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Found 34 results

  1. For some reason, I rarely grow fems. That changes this grow. There will be a repeat performance of my cuts of Peyote Pancake, my insomnia cure, and Lemon Sunrise, my eye-opening strain, but the rest are new to me. I bought a pack of Sannie's Sugar Punch way back when it came out, years ago, but never grew any. I cracked one seed and planted it outdoors, a few years ago, and it was eaten by an eastern cottontail rabbit. There are very few of those in my tent, these days, so it's probably safe to try again. I have two seeds left, as it seems I gave a couple away over the years. Both will be cracked. Bebop and Golden Goat are Irie fems. Both should be sativa dominant hybrids. Golden Goat is supposed to be a very popular strain in Colorado dispensaries, and is from an accidental cross of Island Sweet Skunk x (Hawaiian sativa x Romulan). Bebop is a cross between Blueberry Cookies and Arise, which I'm guessing might be a little more to the indica side than Golden Goat. Planet of the Grapes is an Ethos strain, which is a breeder I know nothing about and I know no one who has grown an Ethos strain, but there are some pretty powerful strains that I've tried from dispensaries over the last couple of years that had the Ethos name attached to them. So this is a role of the dice. Planet of the Grapes is supposed to be a heavy, stony, indica dom. So that's that. My old (Oh, must be about 8 months old by now — a Methuselah plant) Peyote Pancake cut will be going in again, and a Lemon Sunrise plant from the last grow will also be repeating. This is going to be organic soil. I will wait on running Octos until I have a few more keeper plants I want a lot of weed from. If I just grow a bunch of Peyote Pancake and Lemon Sunrise, my love for variety will cause me to whine and nobody wants that. When there are some exciting, action photos of the plants to offer, I'll post more. In the meantime, the traditional posting of pics of seed packets: There are a few other plants from my last grow that I'm still considering keeping, and those are the Killer Cookies girls. I keep going back and forth on which I like best, between the most GSC-leaning and most Killer Queen-leaning cut. KQ might win, but I think I have to keep the GSC leaner, just because it has trichomes on its trichomes.
  2. Hey im about to start a new coco grow in a few days ,so i decided to make a grow report (once again) but this time here on OG, coz i really like this place hehe. Thats my setup: 1,5x1,5m Growbox 430/800m³ exhaust runnin at ~200m³ (lol) 600W HPS Plagron coco straight from the bag 6,5 or 7L pots and canna coco nutrients this time i will grow following strains 2 sugar punch phenos (clones) 2 power plant phenos from spliff seeds (clones) dansk diesel (clones) afghan seedling from spliffs seeds ak seedling from spliff seeds super bud seedling from greenhouse master kush seedling from spliff seeds lets hope the spliff seeds seedlings will become females since those are regulars, but if i get a male i wouldnt be mad at all since its quite a while i had a male plant and a few own seeds would be nice. i think thats all for now and pics will follow soon cya
  3. Hi guys well I received 4 each 6 gallon octopots for Christmas and let the fun began line up Sannies sugar punch 1each @santero shiva og 4 each motarebel ‘ s rock candy kush 4 each Green rebel, lemon gas x 91 chem 3 each going to try for 1 lady each and make some seeds to keep around all in shot glasses for the night then paper towels till tap root is at least 1/4 inch then rapid rooters in solo cups , then in 5 in x 5 in sq pots till sexed then into. octopots
  4. Hey og'ers, I will start here my first little report on og. Hope you can handle my noob mistakes. My current setup: 1 Darkroom 240 2 dimmable Lumatek 600 W 1 Can Fan/Filter 2 clip fans 2 hortiline reflectoren Bio Bizz Light With Sannies organics Root Pouches 8,16 l I vegged the plants for 2 1/2 weeks, i fimmed some of them, they are now 3 weeks into flower. I will post the pics after this. 1 pic.: left side of the tent. With Headcandy and durganchitral in the back, strawberry cough xspacequeen in the middle, and durganchitral x blue hammer, killaqueen x blue chocolate in the front. 2.pic.: right side. Sugar punch and honey badger haze in the back, whiteberry in the middle, and slh with one honey badger in front
