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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, I also started a scrog with my Misfits Haze. I didn't want this wild sativa to go as tall as the others i have in flo (320 & 400cm - see topic here) I sprouted them late, first week of June, the 4th The pot is 26 liters, 6-15-13 premix(30mS/m) + 4-8-10 granulate - Passive feeding July 8th (5 weeks) After topping the apex, time to add the screen. Metallic, 100cm x 90cm July 11th July 13th July 15th July 17th July 30th August 3rd August 4th August 12th - - Show very first pistils since a couple of days before and start to stretch
  2. Hello OG, I've been growing in a 5x5 space scrog style. I just moved into a new apartment and I have dedicated a 2.5x2.5x5ft closet to growing. I'm rocking some quantum LEDS but Im tied in a dilemma with my space. What would be the best approach for yield here? One plant SCroG'd in a 5gal. or many plants in a SoG style. If you were to chose the SoG style what size pots would you go with. I have a plant limit of 12 going on including the mother.
  3. I've been building out a new grow setup this summer using high pressure aero / DWC hybrid under COB LED lighting. All flowering will be done using portable SCROG modules that can be disconnected in seconds and wheeled around like carts. Central res is auto topped up with RO water via float valve. Currently flowering around 15 different strains. Running the COBs at 50W each, 100W total per cart module. Currently 4 weeks into flowering and just discovered a massive infestation of Russet Mites - I was unaware of this new plague until a few days ago when I purchased a low power microscope. I'll be rotating late-flower-safe control methods to help this harvest to completion. For Veg I've completely defoliated all plants and will be hammering the remaining sticks with various systemics until they're completely wiped out before putting anything else into flower. Have also been battling Thrips and Powdery Mildew but those are both very easy to deal with compared to the Russet Mites. Using House and Garden Aqua Flakes and currently pushing 1100-1300ppm. Edit: Thanks to Le rat for the help with getting photos to display.
  4. In this grow my setup is a 1.2x1.2x2M tent with 1x 6" intake and 1x 6" out-take, with Maxibright 1000w dim-able ballast, 1000w Full red bulb for flowering and 600w Metal Halide for veg, 2x RAM desk fans, a Mist Pro 7 humidifier and EcoTechnics fan controller. The plant is DNA Genetics Sour Tangie. It's in 60L of BioBizz Soil and was fed with the full BioBizz range - Fishmix, BioHeaven, BioBloom, Alg-a-Mic, Root Juice. Bat guano was used on day 14 of flower, and epsom salts on day 10 and day 35 of flower as well. #MrAuxins 0
  5. Hi Everyone, I haven't grown in the last few years, and due to my current situation it is better for me to go hydro than soil. I apologize for the lacking quality of the pictures, however my outdated phone is all I have at the moment. I will see later if I can get better ones with the flash when the lights are off. I am using 2 of Amare Technologies SE450UVB Led Lights, 5 Gallon DWC, GH nutes along with a couple other additives such as bennies, Silica, etc.. The space is roughly 6 ft. x 4 ft., carbon filter / extraction fan, and will be adding a scrog net in the next few days. I cracked three beans of the Kolossus Fem, and they are currently at day 20 from sprout. Thanks for checking it out, and any comments, or suggestions are welcome.
