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Found 30 results

  1. I am a Veteran in Virginia that is retiring from professional life to focus on my health, which includes the use of Cannabis. Because it is still ILLEGAL (even CBD oil!) in Virginia, I went through the motions to obtain a permit to use CBD and THCA only to be told I couldn't get it yet... Since I also own a small farm, I found that I could now register to grow and process "Industrial Hemp" as long as the THC content is below .3 %, so I am now waiting on those permits and have also contacted the University of Virginia to participate in the only research program in Virginia I am aware of that is studying the medical aspects of Cannabis here. I have also built out a small grow and processing room. What I need now is Seed and/or Clones! I have found some local growers. However, I am finding that they all seem to require large purchases of 1000 or more clones or prices as high as $500 for a few seeds. My next step is to contact them individually to ask if they would make an exception in my case as I just want to keep a few mothers of particular strains that work well for PTSD, Anxiety, etc. But before I do that, I thought I would post here and get some suggestions since I am so new to the culture. I had hoped this would be as easy as buying regular cannabis seeds but it isn't nearly as straightforward with "hemp." So it looks like I will just have to grow and try several strains to find ones that work best. Anyone have knowledge in this area to help a guy out? Thanks very much!
  2. Hi new here this is my first time growing also and I’m probably on the wrong part but really need some help I’m growing 1 plant indoors on my windowsill so only natural sun light and water. About 2 weeks ago some of the leaves have started to curl? Can you help? Thx
  3. Hey gang. Updating you on my endeavours. Got some Boudicca and I love her. Love the British cheese and this is similar but better. Less musky and earthy than the cheese but still has that character with added succulent tropical and citrus notes and grows like a skunk. Have a UK blues that I'm going to pollinate with the best boudicca male (strongest tropical and cheese smelling and skunk shape). I want to see the results of two skunky British lineages combining. Might hand out a few seeds for free if they turn out good and if anyone would be interested. Though l am a novice really. Hope you like the pics, muckers. Other pics in the gallery. These are the bouddicas Blues female.
  4. Howdy OG'ers, I'm wondering if you need a zip code on the address to send Sannie a cash payment. I noticed there is one on his bank transfer info, but not the mailing address. Just wanted to make sure as your mail wouldn't go anywhere in the US without it, I believe. If anyone could help me so I can send my mail before the PO closes in a few hours. peAce mrG edit to add: anybody have an idea of the cost to send a padded envelope from Colorado or the mid US to the Netherlands? thx
  5. So mrs owes me a trip to the netherlands (smoke holiday) I know amsterdam has much to offer smoke wise... But also with culture..... Museums....blah blah. Do I tell her book amsterdam ? Or Where else in the netherlands can we visit thats good for smoke choice and other cultural activities, so avoiding the normal tourists and tourist traps ? Really like to hear from the dutch folk. Anyone wants to meet up and be our guide for a few hours ? Greatly appreciated. Shame whazzup isnt around as i remember the days when opengrow meets happened quite often.....can anyone hook me up to him....SANNIE ? Regards Hillcrest
  6. Hello Opengrowers! Spedning the last couple of months lurking here after a 5 year sabbatical from growing. Things have changed A LOT in the seed business but they have also stayed the same. LOTS of new seed companies but Sannie's is still one of, if not, THE best! Here's my question. Is Whazzup going to make more anesthesia seeds? Please keep those mother/father plants alive Whazzup. I really would like some of them as I am very familiar with the Positronis Af x Sk and can't stop imagining (obsessing really) how it is with the Heri. Thanks.
  7. Hello from Greece! I am new in farming i am currently grow for 4th time indoor and i always going with advertised seeds from famous seed banks such as Dutch Passion, Greenhouse, Crop king, and now Barneys Farm. Also i used Biobizz soil and nutrients. I now wanna try something different as i am not fully satisfied from the companies i mentioned. I am looking for seeds and fertilizers from Sannie's shop. Anyone has experience with this? I contact them to ask what kind of soil they suggest and they told me to use light mix and with their products Symbiosis mycorizha, perfect start, buffertablets, sannie's bacto, yucca and bac bloom i will not need anything else. I already have Biobizz nutrients used for my current grow(41 days in flowering) but i am not so satisfied. What do you think?
