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Found 3 results

  1. hi, 300 watt led 12 inches away from seedlings sprouted in a 5 gal pot. seedling is ten days old and is in Levington multi purpose compost with added john innes. was thinking light burn or nute burn, your thoughts?
  2. A grower has developed a pest problem. It is suspected silverfish issue but I said I would post here for a 2nd opinion as I am not well versed on this one. Recently bought Biobizz soil. European location. Within last few days as soil is new. "so today i have sprayed a strong solution of Deltametrine and H2o2 they are all dead" He is talking about when they water out. He can see no living bugs. He is trying to identify them. The plant is showing no signs of stress or issue but since recent transplant it may not be enough time so show topside. Pics: Thanks for input. My advice is this: Make or get new soil I really am liking the recipe N2 shared, in jets thread, https://www.opengrow.com/topic/50817-my-2nd-soil-grow/ I had seen similar to this recipe in the past but a bit different and I was not overly impressed but something just clicks with this than what I saw before. I recommend checking it out and following the directions. I think the aspect of the clear container when cooking is important and I only saw one other person say to do that. Extra: Treat new media with anti fungus gnat and predatory nematodes. At a minimum and this is my second favorite thing I have seen is to get coco (stringy/chunk and fine), Worm castings, "mushroom" compost, myco, epson salts, calcium, and/or perlite/light potting mix or soiless mix. 1/4 ratio of castings to other medias. Mix other medias and portion it out that way or whichever works for you. It is okay if you too much. Castings do not really hurt but just cost money. Mix all together and water in with a good vegetative compost/casting tea. Let containers sit for a few days but around a week is great. Right about the time the soil would want watered again is when I find it best to plant so the soil gets like a good breath and everything is fresh and waking up hungry. This is what I try to achieve anyways. However, what I would do is not necessarily what he can do. So any and all input is appreciated and I thank you. Hempyfan, Jah Bless!
  3. Hello, My plants showed yellowing tips around two weeks ago. I made a post here and was told it was nutrient burn. Now i'm thinking it might definitely be a deficiency. Uploaded are a few pictures, including the fert i am using. I water once every 3 days. around a Litre per plant. every other watering i do a feeding. How i feed is i water the plant normally, then after 15 minutes i make a tea of 1 Litre mixed with 1/5 of a teaspoon (12-12-17). I water using tap water. and I have been kind of changing up PH every now and then, but i don't think it is a problem as the soil always buffers it down to 6-6.5. Oh and btw can you check the pic of the fert i am using, as I did not see Calcium written on there!? Age: 45 days, day 3 in Flowering Pot: 3 Gallon Soil: Universal Potting Compost (A bit of clay in it) (also has 0.75kg of NPK per square meter) Can you please spot any problems or deficiencies? Notice the purpling stem? it is only happening to one plant though! Next up is the damage on the leaves.(Almost only on Fan leaves?) (Also new fan leaves start out with white tips) (Also a bit of dark stripes in the leaves) One last thing, I spotted a few(3) white flies, they were tiny. I made a solution of soap and oil in a spray, they seem to have disappeared. I am thinking Calcium deficiency? Then again i am a first time grower. Thank You for your replies <3
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