  6. Hi all! I recently ordered some seeds from Sannie and decided to sign up here and share my grow. I figured no better place than here if I need help pheno hunting or with questions concerning these strains. This is my 3rd grow and my first run from seed. It's been exciting so far. I'm running 2 rooms. 1 is a 4x8 scrog under 2 Fluence Spydr Xplus 650w LEDs in RDWC I built to mimic the undercurrent system. I love the design of these LEDs as they cover my canopy completely. With Co2 they sit 6" from tops without light or heat burn. The 2nd room is a 4x7 under a Gavita E6/750 pushed to 800watts on a light rail in 5 gallon pots of coco. With the mover I've been keeping the light about 1.5-2 feet over the canopy without issue. Also a clone/mother cabinet under florescents. Co2 in both flower rooms in a controlled, sealed environment. The systems: RDWC is 13 gallon buckets fed by 3" pvc lines, 3/4" return line to a 1200 gph pump through a 1/2 HP chiller keeping my nutes at 65-68 degrees throughout the grow. 2 air pumps keep my dissolved oxygen about as high as possible. The coco is in 5 gallon fabric pots. I used DNA coco w cork and added perlite for extra drainage as by the end of flower I will be watering 3 times a day. I may build a drip system, but for now I'm hand watering 5 gallons am/pm twice daily. Drain to waste of course. Nutes: Like I said this is my 3rd grow ever. First grow I ran Canna in coco with some deficiencies, hermies, etc. This was my crash course in coco grow. 2nd grow I ran Nectar for the Gods line in coco for a more organic type of grow. Results were good on both grows, but the 2nd seemed tastier with less yield. The 2nd run I also had deficiencies, but nothing too bad. The Herculean Harvest just seemed to be clogging the coco at the end. Now, on to this grow... I'm running the full line of Cultured Solutions in the RDWC and the Coco following their feeding schedule. In coco I'm running 3/4 strength. In RDWC I'm very low strength. Anytime I exceed 220ppm I see nute burn. I supplement with 1/4-1/2 strength CaliMagic every feeding. In the coco during flower I've been also supplementing with leftover NTFG nutes like Yucca Extract, Athenas Aminas, Bloom Chaos, and their Guano tea. For PH up I generally use Potassium Silicate and for Down I've been using NTFG Hades Down. At the first sign of PK deficiencies I started adding 1/2 strength Beastie Bloomz (0-50-30). I'm in week 4 and haven't had any real deficiency issues. I guess I finally learned how to "listen" to what the plants are telling me and showing me early on. I will most likely stick with this lineup in the future, but won't know until they've cured and been smoked. Environment: 6000BTU window AC unit, 50 pint dehumidifier, 2 vortex fans and carbon filter, and Co2 tank Strains: I'm running Herijuana IBL, Fem Sugar Punch, Fem Madberry That's about it for now. I've gotta get some pics up in the next post
  7. It's been a while... After some runs on rfx/hydro i wanted to do an bio/organic grow. Also the jars of organic grown herb are empty so its time to fill them jars up. This grow im going to use an scrog. The Selene i'm using has an purple'ish colouring. She goes 8-8,5 weeks 12/12 till the chop. Set up Dr120 tent Gavita 600/750 DE 550m3 extraction fan 460m3 carbon filter 3 60L/16 gallon tubes 50% peat moss 25% cocopeat 25% vermicompost 30 buffertabs Mycho Bacto The plants had 4 weeks of veg under 72watt fluo. Today first day in the tent. Will veg them for a week than will flip to 12/12. An new update with better pics soon... Gr, Worm
  8. Greeting Opengrow, Time to stop diddling around all the time with growing. (Im sorry, I get a little bored sometimes) This topic is to showcase a few genetics in a nice simple, perpetual fashion I will be good and do my best to put on a good show Starting up we have: 2x 1000mm x 2000mm Flood and Drain tables filled to 100mm depth. (1x filled with 50/50 Perlite/Coco, the other 70/30 Perlite/Coco) Over each table I have a Dimlux 1000w DE Fixture @ 1000mm above table. In the middle of the room on a light mover rail, I also have a Solistek 400w 10K bulb for extra UV Drain to waste, using EWC tea and 1x dose per week of BAC Organic Bloom @ 2ml/L First run of genetics are: Sour Amnesia (Hortilab) Kali China (ACE seeds) Critical Mass (Unknown) Enjoy!