  5. STRAIN: SUGAR PUNCH (Super Silver Haze x The One) POT SIZE: 5.5 Liter GROW METHOD: Natural with some late LST. VEG TIME: 5 weeks from seed FLOWER TIME: 77 Days LIGHT: 400 Watt Dual Spectrum MEDIUM: Biobizz Light Mix SOIL AMENDMENTS: Perfect Start, Buffer tabs, Myco. NUTRIENTS: Bacto every two weeks, BAC Bloom once a week. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REPORT I haven't had the pleasure to grow this herb since 2013, this year I finally had the space and money to do it again It was a very easy plant with vigorous growth, many productive lower stems coming up and big dense main stem flower clusters, I was pinching the main stem once in a while to control height. And most of the plants got the gooseneck treatment mid to late stretch. (Question: Does this is anyway stress the plant toward hermie tendencies?) I roll a Jay, about a gram of the "rotten fruit pheno" I call it, really smelly during cut and trim... dried for two weeks and no cure, so this smoke report can't do the final smoke justice... With that out of the way, the initial and lingering effects of smoking this herb over the last two months every other day with buds from different clones and plant ages (never enough harvest to cure ....The onset of effects is almost instant with an electrifying skunk body stone enveloping you like a cozy blanket from behind with that yummy pressure behind the eye lids. This is complemented by the NYCD influence that imparts an energetic "flow" that leaves the body light and relaxed. I keep on toking and about halfway through the joint my eyes start to cross while I'm eyeing the ambers burning down By now I'm in an endless bubble of peace with a warm orange glow surrounding my being. It's cozy and peaceful.... I can easily control the the effects with SP, zoning out it in to the universe through your bedroom wall while watching colors swirl is very nice Meditating, Writing, Painting or Dancing are all possible thanks to the synergy between Sugar Punch and Intent... IMG_20190611_121901_1 (2)_Large.mp4 Thanks to @knutsel and @sannie for this awesome cross
  6. Hi fellow open growers, I got an early christmas present this year, and couldn't wait to try them. The New blue diesel was planted one day earlier, and was above the soil after two days. The other ones took a litlle longer. I noticed that the first leafs of the Shackzilla were much narrower then on the other two plants, at the time of birth. I see on the labels that the Diesel and the Shack are feminised. I read that the Sugarpunch and Shackzilla have SuperSilverHaze in them, I couldn't be more happier with that. They will be in a small cabin with a 250HPS, nothing spectacular. But I might take clones for next year's outdoor season if I like the result. Meanwhile in the living room: Bye, FOTH
  7. Hello everybody I was just transplanting 10 sugar punch into bigger pots after a 5 week veg and I have noticed 2 of them are REALLY sticky yet I have not entered flowering yet... Aside from the very bottom single stem near the soil all parts above are sticky and will leave a resin on your fingers with little touching. I have grown some other strains in the past but don't recall such a big amount of resin to deal with this early... I wondered if this hint's at anything? Is this a good pheno type? Or maybe it just means good plant health? Would be nice to hear your opinions.
  8. Hi all! I recently ordered some seeds from Sannie and decided to sign up here and share my grow. I figured no better place than here if I need help pheno hunting or with questions concerning these strains. This is my 3rd grow and my first run from seed. It's been exciting so far. I'm running 2 rooms. 1 is a 4x8 scrog under 2 Fluence Spydr Xplus 650w LEDs in RDWC I built to mimic the undercurrent system. I love the design of these LEDs as they cover my canopy completely. With Co2 they sit 6" from tops without light or heat burn. The 2nd room is a 4x7 under a Gavita E6/750 pushed to 800watts on a light rail in 5 gallon pots of coco. With the mover I've been keeping the light about 1.5-2 feet over the canopy without issue. Also a clone/mother cabinet under florescents. Co2 in both flower rooms in a controlled, sealed environment. The systems: RDWC is 13 gallon buckets fed by 3" pvc lines, 3/4" return line to a 1200 gph pump through a 1/2 HP chiller keeping my nutes at 65-68 degrees throughout the grow. 2 air pumps keep my dissolved oxygen about as high as possible. The coco is in 5 gallon fabric pots. I used DNA coco w cork and added perlite for extra drainage as by the end of flower I will be watering 3 times a day. I may build a drip system, but for now I'm hand watering 5 gallons am/pm twice daily. Drain to waste of course. Nutes: Like I said this is my 3rd grow ever. First grow I ran Canna in coco with some deficiencies, hermies, etc. This was my crash course in coco grow. 2nd grow I ran Nectar for the Gods line in coco for a more organic type of grow. Results were good on both grows, but the 2nd seemed tastier with less yield. The 2nd run I also had deficiencies, but nothing too bad. The Herculean Harvest just seemed to be clogging the coco at the end. Now, on to this grow... I'm running the full line of Cultured Solutions in the RDWC and the Coco following their feeding schedule. In coco I'm running 3/4 strength. In RDWC I'm very low strength. Anytime I exceed 220ppm I see nute burn. I supplement with 1/4-1/2 strength CaliMagic every feeding. In the coco during flower I've been also supplementing with leftover NTFG nutes like Yucca Extract, Athenas Aminas, Bloom Chaos, and their Guano tea. For PH up I generally use Potassium Silicate and for Down I've been using NTFG Hades Down. At the first sign of PK deficiencies I started adding 1/2 strength Beastie Bloomz (0-50-30). I'm in week 4 and haven't had any real deficiency issues. I guess I finally learned how to "listen" to what the plants are telling me and showing me early on. I will most likely stick with this lineup in the future, but won't know until they've cured and been smoked. Environment: 6000BTU window AC unit, 50 pint dehumidifier, 2 vortex fans and carbon filter, and Co2 tank Strains: I'm running Herijuana IBL, Fem Sugar Punch, Fem Madberry That's about it for now. I've gotta get some pics up in the next post
