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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys/Gals I was wondering can the community help me here please!!! Can anyone who use tents share the prices that their tent cost them, just the tent not kits, the dimensions of these tents, the brand used and if possible a link to the companies website below or the grow-shop in the comment section of this post. Also If use could explain the benefits and flaws of each particular tent and brand that you have experienced, would be very helpful?!! This would be fantastic if you guys could help me as I’m trying to comprise a complete list of tent prices and I’m coming across so many different prices it’s difficult to figure out which tent/brand is the best Much appreciated Johnbong
  2. Hello Fam! My name is Bill, nice to meet you all! I have been growing off and on since 2004, using very easy techniques to produce amazing flower. It is my goal to help as many people learn to grow their own meds as possible, while picking up some new tips and tricks from all of you. Looking forward to knowing, learning from and helping you all! Stay Lifted,
  3. From the album: Weed for Warriors Exchange Grow #1

    Plan to move this tent to the right side of the desk in order to fit a larger (55x55x79) tent where it is now under the 1000w. That should give a tent for mothers/clones and another to finish them out in when needed.
  4. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Goodday all, I wanted to show my grows to all of you, so i want to start this topic so everybody (including me) can learn something from it. My setup: Mammoth grow tent 100x100x200 EVSA 250W/400W/600W/660W 400m3/800m3 extractor fan. 2x 15 cm fan _________________________________ Mammoth tent 60x60x180 1 COB LED Citizien 52W~ 3500k 1 Cob LED Cree 52W~ 3500k Extractor fan used for the 1m2 tent 1 15cm Fan _____________________________ soil: Makkelijke moestuin mix (dutch soil for vegetable gardens) 100% organic soil. +fungus +seaweed powder +Bacteria +vulcanic laom I use 18L pots in general. ________________________________ Here are some shots from my previous plants: Sannie's - Sugar Punch: White label - "Purple" bud. Wietzaadjes - Northern Light field  At the moment I'm growing several plants. In the 60x60 tent I have 2 Northern Lights from sensi seeds. Here some pictures form it: Day 8 - 12/12 day 15 - 12/12 day 20 - 12/12 In the 1m2 tent I grow 3x white label - Purple bud and 3x sensi seeds - skunk #1 Both tent had 4 weeks Veg time, after they were set op 12/12 I did some LST to them. Here are some pictures:
  5. Hey all! I am brand spanking new to OpenGrow and plan on growing my first crop of flowers soon after I move. I am seeking advice on how to best set up my grow. I'd like to harvest once a month. I plan on growing just a couple of plants at first but once I get the hang of it, I will upscale the grow. I have a few direct Q's but I am also seeking the wisdom of all of you Veteran growers out there on the interwebz ! Im was thinking about buying 2 tents, one for Veg and one for Flower. I saw some big 10' X 10' tents that looked about the perfect size for the basement. Maybe that's too big to start.. I have around $7000 to spend on the project.. I want to get my first crop then upscale the grow. In your opinion, where is the most economical and trustworthy source to acquire high quality grow tools? How many 1000W lights would be needed for each tent at max capacity? Do you recommend using different lights for the veg tent as compared with the flower tent? Should I get another tent to keep a mother(s) and propagate my favorite plants? At capacity, about how much weight can I get out of that set up per month? Thanks for the help. Im sure I will have a boatload of questions in the coming weeks !
  6. hello stoners and growers and medical users. Im Smak This is my semi-ghetto grow. 250w HPS 115 cfm 5" fan uknown indica strain, high quality weed soil seedlengs 1l pots flower pots 8l soil mix K pothgroung, florabela, 10% perlite, ferts 5-6-7 for flowering + micronutrients organic fert Tent: 2x3x5 50x90x160 cm Light 250w HPS simpe one exaust bathroom fan 115 cfm (195 m3/h) and small seedleng 70w HPS (bad i know) box 29x40x60 cm veg box seedlengs 7 days .. cute i know.... but seedleng stage is boring...let's go in lil veg stage... 18/6 day 10 18/6 day 18 18/6 23 days 18/6 28 days, 12/12 4 day plant 2 TIP: later only 2 strongest girls remains....
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