 20 females in the garden now with these pictures taken at 11 weeks of vegetative growth. Several are well over 40" tall with several showing very strong BLUEBERRY phenotype that are beautiful and smell delicious! One of the images below I believe to be a male, but giving it some time because it began growing dark PURPLE and just continued that way, while the others (females) took longer to develop that way. If it's a male, is there any reason for keeping it to save the genetics? Or should I just settle for the females I have? If it's worth keeping, what should I do? Never anticipated this situation, but the damn thing is captivating to me with its color! While it isn't nearly as pretty as the two Blueberry females pictured with it, look at that color man! As I recall, I got roughly 2 ounces of dried flower from the grow that produced the seeds for this grow and the plants only reached about 3' high. These are already taller at 11 weeks than those! Any ideas what kind of yield I can expect from these that I don't expect to harvest until October or November (7 to 8 months of total growth)??? Thanks to everyone for helping me get this far. Outdoor growing seems to work much better for me than trying indoor grows- but I'll be taking clones of these soon and giving cloning a first attempt with my Ez-Cloner! Any recommendations on when would be the best time to take cuttings from these young ladies that are just 11 weeks? Peace!
  4. This day one year ago: Stay tuned! peace
  5. I have some autoflowers outside in the garden this year. I have one here about 5 weeks old, she's been budding maybe couple of weeks now. These are the sort of autoflowers I usually get. This one is Lemon Kush x Lowryder crossed with last year's USC Turkish male, a very strange plant. She was germinated in March, began flowering around the middle of May and is acting strangely. Its been putting on more branches than flowers and the flowers don't seem to be structurally anything I'm familiar with. Here's a closeup of a branch to give a better impression. All the flowering stems and branches and petioles this plant spits out are caked in sticky bubblegum scented resin. Its reminds me of the resin buildup on Caramel Cough. No idea what she's doing, where she's going and when she's going to finish. What a strange plant.
  6. Due to some issues from the greater powers, I had to lie low for a while, but I'm back. To cut straight to it: NFT, totally 6 sqm, i have recently started scrogging just because it's a lot easier for me to get better yields when i do so. maybe I haven't found the right sog strain, but I think it's more a skill I don't have (yet). My system was designed for about 9 plants per square metre, but i seem to be doing far better going for a longer time in the veg cabinet and 2 plants per sqm. Each row is 2.1m long and .9m wide (2sqm), lit by 2 air cooled 600w HPS. There are 3 such rows. Till 2 days ago, I had 5 x 600w HPS (Lumatek ballast + Philips Master Greenpower bulb) and one lonely 400w HPS lighting the 3 rows. Power bills due to air conditioner overload and the frequency of air conditioner maintenance required has made me consider and research LEDs. With help and guidance from many forums' members, here as well, I eventually created my first 2 prototypes. the first one is a 432w Cree CXB3590 fixture with 8 3000k COBs, each running at 50w, cooled by an individual heat sink, totally powered by 2 meanwell drivers. (The model number of the LEDs is : CXB3590-0000-000R0UBD30H) the second one is a 420w Bridgelux Vero29 fixture with 4 x Vero29 COBs, each running at 100w, cooled by an individual heat sink, with an individual driver per COB. (i'll fish out the model numbers) These two LED fixtures have replaced 2 of my 600w HPS fixtures. Let's see how they do. it's going to be interesting for sure. The ones in scrog atm are a nice amnesia phenotype, and the wonky middle row is my testing batch for Bodhi's Goji OG. There are a coupla' monsters in there. Best Vibes El Chupa
  7. So what's up guys! Since I moved down here from Europe i've been looking for strains to grow here. I did a few small grows with autoflowers and a E$kobar strain but eventually knew I would go to Sativa's and I'm kinda in to trying Super Silver Haze crosses. I grew Sugar Punch and Shackzilla wich I might talk about another time. So right now i got this Speed Haze wich is : Super Silver Haze X Jack Herer I did not see much of this strain online but got this seed wanted to document this strain and let you guys see the struggles i go through growing down here! I do not have much space at home to veg/flower so it got a minimal veg at home and now i am guerilla growing! Got this plant out 4-5 weeks ago so let's start with some pics Week 1 of flower week 2 of flower As you can see it the sun did her good and she has grown alot in week. Thanks for stopping by, pics of week 3-4 and info about the storm will follow soon!!!
