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Found 1 result

  1. Whatup OG! Well I thought it was about time to start a grow journal since I've got my new DIY LED light up and running and everything is pretty much how it's going to be going forward through this winter. The setup is: 200W DIY LED (Meanwell HLG-185-C1400A + 4x CXB3070 AB bin) this is my first build like this and honestly right now this thing is so bright and runs at such high current that it scares the shit out of me! But it has been running well all night and today so I'm sure I'll get used to it. Everything is running nice and cool and there has been about a 7 degree F drop in temp over using the 400w HPS dimmed to 200W. 120CFM exhaust fan with Phresh carbon filter (really just there for smell) 32x32x60 Lighthouse hydro bloom tent Small seedling/clone/ veg tent 4-bulb T5 Fluro for the seedling tent Pots are 5G rigid nursery pots filled with a 1:1 mix of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest. Right now they have dutch white clover growing in them to get the myco colonies established and some living mulch going before I put the canna girls into them. Small pots are 1G rigid nursery pots with pure Happy Frog to get the seedlings established. In future the rapid rooter plugs with seedlings will go directly into the 5G pots as the soil should be mellowed out in future runs. For nutrients, the plants will be given nothing but what is in the soil, water and some humic acid every other watering or so. I also added an inch or so of compost to the top of the soil to get some life going. If deficiencies do pop up in bloom I will feed with Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed, an organic hydrolyzed fish nutrient with added seaweed. This should have enough available nutrients to overcome any nutritional struggles the plant is having short term and it's also good for the soil long term, so it's a win/win! The soil will not be tilled or replaced between harvests. I think that's pretty much it for the setup. For genetics this run we have 2 Sugar Punch fems, seen center, and one Strawberry Blue fem from World of Seeds. The strawberry blue was a freebie I know nothing about so it should be exciting to see what it can do. This is my first grow of SP as well so I'm STOKED to see this strain in action. The little seedling on the left is a Mango Tango reg seed (Elemental Seeds) and won't be blooming in this run. Mango is my favorite flavor in the world, so assuming it's female (hoping) I have high expectations for it in the next run. It will be going back under the fluro light while the other 3 bloom and will go into flower in a future run. The bigger 3 are 3 weeks from seed right now (I think...stoner lol), going into their 4th week. After the 4th week they will be transplanted into the bigger pots. A week after that they will be flipped into 12/12. Waiting in the wings for future runs, I have more Mango Tango regs, Cheeseberry Haze regs, Purple Storm & Aztec Rain fems, 100+ bag seeds from a seeded ounce my wife got for cheap, some freebies of Indican's Huckleberry Kush x Bhodi's Snowqueen x Chimera Blockhead, and a couple other freebies that I can't remember right now... Anyways, I'll try to post new pics often and hopefully things will get pretty exciting in the new few weeks...Cheers
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