  9. 1400w Bluezilla + Kolossus Grow First things first: (Warning: my updates will likely be only 2 to 3 times per month, and I do tend to write more than I need to) Hardware: 2 x 400w Philips mag HPS ballast 1 x 400w Apollo 400w Bulb 1 x 400w Eye Hortilux HPS 400w Bulb* 2 x reflector 1 x 600w Gavita 600e Digistar 1 x 600w Gavita 600w HPS bulb* A/C 24 hours @ 24°C (outside temperature is around 30-35°C) temperature at plant tops: ~28-31°C Veg: 15/9 Flo: 12/12 DWC with lots of airflow 15L buckets, some 2" net pots, some with 3", some with 6" Nutes: GH-Flora 3 part OR Advanced Nutrients 3 part (the old one) - I have both, together in enough quantities for the duration of this grow. I have found that interchanging them, as long as I am using all 3 of them, has no negative effects. (I am not talking about mixing GH and AN together, but rather one week of topping up with GH and the next week with AN.) Additives: Cannazym/Sensizym - throughout the cycle PK 13/14 - when necessary Superthrive - a couple sprays during the early stages pH - 5.6-6.0 ppm - 400-450 during veg, we will see how she likes it during flowering. she was super content with 500-550 last time around, and that's what I will aim for. *Until November 9th, the 600w bulb being used is a Philips Greenpower 600w, and the 400w Bulb being used is a Philips 400w Son-T bulb. The hortilux and gavita bulb are on the way from 'Murica. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ BZ#1 After finding a keeper of FOTH's BZ (Bluezilla : New Blue Diesel x Shackzilla), shown above, I decided it was time for me to do a bigger grow with a single uniform phenotype. Towards the end of September, I cut 2 plants of BZ#1 up into clones. Extra info: BZ#1 is (I think) a 50/50 pheno with both sat and indica tendencies. The nugs are dense (but not like the rocks of some indica that I picked up in Cali once) and coated. the fan leaves and stems are coated as well. The smell is skunky, cheesy, pungent, and diesel-ish. The smoke tastes like very high quality charas, very hashy taste. The high is a combination of in the head and in the hamstrings - your head will be rolling along but your hamstrings will not feel like going anywhere. It seemed to have blue tendencies in some of the lower nugs, but I don't think that my temperatures will be conducive to colours. It is not like a killing fields which I've heard colours in almost any temperature. within 5 days, the first tangible roots had shown (not just white bumps, but strands), and within 10 days they were dying to be put under a real light instead of a t5. they were granted their wish at the end of the month: here they are, 2 days into their new homes, on the first of october: here, we have 9 clones around a 400w (which will be shortly replaced by a 600w). The one on the right, in line with the bulb and in contact with the screen, is a BZ#0 - a much, much more sativa leaning pheno of the same parents, extremely stretchy and 2 weeks longer flowering. That is why the other buckets have 2 clones per bucket and this has it's own. It is the smallest to start, but will rapidly take up more than it's fair share of space... This screen is 38" wide - 1m - and 40" tall - about 1 m. here, we have a total of 5 clones under a 400w with a standard reflector, nothing fancy. Two in 1 bucket with 2" net pots, and 3 in one bucket in one 6" net pot. The reason the pots are all over the place is because I planned on something different initially and then changed the plan a couple times before settling on this one. I have always been an advocate of vertical bare bulb growing - purely due to the heat in my country. if i lived in finland, perhaps I'd be an advocate of horizontal bulb orientation. But whatever it is, making assumptions with 0 experience and ambiguous evidence is not something I like to do. Hence, I decided to do the following: one vertical grow around a 600w bulb in an area of 1.5 x 1 m, and a horizontal grow right next to it under 2 x 400w with reflectors. It's not a good experiment, as there is no control, and the sample size is limited, and there are many variables that are not controlled, like uneven reflectivity and passive lighting from neighbouring lamps. but it should give me some idea of how these two systems work and how they differ. There is only 1 x 400w in the picture. the second will be placed adjacent to it, with a DIY reflector I made from a sheet of reflective material (possibly the same thing used in reflectors; i found it lying around at a hardware store and took it) that I kind of bent into a reflector shape. I also received this beautiful piece of hardware that i bought from Germany