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Found 7 results

  1. STRAIN: SUGAR PUNCH (Super Silver Haze x The One) POT SIZE: 5.5 Liter GROW METHOD: Natural with some late LST. VEG TIME: 5 weeks from seed FLOWER TIME: 77 Days LIGHT: 400 Watt Dual Spectrum MEDIUM: Biobizz Light Mix SOIL AMENDMENTS: Perfect Start, Buffer tabs, Myco. NUTRIENTS: Bacto every two weeks, BAC Bloom once a week. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REPORT I haven't had the pleasure to grow this herb since 2013, this year I finally had the space and money to do it again It was a very easy plant with vigorous growth, many productive lower stems coming up and big dense main stem flower clusters, I was pinching the main stem once in a while to control height. And most of the plants got the gooseneck treatment mid to late stretch. (Question: Does this is anyway stress the plant toward hermie tendencies?) I roll a Jay, about a gram of the "rotten fruit pheno" I call it, really smelly during cut and trim... dried for two weeks and no cure, so this smoke report can't do the final smoke justice... With that out of the way, the initial and lingering effects of smoking this herb over the last two months every other day with buds from different clones and plant ages (never enough harvest to cure ....The onset of effects is almost instant with an electrifying skunk body stone enveloping you like a cozy blanket from behind with that yummy pressure behind the eye lids. This is complemented by the NYCD influence that imparts an energetic "flow" that leaves the body light and relaxed. I keep on toking and about halfway through the joint my eyes start to cross while I'm eyeing the ambers burning down By now I'm in an endless bubble of peace with a warm orange glow surrounding my being. It's cozy and peaceful.... I can easily control the the effects with SP, zoning out it in to the universe through your bedroom wall while watching colors swirl is very nice Meditating, Writing, Painting or Dancing are all possible thanks to the synergy between Sugar Punch and Intent... IMG_20190611_121901_1 (2)_Large.mp4 Thanks to @knutsel and @sannie for this awesome cross
  2. Hey OG'ers, thought i would put down a few words on my newly selected Selene Mother. This round i chose a green pheno with perfect structure and chunky yield potential, last years purple mother was an awesome smoke, maybe top 5 ever, it was fantastic, this green pheno may have beat it, really its that good, but uncured so far, time will tell. Bag appeal: really good, nice light colour with thick coating frost. Smell: unreal, thick greasy mango, lemon, sweet berries, and a hint of something skunky (ish) in the background. High: perfect 50/50 at this hope it gets better during cure & doesn't lose it. This isn't daytime smoke its an insane combo of really high and really stoned, this was taken at 8 weeks with about 30 % amber 60% cloudy 10 % clear trics. In short rocketship high and stoned to the bone. This pheno is possibily the philosophers stone of weed There is a picture of a nug in my gallery if someone can bring to this report plz, cant do it with my phone. Selene is the strain that keeps on giving. Hazy.
  3. hazydaze


    First run of Madberry is now dry, so i'll give an early uncured smoke report, they will no doubt get better as they cure; but they are of enough quality to warrent an early report. Smell: Amazing, if you like your weed to smell strongly astringent, then this probably isn't for you. On the other hand if you like the smell of a gummy candy store, then your gonna love it, myself, im in the later camp. You could probably grow this without a filter; put it this way ive got some bubblegum airfreshener that smells amazing and at least 50% of the time couldnt tell em apart. Taste: Berry, sweetness, so resinous coats all your mouth. SMOKE: major creeper, nothing much happens for about 10 mins, then hits you like a hammer,this may have something to do with the fact i kept smoking pipe after pipe, because nothing much was occuring. Major relaxation, couldnt put my head forward cause was convinced my eyes would fall out, cartoon dog styles. You will have probably have had stronger but its a very good quality interesting for an indica type high, lost in space thats on the stronger side of the spectrum, yet not too couchlockly. Over all highly recomendable strain. Hazy.