  9. Hello Opengrow, after mostly lurking for the past months I wanted to share some pictures from my current grow to gain some advice and share some insights with the community. It's 20 plants under 600w on 1.2 sqm, I know it's too much, I will put less next time. I say that every time 3x KF#7 (all phenos are own selections) 2x KF#11 1x KF#5 2x Shackzilla 1x Kali Snapple x SSH (sativa leaning pheno) 2x D's Jack (mystery Sannie's Jack cross) 3x Chocolate Cheese#3 2x Chocolate Cheese#1 4x Sugar Punch Chocolate Cheese, KF#11 and Kali Snapple x SSH are new this round and I am quite excited about all of them. CC seems to be quite sensitive to nutes and KSSSH surprised me by growing quite stout compared to Shackzilla. Day 7 D's Jack left, Chocolate Cheese right Chocolate Cheese left, Sugar Punch right D's Jack and KF in the back not such a good picture but I wanted to show the enormous growth of the past days D's Jack and CC 13 days of flower Whole tent 16 days of flower Killing Fields and D's Jack 16 days of flower from left to right D's Jack, Sugar Punch, Chocolate Cheese 16 days of flower D's Jack, Sugar Punch, CC day 16 of flower I use RFX and think that my plants would benefit from mixing it 50/50 with Gordan Growcubes to lower the sponge effect a bit. RFX seems to hold a lot of solution due to the higher amount of foam, however, I am still impressed with the plant's perfomance. Have a good week and stay safe. Luma
  10. It has to start somewhere.... Before I dive into my antics underway, here are a few bud shots from my last grow. Personally I like seeing bud shots when I open OG MzDrzz Took another run with this clone great structure on the plant and phenomenal flowers.some of the densest foxtails I have encountered. From Sinister Seeds Cut at 70/71 days Dried and pre cure….. KA Kush (she had PM come back again, she is on her last run now..) Also Sinister Also ran me some Dynasty Seeds Caramel Candy Kush: Clipped around 70-74 days. look @ the frost on the undercarriage here…. And also had a nice run of some E$cob@r Chocolate Rain, still loving on this plant, she gets some hard foxtails too. Had some changes in real life, I moved into a 95% work from home role when my company closed our local office. This afforded me the opportunity of grabbing some office supplies and as part of those activities secured a couple more cabinets. As such, about a month ago I converted one, so now I have thing 1 and thing 2, Needless to say should be extra productive as I have increased my space. I am going to stagger them and hopefully get to the point of harvest every 4-6 weeks. So here are some basics for the run, I will have two setups: Thing 1 - the original cab. Same setup as usual, 400 W digital ballast in a vented hood, hydro system, 12 spots. I am running a new nute regimen this round from mbferts. They have their own powdered food and since they have been great on other merch, figured I would give this a spin, especially since my local hydro guy decided to flip the script and drop my jungle juice, so check in on this journal if you have looked into their nutes, I’ll be using them and will share and report results. I also implemented a Solistek MH 6K, for veg in Thing 1, plants are responding well, and definitely seeing some nice growth. This cab has been in Veg now for just about 3 weeks. Thing 1 Lineup: (4) Chucky Bride (3) Sugar Punch (2) MzDrzz (Ms U x Drizz) (1) Chocolate Rain (1) KO Kushx(CJxGM) (1) Lemon thai Thing 1 Thing 2 - new cab, been in bloom for about 3.5 weeks, Running a 400W Magnetic ballast bare bulb setup, hortilux, inspired by Indi, I have to give this method a try. Also changed things up and I am running a organic soil mix, based mainly around the Rev’s formula, but I don’t have feather meal and few other ingredients (oyster shells, alfalfa husks and a couple other). I’ll post a list of whats in here in a bit, once I pull that up. I am excited about the christening run for this voyager, she is getting some of my older Mom’s and some other plants I had that just needed to get going. Some of the Mom’s had PM a cycle ago, and PM came back to visibly show itself around week 4 in the last flower run, I am done with the struggle and sending them for final bloom. Thing 2 is planned to be about 4 weeks ahead of thing 1 in general, this should afford me with more turns. Her current lineup: (3) KA Kush (2) KO Kush (4) Caramel Candy Kush (1) Chuck Bride (1) MzDrzz (Ms Uni x Drizz) (3) Raining Caramel Kush ((CRxKOK)xCCK) (1) (CRxKO Kush)x Blue Chem (2) DeathStar x (Huck/Silverfield/Choco Rain?) ((2) diff pheno) Overall in here things are looking great. Soil seems to be holding its own and allowing me with some more flexibility, as soil affords me some freedom to move things around that I just don’t get with Hydro. Thing 2 KA Kush MzDrzz Overview of box Week 2: Week 3: Death Star x Huck Kush (these were test clones for determining sex, I have two females!! KO Kush Brain Rain x Blue Chem (Personal Cross I made (Brain Rain (Chocolate Rain x KO Kush)), never ran before, she’s a lady!) Caramel Candy Kush I will try to post again soon to catch you up on where this is at soon, I am a week behind on pics. thanks for looking and feel free to comment and what not, it's that dialog that helps keep these threads moving. enjoy