  8. Anyone order from these guys ? I'd sent a email wondering if they ship to Canada can't see where it says so on there site! Comments welcome !
  9. Greetings to all OpenGrowers! I have been a stalker on the forum for some time. Usually I find the info I need from archived threads so I never bothered to sign up. . . . The reason I finally signed up here at OG is my recent interest in Sannies Seeds (plus the other affiliated breeders on here). I have not come across another breeder that interacts with the community in the same was as Sannie & OpenGrow. Being able to communicate direct with the Breeder is a rare thing! A little about me.... I have been growing for about six years indoors (some half ass outdoor bag seed as a teenager got me interested in growing first). I started in a 1.2m sq tent with peat/soil and 'organic' bottles of nutrients. I had patchy Internet access and had to learn the old fashioned way- by making lots of mistakes!! The usual suspects- over feeding, overwatering, high temps etc etc. it took a while before I got any decent yield but gradually I got my shit together and became a bit of a 'nerd' by reading the grow forums and horticultural literature. I found my way to Hydro by accident. A friend had failed with his DWC and gifted me a few buckets & airstones with a small air pump. Even without a separate res and wild swings in EC and pH my DWC plants out yielded the soil plants by nearly double. .. . . I was converted to hydro from then on. I ran a large (by my standards!) room 4mX5m with 56 RDWC buckets and a scrog net over the top, the yield was good and the growth was very vigorous. The big problem was acces to the back of the room, I would crawl under the net to train and trim the plants and had backaches and headaches from the awkward positions and sometimes accidentally kick or kneel on a rdwc drain hose and flood the room (getting very wet myself!).... We thought about using several smaller nets or leavin a gap round the edges of the room but the plants just grew out into any free space so access was always a bitch!! After an issue with law enforcement I learned that any cannabis plant (seedlings included) are valued at €800 regardless of size! I also learned that any drugs exceeding €13,000 meant a mandatory sentence of 10 years! (30% reduction for early guilty plea!)..... This information changed the game for me!! Instead of focusing on yield per light or per sq metre I had to start thinking in terms of yield per plant. So anything over 16 plants means 10 years in jail!! The owner of the 4mX5m room wanted less plants in the next cycle, he set a limit of 24 plants and commissioned me to work some magic! ..... This is how I got into vertical bulbs and vertical canopy. First round hit nearly the same yield as with 56 plants! The veg time was about 3 weeks extra but most of this was done in veg room so overall the cycle took an extra 10 days or so. I was running an indica Dom hybrid that I had selected for scrog, it has minimal stretch and the vertical nets had some empty space towards the top (loss of potential canopy). The guy was happy with the strain and reluctant to run any sativas due to previous fails. I knew I could get more yield with a taller strain and tried to explain my logic but anything over 8weeks was not considered acceptable. Eventually we parted way (still friends) and he runs 24 plants vertical net style and gets less yield than when I was there but puts in less effort into the training/pruning and also he gets more popcorn buds etc he doesn't smoke cannabis at all so doesn't have the same enthusiasm for quality as me. I have had a short break from growing but an opportunity has come up and I will have access to a big room again. I want to run vertical bulbs with large plants / trees. The VSCROG net is optional (labour intensive) or I might just let em grow big... I got some NL5xHaze from Sensi to get me started and from 15 fem I expect to find a keeper or 2. I ran it before in a tent and had height issues so didn't keep a mother. Now that I have lots of head room I want to 'work with the stretch' and use that extra height to get more canopy. The price was ridiculous for the Sensi Nl5xHazes but I know they are reliable. I am here on OG because I intend to run some of Sannies / Esko strains. In Ireland weed is very generic, nearly always called "ammo" or amnesia even when it is clearly indica. Boutique or "top shelf" weed commands high prices and is hard to come by. I want to be growing something that stands out from the "ammo" and "cheese". . . . Something with a good portion of sativa to give height but eleven weeks bloom would be about as long as I would go for a keeper. I am ready to try a few strains side by side and hunt for that special mother. Sannies Jack and Killing Fields caught my eye (kolossus maybe too short/ indica like?) the Sensi seeds pack was over €200 so I am thinking that I should spend the same at Sannies and get many many more seeds and some variety.... Any growers with good yieldin tall strains from Sannie & co please chime in. The Jack & Killing Fields are already on the list... What else should I be trying?? Sorry for long post!! P.