on the 1st; she was set up immediately, but was not used till about a week later; I did not want to burn the young clones. as you can see, the dial is kind of wonky and points in the wrong direction; the pointer is off by about 180°. I didn't even ask Gavita what was wrong, I figured it's some kind of manufacturing defect, could not find any others like it online...it seems to work normal though, it is pulling a hair over 600w/h so I think the functioning is fine. now, less words and more pictures: the 7th of oct, still going 400w on the vertical: starting to see the differences between vert and horizontal and their effects on the plant 10th of october, really starting to grow: (the new plants in the background are also BZ#1; the 2 buckets furthest back were removed later to make room for the Kolossi.) 15th of Oct 20th of Oct The screen has been put in place. Below, we see Kolossi, a week old or so. There were supposed to be 20, but just after sowing them I was forced to do some travel for work and when i came back 4 days later, there were only 15 that had survived. Due to some other unrelated shit, 2 more of them died as well, and I have 13 Kolossi. 25th October: the time to flip will come before November. It will be early for the Kolossi but I'm really only growing them to find a keeper or two, and they do not need to be at full size (I think) to do that. As soon as they're large enough they will be cloned. they are smaller than they should be as they have been a lot farther from the light than they should be. That problem should be solved soon. Basically, we have one scrog under a 400w, one scrog around a 600w, and one kolossal clusterfuck under another 400w. I hope to be cut and cleaned up by the end of January, ready to roll again. Best Vibes to All El Chupa
  10. This is the set up for this grow 1.2 m green quebe tent T5 for Early veg 400w Hps Ajust-a-wing 5" fan and filter + 8" desk fan, passive intake Small Nft tank Homemade Scrog-net 1m I'll be using GHE Grow Bloom Micro and Ripen, Cal-mag, Silica and Cane Sugar/molasses The plants are Sannie's Sugar Punch & Bomb seeds Berrybomb (backup plant) both Fem seeds The original plan was to do a 3 plant nft grow with no scrog but the Sugar punch dominated the plant in the centre and the berrybomb seems to be a lot more indica than the last one I had. I had a re-think. If you seen my soliloqueen/berrybomb nft grow you will know what i'm doing next push berrybomb out to the side and give sugar punch as much room as it needs. I'll do a full nutrent change every week and top up mid week with half strength nutrients. I've still to find the sweet spot for sugar punch. The EC is 0.8 Ph 6.1 I'll not go above EC 1.2 -1.4 Max and see how things develope? I just dropped the Scrog net on sugar punch, just using LST done the trick, I did not monster crop anything as she was so bendy and plyable ( just as i like me women...lol....) She should fill the net up nicely over the next two weeks and i'll just let berrybomb do it's thing on the side. Sugar punch is the one I'm interested in. Pictures will say more a bit more. Anything i've forgot to say or any question just fire away
  11. Hello, well do i need to cut the top of the plant to get a nice Scrog? It's the first grow i want to try Scrog like Sannie did... http://www.sanniesshop.com/scrog-growing.html My Plants are Malawi & Golden Tiger from ACE 100%Sativa. They are now in 30 Days of veg and i want to flip the switch to 12/12 soon... Can i also make cuttings when the Plants are i the first weeks of 12/12? many thx
  12. 2 Jackberry + 1 Herijuana DWC Scrog 2014 2 Jackberry +1 Herijuana. Hybridhygro’s 1st time growing Sannie’s strains. Here is the set-up for this grow. Indoor / Secret Jarden DR100 grow tent Light / 600w HM veg + Ajust-a-wing shade,600w Hps flower bulb + air cooled shade Medium / DWC 45ltr tub + net pot + clay pebbles. GHE Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom + Silica + Cal Mag. This is done with thanks to Hygrohybrid who taught me how to scrog and grow dwc Style. The 3 plants are in one large net-pot. I started from seed this time. This will be my 1st from seed scrog attempt. I started in root-riots then moved them on to coco. The plan was to do this as a coco grow, but they just sat there doing nothing for about 3 weeks? Change of plan, DWC it has to be. Soon as I moved them boom off they went I’m trying to make this a picture diary with a wee bit of text for each picture. You will get the idea ; ) How i start Sannies seeds How they looked after the transfer to dwc. Set-up for the 600w MH. The roots were getting to big for my 20ltr bucket. I had to improvise