  11. (Original report: http://www.wietforum.nl/topic/120740-1x-sugar-punch-200w-diy-led-mainlining-bio/page__pid__1426532__st__20#entry1426532) Greetings my fellow growers! With Crimson and others "going international" I decided to put my joint down for a minute and post my Wietforum report here instead of postponing it This is my first grow so any tips, advice and feedback is appreciated! If you have any questions, shoot! So let's start off with the setup: 1x Sannie's Sugar Punch Feminized 25L of Plagron Light Perlite mix 1x Sannie's bio starter package (tabs, funghi, etc. - see Sannie's site for details ) 4x Cree CXB3590 3500K 36V, running at 50 watt per COB, cooled with Arctic Pro 11 CPU coolers and powered by a Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B driver. All this goodness was put in a Secret Jardin DS60 with a Winflex fan and a Prima Klima filter, with a clipfan on the side. I decided to mainline her because it sounded like a very interesting concept (especially for a stretchy plant) and so far, I have no regrets! The lights (rotate button refused to function)(The wires are less messy now, that was the first trial run) : This is her at day 22, ready for her first haircut: And after: I let her grow out for a bit again, cut her for the second time 4-5 days later, and gave her her third haircut when she was 32 days old: Now we are at day 49, I flipped the switch 9 (actually 10 now ) days ago: You can see the mainlined hub nicely on this picture, she's been hitting the gym It will be interesting to see how much she is going to stretch the coming days, but so far so good. As far as I can tell she looks healthy and strong (some purple on the stems but that comes and goes when I tie her up ) but if anyone disagrees, please let me know! Until the next one, - Henk010 EDIT: I forgot to include a picture of the second pruning, the plant was cut 3 times in total to end up with 8 mains!
  12. Hello OG! My 1st half diary here. Grow report not started since begining because i lost labels on pots and had issues with my camera. Pots are 20 liters and soil mix is Gold Label Special mix Light + Sannies buffer tabs, mycorizzae and bacto. All seeds are sprouted over 10 days period and i gave them little BioBizz root juice. Bacto added every week together with worm castings tea + little Sea Kelp and Fish emulsion 2-2-2. Sprayed them foliar until beginning of flowering with Algae. Since i was very curious about different fertilisers im adding since 12/12 flip on half plants Biocanna Bloom and Bio Boost +Rhizoactive and on other half plants im going with Biobizz half recommend dosage. Got some light fingertips burn on some plants which i gave Bio Canna. Overall im very satisfied from last grow when i used Biobizz ferts..yield is not big as with mineral ferts but oh man taste and potency is beyond any expectation and i warmly recommending every one switching to organic. However as i said i lost my marked plant labels and since im newbie grower i cannot recognize from structure and phenotype or smell.. For sure i can recognise Sugar Punch 100% without any mistakes, and Choco Rain because brown color and DJ Short famous Kush claw trait. But nothing else..even im not sure what plant is Heri because that plant which i think is Heri look very similar with CR or CC plants.. Maybe later when they become more ripe i can recognize them more but for now im not sure. Strains suppose to be: 2x Sannie's Jack- one failed germination 2x Shackzilla 2xSugar Punch 2xChoco Rain 1xHerijuana 1xChocolate Cheese I have one hermie either CR or C.cheese, not sure which. Grow Tent is Homelab 120x120 with more than sufficient ventilation and average temperature of 26 celsius. Humidity is 60% in veg and slowly decreasing untill half bloom and now is 40%. Some of them are at end of week 4 and some one week later, week 5 bloom. Veged under 250 MH and 2x150 led by Hans. First 2 week since 12/12 flip i keep them under 400 hps and when they begin to stretch and throwing flowers i switched to Gavita 600. I have 7 plants in grow box and 2 other plants under 2x150 LED in separate flower area. Those picture with too many plants is just for demonstration purpose. I guess those two under LED are maybe Shackzilla... Lucky or not until now i dont have any issue.. Other than those hermie or maybe was male in fem package. Seem like buffer tabs working flawlessly. I will keep using them thats sure 100%. Thank You for any comment and if you recognize some plant please name it, there is numbers on every picture. Sorry for average photo quality. Take care and spread love. p.s Pictures coming in next few min, just to sort out.
