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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Open growers , I am Zeus this will be my second indoor grow and I will try some standard organic from sannies shop . I am a very old outdoor grower but life made me stop for nearly 15 years . Anyway just move back to Greece after a long period abroad and I can't wait to start my old way of life . So about my set up 2 630 CMH lumatek one with 3100 k flower and the second one 4200 for veg and flower Strains Sugar punch X 2 sannies seeds Freebies from sannies shop somari X madsomething lol X 2 Northern light from suzzy seeds ,back in the days about 1995 -1998 can't remember exactly met a yoga guy in Greece and he gift me some unreal smoke and seeds from original Northern light and it was one of the smokes that I still remember so I will always hunt for this strains .A friend of mine say try Suzy seeds anyway never heard of her but I bought my first hunting to find this special smoke from back in the day . I will run veg on 24 hours cause it is a bit cold . I will post some photos tomorrow Have a peaceful day people and sorry for my English lol
  2. Here we go boys and girls... Going to document a bunch of strains in one thread, so the slower folks and those who like to dab too much may want to get a paper and pencil. I had a hard time keeping up with 2 or 3 threads last time even though I wanted to keep those strains in their appropriate forums. As some of you may or may not know, I like to post walls of text interspersed with lots of pics. *DISCLAIMER* Any/all comments, opinions, suggestions or whatever have you are always welcome in my threads...but if you are in the mood to troll or just be an idiot I have to warn you in advance that my og krew is pretty rough on douchebaggery. If they don't slam you for being inappropriate in one of my threads then you can rest assured I will. ******************* So with that out of the way let's get this thing started! Next med run... Gotta keep the jars full while all of these little ones grow up and strut their stuff! I am going to list all of the germ rates of each strain, which seem the most vigorous, blah blah blah...but for now just know that two of the littles ones have caught my eye! One of them is a Hammerhead from NAW Seeds. FINALLY got a chance to crack these babies, let's see what we get! The other is not a surprise to me at all, as almost everything I've gotten from this dude has been straight fire - BBSD cross (I got so confused trying to figure out the nomenclature that I'm just calling it that for now. Maybe dude will chime in with the specifics) Sugarpunch gets the vote for most vigorous so far...5 for 5 up and running and almost identical so far. They are runners for sure. Introducing - The Lemon Gangsta (thanks for the moniker, slayer) I know I've already said it, but there are some HIGH hopes for this strain. Flavor Bomb! LemonG x K.O. Kush...by the dude I'll do a proper write up as soon as I get some time. Those of you who have read my previous threads/grow reports know how I get down. Thanks in advance for checking it out and I guess you all know the drill by now... SMOKE 'EM IF YA GOT 'EM and ROLL IT LIKE YOU GROW IT!
  3. Apis

    Space Pussy

    Here's my current grow of a cross of mine. The dad is Dairy Queen (Romulan/C99/Cheese). Mom is Sugarpunch. The result is Space Pussy. Smell has that classic Sugarpunch goodness combined with a slightly chemical bite. Sort of grape jolly rancher-ish. I'm running one 1000 watt HPS, Dyna Grow nutes and a drip system. Very simple, very basic, very easy. We are just into flower and they are doing well. Here is the room: Here's a close up:
  4. Damn its finally getting to be winter around these parts, the nights are cold and I gotta warm the house somehow. So lets fire up another round. I'll be doing Sannies Organic program again on cocos, just like the current round. They'll get started in the propagator and will move to the small tent with the T5 for a short veg, maybe 2-3 weeks tops, followed by the 600w HPS and the big tent. Might be making some updates to the whole setup soon, got some cash coming in from a past employer that hadn't payed out fair wages. Thanks to my Union and their lawyers, I'll be getting a hell of a Christmas present on my bank account any day. But now to the matter at hand: Sprouting; 4 X Sugarpunch (fem) 5 X Mad Kush (fem) 1 X Candy Kush (fem) 5 X Chucky's Bride (regular) 5 X YOU DECIDE!! Yes, you chose the last 5 seeds to make into the tent. Below is a picture of all the possible strains to choose from, I got room for 5 more. The first person to respond can tell me which strain they'd like to see grown and its done, the seeds will get planted right away. The sooner the better! Here some winners to choose from...
  5. Sugar Punch and (Silverfields / Jackhammer) Start, (veg 2 more weeks from here) week 1 flower Week 2 already smells like it Week 3 This is Sugarpunch (left) from seed, and something I made with Silverfields and a male Jackhammer I saved some pollen from a couple years ago. I am running two 600W Hortulux enhanced spectrum and one cheapo 400W MH between em in a 5 by 5 tent. The plants are in 18 gal rubbermade totes with the corners cut out sitting in cat boxes. Think giant pots in giant trays. There is one Sugarpunch in each tote to the left, and they were vegged two weeks longer. The soil is Roots 707 with allot of #4 Perlite. I have yet to feed them. The ones to the right are a cross of Silverfields and Jackhammer I made, and found one standout plant in. They are all clones of that plant two to a tote. They also started flower kinda early so I could get some ready in time for an event in September. It's week three today, and it already stinks of sugarpunch and haze in there.
  6. Sannies style this run, four plants of sugar punch popped and were cloned, there are 8 of plant 1,2,3 and between 4 and seven plant 4's, there are 5 Glo f2's in the mix from magilla we'll see how many girls there are, i bought the killing fields fem for knutsels KF cross because someone wanted some purple smoke but they went a little mouldy as seeds and never made it out of the sponge pot, so i started 2 of the regulars and they came on fine. sannies style each with 3 buffer tabs per pot in light mix, 2 pots of each type of sugarpunch have sannies myco the others have other brands mostly azoz and mycoz. they were watered with bacto when they were potted, they were vegged for a week under a gavita set to 660W and 2 little budmaster2 lights that will be used later for some breeding work. Start of 7 day veg at 15 hours on, surrounded by some sugar punch mothers and fresh jack parents who can say f9 private stash lol Glo F2 KillingFields Fem The lights After 7 days The first collumn is plant 1 the second plant 2, the first and second row is sannies top to bottom, the 3rd and 4th row have the different mycos. Plant 3 collumn and 2 pots of plant 4, 1 pot of 3 mixed sugarpunch and 1 pot of 3 cheese Glo f2's it's hard to see in the image but a few have purple colours in the leaves KillingFields Fem All together Left side Right side I'm looking forward to the sugar punch and to the potential in the glo, and hopefully i may find a super tasty not too strong purple killing fields, hopefully it will be a smooth run, they are now starting 11 and a half hours on under 2 gavitas on a thousand on tracks and the two little leds are still there, when my little breeding cabs arrive i'l swap them for one of the monsters in my other L.E.D thread in between the two gavitas, why not lol Thanks for browsing
  7. HEy , Just want to share some pics about my second sannie Grow. This Time its Extrema and Sugarpunch and what can i say .... Flowering DAY 20: Equip: Selfmade Growroom 400w NDL ... 11L Pots Plagron Series Soil Hesi Nutritions Will post some updates here and there. Greets
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