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Found 37 results

  1. Calling the best growers and the smartest blowers on opengrow. I have an opportunity to put about 1.25 mil euros into a legal cannabusiness anywhere in the world. I am looking at parts of Europe. I really want it to be centred around a grow but I'm open to ideas. I'll probably have to come early in summer to check places out. I'm gathering information, but here's what I really wanted to know: 1) which countries are moving ahead with legal medicinal or recreational cultivation? I'm aware of Spain, but I'm guessing it must be a saturated market right now to enter. 2) are any of the pros on opengrow keen to join hands and make a solid sustainable business in Europe? I'm thinking really simple right now, like grow-harvest-extract-sell. But I have lots to learn about individual nations' cannabis laws. Anyone with any information or jus interested , please send me a message.
  2. Hi all growfellas I only grow organic, so on the lookout for a cheap solution for bac bloom and pk boost, for bloom i have one, sugar cane molasses, only for the pk boost? Does someone knows a product natural that can replace pk boost from bac? Thanks in advance Greetings
  3. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Barrie's SSHxBlueShaze (front left), JackCandy x JaliscoJaze (b.l.), Hawaii x MauiWaui (centrer left front), SiFi #2(c.l.b), Sannie'sJack (centrer front right), Selene (c.b.r), G39xJaliscoJaze (front right), SiFi #1 (back right)
  4. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    14 days of flowering
  5. I saw a picture on Sannies IG from a Panama Kush. I remember he said a little time ago that he is working with a kush. @sannie Can you please tell more about the Panama Kush? Edit: Oops Panama Kush 2 . he is working with the clone soon. Sorry
  6. lumatekfan

    flowering day 21

    From the album: Mapito Garden

    Silver Fields#1, BlueHammer, SSH x BlueShaze, Silver Fields#2
  7. A lot of people are growing seeds from Sannie on this site. I would like to hear your strain recommendations. I use cannabis for pain relief. I have an adult form of muscular dystrophy. I like to be productive and mentally sharp during the day. Evenings are more for relaxation and recreation. Please make up to four recommendations. What is the best day-time indica? What is the best night-time indica? Best day time sativa? Does Sannie have a night-time sativa? If so, name it. Otherwise, recommend something other than the best day time variety. Thanks in advance.
  8. A post in order to thank Sannie for his awsome work, running the shop, while doing a great job breeding exotic strains. I tried his stuff and got stuck here. The price/quality ratio goes beyond the usual ordinary breeders, as I can tell due to my recent selections. One of my long-term classics is Killing Fields. Unfortunately the name is not very well chosen, but the genetics even more so. Thank you Sannie I love it!!! Enjoy the impressions... Generally KF makes me stoned yet high. You are light and move without much trouble but your head is a bit foggy trippy. I love going out on it or for social ocassions with friends. Just recently when a friend came over to take the pictures I rolled a joint during the break. We shared it among for people. Then I went to the groceries store to get some beers. Coming back just 2 minutes later I found one friend in the hall way giggling. Looking at me he asked, still giggling, "what did you gave us?" My flatmate was with the photographer looking at the purple buds and exploring their beauty almost like she was on acid. My friend the photographer had quite some trouble focusing in on the pictures and caught herself just getting lost in the details while zooming in on her camera. Killing Fields for me became a classic in my collection and I think Sannie created quite a delicacy speaking effect, taste and appeal wise. My friend the photographer also said at the end that this weed is art, she was really impressed with the overall qualities of this kind. Killing Fields F6 is ordered!!! Thank you Sannie!!!!!
  9. Hello everybody I was just transplanting 10 sugar punch into bigger pots after a 5 week veg and I have noticed 2 of them are REALLY sticky yet I have not entered flowering yet... Aside from the very bottom single stem near the soil all parts above are sticky and will leave a resin on your fingers with little touching. I have grown some other strains in the past but don't recall such a big amount of resin to deal with this early... I wondered if this hint's at anything? Is this a good pheno type? Or maybe it just means good plant health? Would be nice to hear your opinions.
