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Found 3 results

  1. I have a spare room (on HVAC) to grow in year round, but also have privacy enough to grow outdoors too. I have just started putting together my grow room, but have not really had a plan- only a goal of having a perpetual grow in and outdoors. My room currently only has: AgroMax original stacker tent (basically a 3x3x2.5 cube) 4' 6-lamp HO T5 (that i've had to stuff into the tent as best I could) 2' 2-lamp HO T5 (not using) 1000w digital HPS/MH Lamp (with adjustable power)- I have hanging from ceiling over the tent. It is a cooltube design with supply/exhaust to outside the house using 6" fan/ducting. I'm using an AutoPot 4-pot system with a 50% cocotek/perlite mix and about an inch of clay rock ball in the bottom of each AutoPot and will be feeding GH Flora Series Nutrients I have a couple of aquarium air pumps and thinking about putting air stones into the bottom of my AutoPots to provide air to the roots (AutoPot sells Aqua Domes or Air Domes, but think this will work too?) I also have a TON of Fire Retardant Heavy Duty wrapping used in scaffolding or other similar work that would probably make for an excellent tent material. But it is white and not sure how lightproof it would be... I don't even know all of the components of a room that would be required for me to grow year round other than light and water, let alone how to set a room up to efficiently do it easily and reliably. In fact, I would like nothing more than to meet someone locally who knows what they are doing to give me a hand with this project rather than suffering through the trial and error mistakes I know are coming thanks to my OCD and accompanying anxiety. I learn well by OJT... Because of the OCD and stuff, I also need to consider making this operation as understandable for me as possible. Once setup, I want to be able to pretty much be able to just follow a plan and pattern to keep things going and learn from over time while I gain confidence that I'm not going to kill everything I touch. I live in the DC area, so I need a good resource like this one for every aspect of the project from setup to harvest. It is all new to me other than a few rough practice grows and allowed me to harvest some seed to practice with so I can start growing strains that work best for OCD, PTSD, Anxiety, etc. I would welcome comments and suggestions on achieving my goals.
  2. I have some Jackberry and Herebei sprouts that are a few days old growing in Burpee XL starters. I have some questions that I cannot find answers to... 1. What size pot would be large enough for them until I can determine their sex? I'm assuming these starter pots will be too small even if they're fed properly? I only have 4 Autopot's that I want to reserve for mothers that I plan to take clones from to transplant outside later, which leads to my next question. 2. How do you properly time the transition from indoor to outdoor? I know I have room inside to grow them, but I need to figure out when it is best to take the clones, give them time to give firmly established (I was planning to get an Ez-Cloner) in my tent, and put them outdoors to finish out. Can someone please give me a hand to understand how to do that with these strains? I'm beginning to think I wouldn't be able to take clones until like August and put them out in September? That's the closest I can estimate... This would mean my mothers will have been in veg for 6 months by then.
  3. GH_FloraSeries-DTW_03216am.pdfI called AutoPot and spoke to someone that gave me the following information in regard to the AutoPot and using Chemical Nutrients- specifically, the GH Flora Series. Things to Remember when following the attached feeding schedule: 1. Start by using only 50% of the recommended parts per gallon in the schedule. 2. During Veg maintain ppm below 700 and in Bloom below 1100 using a ppm meter. 3. Do NOT use the Floralicious product as it will gum up the Autopot system. The rest of the Flora products are okay to use with AutoPot. 4. However you start you plants, let them get firmly established with at least 3 nodes before transplanting into the AutoPot's. 5. ONLY feed RapidStart from above and NEVER add it to your reservoir. 6. When you do transplant into the AutoPot, DO NOT START THE SYSTEM and feed ONLY from above for 10 days, then start it. 7. Prior to starting, fill your reservoir with the appropriate mix of Nutrients on the schedule. In most cases, you will be able to simply top off your reservoir each week with the recommended amounts of nutrients as they do not change much from feeding to feeding. If in doubt, simply dump what is left in your reservoir, clean it, refill with the recommended amount and continue on.
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