  4. Well, it's about 1am here and I can't sleep, so I thought I would do something that I had been meaning to do for awhile. I'll write a smoke report on one of my favorite strains, Huckleberry Kush.This particular version is the 2012 version sold at Sannie's shop until earlier this year. I was fortunate enough to get 4 packs before they sold out though. I grew her indoors, using only organic fertilizers and soil. I vegged her under a California Lightworks Solar Flare 100 watt Vegmaster, and flowered her with a Mars Hydro 300 watt LED (drew about half that power in reality). I used Sannies spongepots to start the seeds, and they worked great. Fro there, they went to some Black Gold Organic potting mix, which I amended with more perlite, some dolomite lime, some EWC, and some diatomaceous earth. For ferts, I used mainly Buffaloam compost tea, and Neptunes Harvest Fish and Seaweed. I also used Earth Juice Rooter's Myco for the base soil mix. Pretty simple shit really. DIdn't worry about ph or ec at all. I bought all that shit, and got tired of recalibrating it. Said fuck it! They collect dust now. Plants don't mind. I let her go about 8 weeks on the spot, and also only gave her water for the last 2 weeks or so. And she only got it when she was very thirsty. Also used blackstrap molassess most of the grow. People say you can, and some say you shouldn't. I say it's up to you. Didn't hurt at all. I used like a teaspoon to a gallon, basically just to feed the soil. Also had a mite issue, as well as heat issues. She still turned out great when other strains did not. So here is the part you blades really care about: Smell: Unlike the other pheno I grew which was very blueberry and fruity smelling, this one had a lot more funk. Like George Clinton. Pretty much smelled more afghani than fruity. Although, the jar that it is in has a sweet berry aroma that makes it's way out when I open it. Taste: This pheno was very earthy, with only a hint of berry. It leaves a film on the back of your tongue, like all good weed does. Expansion: Pretty smooth. No coughing. You can take a big hit, and not hack your brains out. Effect: Very indica dominant in effect. Makes me feel somewhat drunk. Granted, my head stays pretty clear but standing up becomes a difficult task to be honest. Not good bud for trying to do shit. I posted a few weeks on another Huck Kush smoke report about my difficulties trying to navigate around my local Wal Mart while stoned on Huck. For me, it's pretty much a couchlock strain. Hits to reach desired effect: 3 hits out of a good bowl, and I am ripped for at least an hour. Professor P is correct about the initial cerebral high, followed by a deep body stone. The effects don't seem to linger on like some though. The comedown is nice and soft, and it leaves you pretty relaxed. . Overall, this strain is definitely a keeper..
  5. Smoke report: Mosca C99 BX1, grown in May-July 2014 To see some pictures of the these plants, go here-https://www.opengrow.com/topic/48089-mosca-c99kali-mistsannies-jacksilverfields/page__fromsearch__1 Rating Overall-10 I seriously don't give anything a 10, but this one has it all. Yield, smell, taste, high, speed, it lives up to the legend. I understand this is original Brother's Grimm stock, crossed to get the fruity pheno. Not sure it's the same one Esko uses in his crosses. The only other plant I've enjoyed growing as much is maybe Sannies Jack, both have it all. I grew these in hempies, mostly organic, but Fox Farm regimen. True to their claims, they grow into monsters, with almost no veg. Flowering was from 53 to about 68 days, 8-10 weeks. This plant is a lot of great pot, in a short amount of time, with not much headache. Taste is amazingly fruity, like marijuana candy, pineapple fruit punch. The high-Initially, few weeks to a month cure, it's pretty good and great tasting. But where most pot stops getting better around 4 months, C99 gets REALLY good at about 6. I read somewhere else, it needs a long cure, 4-6 months, then, it is stoopid good, truly elite. In fact, I find myself hiding it from all but the best of friends and family, it's that good. I just popped a zip in a Ball Jar a few weeks back, at about 6 months, and my friends were all like, "WTF was that shit?! Was that dusted or something'?" It was one of those magical times when we were all much higher than we originally planned. The high is really neat, racing, laughing, maybe a hint of paranoia early on, then just a happy, old school, head buzz. It is not at all heavy, like say, a Silver Fields, Super Lemon Haze, or as confusing. Hell, I don't know how long it lasts, I could only wait 15 or 10 minutes before grabbing another taste. So the high lasts a loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggg time, I can't stop smoking it. This is a good one, right up there with Kali, Jack, or the best sativa buzz next to pure landraces. Highly recommended.