  10. Greetings! Been a long time since I visited these boards and what a better way to get back than to start a grow log :-D Here's what we have- 40x Golden Diesel (chemdog x sour diesel) F4 seeds from the previous stock (new batch is currently drying with much better looking seeds) Much used living soil 5 weeks until a flowering room is open (1.2x1.2x2.0 m, 600W light) and the strongest 5 fems will go in. (might have another place for a few more) High hopes :-D
  11. Hello everyone. This is my 1st post on this forum and I'm very happy to be here, close to the many breeders and growers I admire. Respect to e$ko for offering good genetics at GOOD PRICES. Some of you may remember my Chocolate Rain grow journal from a different forum but here it is again for those who missed it. ENJOY! P.S. For this grow, I'm growing in subcool's ORGANIC super soil recipe with Vermifire as the base soil. Furthermore, I am growing in 10 gallon buckets under a 600W light during veg and 1000W light during flower, while using a Magnum XXXL reflector. The various supplements I used for this grow include blackstrap molasses, Hygrozyme, and Microblast. Here are some PICS in chronological order: Beginning: Started 10 Chocolate Rain seeds in rapid rooters..... easy. Baby Stage: 9 out of 10 seeds popped. Topped: As you can see, I also got 1 runt. Not a big deal. Supercropped: This is for bushier plants, canopy control, and bigger yields. Recovering nicely: Separating the Males and Females: Here's a shot of "Pheno X" AKA "Raspberry Pheno": Here's a shot of "Pheno V" AKA "Claw Pheno": Group Shot: I got 5 nice females from this 10 pack so everything is good.
  12. Hello, If there is any information or personal experience withX-HAZE, could someone please share it with me? it is my first grow, and did not find much info on the strain..... Also, if you look at the pics, would you think it is a good idea for me to switch into flowering? kinda limited on time, but want the biggest Fruits possible. Expectation of Yields? INFO: Sprouted Feb,1 Cotyledon leaves dropped ten days ago. Transplanted from 1 gal pot into 3 gal pot a week ago, Root Ball was MASSIVE. Pics Link: http://postimg.org/gallery/2okn2k4gg/ GreenJesus
  13. So a question that has been asked many times. Here is the situation. My girlfriend is coming to India from UK and is more than willing to bring some beans with her. My budget is about £100. I am limited to attitude seedbank because she is simply too lazy to do bank transfer or cash in an envelope, or i'd have picked up 3 packs of killing fields But that being said and done, it gives me a chance to try different genetics. Here is what I was thinking of. I am not really looking at 'value for money' per se, but more value is always better than less value right? I would rather have more beans to pick out a good pheno, I don't see the point, given my setup, to pop 2 or 3 regular beans and pick a pheno from those...i'd take at least a minimum of 5 females to get a rough idea of what a strain is like...i guess... in no particular order... 1. DJ Short - vanilluana (reg) - £90 (this is an exception; it's DJ short, and if it's as legendary as it claims to be, no regrets) 2. Paradise Seeds - Spoetnik (reg) - £90 for 20 seeds 3. Mr. Nice - Ortega (reg) - £70 for 15 seeds 4. Mandala - Satori (reg) - £70 for 20 seeds 5. Bomb Seeds - THC bomb (reg) - £50 for 20 seeds 6. Dinafem - Sweet Deep Grapefruit (fem) - £50 for 10 seeds 7. Gage Green Genetics - Healing Fields (reg) - £70 for 10 seeds 8. Cali Connection - Tahoe OG Kush (reg) - £67 for 10 seeds any advice, fellow growers? anything I should be aware of that I am not? best vibes to all El Chupa
  14. Hello all @ what would be fair to pay for 1 seed 3 seeds and 5 seeds and 10 seeds what would all of you like to pay fem seeds here and regular 10 seeds 20 & 30 seeds ? then very rare landraces regular 30 seeds ? from all over the world say nepal, india, and mexico, am asking this all to se what growers think is fair not the banks exept sannies shop that has them for free almost your answers will make a diffirance for the future just so you all know be safe bros and sisstahs