  10. Seriously Sannie get a new website host, over past two weeks the access has been horrendous. I notice your sales site works fine so come on pull your finger out and sort a better forum host as its borderline unuseable at the moment. Don't say ooo it costs... I know what traffic you get and know the costs.... Its bugger all I could even host it for you and provide a better service (or at least a friend that runs a hosting service could.) Regards Hillcredt
  11. So mrs owes me a trip to the netherlands (smoke holiday) I know amsterdam has much to offer smoke wise... But also with culture..... Museums....blah blah. Do I tell her book amsterdam ? Or Where else in the netherlands can we visit thats good for smoke choice and other cultural activities, so avoiding the normal tourists and tourist traps ? Really like to hear from the dutch folk. Anyone wants to meet up and be our guide for a few hours ? Greatly appreciated. Shame whazzup isnt around as i remember the days when opengrow meets happened quite often.....can anyone hook me up to him....SANNIE ? Regards Hillcrest
  12. Hi OG, I have a question, I have 5 plants from Sannies FEM pack. But it looks like (im certain) that Shackzilla is a male. How is that possible? They are 1 week in flo in 18 liter pots. They have a veg time about 4 weeks and flo. Can somebody clear this up for me? I'm really disappointed, because i choose for the FEM pack so i just know that i have 5 female plants. Sorry for my poor english and the bad picture quality, my battery from my camera is charging right now. Sunnyvale
  13. Hi All I started up a new cab a couple months ago, it's a work in progress and looks a bit rough due to being made almost completely of recycled wood, nails, and screws, couldn't figure out how to recycle glue here's my Glowing Growing Dildo of Dankness, Digibryte 400w HPS ballast dimmable to 75%,50%, right now it's running at 50%, 19"(~48cm) x 6"(15cm) cooltube.. I built the reflector myself, easy peasy, the big fan to the left of the dildo, er, cooltube draws air from the grow cab during the winter, during the summer about half the intake air is drawn from a cooler room through the back side of the box the cooltube is sitting on the exhaust goes out through the cooltube pulled by a couple 75cf/m (sorry, no Idea how to convert to cubic m) and through an activated charcoal tray filter filter in the big box the fan box is sitting on, sorry, my camera was outta batteries when I put it together so no pics of the filter, I'll get some when I change it in a couple months. went with a v-scrog to maximize my area, here's a pic of my current sun worshiper and with the light cancellation setting, not sure why I like this pic. seen in a better light High def pic so you can zoom in. She's not so pretty from this side GrowRoom my basil and garlic chives are doing well, and you can just see a couple of tomatoes on that sad looking tomato plant in the back corner, oh, and there's a few pot plants in there too and a mess the bud cab is 30" (75cm) x 35"(80cm) x 40"(105cm) high, and the grow cab is 18"(45cm) x 30"(75cm) x 34"(~85cm) high. I'll be turning the top left into a mother keeper, and the section between the grow cab and the flower cab is about 10 inches(25cm) high, all my electronics will be in here, inside an air cooled and soundproofed fireproof box I'm planning on keeping my mother plant in the top left cab, the last one needed 21 1/2 hours of light to keep the males from flowering, and on the right I'm experimenting with using shorter photoperiods for seedlings to get more females, doubt it works but I'll try almost anything once, twice if I'm not sure I didn't like it I'll be using organics except on my mother plant, I need to be able to adjust nutes rapidly on her so she gets miracle grow, how can I treat my mother so horribly? just a note, by organics I mean the use of natural organic substances, by organic I mean chemical compounds made from organic sources. Pots: plastic 4" plastic >1 Gal plastic and if I plan on flowering them, 5 gallon (19L) smart pots once they've decided whether they want to pitch or catch, otherwise I graft them onto my mother and kill them, I save a couple cutting in the fridge just incase the graft doesn't take, which hasn't happened yet. Soil: Promix HP and worm casting mixed at two to one, I'm experimenting with higher percentages of WC, jurys still out. I I'll also be experimenting with replacing the promix with coir, it's a bit more environmentally friendly fertilizer: I use fortified worm casting with high nitro Guano for veg and high Phosphorus Guano for flower, and I feed my worms powdered egg shells, green sand, and glacial rock dust, and eggshell lime. When I transplant once they've shown sex I put em in a 5 Gal Smart Pot about 1/3 to 1/2 full depending how long I want to veg them, if I'm vegging for longer I need to fertilize more so I leave more room. In veg I apply a couple inches of worm castings when they look like they'll need it in a few days (it's an art rather than a science ) usually once every 2-3 weeks, sometimes I scratch in an extra tablespoon of guano if they're heavy feeders. I usually scratch in some of high N guano when I flip them and then top off the pots with worm castings fortified with high P guano about two weeks in and scratch in guano whenever I think they'll need it soon, how much depends on what I think they'll need. Thats about it for now, after all that typing I need a nap y'all stay safe BalzOut
