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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I'm a new member. This post is about a question I've been wondering about for a few years now. What chemicals in marijuana create the tingly body high that only certain strains have? And what are the best clear-headed strains with a tingly high? The tingly body high is one of my favorite aspects of a marijuana high. I personaly don't enjoy the sleepy feelings, body heaviness, grogginess, or cognitive impairment that many strains have. Even though dizzy euphoria feels nice I don't seek out strains for that either. I like strains that give me a feeling of calm concentration, clear-headed optimism, suppress verbal thoughts, enhance visual thoughts, and produce a tingly body high. A strain like Mandala's Satori would be just about ideal if it had the body feeling too. I've often read that CBD content is linked to the body high, but I don't think it's really true because there are too many strains that seem to break the rule in either direction. I've also read that the terpenes are responsible for the body high and I've tested this objectively by combining a strong, neutral marijuana strain with varous pure terpenes as well as a number of plant oils containing the common marijuana terpenes. None of the terpene additives I tried created a strong tingly body high. I have a hypothesis: the tingly body high comes from a marijuana terpene or other compound, but the compound is not commonly known. It is active in tiny amounts, similar to Salvinorin-A in Salvia Divinorum. I think I can eventually test this hypothesis by performing careful, non-destructive separations of the marijuana components and then vaporizing and smoking the components separately or combined with a neutral-high strain to isolate the tingly body high. Then I can try to identify the concentrated fraction that produces the body high. This is a lot of work: probably weeks or months of full-time work. But it is a way to really get the answer. I'm growing eight Ms. Universe females right now, both seeds and weed. I'll try to make a good selection and cross her with Killing Fields, Kalichakra, and/or Satori which are all on hand. I'm going to grow Zamaldelica also soon, and out of those new crosses I hope to find my ideal plant. My questions are: 1) Can anyone suggest strains that I should not overlook in my search? 2) I once smoked an unknown, skunky tasting strain that I think was almost ideal. It had a great clear head and body high. From all the descriptions I've read I think it might have been Super Silver Haze which I've never tried otherwise. Should I prioritize growing and smoking Super Silver Haze before the rest of the breeding program? If so, which breeder should I buy the seeds from? 3) Is Strawberry Cough a strain I should explore? Lady Cane also sounds ideal to me but it's been sold out for a while. Is it coming back? 4) Can anyone shed more light on this question of the terpenes and tingly body high? What about the contribution of CBD? I know some people in this forum have extensive practical experience breeding and growing strains for particular characteristics of the high. I've done a lot of reading and a little bit of growing and breeding, but relatively speaking I'm just a beginner. I've really only smoked the 15 or so strains I've grown out and a handful that I happened to come across over the past 30 years of occasional smoking. I'll appreciate whatever you can tell me. Many thanks, wiregrass
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