  15. Hi, I thought seeds lasted..... well..... Forever....??? I germinated a few fresh seeds for now... I haven't re-tried the old ones I have... They LOOK good.... Stored in a Film container... But my normal process didn't do anything but turn them moldy... So.... Looking for some experianced opinions...and maybe some funny ones too... . . I am Groot . .
  16. Hello all oger's have been so bizzy so i stop sharing for a while But i will be in once a week or so hopefully i have so mutch to talk about and i need to share to feel and be healthy so here we go outdoor beauty show from crack to harvest and many tips and tricks along the way here is the menu mazdiz is my auto flowering 5 generation 3 month auto flowering its a mazar with diesel ryder closly inbreed to look like one cola plants max harvest 170g in 100 days from seed lowest 50 jack herer Green hououse x mazdiz jack herer spain x sweet smack smack himalayan gold x white widow x sweet smack x mazdiz black domina x mazdiz jack frost x sweet smack jack x smack no 1,and 2 x mazdiz sweet smack smells strawberries indica domin plant but has much sativa in her mazdiz pure many auto flowerings super sour og emerald pure regular but my cross from 20 plants got 15 seeds to work with 13 is alive and kicking HD.1.1 putser finest lamusa x mazdiz i have a very rare strain i will baptise it to a greek name because its from there so i call her athina from now on jack x chitrahl mila seeds x chronich x serius seeds x sweet smack lasse hippy in copenhagen 10 years of work best medical i have seen in my life, i manige to give life to it aigain, thanks lasse bro i hope u fine were ever u are i have this now for 3 generations verry stable strain venus x sweet smack super smack x sweet smack insaneeeee this is most of them i think that i recall will follow with pictures soon just transplanted some of them so i had shit load of work installed an of grid drip drip system very easy to do drippings is every 33 cm and because i grow only regular seeds i plant them 2 in each holes so i have better chanches of one female alive. its a fokkt up to do this but in my book i need to to have the best genetics i have cracked alot of seeds old new what ever i have a ratio of cracked ones on my auto flowering 95 % and 90 % alive after cracking and the respons. i have tried many seeds so i came to the conclusion the most rapid growng is outdoor sun seeds regular once not fem fem has a difficency in their dna some how,, i have seen regular plants same strain as fem and their is huge diffirence in my eye in the scale i se the tree maybe on a plant 120 cm u cant even se what i se in my book indoor seeds has a difficency to in their dna too a plant has a cycle of 7 months most of you just made that 3-4 months that pass on on dna and no sun and most no veggie grow that to is passed on and seed, a clone no tap roots on clones what ever thats playing, for me seeds must be outoors sun soil regular and herm tested why the drip drip system cheep, easy to install no electricitty needed 4L an h in each dripp every 33 cm this make sure that the humiditty dont rise in wrong ours all kind of fungi comes then , and the water get so much oxygen down in the soil i have never seen so fluffy soil after watering its amazing what oxygen goes in the roots the only thing i added in the soil das far is blue stone for fungi and a organic root shit stuff in powder form its alive in the soil for 3v and i have the flowering food stand by and some pestesize around the plants so nothing will near them because i had to put them in the soil young i put them in water the 13 may and yesterday i transplanted them outdoors 2 days in water in 25 c and 85% was put in soil the rest the next day in soil i had no lamp so i did them with a regular metal halide 100w so they streched a little so i took them out they like the out better some died some live they cant stand the changes and the cold night such a pitty i dont care for the weak only the strong survive thats maybe because i have many seeds but on the other hand why have shit hanging around i think this will be one of my posts with no picture be safe keep pushing your limits all aire and jah bless us all more to come