  14. It has to start somewhere.... Before I dive into my antics underway, here are a few bud shots from my last grow. Personally I like seeing bud shots when I open OG MzDrzz Took another run with this clone great structure on the plant and phenomenal flowers.some of the densest foxtails I have encountered. From Sinister Seeds Cut at 70/71 days Dried and pre cure….. KA Kush (she had PM come back again, she is on her last run now..) Also Sinister Also ran me some Dynasty Seeds Caramel Candy Kush: Clipped around 70-74 days. look @ the frost on the undercarriage here…. And also had a nice run of some E$cob@r Chocolate Rain, still loving on this plant, she gets some hard foxtails too. Had some changes in real life, I moved into a 95% work from home role when my company closed our local office. This afforded me the opportunity of grabbing some office supplies and as part of those activities secured a couple more cabinets. As such, about a month ago I converted one, so now I have thing 1 and thing 2, Needless to say should be extra productive as I have increased my space. I am going to stagger them and hopefully get to the point of harvest every 4-6 weeks. So here are some basics for the run, I will have two setups: Thing 1 - the original cab. Same setup as usual, 400 W digital ballast in a vented hood, hydro system, 12 spots. I am running a new nute regimen this round from mbferts. They have their own powdered food and since they have been great on other merch, figured I would give this a spin, especially since my local hydro guy decided to flip the script and drop my jungle juice, so check in on this journal if you have looked into their nutes, I’ll be using them and will share and report results. I also implemented a Solistek MH 6K, for veg in Thing 1, plants are responding well, and definitely seeing some nice growth. This cab has been in Veg now for just about 3 weeks. Thing 1 Lineup: (4) Chucky Bride (3) Sugar Punch (2) MzDrzz (Ms U x Drizz) (1) Chocolate Rain (1) KO Kushx(CJxGM) (1) Lemon thai Thing 1 Thing 2 - new cab, been in bloom for about 3.5 weeks, Running a 400W Magnetic ballast bare bulb setup, hortilux, inspired by Indi, I have to give this method a try. Also changed things up and I am running a organic soil mix, based mainly around the Rev’s formula, but I don’t have feather meal and few other ingredients (oyster shells, alfalfa husks and a couple other). I’ll post a list of whats in here in a bit, once I pull that up. I am excited about the christening run for this voyager, she is getting some of my older Mom’s and some other plants I had that just needed to get going. Some of the Mom’s had PM a cycle ago, and PM came back to visibly show itself around week 4 in the last flower run, I am done with the struggle and sending them for final bloom. Thing 2 is planned to be about 4 weeks ahead of thing 1 in general, this should afford me with more turns. Her current lineup: (3) KA Kush (2) KO Kush (4) Caramel Candy Kush (1) Chuck Bride (1) MzDrzz (Ms Uni x Drizz) (3) Raining Caramel Kush ((CRxKOK)xCCK) (1) (CRxKO Kush)x Blue Chem (2) DeathStar x (Huck/Silverfield/Choco Rain?) ((2) diff pheno) Overall in here things are looking great. Soil seems to be holding its own and allowing me with some more flexibility, as soil affords me some freedom to move things around that I just don’t get with Hydro. Thing 2 KA Kush MzDrzz Overview of box Week 2: Week 3: Death Star x Huck Kush (these were test clones for determining sex, I have two females!! KO Kush Brain Rain x Blue Chem (Personal Cross I made (Brain Rain (Chocolate Rain x KO Kush)), never ran before, she’s a lady!) Caramel Candy Kush I will try to post again soon to catch you up on where this is at soon, I am a week behind on pics. thanks for looking and feel free to comment and what not, it's that dialog that helps keep these threads moving. enjoy
  15. It seems sanniesshop doesn't supply motarebel seeds, Anybody know any places to get them from which are reliable and reasonably priced? Alot of other places have Out Of Stock on most/all mota seeds. Is he still making seeds?
