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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Guys, I started my Sweet Seeds grow 3 weeks ago. First i want tell something about my Eq: 80×80×180 Homelab 250w MH/NDL 220/400 lti + 400er akf 3× venti Soil: BioBizz Light/Allmix + BioBizz Grow, Bloom, Algamix, Topmax I have 3× Crystal Candy and 2× Sweet Cheese, 1× Sweet Cheese died. The little Plants first came in 0.6 liter Pots for 2 weeks then in 3.5l. I have no experience with this both Strains and the Seedbank Sweet seeds. I just had the Strain Ice Cool one time before. Is someone here he can tell something about this Strains? Week 1 Week 2 Day 18
  2. Crystal Candy The Crystal Candy smells incredibly delicious. With sweet Strains i always have the worry that you get the Aroma of a 0815 Strain, but Crystal Candy smells very special. The Aroma is simply Sweet like Candys. Watermelon / Strawberry Notes, could also be called Skittles .. Very strong effect. Cerebral. But it can also sleep well with it. The buds are sticky. Great weed. So far, no tolerance has been established. For some varieties that is fast after just a few days. Sweet Cheese The Sweet Cheese # 1 has exactly the flavor I expected. The variety still fermented in the glass and I think the Aroma is even more intense but I can say that it is very strong. It has an earthy slightly muffelig cheesy note with a very slight sharpness and sweet. Really delicious. It takes the cheese Aroma true tastes very delicious. A little bitter but not too skunky or herbaceous .. The buds have 1A quality. Very compact sticky buds. When you open the glass, you get a very gruff cheese smell and this typical weed smell. When grind mixes the flavors and you take the sweetness extremely true .. Pretty sweet the Sweet Cheese .. Good combination with the Crystal Candy which smells extremely sweet of watermelon. The effect is not as strong cerebral as with the Crystal Candy but it is very smooth and pleasant.
  3. Sweet Skunk smoke report This strain is from Sweet Seeds, its one of their fast strains and the cheapest seeds in their stable. I grew them outdoors this year, they finished late September and yielded an impressive number of really heavy buds. One of my best outdoor harvests ever. Appearance: Most of the buds are the size and shape of an egg or a golfball. They are very bulbous around the base and extremely dense. The buds are very light despite being so big. The resin content is ridiculous. There's so much crystal that the bud shreds as you pull it apart. It looks like quality indoor bud. The buds exhibit pale colors contrasted with the dark hairs, a blend of pink, orange and yellow, very little purple and green, so shiny. This makes everything else look second rate. Smell: The buds, unbroken, smell sweet and fruity. Ground up bud smells like Juicy Fruit gum but musky, there's some skunky tones, a bit of spice in there and sweetness. As I roll a joint it smells delicious, chunks of bud and resin, very pungent. Taste: Just sweet skunky goodness, thick. palatable, rich and tasty as Hell. Its not a traditional Skunk, this one is always sweet and tasty. There's a balanced musky undertone, spicy with something like orange, hash and aniseed. Excellent flavour, its complex and consistent..There's nothing harsh in the taste, thick but not expansive and easy to smoke. Its really good. Effect: Nice balanced high, good for the head, seems to endorse calm happy thoughts. Relaxing but not debilitating. The body stone is better than average and smoking it is a treat. I find the effects work well together and it tastes great. Overall: So much better than anticipated. This is my new favourite Skunk. It finishes outdoors and yields buckets. It has everything; taste, smell, buzz, great looks, huge buds and a loads of resin. I am so happy with this one.
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