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Found 5 results

  1. After my last grow i realized I needed: 1. to do a lot more work on my grow area, and 2. some of that shit meant persons of unknown trustworthiness would be in my grow area. So I had to tear down. The work is now done (I have a water supply on the same floor as my grow, among other things) and it's long overdue for me to get my ass in gear! Everything I'm growing this time around was either purchased at Sannies Seeds, could be purchased at Sannies Seeds, or I got through a friend here on Open Grow. We have: Pineapple Fields - I popped 5 of a 10 pack years ago, and really enjoyed the grow experience. Since then, another grower here on OG gave me the 5 seeds he had left from a pack he had partially grown out. All 10 are going to be sprouted, and maybe I'll get that Roadkill Skunk pheno I had heard so much about. Peyote Pancake - Available at Sannie's. The only thing I know about it is what I read on the shop site, and what I read here. I'll sprout 5 this time around. Blueberry Quintessa - Also available at Sannie's. Again, the only thing I know is what I read on the seed shop site and right here. My wife and I have developed a taste for 50/50 CBD/THC edibles, and this will be my first attempt at a CBD plant of any kind. I'll sprout another 5 of these. Lemon Bubba - An @santerocreation with some promising genetics. His "sweet spot" was one of my favorites of my last grow. While I didn't keep any cuts from them, they were enjoyable enough that I'll continue popping Santero seeds for a while. Lemon Thai F3 - This is an @smilestylecreation, keeping the old Fusion Seeds genetics alive. I've wanted to sprout this for years now. 5 will be sprouted. Miss U Jack - This was a freebie @ProfessorP created, distributed by Sannie's Shop. It's Miss Universe #10 x a Jack Herrer pheno from the garden of Jack Herrer, himself! It's another I've had for years. They're finally getting into the lineup. It will be an organic soil grow. I'm ready to start Octopots, but in February I'll be shipping off for a couple of weeks on business. My wife will have a much easier time just watering than messing with pH and TDS meters. Besides, I want to have some keepers to put in those Octos. No need to have a shitload of some mediocre pheno. More as things develop...
  2. The summer is thinking about ending now, so it's time to start up my 2014/2015 grow season. For the first time in years I will likely RUN OUT of weed before harvest, unless I conserve [yeah, I'm going to run out]. I let a little too much go to my typical consumers, and then a family member needed some for chemotherapy nausea issues, and... My one bulb grow was stretched to the max. I know I could have put more plants in the flower room last time around, and this grow I should max out the space -- especially considering the likelihood that one or two or all of the sativa doms will go fucking nuts. Should be a fun grow of low per plant yields and a high total yield. ALSO last time, those of you who took careful notes will recall that last season's Blue Hawaiian Sativas were some pure or near-pure indica doms. I now have my small group of consumers WHINING that the only uplifting sativa from the grow was Pineapple Fields, and they all ran out. I'm sure by February, we'll all be whining that we don't have any relaxing or coma inducing indicas, but that's months from now, and I probably won't be the one doing the whining. ANYWAY, the search continues to build up a stable of various sativa mama plants that will cover ANY CONTINGENCY, except contingencies that require an indica. (Next grow there will be an indica search.) So now, the obligatory picture of the seed packs: Jalisco Jaze and Hammerhead are obviously from The Shop. Bourbon Street is a Leprechaun cross of their Lollypop x Burmese sativa. Blue Hawaiian Sativa is from replacement seeds sent to me by JOTI. He doesn't pack replacement seeds in those fancy little test tubes, and just grabs some sandwich bags out of the pantry, apparently. For all 4 of these strains, I'm soaking 5 seeds each. The Lemon Thai and Lush are actually original Fusion creations that were given to me by Indican. There are two LT seeds and one Lush. Fusion's Lemon Berry was a-fucking-mazing, so I'm excited about popping these. If they grow and decide they're boys, there will be crosses with a number of the girls. In addition to these, there will be one or two Pineapple Fields pheno C clones in there. She was the star of my last grow, IMO. There will also be a couchlock indica clone that was from last season's "Blue Hawaiian" that turned out to be a heavy indica. This one stood out as having literally ZERO cerebral effects, aside from dulling the thought processes. Yes, I do appreciate indicas, and will probably appreciate them even more by growing almost none. Lush and Hammerhead will be the closest strains to that end of the scale. The soaking of the seeds has commenced. The ceremonial placing in spongepots will happen tomorrow, but I will probably not annoy you will constant updates of seedlings, unless something weird and noteworthy occurs. Oh, this will be an organic soil grow, using Dr. Earth's potting soil as a base, and mixing dry organic ingredients, dolomite, myco and extra perlite (if it looks like I won't be sent abroad during this grow - perlite tends to reduce water holding capacity of soil, which I need when my grow is on its own for periods of time.) I also use plenty of Sannie's Bacto. about 9 plants will be in 5 gallon Smart Pots or another brand of cloth pot. Additional plants (I'm hoping for 12) will be in 3 gallon (11 liter) cloth pots. Let it hereby be known that I will not be going off topic here EVER, and will tolerate no idle chit-chat on this thread! It's just going to be serious business. Stop smirking!
