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Found 3 results

  1. I am moving up from my micro grow. I set up a 4' x 8' x 7' tent to flower in , I put two Galaxy 600 LED lights in the left half of the tent. Each light actually draws about 315 watts. My 2' x 3' closet is now my veg cabinet. My Lighthouse 180 LED's are in there, one unit only works on one side giving about 170 watts total of actual draw. The veg cabinet is for seedlings and clones now.
  2. Hi All I started up a new cab a couple months ago, it's a work in progress and looks a bit rough due to being made almost completely of recycled wood, nails, and screws, couldn't figure out how to recycle glue here's my Glowing Growing Dildo of Dankness, Digibryte 400w HPS ballast dimmable to 75%,50%, right now it's running at 50%, 19"(~48cm) x 6"(15cm) cooltube.. I built the reflector myself, easy peasy, the big fan to the left of the dildo, er, cooltube draws air from the grow cab during the winter, during the summer about half the intake air is drawn from a cooler room through the back side of the box the cooltube is sitting on the exhaust goes out through the cooltube pulled by a couple 75cf/m (sorry, no Idea how to convert to cubic m) and through an activated charcoal tray filter filter in the big box the fan box is sitting on, sorry, my camera was outta batteries when I put it together so no pics of the filter, I'll get some when I change it in a couple months. went with a v-scrog to maximize my area, here's a pic of my current sun worshiper and with the light cancellation setting, not sure why I like this pic. seen in a better light High def pic so you can zoom in. She's not so pretty from this side GrowRoom my basil and garlic chives are doing well, and you can just see a couple of tomatoes on that sad looking tomato plant in the back corner, oh, and there's a few pot plants in there too and a mess the bud cab is 30" (75cm) x 35"(80cm) x 40"(105cm) high, and the grow cab is 18"(45cm) x 30"(75cm) x 34"(~85cm) high. I'll be turning the top left into a mother keeper, and the section between the grow cab and the flower cab is about 10 inches(25cm) high, all my electronics will be in here, inside an air cooled and soundproofed fireproof box I'm planning on keeping my mother plant in the top left cab, the last one needed 21 1/2 hours of light to keep the males from flowering, and on the right I'm experimenting with using shorter photoperiods for seedlings to get more females, doubt it works but I'll try almost anything once, twice if I'm not sure I didn't like it I'll be using organics except on my mother plant, I need to be able to adjust nutes rapidly on her so she gets miracle grow, how can I treat my mother so horribly? just a note, by organics I mean the use of natural organic substances, by organic I mean chemical compounds made from organic sources. Pots: plastic 4" plastic >1 Gal plastic and if I plan on flowering them, 5 gallon (19L) smart pots once they've decided whether they want to pitch or catch, otherwise I graft them onto my mother and kill them, I save a couple cutting in the fridge just incase the graft doesn't take, which hasn't happened yet. Soil: Promix HP and worm casting mixed at two to one, I'm experimenting with higher percentages of WC, jurys still out. I I'll also be experimenting with replacing the promix with coir, it's a bit more environmentally friendly fertilizer: I use fortified worm casting with high nitro Guano for veg and high Phosphorus Guano for flower, and I feed my worms powdered egg shells, green sand, and glacial rock dust, and eggshell lime. When I transplant once they've shown sex I put em in a 5 Gal Smart Pot about 1/3 to 1/2 full depending how long I want to veg them, if I'm vegging for longer I need to fertilize more so I leave more room. In veg I apply a couple inches of worm castings when they look like they'll need it in a few days (it's an art rather than a science ) usually once every 2-3 weeks, sometimes I scratch in an extra tablespoon of guano if they're heavy feeders. I usually scratch in some of high N guano when I flip them and then top off the pots with worm castings fortified with high P guano about two weeks in and scratch in guano whenever I think they'll need it soon, how much depends on what I think they'll need. Thats about it for now, after all that typing I need a nap y'all stay safe BalzOut
  3. I'm making another thread for my latest follies: I want to log this properly, I'm going to try to actually document and post each step as much as possible for this grow. I think the process will help me organize my growing, expose weak spots and open up for critique, all of which I expect to learn from. So, without further delays, here is the relevant info: I filled 15 old spongepots with coco fiber, dug a hole with a screwdriver, dropped in 5 seeds of each strain and watered with my seedling mix until the coco was soaked and I used the remaining water to soak the coco in the humidity dome to help with humidity -RO water - -CNS17 Coco Grow - 200ppm -Sannie Bacto and Endo Bacto ~ 25ppm -ProTekt Silicon ~ 25 ppm FINAL PH 5.8 - FINAL PPM 250 18 hours later: MOVEMENT! damn that was fast. 48 hours: Lady Cane is 1st to show it's head. One of the Huck Kush fell out of her pot: So I put her and a friend in new home: the rest of the tray was looking great last night at 72 hours: Tonight I will put them into cups since I imagine they must all be ready to see the world! I will post more details about the space and such later, just wanted to get this started before I got behind
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