  17. Hello all i just wanna share my long journey ive been a grower more the 2/4 of my life and i spend almost my entire life cultivating marijuana illigal but legal in my mind to produce seeds and fine genetics. you can find some of them in sannies shop as freebees! i just wanna thank my father in heaven and jesus for beeng close to me all these years and sannies shop and wietforum and all his sites for giving me the chanse to proof my self and show what i have acomlished And offcourse my teacher HD blessed love man and all of you in here! never give up it took me 20 years to do it! finally legal jah blessed love to all HD-CREW is born
  18. jimbo666


    OK Starting these reg seeds from Sannie's 4 amnessia and 4 ko kush Any advice 4 dis grow would b much appreciated I heard the amnesia is a big plant. I also heard it takes fuk all food. Then t KO kush wood b a small statured plant. I ave growin a JB X KO kush so im thinkin it will b basically the same? Cheers JIMBO
  19. A few days ago I got a package from the mailman. I soon as I saw it I smiled. Was expecting this for a while now. I went inside and opened it. En there the are my s5 seeds. I got these from a fellow grower in belgium near the dutch border. He never popt any of them. So im hoping to find the real deal. But heard alot of people who have said that all seeds ever produced didn't have the apects ore quality of the true s5 and where 12 weekers. Meaning the have nothing to do with the original. But I will see what the bring. Anyway I'll keep my hopes up. I'll update every week.
  20. Hey everyone! I am out of the loop. I see all of these great strains in the shop, some that are back, some I had been looking forward to, and some that are newer that I missed in the development stage. Just wondering what everyone thinks is top notch lately. What seeds really blew you away? Top 5, or favorites, or whatever. I am also wondering if I am looking for a good caramel strain, do I want CCK or CC??? I'll be catching up on the forums, but I'd be interested to know what people have been excited about lately.
  21. Hello OG members... I've been promising... or threatening??? to start this thread for a while now... too long in fact. in fact, the only reason i could take my sweet ass time with it is because i am working with a number of extreme sativas that take 14-20 weeks to finish!!! crazy right??? hopefully we can cut down on that with some... you guessed it, EXTREME indicas! so... this ought to be interesting. there are some beans that are from the commercial market, and some that are privately sourced and not widely available. since the genetics are limited and special... i started by backing some of them up in order to have more genetic diversity to work with. sativas: Indian Lowland Sativa: like an extreme green crack Swazi Red x Malawi Gold: Punto Roja Mango Biche Columbian Gold 1972 Double Jam Amnesia Her Majesty Green Crack - clone only Vanilla Sky Indicas: Cherry Pie OG - clone only NL x Skunk #1 Maple Leaf Indica Cheestral Purple Cheese OG SkyChurch Herijuana #1 Big Juicy El Cerebro Herijuana IBL K.O. Kush Anesthesia Caeser's Cheese A-Train Cheese Purple LA there will be more news about crosses i am working with here, that are not limited to this list. but this project should likely be the main focus for a little while. i'll also be working with some of the genetics that i have already developed. i just sprouted a tray of 50 Purple LA Cindy, and had 100% germ rates. great results for my first germ attempt. growing at a nice rate too! these were the seeds i was most unsure of too. so far so good. looking forward to those. i really want to increase Cindy's yield, and get a nice flavorful hybrid from this one. PEACE!!! keep it green!