  8. Hi Guys, I'm back again for more advice I'm currently growing 6 strains outdoors (in South Africa) in 50 L pots, including Sugar Punch (I'll post up a grow journal as soon as I get some nice pics of them ). The average plant height is about 1.5 m. The fuckup is that one of my Sugar Punches started flowering far earlier than expected---while I was on holiday---and while I still had a bunch of flowering males around (some amateur selection). She was pollinated, but thankfully rather early on, and only the preflower at each node was pollinated. Still, this means that each of her 20-odd branches have around 15 seeds developing, and judging by the early (very mild) P & K deficiencies she showed before a transplant, it's sapping a fair amount of her resources. My question is: will removing the developing seeds cause more harm than good i.e. cause her to throw male flowers? I've got a picture of a younger side branch below. Buds are still developing, but ~300 seeds is sure to be quite a drain... Opinions/experience?
  9. Hello all oger's have been so bizzy so i stop sharing for a while But i will be in once a week or so hopefully i have so mutch to talk about and i need to share to feel and be healthy so here we go outdoor beauty show from crack to harvest and many tips and tricks along the way here is the menu mazdiz is my auto flowering 5 generation 3 month auto flowering its a mazar with diesel ryder closly inbreed to look like one cola plants max harvest 170g in 100 days from seed lowest 50 jack herer Green hououse x mazdiz jack herer spain x sweet smack smack himalayan gold x white widow x sweet smack x mazdiz black domina x mazdiz jack frost x sweet smack jack x smack no 1,and 2 x mazdiz sweet smack smells strawberries indica domin plant but has much sativa in her mazdiz pure many auto flowerings super sour og emerald pure regular but my cross from 20 plants got 15 seeds to work with 13 is alive and kicking HD.1.1 putser finest lamusa x mazdiz i have a very rare strain i will baptise it to a greek name because its from there so i call her athina from now on jack x chitrahl mila seeds x chronich x serius seeds x sweet smack lasse hippy in copenhagen 10 years of work best medical i have seen in my life, i manige to give life to it aigain, thanks lasse bro i hope u fine were ever u are i have this now for 3 generations verry stable strain venus x sweet smack super smack x sweet smack insaneeeee this is most of them i think that i recall will follow with pictures soon just transplanted some of them so i had shit load of work installed an of grid drip drip system very easy to do drippings is every 33 cm and because i grow only regular seeds i plant them 2 in each holes so i have better chanches of one female alive. its a fokkt up to do this but in my book i need to to have the best genetics i have cracked alot of seeds old new what ever i have a ratio of cracked ones on my auto flowering 95 % and 90 % alive after cracking and the respons. i have tried many seeds so i came to the conclusion the most rapid growng is outdoor sun seeds regular once not fem fem has a difficency in their dna some how,, i have seen regular plants same strain as fem and their is huge diffirence in my eye in the scale i se the tree maybe on a plant 120 cm u cant even se what i se in my book indoor seeds has a difficency to in their dna too a plant has a cycle of 7 months most of you just made that 3-4 months that pass on on dna and no sun and most no veggie grow that to is passed on and seed, a clone no tap roots on clones what ever thats playing, for me seeds must be outoors sun soil regular and herm tested why the drip drip system cheep, easy to install no electricitty needed 4L an h in each dripp every 33 cm this make sure that the humiditty dont rise in wrong ours all kind of fungi comes then , and the water get so much oxygen down in the soil i have never seen so fluffy soil after watering its amazing what oxygen goes in the roots the only thing i added in the soil das far is blue stone for fungi and a organic root shit stuff in powder form its alive in the soil for 3v and i have the flowering food stand by and some pestesize around the plants so nothing will near them because i had to put them in the soil young i put them in water the 13 may and yesterday i transplanted them outdoors 2 days in water in 25 c and 85% was put in soil the rest the next day in soil i had no lamp so i did them with a regular metal halide 100w so they streched a little so i took them out they like the out better some died some live they cant stand the changes and the cold night such a pitty i dont care for the weak only the strong survive thats maybe because i have many seeds but on the other hand why have shit hanging around i think this will be one of my posts with no picture be safe keep pushing your limits all aire and jah bless us all more to come
  10. Hi I'm writing from India . I just started growing . my first real grow. I don't want to boast but I think I might have ideal conditions to grow the best bud but I need help because in India we do not have any real growing scene.I want to know what strain from sannie will be best for me. If any one wants to help I'll give you the specifics. I already have some nl auto from sensi and amnesia haze and sweet seeds auto seedlings just popped. I plan on growing few plants hydro in coco for weight and few in organic soil for taste.I don't have too many organic supplies so I need help.