  13. Hey guy. Can anyone drop any info on how strong these two strains smell during the life of them? l am doing them and l'm noticing that they are stronger smell than the Hercules l had. Hercules barely smelled at all. l'm enjoying the smell though. Very old school.
  14. As of July 1, 2015 it is legal for all Oregon residents to grow up to 4 plants! Here are my outdoor ladies this year started from clones L - R: Sugar Punch, Killingfields x Dairy Queen, Old Glory Not shown: Herijuana x Dairyqueen
  15. Hello fellas, Shit has quite hit the fan past months but I wanted to share with you my current grow. Plants are on 1.2 sqm with 600w on mapito. Pictures are from day 8 & 14 of flower. Zamba one ofour own crosses, we are the most curious about. Zamaldelica x Bangi Haze grows surprisingly stout, but branchy. 8 14 Aztec Rain 8 14 The towers in the back. Oaxacan 8 14 Cocoa Puffs 14 only strain showing these symptoms of overfeeding or pH issues.Kicked the mum I can't keep troublemakers!!! D's Jack 14 Old seed from a friend of mine. A pretty quick Sannie's Jack male polinated his plants. Among them Lemon Skunk which might have been the mother. Other plants were Kf, Lemon OG, Killer Queen x Blue Hammer. Looks familiar to anyone? Sugar Punch 8 14 Killing Fields 8 Left #6 right #7 (own selection) In the middle Cocoa Puffs 14 #7, #6, #5 Cannalope Haze ex-mum As I due to an emergency had to accomodate also the mother plants of a friend my place was so overcrowded thus I almoast threw her out without ever growing her. Well let's see whether she's worth it. I received it as a clone from a sho in austria but not the capital, so I can't verify anything regarding these genetics. Everyone's expertese is welcomed. Hope you enjoy the pics and maybe you have some advice for me except of planting to many clones, I figured it already out my self. However I can't help it. Luma
  16. Hi Guys, I'm back again for more advice I'm currently growing 6 strains outdoors (in South Africa) in 50 L pots, including Sugar Punch (I'll post up a grow journal as soon as I get some nice pics of them ). The average plant height is about 1.5 m. The fuckup is that one of my Sugar Punches started flowering far earlier than expected---while I was on holiday---and while I still had a bunch of flowering males around (some amateur selection). She was pollinated, but thankfully rather early on, and only the preflower at each node was pollinated. Still, this means that each of her 20-odd branches have around 15 seeds developing, and judging by the early (very mild) P & K deficiencies she showed before a transplant, it's sapping a fair amount of her resources. My question is: will removing the developing seeds cause more harm than good i.e. cause her to throw male flowers? I've got a picture of a younger side branch below. Buds are still developing, but ~300 seeds is sure to be quite a drain... Opinions/experience?