a lid and get then into the 45ltr tub. Some paper blocks out the light getting to the roots. I got my new lid for the tub and started to make the scrog cube. Started my low stress training routine, AT this point I think I should say they got mixed up and I’m not entirely sure what is what? I KNOW there are 2 jackberry and 1 herijuana…lol…they look like 3 deferent plants. As they look now in the pictures I think it’s Jackberry#1 and #2 at the front with Herijuana at the back. I soft topped the JB#1 Fimmed JB#2 and did nothing to herijuana. the JB#2 on the right is a beast. Tight internodes massive Indica leaves. JB#1 one on the right has bigger spaced internodes and just as big leaves. What I can see of Herijuana she’s doing fine. Out the tent, this is the Herijuana Got a bigger air pump Pre-LST Post-LST Added some weight to the one on the right This is from tonight. I’m looking to put them into flower this weekend, I had a choice cut a bit off my scrog cube or raise the plants a bit. Added 2 breeze blocks and it’s perfect ; ) After some HST and LST From Above Profile shot We are all up to date with this grow. They are on 420ppm nutrients with the EC around 6.0. Things are looking pretty good considering I’ve never tried a scrog from seed or grown any of Sannies strains before…I’m impressed so far @Sannie All 3 plants looks great. On a side not. My friend who gave me the seeds also started 2 Jackberry, both turned out to be males…lol…Good clones (thanks @fatrasta) are on the way mate hells bells this is a big post. Sorry about that. Hope you can get through it all more updates as we go from now on. Impute, opinions (good or bad) advice, is always welcome
  13. Hello Again. I’ve posted 3 plant and 2 plant scrog grows. I thought I would post this one plant nft Killing Fields scrog grow. This is the first 7 weeks of flowering in 12 pictures. This is my 1st time growing killing fields, only 6th scrog grow. Low stress training and multi-topping worked well on her. I use silica all way through as PH up. I keep the nutrients (GHE) at a minimum. Highest EC was 1.2. PH is around 6.0. I monster-crop and drop the net on day 1 of flowering. I decided not to trim under the net this time and get some popcorn buds for hash making. Only got 3 or 4 weeks to go. UVB light gets put in tonight, I’ll build up the time it’s on to around 4 hours a day(no shade this time). More to come on this one… Hybridhygro
  14. Thought I should start a thread so you guys know I did not just find them picture I posted…lol…This is veg had to last 10weeks so it takes a bit of doing. Lots of neglect to start with…low light levels and hardly any food… I started this berry bomb clone in a small grodan block, then into a jug with a small airstone. It looked like she was trying to flower looking at the trichomes. I got a new 300w CFL Bulb and started feeding her, it done the trick, normal growth resumed. I do lots of LST (low stress training) on my scrog plants. Using pegs is an easy way but it dose damage some leaves. I only did this one time for a few hours. The rest of the LST was done by hand ; ) Then the problem with soft water started. I soft top my plants I think the happened on the second or 3rd topping. … More LST I did not have any soft water nutrients but I did have cal-mag. I fed her 400ppm Cal mag.. BIG mistake! She went dark green…Never go above 250-300ppm cal-mag… she looked well messed up for a few weeks…long roots but all out the bottom??? I got proper nutrients for soft water and she’s looking good again. Topped her again last week. She’s got one more week in here. I’ll top her one more time before I move her into the flower tent. If I had not messed up with the Cal-mag I would have been overgrown by now so everything has worked out perfect : ) This is us up to date : ) I don’t use anything fancy I only got the most basic of nutrients but I think I can get my 1gram per watt ambition this time : ) 3rd time lucky…Plus I’m called Robert (after King Robert Bruce) if you know the story. I’ll just try, try, try again until I do it, just like the wee spider. Happy growing everyone
  15. Hi everyone, thanks for having me as a member : ) The name hybridhygro was a bad idea… I’m not hygrohybrid and never will be... I’m just a fan who grows in his DWC one plant scrog style. Now we got that cleared up I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I’m from Scotland and I had been growing my own meds in NFT and Waterfarm for a long time… I’ve tried soil and all-mix but I much prefer hydroponic growing. Last year I switched to DWC, I was lucky with my first attempt at DWC Scrog. I had lots of problems with heat and soft water in my second DWC Scrog grow. I’ve still to master it but I hope to do better with my next attempt : ) I’m just about to start some of @sannie’s Sativa strains, I’m really looking forward to that, a big thanks to Tich for getting me them ; ) Can’t wait to get to know you guys. All the best : )