  16. It's been a while... After some runs on rfx/hydro i wanted to do an bio/organic grow. Also the jars of organic grown herb are empty so its time to fill them jars up. This grow im going to use an scrog. The Selene i'm using has an purple'ish colouring. She goes 8-8,5 weeks 12/12 till the chop. Set up Dr120 tent Gavita 600/750 DE 550m3 extraction fan 460m3 carbon filter 3 60L/16 gallon tubes 50% peat moss 25% cocopeat 25% vermicompost 30 buffertabs Mycho Bacto The plants had 4 weeks of veg under 72watt fluo. Today first day in the tent. Will veg them for a week than will flip to 12/12. An new update with better pics soon... Gr, Worm
  17. Hello OpenGrow dudes and ladies. It's time for me to post a smoke report on "Daddy's Little Angel Fuck". Special thanks to Indican and MadMaster420 This F1 cross was made by Indican of Sinister Seeds. This one uses a Holy Princess female (created by Eskobar) hit by pollen from a selected male Herijuana (worked by Sannie). Alrighty then, lets get things rolling in a more casual way. I'm hitting this one already in another blown glass pipe with some tar buildup. *scoff* wtf. LOOKS: 8.2/10 Green with rust-orange-brown dried fuzzy looking pistils. Small and very tightly packed calyxs. Extreme trichome coverage. The trichomes are skinny but densely packed on all flowers and sugar leaves. Breaks up nicely but not with compact density. Slightly knobby protrusions. SMELL: 6.5/10 -nicely unusual and complex. Herbal spices and dry incense with a light skunkiness to my nose. No Herijuana smell, but there is a barely noticable light vibrant fruitiness. Also a smell that tickles my nose and reminds me of black pepper and rubbing alcohol. TASTE: 5.7/10 -slightly better than average in my opinion. Rubbing alcohol transfers to taste as does some slight lemon and fuel taste on inhale. Kind of tastes a little the smell of green sage too. Best thing in taste: It gives a long slightly sweet fruit-berry aftertaste that's lovely. High: 7.5/10 Potency: 8.7/10 Legs: 9/10 I haven't found a ceiling yet or a tolerance build up in the last 6 or so weeks. Super strong and immediate punch in the face and body. Want higher just smoke more if I can. Lost in space or deep diving kinda high. In you're own universe and everything's good ya'll. 5 hours high off a 3/4 gram sample. This one fucks my shit up. Short term memory shot, some vertigo and clumsiness but a big ass smile all the while. I've hit a couple bowls in a row and about 7 hours passes by very fast. In my own world happily thinking or checking bud porn or watching plants grow. But no tired or jittery feeling even though harvested with 60% clear trichs. This pheno is one of my buddy's favorite smokes. Oh yeah- Surprised me when I weighed the rest. She yielded quite decently 2.41 oz. dry from a 2 gallon. This pheno could have been SOG style and had 200% stretch over the 1st 3 wks. of flower. Finished around 65 days from flip. Flipping a multibranch clone of her in 2 weeks or so. Any questions ask -Passion
  18. Greetings to all OpenGrowers! I have been a stalker on the forum for some time. Usually I find the info I need from archived threads so I never bothered to sign up. . . . The reason I finally signed up here at OG is my recent interest in Sannies Seeds (plus the other affiliated breeders on here). I have not come across another breeder that interacts with the community in the same was as Sannie & OpenGrow. Being able to communicate direct with the Breeder is a rare thing! A little about me.... I have been growing for about six years indoors (some half ass outdoor bag seed as a teenager got me interested in growing first). I started in a 1.2m sq tent with peat/soil and 'organic' bottles of nutrients. I had patchy Internet access and had to learn the old fashioned way- by making lots of mistakes!! The usual suspects- over feeding, overwatering, high temps etc etc. it took a while before I got any decent yield but gradually I got my shit together and became a bit of a 'nerd' by reading the grow forums and horticultural literature. I found my way to Hydro by accident. A friend had failed with his DWC and gifted me a few buckets & airstones with a small air pump. Even without a separate res and wild swings in EC and pH my DWC plants out yielded the soil plants by nearly double. .. . . I was converted to hydro from then on. I ran a large (by my standards!) room 4mX5m with 56 RDWC buckets and a scrog net over the top, the yield was good and the growth was very vigorous. The big