  17. Whatup OG! Well I thought it was about time to start a grow journal since I've got my new DIY LED light up and running and everything is pretty much how it's going to be going forward through this winter. The setup is: 200W DIY LED (Meanwell HLG-185-C1400A + 4x CXB3070 AB bin) this is my first build like this and honestly right now this thing is so bright and runs at such high current that it scares the shit out of me! But it has been running well all night and today so I'm sure I'll get used to it. Everything is running nice and cool and there has been about a 7 degree F drop in temp over using the 400w HPS dimmed to 200W. 120CFM exhaust fan with Phresh carbon filter (really just there for smell) 32x32x60 Lighthouse hydro bloom tent Small seedling/clone/ veg tent 4-bulb T5 Fluro for the seedling tent Pots are 5G rigid nursery pots filled with a 1:1 mix of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest. Right now they have dutch white clover growing in them to get the myco colonies established and some living mulch going before I put the canna girls into them. Small pots are 1G rigid nursery pots with pure Happy Frog to get the seedlings established. In future the rapid rooter plugs with seedlings will go directly into the 5G pots as the soil should be mellowed out in future runs. For nutrients, the plants will be given nothing but what is in the soil, water and some humic acid every other watering or so. I also added an inch or so of compost to the top of the soil to get some life going. If deficiencies do pop up in bloom I will feed with Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed, an organic hydrolyzed fish nutrient with added seaweed. This should have enough available nutrients to overcome any nutritional struggles the plant is having short term and it's also good for the soil long term, so it's a win/win! The soil will not be tilled or replaced between harvests. I think that's pretty much it for the setup. For genetics this run we have 2 Sugar Punch fems, seen center, and one Strawberry Blue fem from World of Seeds. The strawberry blue was a freebie I know nothing about so it should be exciting to see what it can do. This is my first grow of SP as well so I'm STOKED to see this strain in action. The little seedling on the left is a Mango Tango reg seed (Elemental Seeds) and won't be blooming in this run. Mango is my favorite flavor in the world, so assuming it's female (hoping) I have high expectations for it in the next run. It will be going back under the fluro light while the other 3 bloom and will go into flower in a future run. The bigger 3 are 3 weeks from seed right now (I think...stoner lol), going into their 4th week. After the 4th week they will be transplanted into the bigger pots. A week after that they will be flipped into 12/12. Waiting in the wings for future runs, I have more Mango Tango regs, Cheeseberry Haze regs, Purple Storm & Aztec Rain fems, 100+ bag seeds from a seeded ounce my wife got for cheap, some freebies of Indican's Huckleberry Kush x Bhodi's Snowqueen x Chimera Blockhead, and a couple other freebies that I can't remember right now... Anyways, I'll try to post new pics often and hopefully things will get pretty exciting in the new few weeks...Cheers
  18. Hi everyone, Welcome to ROUND 2. I wanted to make a new thread to showcase new genetics from Esko & Sannie and my first experience with Hempy buckets. Round 2 is all about looking for some keepers. I'm hoping to pick 3 keepers from 10-12 females. Due to the summer heat, I'm just taking it easy, vegging under fluos until mid September. I'll run a perpetual setup and harvest every 2 weeks for 2-3 months straight. By the new year, I want to fill the entire tent with clones from 2 keepers and just do 1 big SCROG. The new genetics: After 5.5 days in spongepots, they were ready to be transplanted x5 Holy Princess x5 Chucky's Bride x5 Jackberry F4 x2 Esko Blueberry #3 x1 Riri Sour Diesel X Esko BlueBerry Holy Princess Chucky's Bride Jackberry F4 Blueberry #3 Riri SourDiesel X Esko Blueberry Alright, that's it for now, just wanted to get the thread started I will update with the plants that have been in veg and reveg when I get home tonight. This round is going to be a blast...
  19. Hey People, i just chopped my first Sugar Puch ever like some of you might have seen in my KF growlog. I will now try to recall what happend when i and my growmie tried the first sample of it last wednesday. We use one hitters made of glas and only smoke pure. At first the facts: One seed was germinated and popped after aprox. 30 hours. I must say i was a little frightened because the seed looked small an light colored. But everything from 18 to 30 hours is a real fast germination in my opinion. I used the paper towel method with a heat mat at 23 degrees C. She was set into the bloom tent just after she showed above the surface. I putted her into a 5L pot after a week or so. It was mixed with one half canna terra pro and one half canna terra pro plus and some extra perlite. I also added some myco and worm castings. She got black diamond and also some guanokalong bloom. She showed the first flowers at aprox. 2.5 weeks. Flowering time: 65 days 12/12, she had abot 90% milky and 10% clear trics then. The Look: It looks fabulous. Resin all over which showed really early! At first i thought she was a pure green pheno but in the end there are purple hues in the calyxes. Really good bag appeal! The Smell: For me it smells like cotton candy and a bit like petrol in the end. There is also some vanilla in it for me. It has somethin from one KF Pheno i have which i called bubblegum pheno at fist. My friend smelled burnt rubber at first. This was just 2 weeks dried and not cured, so it will change i think. The Taste: It is almost identical to the smell. It is vanilla sweet when inhaled and gets really tasty on the exhale. Its hard to discribe. I say sweet matall taste with nuts and a resinous taste. It really expands in the lungs an made my growmie cough a lot. It is yummie!! The High: Whooa. That is legit! The onset is really fast. It hits fast and hard, directly in the head. My forehad just felt like my cap is too tight from one second to the