  16. Welcome to PurpleDiesel grow journal my friends. Ill give you the basic technical details of this grow, but will try not not get too silly with that. Might get off on a tangent explaining my reasoning for doing something a certain way or whatever. Feel free to chime in, criticize, attaboy, or whathav-ya. This particular gal is named TenaciousD. Will be grown under 400w hps with blackstar 240 led for support, in soil, 4 gallon (50/50 ocean forest/black gold w 10% additional perlite fed with Humbolts entire organic nutrient line. I decided to do this journal for a few different reasons. I doubt anyone will really care about this particular strain. Hell, I don't really care about it that much either. At the moment though, this is the only thing going in my grow room. Which by the way is cool with me. My last harvest was bountiful, and being that I only grow for myself and a small circle: I have a shit-ton of smoke, but I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about- like every cabinet in the house has a mason jars crammed full of weed in it somewhere, two between the couch cushions. You know. Anyhow, yeah, I'm just not too excited. I also enjoy doing these journals, trading ideas, sharing photos and what-not. Besides that, there may be somebody out there who has never reveged a plant, so they may be interested in seeing that process. I do it from time to time, and I'm just saying - sometimes the growth can be ... unruly. lol. You may find yourself saying something like: "...that shit looks crazy.“ You'll see what I mean. At the very least, I promise some great bud porn in this journal within the next couple of months. So, I will ramble on about things. this is mainly for my own benefit, as I generally do these journals for myself. sometimes it's good to document the thought process as well as the methodology. The strain is sour diesel purple. I have no idea what the liniage of this plant is. Got a handful of these seeds from a friend about three years ago. He had self polinated one of his versions of this plant to obtain the seed stock. So I've been growing this strain off and on for the last few years. Its not my favorite but I do like it. Also have no qualms about experimenting with these. That way I leave the other strains in the grow room (the ones that cost money) alone. Now, this particular plant is affectionately named tenaciousD. Let me explain... I germinated a dozen of these seeds in one of those germination trays with the plastic humidity lid from rural king. When this particular seed sprouted- it grew directly sideways. So I open the lid to look the little sprouts after a few days, they were a couple inches tall at this point. Well this one here had its fragile little stem laid across the plastic rib separating the little square planting cells. The top portion of the seedling was laying on top of the soil in the cell next to the one it was planted in. I guess that moisture had accumulated around the area of the stem that was laying on the rib, because that section of stem was totally black and dead. I figured no big deal, just pluck the dead bastard out and throw it away, well when I went to pick it out of there I discovered that the top portion of the seedling had already put roots into the soil of the adjacent cell, and was alive and well. Tenacious. I knew if it turned out to be female it would be a prime candidate for some high stress, aggressive pruning techniques. Obviously it was female, and I pruned it with the intention of creating a bonsai style, or dwarf plant for a friends little closet grow. This was accomplished by removing every fan leaf and fimming the top. She was about 5 or 6 inches tall, with like 8 growth nodes when I did this. This is what she looked like. So I kept this plant at first because the guy I made it for decided he didnt want it, but after it began to flower I would have kept it anyway because this one is a variation of a recessive phenotype that only shows up in about one in 5 plants. Besides that, I liked it. Thats the story. Now this plant has been reveging under a led panel for about a month, and is starting to show explosive new growth. My intention for her is to veg for another 3 weeks or so. Enough to fill a 2ft by 2ft scrog net. I will start the first official week of veg next week sometime. Just meaning, at that time I will add 400w hps, begin feeding organic nutrients, and training her in to the scrog. Thats where I'm at. I'll update and have more pics and stories next Friday. Here is some bud porn just to keep it interesting. peace
