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Found 5 results

  1. I couldn't find a movie topic so i decided to open one myself. I enjoy different type of movies, like old martial arts flicks in which they sound like cats, whoop some serious ass and fight to the death! Especially those with Bruce Lee in it because of his use of very realistic fighting. Some martial arts movies make a fight look more like a dance, but not those with Bruce Lee doing the choreography. Fist of Fury is one of my favorites, Bruce Lee is angry and the finishing moves aren't censored. It beats Enter the Dragon which i will label Censor the Dragon even though i do like it too! Bruce Lee movies have lots of nostalgic value to me because i used to see them as a kid and wished i could fight like him to teach the bullies in school a lesson. I made those nun-chucks too and practiced a bit with them. The bullies have yet to be hunted down. So, what movie's do you all like?
  2. Hi everybody. Here is the resume from a journal. Note this a first indoor with use of 250w cfl. 4cuts : 3 NLS (Northern Light Shiva) and 1 Jack Skellington. 60x60x170 CFL 250 / 2700 k PK125 400m³/h ( temp on 27° working at 25/30%) + gaine insono Carbon Filter 160m³h Passive intraction So here is the pics and comments. I had to improvise, I started without all the materials (without job at the start) and without previous climate control. Was late with the feedings too (got nutrients too late). But I learned ! Vegging of 27 days due to the spiders which were given with the cuts, so I had to wait the end of the battle to start flowering. Were in light mix, without any feeds. Only used Neem and product against spiders. Picture Vegging FLOWERING NLS got 63, 64 and 65 days at the cutting day. 9 weeks so ! Jack got 70 or 10 weeks hehe. 2 or 3 watering per week till 4 watering at the end (I was learning as always and missed some) Feeding : started F+2 with 2ml/L Alga Grow. Then 4ML/L at F+14. One per 2 with water only, of course ! W 3 : water only W 4 : 2ml/l Alga Grow + 2 times 1ml/L Atami biobloom. Stopped it dirrectly after and getting organic nutrients in bottle. W 5: 2ml/L BAC BLOOM + 1ml/L BAC PK W 6: 1.5ml/L BAC BLOOM + 1.5ml/L BAC PK W 7 : 2ml/L BB(bac bloom) + 2ml/L PK ===== Starting flush NLS end of week 7 W 8 : 3ml/L BB + 3 ml/L PK then 2ml/L BB + 3ml/L PK ======Starting flush Jack W 9 : water with 1cs honey (no molasse at home) W 9 (14 days flush) : cut NLS W 10 (14 days de flush) : cut Jack I left NLS suckers 1 week more after cutted tops. Suckers cutted with the Jack FLOWERING F+4 F+12 et F+17 F+23 F+ 30 - 35 - 38 JACK (top cut) apex coupé FIM NLS
  3. I enjoy looking at the many pictures nice pictures in the topics of this forum, but there is a price you have to pay for it. You have to look at some bad shit too. So bad it even hurts sometime: The end of the year is near, and all kinds of top ten lists will soon be published in all kinds of media. So lets nominate the worst pictures of 2013 and make a top ten list at the end of the year. I kick off with a random example: (by bobiro) and would like to nominate this masterpiece by mojoduck: No offence to the nominees. Keep practising, you will only get better.
  4. Hello all OGER's i thought we all could share pictures in here with no words if we use words please have a picture attached or bbc code so it can maybe become a true archive one day ill do the start so enjoy all hope to be an OGER'S calender maybe some day
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