  11. Good day fellow open growers This year I will be growing a few ladies outside. I chose Heribei. This because it is know to be a good outdoor strain. With the order of the Heribei seeds a cross of Heribei x Jackberry came with it. So why not use them. The seeds The nutrients (sannie's way) I will use Gold Label special mix light substrate. I am not sure which size I am going to grow in. It will at least be 40l. In every pot I will put 3-4 buffer tabs. This all will take place on my roof terras. Sadly I am not able to make a greenhouse up there, this because permit problems. Here in holland you need a permit for every single nail you put in to your house Don't worry without a greenhouse it will be fine too I will start in about 3-4 weeks, depending on the weather. Today it was around 17 degrees, so we are starting to get there Greetings, AfternoonDelight
  12. Hello al O.G-s Fatrasta here im gonna share some amazing smells.kicks,stoones,danks,couch looks,tuch,stickiness,oily,fluffy,dense,airy sandy, the hole enchalada! so im just need some time to find the right pictures be safe all and more to come dont wanna fook this tread up aswell fluffy plant superior chrystal production smells strawberries plant made from seed short yleder outdoor grow taste strawberries& with a twist of hashish like iceolator kick high real high like it shaves your hair on your head and neck like tinenny tinney all body high then it will kick your as at the folow up joint couch lock it will leave you with a strong strawberries taste for ours and you just stand there smiling be safe all
  13. Hi everyone! I am so excited to have joined and be able to show my progress to the community! I have just started my VERY first (organic outdoor) grow. My first batch of seeds were about 2 weeks old before they were ruined, thanks to my wonderful dog. Nevertheless, I've started batch #2. I've been doing a ton of research on outdoor growing, but I can't quite figure out what's going on with my seedlings. Majority of them are growing just fine, getting adequate sunlight, shade and water, but a few of them (roughly 7 out of 43 seedlings total) just wilt over and die at only a couple days old. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. After germination, I plant them into plastic solo cups with a mixture of 1/4 cup of Fox Farm's Ocean Forest and 2 cups of Fox Farm's Light Warrior. At first, I thought I was under watering them, but I'm still getting the same results. I use distilled water (if that makes any difference). I live in the southern United States where it's fairly hot and humid this time of year. Could the seeds be duds? Maybe certain seedlings are sensitive to the soil mixture or temperature? What are your ideas/suggestions? This is my first time growing any kind of plant so any and all feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance! Here are a couple pictures of my dead seedlings: http://tinypic.com/r/ejhd9h/8 http://tinypic.com/r/1zx36vd/8
  14. Hi all I started my outdoor grow for this year just over a month ago when I put 10 jackberry seeds into cotton wool to germinate. 10 days later I germinated 5 killing fields, and the Mt. Hood Huckleberrys are to follow soon. My plan is to try to select the nicest female of each strain to plant into the ground, and most of the other plants will probably be given away. So far I have had 2 JB runts, and 1 KF died after it germinated (not too sure what happened but I found a whole lotta ants surrounding the sprout and some white dusty stuff?) All the plants are in organic promix in 1.5l pots so far. Some jackberrys Top 3 are jackberry bottom 4 are killingfields Nice internodal spacing on the jb They are starting to show a deficieny, should I start feeding them vegging nutes? Any feedback would be much appreciated Peace, Roodni
  15. I'm new here, but really looking forward to next summer's outdoor guerrilla growing. At least I'm hoping to find a strain that works here in 60N, hopefully no rudy in it. Perhaps canadian breeders are my best shot, or Alaskan?? Also the excitement of finding spots, losing them to animals, weather, police, "do-gooder-citizens", thiefs who are too lazy to grow their own, and possibly being just too stoned to remember the spot location... Also preparing the spot, unpredictability of weather effects, mold, insects, rainy summer all this makes me tick. I've never done a guerrilla grow, but people do it here, with some success, better or worse. Looking forward hearing about your plans, and possible grows, as some of you are living in areas where you can grow as we speak. Come have a chat, link your reports if you will, but from this year only, if possible. Share experience, tips, problems, hopes, fears and yields, well in pics and words that last one is. GhostPoet
  16. Hello all im fatrasta i want to share my outdoor grow with you all og rs feel free to ask what ever regarding the grows enjoy the show :yummy: :yummy: jack herer x sweet mack pheno 1 Jack smack fatrasta enjoy comment ask ill answer
  17. Well I was going to go outside today and start to prep a few area's outside for a summer grow but woke to find 6ft high snowdrifts ...so that isn't happening just yet . Currently I have no indoor grow going on for a number of reasons but thought for pure fun and a little learning curve I would do a few plants outdoors. I have done a few guerilla grows in the past but these will be closer to home and so I will be more able to tend to them. I have already selected a few strains that I know work well in the UK climate, given that it can get seriously wet sometimes. The bonus I have is that being more a local grow if it rains I can get to the plants easily to give them a bit of a shake to get rid of at least some of the water sat on the plants and hopefully try to limit the impact of mold. Im interested in hearing from others either in the UK or living in areas of a similar climate which strains they have grown with a good mold resistance and that don't grow above about 50 cm. For a change I'm happy to consider low ryders ( even given their low yeild ) auto's Definately and nothing that grows much past 50 cm in hieght. Mold resistant is a must. Thanks for any input Grtz HC