  17. Hi Opengrowers, i'm a 15 years grower, but with not so many sessions, maybe 25/30 different one. I do love variety, so my grows was most of time perpetual and multi-strains. I do need right now to refill my stock, to be quiet at least for 6 months and prepare my next 2013 journey (India - have some teeth issue to fix at a human price ) , and as i recently try the Scrog technic and see how it is efficient, and because my box is empty and i buy a second one, i have the opportunity to grow only one strain in a (almost) entire grow box, under 1000W (600w HPS + 400 HPI-T). I never reach the 1gram per watt. Not far, 0,85g/w once. When i saw report where people claim this results is easy to have, most of time i don't believe what i see, and i wonder how people weight there stuff. I do personaly weight mine just like if i have to sell it in coffee shop, it means well dry, cure, without any other material than smokeable AAA one. Maybe it is an old habits from street deal where 1 means 1/2 to tell a kilo is a pound in fact ... I'm speaking of most of people, not from pro like sannie, his friends/crew, and not so many experienced growers; i do believe them without any doubt when they claim reaching such level, and all people can see by themself. I recently look at a thread at icmag, you'll find easily, a 5 pounds per kilo quest. The guy claims what i think at least half the amount he said. He said 3,2 pounds, i believe in 2, not more, i do know what is a kilo of weed or hashish since a long long time, dried or freshly cut, and the volume it means. So most of time i think the claim amount is bullshit. So, before holidays, 7 weeks ago i've made some cutting from my favorite hybrid, the TocnNycd i own ([The One x Chronic] x NYCD. She is a nice productive one and the perfect candidat for this quest. I already made two scrog with her, my 6th grow of this strain i begin to know very well. My Old 70+ mother take care of my cutting as she can, not so well because of a lot of factors, they were keep outside, in a not so good and sunny spot, a month under rain, an other under canicule, with many in/out journey. But she kept them alive. With root bounds, lot of bugs and deficiencies. But alive ... Except my Colombian 1972 and OpenSSH she did trim to closely .... So, first of all, my ground mix for the crates. Crates are 60cm x 80 cm (1"95 x 2"3), 25 cm (10 inches) high, so 100/110 liters each. They perfectly fit close together to fill the 120cm of my box. Still have a 40cm x 120 area where i'll grow 4 plants in 11 liters pot, my remaining keepers. A Cheeseberry Haze, a Lady Cane, both from esko first batch, and a ColxJam and an OpenSSH S1 i've made and launch from seed (because i loose my OpenSSH clone, for instance. A friend of mine should sent it back to me, hope so, she is my forever loving weed, and on the kilo++ i harvested, i found once a seed. Only One --- So let's pray (the pagan gods) ) How helpfull is 5 square meters of plastic sheet ... My mix is composed of : - (3x50) + (1x20) = 170 liters Canna Terra Pro + - 1x50 liters Plagron Royalty Mix - 1x10 liters reused Coco - 50 grams of Pirahna fungi & tricho - 1000 grams Plagron Bat Guano - 250 grams Bones & Blood Meals Watering @ ph6.2 a fifth of the crate volume each 3 to 4 days Calgreen@ 1/10th of usual dose, always. BN-Zym full dose, always. A trick i have for mixing the soil as well as possible, i use a cane to "plow" the added guano and blood with dirt. I fill in the crates, and sort the TocNycD cuttings. In fact i sort nothing, cause i only have 8, i was used to 5 plants each crates, but i think it will do the job with only 4 with some more days of veg. In front, waiting for their pots, Lady Cane, Cheeseberry Haze and Colombian Gold X Jamaican Lambsbread. And it is the time to make the net. As you see at the aboce picture, there is a metal screen, enough for one crate, it fits perfectly, but i wanted to have only one net. So i bought chicken wire, 4cm x 4cm, hexagonal. Cheap, may be 4 € of wire. I bought too some pine stick, twice 250cm for 2€ . Some angles and metal pieces for 3 €. Some maths, and some tools, and some hours after it was done. Comments #1 : That is my third Scrog. I previously use square net, and i just discover how helpful and, In My Own Humble Opinion, how great hexagonal mesh is much better. It allows you to twist the branches earlier, in a better angle. Forget square mesh ! ... To Be Continued ...