  6. HammerHead Smoke Report I found 3 pheno’s of HammerHead in my initial grow, two of which are pretty distinct while the third is a nice combination of the other two. Though they are all different in some ways they are also very similar in others. All three are similar in smell and taste but at differing degrees of strength. None of them are really smelly girls and they don’t become noticeable until late in flower. They share a pine based aroma with HH #2 on the weaker side with some earthy/cut grass smell tossed in. On the stronger side is HH #4 which reminds me of pine-sol cleaner, a more pungent and less sweet aroma. With HH #3 I found a sweeter version of HH #4 that has a bit of berry mixed in. HammerHead #2 This is the most sativa leaning of the three in appearance and effect. She grew 4+ foot long branches that culminated in big and fairly dense colas. She takes about 11 weeks to flower and never did show any amber trich’s. After drying and curing she was definitely worth the wait both high and yield wise. Her buds are long and made up of intertwined calyx fingers and are fairly dense for this type of bud structure. They are covered in trich’s and red hairs and even after a good cure they leave a sticky residue when torn apart. She is the haziest of the 3 in taste. A smooth but substantial feel on the intake with a hashy mouth coating thing on exhale. Most of her taste is evident on the exhale which is kinda different. It is a bit of a creeper this #2. I find myself going along nicely after a few hits and then suddenly I am really stoned. It is a clean and clearheaded high that opens the eyes wide and expands the mind. After some time the body chimes in with a very nice buzz and all goes along nicely for a couple of hours. It reminds me some of Esko’s Blue Rocket as far as the high goes. Relaxing, thought provoking, go and do something kinda high that does not incapacitate. HammerHead #4 This is HH #2’s evil sister. Her shape is much more Indica and her buds are more like door knockers instead of cola’s. Her buds are big and dense and lathered in trich’s. She took 10 weeks to flower and gave as good a yield as #2 but in a smaller package. Her smoke is harsher going down with a very pronounced piney taste and tends to expand a bit. On exhale it is heavy with a strong hashy/piney taste that coats your mouth. The effect is instant and widespread. I don’t want to give the wrong impression about HH #2 when it comes to potency, she gets me plenty buzzed and she lasts for a good long time but HH #4 just blows her socks off out of the gate. This is what I would call a narcotic high. One that overrides the moment and leaves you incapacitated for some bit of time. Whereas HH #2 is good get stuff done smoke I would say HH #4 is not. In fact, don’t plan on doing anything for awhile ‘cause it will be a real challenge. Take typing this smoke report for instance… HammerHead #4 ranks up there with the strongest highs I’ve experienced from bud. It kicks your butt but it doesn’t couch lock you unless you want it to. It’s not like you could do anything anyway, you’ll just be too high. HammerHead #3 This I imagine is what the boys at NAW were looking for when they created HammerHead. She has the same indica like form of HH #4 but her buds create dense colas with calyx fingers popping out all over. She is a sweeter version of HH #4 smell wise and was the smelliest of the 3 phenos. I could detect a little berry in this one and she was less piney in nature. She has the best overall taste, more sweet, less hashy and a definite berries and cream note. The high is like a tamer version of HH #4, not so in your face but still gets your attention. The body influence is just as good as HH #4’s but it doesn’t have the same mind disabling quality which can be a good thing sometimes. That, along with the same uplifting aspect all 3 share, make this a winning combination. Not too stony, not too heady….just right. Overall I am very impressed with HammerHead. It offers a little variety pheno wise. It’s easy to grow, gives a good yield and it is some really potent stuff. As I’ve noted a couple of times in my grow report my only minor issue with this wonderful cross is that her branches are too weak to hold up her big buds so she requires a fair bit of trussing up. Beyond that this is a particularly nice sativa dom cross that has the potential to knock your socks off. Can’t go wrong with that!
  7. This was my first run of Eskobar's gear and I am really happy with the result. I wound up with 2 phenos, one was Blue Rocket while the other leaned strongly to the Blueberry side. They differ in appearance as well as effect so I will do a bit about both of them. The bud spent 7 weeks in the jars, a week longer than I usually go but this stuff was really gooey and that extra week or so seems to help when it comes to grinding it up. One thing they both have in common is a very smooth draw, no harshness at all. Beyond that they are like 2 sides of a coin. I'll start with the Blue Rocket pheno first. The buds of Blue Rocket are a wonderful woven together mass of foxtail like shoots. They form long cone shaped buds of fair density that glisten with trichomes. I was impressed with how quickly they filled out and by the overall yield. The smell - once cured it has a sweet, kinda spicy scent that reminds me of sweet basil. When ground it releases a more sweet citrus like aroma that is really nice. The taste - a joint brings out all the flavors in this wonderful bud. I wasn't sure what Esko meant when he described the taste as "soft lime blends, some joghurt, something berries" but after burning one I could not describe it better. It is also a very smooth smoke, both in and out. In the vape the flavor was less intense and leans toward sweet berry something with a lime-ish exhale. Very pleasant overall. The appearance - the buds are a twisting mass of trichome covered foxtails that form into fairly tight conically topped buds. The hairs range from burnt orange to a cream color and tiny leaf tips curl around strands of foxtailing calyxes. Really pretty to look at and more hefty than it appears. The effect - Again, Esko was spot on with his description in Sannies shop, "Rocket in the name stands for the fast uplifting high. It makes people smile and happy". That's pretty much what you get with Blue Rocket. It hits you quickly but has a bit of creep to it as well. It is a very nice "high" with a little "stone" tossed in. I find myself going along nicely, getting stuff done until I have to program the microwave or something and then I realize just how stoned I really am. It is not an overwhelming high but rather a pleasant one with good legs. The overall body sensation from it is my favorite part of this one. Conclusions - I was looking for a nice daytime smoke when I ordered these and I definitely made the right choice. It is a nice clear headed, motivating type high that lasts well and has no big let down at the end. Everything about it, the taste, the smell, the high are as described and I look forward to running more of these soon. Thanks Esko! I'll be back with a report on the blueberry pheno.
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