  3. After growing Sannie's Shop selections for the past five grows, this next one (seeds are soaking) is the work of Dynasty (Pineapple Fields - not sold in Sannies Shop for some reason, maybe too pricey), Jordan of the Islands (Blue Hawaiian), Peak Seeds (Northern Skunk) and Indican (double koosh x Herijuana). Blue Hawaiian and Pineapple Fields should be high flying sativa doms. Northern Skunk is a hybrid, and DK x Heri is part of Indicans plan for world Heri domination. This could be a long flower period for the BH. JOTI only says "65 days+" for flower time, and then they go on to almost apologize for the long flower time. Since it seems Canadian breeders are allergic to reporting flowering times greater than 9 weeks, it probably took a lot for them to spit out 65+ days. I'm guessing more like 80 - 90, but I hope I'm pleasantly surprised. A good sativa with a decent yield is worth 13 weeks to me, but an 11 or 12 weeker sure would be nicer. A pack of God Bud is racing its way to me right now. Esko's thread about it got me interested. Depending on when it gets here, a couple of those might end up in the crowded room, too. If not, it will wait until next fall. Since a couple of these are strains that no one has reported on here yet, I'll try and do an actual JOB of this grow report. I can't promise a GOOD JOB, but you can count on it being at least kinda mediocre. In other words, an improvement over my previous work. The pics will still suck, don't get me wrong. Miracles will not happen.
  4. Dynasty Seeds Genetic Background: Kali Snapple x Ms. Universe #10 3 plants: 2 were likely variants of “pheno A.” Avid readers of my grow report would know these two as PF1, the Bear Paw, and PF3, the big one. The third plant was almost certainly pheno D. Pheno A The two pheno A plants differed in maturation time by about a week and a half and by bud density. The Bear Paw was fast, but with airy buds. The other plant had denser buds and stronger stems. Potency: 9 out of 10 Buzz description: This is an almost-all-in-the-head sativa. Starting from not buzzed at all (not having smoked in almost 24 hours), three one-hitters ripped me pretty well, and I was noticeably buzzed more than three hours later. There is essentially no body buzz, but there is a stony element to it. I can’t tell you if there’s a ceiling, because I just have not been inclined to smoke enough to find out. You can be fully functional on small quantities of this, though I don’t recommend taking a calculus test after a smoking session. Excellent for social situations, not a good sleep aid. Scent: No number can capture this. How about A-fucking-mazing? OK, 10. Esko made me a total fucking snob when it comes to scent. This stuff is worthy of a total fucking snob. The single strongest scent might be pineapple, but it’s heavily modified with citrus, vanilla and maybe even a butterscotch-like element to it. Very sweet. The Bear’s Paw also has a touch of earthiness. Every time I smell it, I notice something new. There are strains that smell more like pineapple than this – including Lollypop and Chucky’s Bride. Bud Density: 5 – 7 The Bear Paw had very airy buds that I’d give a 5 out of ten. The other plant I would give a 7 out of 10. While I love nice, hard, tight buds, the fact is that my favorite sativas don’t grow that way. Overall Score: 9, this is among my all-time favorite strains. The Bear Paw will be retired, but PF3 will appear in my next grow, and probably many after that. I’m also going to pop the other 5 seeds to see if I can find a Roadkill Skunk pheno (pheno B )and the elusive pheno C. Pheno D – The pineapple juice pheno. This plant was PF2 in my grow report. It was a very well-behaved, little single cola plant that would do well in a SOG. The scent in the jar, after about 5 weeks of cure, is deep fruit. Mixed dried fruits, including pineapple, of course, but mostly other stuff, like raisins, prunes, dates and figs. Potency: 8 or 8.5 out of 10. It feels like a strong 50/50 hybrid, just a little to the sativa side. I was a little unfair to this plant when I first smoked it, because I was really excited about having a nice, high-flying sativa after several months of not having one. This was the first PF to mature, and it wasn’t what I was looking for. Now I’m thinking it might be a good plant to have around. Very relaxing, no paranoia, no couchlock, but you know you are STONED. It is a good sleep aid, in that it calms you and doesn’t cause a lot of monkey-mind. Scent: 9 out of 10, described above. Bud Density: 8, I’ve had denser, but not much. Most people would be very satisfied. General bag appeal is very high. Overall score: 8. I’m keeping this pheno for the time being. When I first tried it I wasn’t impressed in the least, and it’s grown a lot in my estimation. If grown in SOG, it could yield well, but on a per plant basis, the yield is small. Who knows? in another month, I might be deeply impressed with it. Now onward to find those other two phenos. So obviously I recommend this strain, if you like this kind of sativa. The price might turn some people away, but if Pineapple Diesel has a pheno like pheno A, do yourself a favor and get a pack. EDIT: Obviously this is a SMOKE Report, and not a GROW Report. Fucking Pineapple Fields will do that to you.
  5. Professor, I thought I'd start another thread, rather than tack this onto Baq's grow thread. I've got 3 PF girls in veg (about the 5th week, they'll be flipped tomorrow) and like any anxious grower of a new strain, I want to know more about the plants that can possibly known at this stage of their lives. So let's start off with this: I have a tall plant, a medium height plant, and a short one. Are any of the main phenos shorter or taller than the rest? Can I make any guesses as to which I've got? The medium height plant could easily be the same pheno as the tall one, but the short girl seems to be different than either one. Also, I'm thinking of letting these grow without height control. The tallest one is about 14", and I can take plants of 5', from the soil surface to the top of the plant (excluding pot height), and maybe a little taller. Would this be a bad idea? Pics, along with pics of a couple of other strains in the grow, can be seen under Grow Reports > Western Hemisphere Grow. Thanks. Oh, one more: Will PF ever be available in Sannie's Shop?
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