  18. Hello all just want to start a topic about how i do the things i do tips tricks and love so i always start my plant inddors so i can weggie grow them more, i dont use ferdilizers then only root juice after 2 weeks aprox from cracming starting always from seed water temp to crack the seeds 23 degres 0.0 ec and a ph of 6.5 rain water usually is those levels if you crack in finger warm water you get more female plants from seed a ratio up to 70/30 sometimes Just wanna start somewere with the sharing process I need to clear up the fotos so it can be a proper thread, so a little patiens with the pictures many pics and phenos that i need to upload. so untill then be safe and keep pushing the limits folks ganja love all
  19. Hey everybody. The night before last I transplanted my month old plants into a 50/50 mix of FFOF and Black Gold soil and today I went outside to find a DP Blue Velvet and a Bodhi Head Trip burned pretty good. I thought the Black Gold would tone down the FFOF a bit but I was wrong. It has also been very hot outside lately so that might have contributed to it as well. My question is, should I flush them now or wait for them to dry out some. When I transplanted I watered them pretty good and its only been a day and a half so I'm not sure if I should give them anymore water yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Take care.
  20. Hello all, So I got these mystery seeds from a friend. He had someone growing on his land he said and he cut down the plants premature and gave me a cola basically, It was full of seeds, I figured this year I would try to plant one and see what happens. This is what I got... From the best I can tell it is more Indica than Sativa but that is about all I know. STILL a newbie with this shit. Planted seed about 7 weeks ago. Any help would be great. Has a spice smell to it so far, faint almost sweet. Huge seeds also. Not sure that this really means anything. As reference those are Sannies Silverfields seeds on the left.
  21. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but i've been growing for a few years now. Recently, i harvested my sour60 autoflowers and now i'm going to grow seeds. The 4 seedlings are all in one pot together, so they won't grow too tall. I will select the best male (if more than 1) and pollinate the female(s). Pictures will be up soon
  22. Ok so here is my report on the Sugar Punch I grew outside this year. In my region we had the perfect weather for growing. It was a long, warm, dry summer this year. Very unusual. I apologize for the lack of photos but my camera is on the fritz. My Sugar Punch is a lovely lavender color covered in trichs. It smells of a light cotton candy, sort of grape-ish but different. It's growth structure is near perfect. Visually it's like Killingfields hot younger sister. The first hit was smooth w/ slight dark fruit taste. The second hit was much the same. So far, so good. After about a minute the room grew a bit brighter. I thought, ok...it's feeling like Killingfields...very nice. After 5 minutes I find myself silent watching Prometheus. About 15 minutes later my eyes are closed and I'm watching dancing Sasquatches eating cotton candy and wearing sweaters. Holy crap this shit is good! It shut me up. No jibber jabber. Just active fun visuals. Not really couch-lock but it does lay you out in an odd way. Supar Punch is my new favorite. It's freakin' amazing. If you are thinking of growing it...do it!
  23. Hello Everybody! I have a problem with my favorite plant Green Chili. Her growth was crazy stunted (stayed under 8 inches for 3 months of begging, but I was too attached to throw her) and now she is now bigger than our grill, so that's pretty cool! Sadly many of her leaves are turning yellow. They aren't just happening at the bottom of the plant but just randomly throughout her. Her leaves have been turning for a couple weeks now, and she is now into her 3rd week of flowering and we have kept her outside under the real sun. (as opposed to the fake one i guess...?) Some pics: Zoomed in picture of one yellowing leaf Zoomed out on one side ...and the other side. I give her 25% strength of FF nutes on the schedule. Any help would be amazing. I was told not to attack a N deficiency for sure, but that's all I know right now. =/
  24. Hi folk's thought I'd start a thread about this years Fruit and Veg I'll be growing. I'll be posting photo's, Questions and general talking pointless crap First off here's a little issue I have with a 4 year old Cherry tree. Identification and solution would be appreciated. Do I remove just the infected part of the branch or is it more wise to remove a large section..say the whole branch. Should the tree be treated with something to prevent further spread of the infection ? Whole Tree (Infected branch 3rd from left) Infection (runs from tip down about 5 or 6 nodes, roughly 25-30% of whole branch) Point infection ends Shitty ground around plant due to preparation for turffing Grtz HC
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