problem was acces to the back of the room, I would crawl under the net to train and trim the plants and had backaches and headaches from the awkward positions and sometimes accidentally kick or kneel on a rdwc drain hose and flood the room (getting very wet myself!).... We thought about using several smaller nets or leavin a gap round the edges of the room but the plants just grew out into any free space so access was always a bitch!! After an issue with law enforcement I learned that any cannabis plant (seedlings included) are valued at €800 regardless of size! I also learned that any drugs exceeding €13,000 meant a mandatory sentence of 10 years! (30% reduction for early guilty plea!)..... This information changed the game for me!! Instead of focusing on yield per light or per sq metre I had to start thinking in terms of yield per plant. So anything over 16 plants means 10 years in jail!! The owner of the 4mX5m room wanted less plants in the next cycle, he set a limit of 24 plants and commissioned me to work some magic! ..... This is how I got into vertical bulbs and vertical canopy. First round hit nearly the same yield as with 56 plants! The veg time was about 3 weeks extra but most of this was done in veg room so overall the cycle took an extra 10 days or so. I was running an indica Dom hybrid that I had selected for scrog, it has minimal stretch and the vertical nets had some empty space towards the top (loss of potential canopy). The guy was happy with the strain and reluctant to run any sativas due to previous fails. I knew I could get more yield with a taller strain and tried to explain my logic but anything over 8weeks was not considered acceptable. Eventually we parted way (still friends) and he runs 24 plants vertical net style and gets less yield than when I was there but puts in less effort into the training/pruning and also he gets more popcorn buds etc he doesn't smoke cannabis at all so doesn't have the same enthusiasm for quality as me. I have had a short break from growing but an opportunity has come up and I will have access to a big room again. I want to run vertical bulbs with large plants / trees. The VSCROG net is optional (labour intensive) or I might just let em grow big... I got some NL5xHaze from Sensi to get me started and from 15 fem I expect to find a keeper or 2. I ran it before in a tent and had height issues so didn't keep a mother. Now that I have lots of head room I want to 'work with the stretch' and use that extra height to get more canopy. The price was ridiculous for the Sensi Nl5xHazes but I know they are reliable. I am here on OG because I intend to run some of Sannies / Esko strains. In Ireland weed is very generic, nearly always called "ammo" or amnesia even when it is clearly indica. Boutique or "top shelf" weed commands high prices and is hard to come by. I want to be growing something that stands out from the "ammo" and "cheese". . . . Something with a good portion of sativa to give height but eleven weeks bloom would be about as long as I would go for a keeper. I am ready to try a few strains side by side and hunt for that special mother. Sannies Jack and Killing Fields caught my eye (kolossus maybe too short/ indica like?) the Sensi seeds pack was over €200 so I am thinking that I should spend the same at Sannies and get many many more seeds and some variety.... Any growers with good yieldin tall strains from Sannie & co please chime in. The Jack & Killing Fields are already on the list... What else should I be trying?? Sorry for long post!! P.
  19. Hey all, thought i would put down a few words on one of Sannies newer femanised strains, Madberry. Over all so far im impressed, about 7 weeks 12/12 and they're done but i'll give them another 10 days or so. Out of 15 Ive got three phenos, all of which seem good, one purple and 2 green, they dont seem to be the biggest of yielders; but that is mostly down to me and their start in life. Really i have two things i want to say,firstly the resin is unbelievable, seriously probably the most resinous strain ive ever grown and seondly they smell uneal, just like sweet fruity pink bubblegum. I will try and put some photos up, though can never seem to manage it with my phone. Hazy.
  20. I got a cutting of kolossus that turns purple. I haven't grown it till ends. I have seen my friends purple kolossus. it's the most purpleish bud ever! Im waiting for later growth. Buds are just developing but little leaves are almost black. Has anyone else seen this pheno?