  18. So I am about to start up again and am interested on the idea of scrogging but I am not sure if the strains I have would be the most lucrative grow. I have never scrogged before but I have a friend doing right now, and I have some pretty good ideas on how to implement it. I am going to grow blueberry sativa, vanilla sky and a kf backcross thanks to the freebies. I am not sure if they would grow better as stalks or whatever. I will be using a 400 watt CMH in a tent 4'X4'X6'. Using organic sannies nutes and probably in 3 - 5 gallon pots. the last grow I had was in very horrible climate and was sufficiently nute burned but hoping that this round goes a little smoother. Any advice is much appreciated!!!
  19. Hey folks Just started a new round few days ago and I would like to share this in a new forum 250w GIB Lightning MH 600w Gavita Digistar / Philipps Son T-Pia Plus 60% Bio Bizz Light Mix / 40% Coco bricks in 11 and 9 liters Advanced Hydroponics 3-part Grow,Bloom,Micro Clones cutted 3 weeks ago and repotted in 11 and 9l yesterday. Bonsais; 8 months young My english isn't the best so excuse me for some mistakes
  20. Hey everyone This is a new grow which unexpectedly started less than a week ago when a friend of mine gave me a few outdoor sativa-dominant bagseed plants that he was unable to continue growing. 2 or 3 small plants I left outside, but 2 I decided to put in my cab for a scrog. Both plants were grown in a cramped cage in my friend's veggie garden, and one was LST'ed so they are quite weirdly shaped. Here are the 2 plants outdoor: LST: And the other one: And these are pics from this morning (they were put in the scrog last night): First, an overview: Left-hand side: Right-hand side: And a shot of new shoots reaching for the light: They are in my friend's home-made compost/soil mixture and seem to be doing fine. I am not sure what nutrients (if any) my friend added but I fed them a teeny bit of kelp extract and biobizz grow nutrient. All comments and criticism are welcome, especially since this is my first scrog grow. I am not sure at all as to what I should expect, and I plan to flip them to 12/12 in a week or so when they have settled in nicely. Cheers!
  21. Hello OpenGrow, Just to share my Pineapple Express grow. It's in a DR100 tent with a 600 watt HPS over it (not long changed from a 400 watt hps). It has an active exhaust venting through a rhino 150mmx300mm carbon filter and a passive intake which comes from another room via 4" ducting. The P.E. sits in a water farm (the smaller of the two farms) and has been fed on Canna hydro nutrients at EC of 1.0 during veg and 1.2 during flower. This plant came about because my first grow I did was with the mother of this plant. The clone was originally taken to be given to a friend, but once it became obvious he wasn't going to pull his finger out I took it from under the 2 x 45 watt 6400k cfl bulbs and put it in the DR100 under a 400 watt MH bulb. I think I flipped 12/12 too soon after the screen went in as the plant and buds are not a large as the first grow, which is a shame. However, I didn't want to run this again as I have lorry loads of different strains and this was just the first I picked. These pics were taken last Friday. This sunday will be 56 days (8 weeks) since 12/12. I'll admit I haven't checked the trichs yet, but it's starting to get orange pistils on it although the calyxes aren't as swollen as they were on the mother plant (which I pulled 11.5oz dry off). zamzia
  22. What makes a good strain for a flat SCROG? Stretchy plants? I'm thinking about doing a SCROG for the first time, and I am lucky to have a bunch of Sannie strains to choose from (almost all of the fems), and I'm just wondering which ones would be best for this? It seems like stretchy plants would be appropriate due to lack of light penetration to lower branches. I'd just like to hear others' opinions.
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