  22. Hey OG! I thought I would post a good selective pollen chucking method I recently had really good luck with. I don't sell seeds or need 1000s of them, so selective pollination works well for me. This allows me to make some seeds in my flower room but not ruin my otherwise sensi crop. First, I will tell you what I used to do. I segregate my males to an isolated room with no fans before they started popping pollen. This is usually a closet with no air flow. A couple CFL bulbs on 12/12 is plenty to make these flower and start dropping pollen. Once they start dropping pollen I just shake the buds into a mason jar with some desiccant in the bottom to make sure it stays 100% dry. Pick out the staminate flower parts so you just have the yellow pollen and desiccant. I do this over a week period or so then trash the males. This goes into the freezer for storage. I still do everything up to this stage 100% the same. I would then take some pollen from the jar and mix it with some flour to make it go farther. I probably mix 10:1 flour to pollen or something like that (there is still plenty of pollen in this mix but you can use a lower ratio or pure pollen). I would bring my girls into a separate room with no fans. I do this around week 3-4 of flower depending on the strain once buds have begun to set. I would selectively paint individual buds with a qtip or small artist brush. I shake the plant off and then it goes back into the flower room. After 24 hours I foliar spray the whole room to kill off any remaining stray pollen. You can repeat as needed, but once is plenty to make a stash of seeds. This works quite well, but I would get some strays. The surrounding nugs usually have a couple beans and then you have some randoms throughout the tent. Nothing major, but it can be annoying shredding a seed in the grinder. I figured I would try something new this round. I went searching through the house looking for some sort of see through bag that I could seal off around a bud. I found some clear thin plastic bags that were long and skinny. Almost that material that old school hard candies would come in. I put a scoop of pollen/flour mix in the bottom of the bag, maybe a 1/2 teaspoon. I took my target plants to the room with no air flow and tipped them on their side. I eased the bag over a small branch and twisted the bag tight along the stem over the amount of the branch I wanted to pollinate. Then I zip tied it super tight in the twisted area of the bag. I shook the hell out of the bag and the branch spreading the pollen around and repeated that a few times. I put the plant back into the flower room for about 36-48 hours. You start to get some condensation at that point so longer is not recommended. Next, I pulled those plants back out. I put a small slit in the top of the bag and stuck my foliar sprayer nozzle in there, soaking the hell out of the bud and the inside of the bag until water was collecting at the bottom where the zip tie is. After that I just removed the bag and put the plants back into the flower room. I just got done trimming most of my crop and haven't seen a single stray yet, even on the nugs below the bag. The nugs inside the bag are extremely well pollinated. I would say this is a very good method for folks like me looking to make a few dozen-hundred seeds without risking your crop. Hope this helps! Dude
  23. Hello. Lurk Daddy here. Been awhile. Still need to finish that grow report from last year. Just haven't had the motivation ever since what happened earlier this year. Anyways my question is... Has anybody ever had their seeds taken from the police? Has anybody ever gotten them back? As far as I know seeds are not illegal. You can purchase them at dispensaries or at the cannibus cup here in California. Anyone that has any knowledge on the subject I would appreciate your input. Thanks and take care.
  24. High, today i put 10 Caramel Candy Kush from Dynasty Seeds in Spongepots. I will weekly update this report. Equipment: Darkroom DR 90 Homebox XS AKF Carbon Active 350-400cbm/h ø125mm LTI Rohrlüfter PK 220/360 cbm/h ø125mm BLT Boxventi 2 x 36W PL-L Armatur 400W Philips SON-T Greenpower HPS AAW Medium Gavita Digistar 400 Composana Soil At the moment i have some Starbud and Bubblegummer in my Bloombox Here two Starbuds.. Peace
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