other. That lasted a few minutes and what happen then just happend maybe 3 or 4 times in my life. It kinda knocked me.. It got higher and higher fast and set into a racy paranoied level. (that was after two more hits) I tend to luv that state really but Sugar Punch stands out! I asked my friend and he felt the same.We wanted to harvest a few plants fast after smoking but somehow it took us very very long to cut 3 plants. The high also lasted very very long. I smoked 3 one hitters at 4 in the afternoon and it lasted strong till 11 in the evening. Then i smoked chuckys bride to go to bed haha I really have a high tollerance and i have to say Sugar Punch is nothing for the occasional smoker. I tell u to smoke one and the wait for an hour! Resume: I popped four more seeds and i want to see more Sugar Punch! For now number one is a keeper! It is my sixt Sannies Strain and i waited long for the seeds. I must say one more time a winner! For me my favorite besides KF i can say now! But i think its only for the weekend! Hardest hitting strain i tried from sannies and maybe ever. Thank you for this outstanding gift Sannie! bOom 100
  20. Seemed like forever to get these going. Get set up, order seeds, wait..........wait...........wait...........lol. Have LOTS going right now, but my whole grow WAS about these lil Girls. Just now getting to them. About DAMN TIME!!!!! So, got the seeds............was pissed about them. They were young, very small, very light, even bitched about it to the "maker":wall: . As it turns out, the seeds were just fine, VERY viable, lol, and I have made amends to the "maker".........lol..... Threw 10 down, all 10 came up within hours....... Decided to give them their own Cab and light setup............for now anyways, till a real Cab opens and they are big enough to turn. Go to the Hydro store, have made friends with the owner, to get another CFL...........to veg the S.P. under, as ALL my lights are being used!!! Let him talk me into a T5. Never used one, never even seen one before........VERY COOL........IF........it throws enough PAR. Not too sure, he swears it will!!! Gave me good deal on a 8 tube SQUARE set up. I like it so far. Lets see if it works well. My whole plan with The Sugar Punch is to keep them tight on the dirt. Just blast them with lumen's keep them short as I can. No cutting, but I will pinch the crap out of them. Was gonna throw a 400 MH on them, but my friend tells me this will work just fine, and I can keep it real close. Sure hope he knows of what he speaks!!! They have a wicked stretch, I have little headroom here, so they are gonna be trained from the get go to go wide, not tall. This T5 thing better not let me down and let them stretch, would not be good at this point. I will let them go 2 days and see whats what. If they are coming up much, I'm putting a big light on them. I put down 10, all came up in less than 30 hours. All were healthy, none had issues. I'm down to 6 nowo_O The friend that gave me "Cloud Watcher" , which is just superb, needed to be gifted..............he gave me something SPECIAL, I wanted to do something for him, so I gave him 2 seedlings. The friend who got for me The White Widow(special too!!!) and Euphoria, and TrainWreck, well, he went WAY out of his way, spent much time, and I gave him 2 seedlings also. Funny thing is..........neither has ANY CLUE what Sugar Punch is, lol.........and to be real honest, lol, I do not think either one cares........lol........but THEY DID appreciate the gifts!!!! Lets see if this Lady lives up to her hype. I have 6 healthy females to work with, I'm gonna give these my best shot!!!!
  21. Hi OG, Welcome to my first grow report (not my first grow...)! Let me start of with the specific hardware im using: - sj ds90 - sj tneon 2x75w X 3 = 450w mixed and adjusted lightspectrum - davin dv12 relais - 2x 5w clipfan - 35w exhaust with an odorsock filter (need a new one real soon) - passive intake of fresh air - 19l smartpots And now on to the software (my favorite part): - customized mix of 40% cocomix, 30% allmix, 10% wormhumus/premix and 20% lightmix on top of all that goodness - nutes are (in order of use) rootjuice, leafcoat, algamic, bio grow, bio bloom and topmax - for safety i use neem oil - water from Montcalm (ph 6,8) to start, later on just plain tab water (no ph measurement) Except for the water and neemoil im using Biobizz all the way. On the 7th of september i planted 5x sp and 2x kf freebee in little pots (i was out of spongepots ) filled with lightmix and drained with springwater and rootjuice and placed them under a 23w bathroom tl. After 4 days all the sp´s came out and the kf was no longer among us, RIP. I was hoping for a room full of half-sisters but a room full of sisters is equally nice when its Sannies sweet sugar punch! Untill the first of october they were under 75w 6500K and 75w 9000K in the same small pots. Then i transplanted them into 19L smartpots with the fresh mix mentioned above and they were fed rj and algamic in small doses while standing under 300w of 6500 tneon, 24/7. On 10/20/2014 i switched the light to 12h (in 3 days time) and added extra tneon, spectrum is 6500K and 2700K (50/50). Half november they stopped streching so i changed 2 out of 3 cool white with warm whites tneon. I got a weird contruction of bamboosticks to control there height, but these ladies are so full of power they forced some of the sticks out of the ground By now there in full flowering mode and i will place picures asap to prove it (got myself a small OG camera for that). Let me finish my first chapter with two remarks: - one (out of 5) sp is behaving crazy! she topped herself and keeps on growing like she´s a wild sativa thang... - everybody scared me so much for overwatering that i consequently underwatered my first year of growing untill my personal teacher told me to really listen to him I did and im loving the result... Hope to get lots of comments, be hard on me not my babies/ladies... Did i thank Sannie already for all this genetic magic? Let me do it now. Thanks sir dude! Peace SW69
  22. so i got a sugar punch male out of my fem pack evidently...don't exactly know how that happens, but... should i use him for crosses?