  21. Greetings fellow cultivators! 2 Cabs, 7 Strains. Both cabs with 330w CMH. 3 Feminized, 4 regular. If males, then pollen collecting/chucking is planned. Ok so here's the deal. I started with popping: -5 Holy Princess (Santa Maria x C99 freebies) - E$kob@r Seeds -2 C99xStrawberry Diesel Reg - Classic Seeds -1 Urban Menace ((Jack Frost x Fast Thai x (NL#1xThai)) Fem - Classic Seeds -1 Cin City (C99 F2 x Soma NYCD) Fem - Classic Seeds -1 Frost Berry Chem (Classic Jack Frost x P.O.A.) x (Classic Strawberry Diesel x Alphadog) Fem - Classic Seeds Only 2/5 Holy Princess sprouted, so they were replaced with: -1 Shackzilla Fem - Sannie's Seeds -1 Killing Fields F4 Reg - Sannie's Seeds The killing fields is there, because I couldn't help myself. It's a Sannie staple strain I haven't seen grow yet so even if it's male, I'm sure I can make use of the pollen, say...by dusting Shackzilla? I just ran my first Shackzilla, but pitifully. I aim to do it justice this time...as the high is amazing, and I'll need to replenish!!! So all is going okay, except one of the two HP is stunted somehow and has frozen in time after about the second day after it sprouted. I think the seeds were quite old, as the germ rate was bad...I really hope it springs back with love and care, because I REALLY was hoping to get lucky and make more HP seeds hehehe. Also...I will never start seedlings under fluorescent lights. They will always germ under the CMH, or whatever HID they are going to veg under. When that's the first light source they experience, they don't have a standard to react to, so they just do whatever to survive, without realizing it. But I swear, when they first feel a nice, clean, easy to absorb weaker light source, they like relax or something, then shit their pants and panic, while burning the wilting while they readjust and realize what "light" actually is!!! Both Frost Berry Chem and the Cin City had this light stress effect. The new seedlings all across the board are simply eating the light up! So yeah... I'm excited to give Classic Seeds a go, opinions seem to vary to a great extent of his work or words, but I have faith, my instincts tell me he's legit, and I guess the proof will be in the pudding! Basically this will be my first attempt at making some seeds too, so hopefully that will be a success if the opportunity presents itself! =D Without further ado, it begins: Various Days of Seedlings (Also a C99 Clone/mother that just won't fully revert and is shooting pistils like crazy...
  22. Hello everyone. This is my 1st post on this forum and I'm very happy to be here, close to the many breeders and growers I admire. Respect to e$ko for offering good genetics at GOOD PRICES. Some of you may remember my Chocolate Rain grow journal from a different forum but here it is again for those who missed it. ENJOY! P.S. For this grow, I'm growing in subcool's ORGANIC super soil recipe with Vermifire as the base soil. Furthermore, I am growing in 10 gallon buckets under a 600W light during veg and 1000W light during flower, while using a Magnum XXXL reflector. The various supplements I used for this grow include blackstrap molasses, Hygrozyme, and Microblast. Here are some PICS in chronological order: Beginning: Started 10 Chocolate Rain seeds in rapid rooters..... easy. Baby Stage: 9 out of 10 seeds popped. Topped: As you can see, I also got 1 runt. Not a big deal. Supercropped: This is for bushier plants, canopy control, and bigger yields. Recovering nicely: Separating the Males and Females: Here's a shot of "Pheno X" AKA "Raspberry Pheno": Here's a shot of "Pheno V" AKA "Claw Pheno": Group Shot: I got 5 nice females from this 10 pack so everything is good.
  23. Hey all. So l'm looking for advice on some strains here. When l did my first grow, it hermied and l got fem seeds as a result. Mad shack and hercules were in the tent and lf l remember correctly mad shack was (white widow - herijuana) crossed with shack. So l guess the seeds l have now are hercules with a dash of white widow. l got some nice grows out of these and the smell changed from the original hercules into this savoury (kinda like cheese but not quite) smell. l love it but it has hermied again so l'm getting new seeds (nice change anyway. l loved Herc. Fat buds that were denser than tungsten with some cool phenos. l heard that uber kush was removed because of it's hemie tendency. ls this also why hercules is no longers available? l have heard of others having hermie probs with Herc. Ps What strains here are most and least likely to hermie. Thanks all.
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