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Found 8 results

  1. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  2. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  3. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  4. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  5. From the album: Purple Punch x Dos y Dos

    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
  6. Hello everyone. This is my first grow with Sannies seeds and Killing Fields I got 4 females and 6 males from my 10 pack. Ive let the first tiny clones of each plant bloom in open pollination for sexual identification of parents, so i got 4 seeded buds for a pre-smoke test already (not really positive). I killed all males during their sleep. Sorry for all following pics that were taken under hps So i dropped clones in my homesoil and scrogged them Stretch 2 weeks Early flowers week 3+ week 4 unleashing anthocyanin week 5 week 6 Now week 7 stretch included Temp range from 8°C to 23°, RH 60%, light is 600hps/1.2m², soil is mostly cow manure, coco fibers and re-used soil from last grow. about 30l per plant. drinks more than 10liters/m² every 2 days with normal nutrients, PH fixed, no bugs. Temp is a bit low by night, i waited a bit too long before switching to bloom,probably did not defoliated enough, but no real big problems I'll try to describe the 4 phenos i have First one is the deep purple, quite dense, sativa leafs, smells nothing yet. The second one is less purp. sometimes grey and low smell. The third one is a green one, with wider leafs, and smell mango since first trichrome popped. very strong sticky smell. Less dense than the purps, and more leafy. Last one is green and smells nothing yet. probably the less interesting. all his clones had less vigor in rooting or growing period than #1#2#3 here is #3, the only pheno with nice mango smell. And the #1 , most eye candy but smells hemp I still have about 5 weeks to go but i seriously doubt that "sour berry grape cream" terps will pop from nowhere next month. To be honest it may be the first time i see some so exuberant buds with a so shy fragrance. I know its early for concluding about this grow but I still have the 4 moms alive and i need to free some space as i have an army of KF clones to repot. I'm not familiar with killing fields but, to me, for now the only interesting one i got is the "wide mango green pheno". The 3 others don't smell sexy weed. from my experience, if it doesnt smells good at week 7, it will never do. I'm very surprised because my potential keeper absolutely don't match strain description, previous grow reports or other smoke tests from various websites. So i don't know what to think about this strain because i was expecting some sour cream berry that most people seems to get. So for now i would say i'm 25% happy with my grow. I will try to update with more pics next month. I can still aim the bud of the month picture if temps stays low Hazy wishes
  7. Here is pics of a grower I visited. Very nice smell. Cheesy, but in a different way to the UK cheese line. No pineapple smell, more berry like.
  8. Hello OG members... I've been promising... or threatening??? to start this thread for a while now... too long in fact. in fact, the only reason i could take my sweet ass time with it is because i am working with a number of extreme sativas that take 14-20 weeks to finish!!! crazy right??? hopefully we can cut down on that with some... you guessed it, EXTREME indicas! so... this ought to be interesting. there are some beans that are from the commercial market, and some that are privately sourced and not widely available. since the genetics are limited and special... i started by backing some of them up in order to have more genetic diversity to work with. sativas: Indian Lowland Sativa: like an extreme green crack Swazi Red x Malawi Gold: Punto Roja Mango Biche Columbian Gold 1972 Double Jam Amnesia Her Majesty Green Crack - clone only Vanilla Sky Indicas: Cherry Pie OG - clone only NL x Skunk #1 Maple Leaf Indica Cheestral Purple Cheese OG SkyChurch Herijuana #1 Big Juicy El Cerebro Herijuana IBL K.O. Kush Anesthesia Caeser's Cheese A-Train Cheese Purple LA there will be more news about crosses i am working with here, that are not limited to this list. but this project should likely be the main focus for a little while. i'll also be working with some of the genetics that i have already developed. i just sprouted a tray of 50 Purple LA Cindy, and had 100% germ rates. great results for my first germ attempt. growing at a nice rate too! these were the seeds i was most unsure of too. so far so good. looking forward to those. i really want to increase Cindy's yield, and get a nice flavorful hybrid from this one. PEACE!!! keep it green!
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