  23. Figured I would post pics of the Sugar Punch and some other strains I have been growing so we can see the the differences of what Sugar Punch looks like when its truest expression is brought out through the organic method. So far I have cut down 1 Sugar Punch. Its a blueberry leaning pheno type. Went 7 weeks could have gone another 5 days for a more robust terpene expression. The plant yielded 4oz 10 grams. I will also post new pictures as they come to the chopping block. I have 2 or 3 that are coming down tomorrow. I will post those pics the following day. I promise what coming out of the garden is going to be the best shots of Sugar Punch I can give. Some of the phenotypes are mind blowing. I have one that looks like a cactus, smells like lime skittles. A huge yielder that smells like feta cheese berry and diesel. Absolutely covered in trichomes. The nycd in this cross is where those special smells come from. Sugar Punch is really special.
  24. Hello friends, I grew out a single Sugar Punch seed along with everything else in my garden and here she is. I germinated the seed the last week of May and put it under 12/12 2 weeks after it had rooted in the solo cup and spent a week under 24/0. I had never flowered a plant like this before, I usually wait until they show sex and then put them into flower. Needless to say, had I left this girl vegetate any longer than I did she would have been taller than the 7' monster it turned into over the course of the 4+ months she grew. Once she stopped stretching and had overgrown my space I supercropped the top 16" which resulted in the flower creating a "collar/necklace" of pinecone shaped cola's. I was very impressed by that. This flower also grows into a Christmas tree (pine tree) shape that fills out nicely, top to bottom, when harvested in sections. My garden was humid this summer with an average temperature of 78*F, the buds were airy and loose due to this and the genetics of the Haze showing up. I am more than happy with how the harvest has gone. The buds are loaded with trichomes and smell amazing. I think it smells like candy, Rockets to be precise if you ever broken them into powder or small pieces by sitting on them haha in your pocket. The first harvest is curing now and the second is about to begin being burped. I will follow up with a smoke report in about 10 days or so. I am anxious as all hell to sample this after making my trim into honey oil. ^this is her in a 5 gallon root pouch ^start of budding after the stretch ^weird looking haze leaves ^she is now in a 15 gallon rubbermaid bin ( i drilled a drainage pattern in the bin and it sits in a wider storage bin catch basin...i stole the idea off somebody on this site i can't remember right now but i really like it for this flower) ^the tomato clip is pulling down the suppercropped top (i have a screw driver hanging down off the cooking twine) ^she has a couple of bamboo stakes in her now and she is filling out sideways ^close up of the top cola after recovering and having the weight removed ^the shoots in the back stretch up for the light; sides too (heavy planter meant it barely got moved around) ^some sugar beginning to coat the fan leaves/buds/stems ^last picture before the first harvest. Sorry i didn't get a better one (especially without the led lights).... the other flowers are northern skunk, northern kush X2 ^nug shot ^bud up close ^rack of nugs from first harvest ^few more ^last one i promise!!! I am very happy with this flower and do appreciate having the opportunity to grow her. I have another seedling going now as I had rebuilt my veg garden a few months back and lost my 2 cuts of her. Ill post up a smoke report here soon Thanks Sannie for everything!!! (very appreciative of the last batch of freebies especially buddy!!)
  25. Not sure where to post this... but anyway. I have a question about foxtailing. I have a Sugar Punch, day 68 and she's been foxtailing like crazy the past couple of weeks. I know it's a genetic thing for haze's, right? So I'm ready to harvest this girl but I'm having second guesses because these foxtails are shooting out new white pistils everywhere. Making me think twice about harvesting. She's foxtailed so hard it's like little fingers everywhere on all the buds Anyone have any similar experience?
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