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Found 2 results

  1. ... And Anesthesia test grow on the side! Hi OG, I started the new year with a new grow and new hope for nice tasty harvests! On 01/07 i planted 5 mk´s and 1 mb freebee seed in the spongepot and watered with bacto and rootjuice. In a near future i wanna hunt a nice skunky anesthesia mom for keeping, but i never grew the strain before... Since i got some space left i trew in 2 ana seeds in the spongepot as well, to see this plant in live action After 3 days under 23w tl and constant 25°c temperature they start showing the first signs of life and on day 4 there were 3 mk´s up and ready to trow off there seedshells. I planted all the spongepots in small pots with ligh-mix and added myco and rootjuice 1ml/l mineral water pH7. I moved the bunch to my dp90 under 75w 6500°K Tneon and i small 5w fan. Last sunday all the seeds were above the ground and shining, 100% germ rate like (almost) always with seeds from this place Then problems started with the lamp... The other white and blue tubes refused to work with my armature/reflector! It does not make any sense, but after putting in 1 red and 1 white the lamp is working fine again... So the babies are under mixed spectrum sooner than usual this time. After this set-back the heating fell out and i could not get the temperature above 20°c for 3 days. I really hope the damage will be limited to some days of delay in growth? Today they are in a happy 27°C tent under a light breeze and they had about 1 liter of mineral water with 1ml of fishmix from underneath and some leafcoath spraying when the lamps went out for an hour or so... I got to make some changes in my hardware set-up and will report about that soon... For now i going to make some nice dry sift from my sp sugerleaves and taste along the way! I hope yall will enjoy this grow! SW69
  2. Hi OG, Welcome to my first grow report (not my first grow...)! Let me start of with the specific hardware im using: - sj ds90 - sj tneon 2x75w X 3 = 450w mixed and adjusted lightspectrum - davin dv12 relais - 2x 5w clipfan - 35w exhaust with an odorsock filter (need a new one real soon) - passive intake of fresh air - 19l smartpots And now on to the software (my favorite part): - customized mix of 40% cocomix, 30% allmix, 10% wormhumus/premix and 20% lightmix on top of all that goodness - nutes are (in order of use) rootjuice, leafcoat, algamic, bio grow, bio bloom and topmax - for safety i use neem oil - water from Montcalm (ph 6,8) to start, later on just plain tab water (no ph measurement) Except for the water and neemoil im using Biobizz all the way. On the 7th of september i planted 5x sp and 2x kf freebee in little pots (i was out of spongepots ) filled with lightmix and drained with springwater and rootjuice and placed them under a 23w bathroom tl. After 4 days all the sp´s came out and the kf was no longer among us, RIP. I was hoping for a room full of half-sisters but a room full of sisters is equally nice when its Sannies sweet sugar punch! Untill the first of october they were under 75w 6500K and 75w 9000K in the same small pots. Then i transplanted them into 19L smartpots with the fresh mix mentioned above and they were fed rj and algamic in small doses while standing under 300w of 6500 tneon, 24/7. On 10/20/2014 i switched the light to 12h (in 3 days time) and added extra tneon, spectrum is 6500K and 2700K (50/50). Half november they stopped streching so i changed 2 out of 3 cool white with warm whites tneon. I got a weird contruction of bamboosticks to control there height, but these ladies are so full of power they forced some of the sticks out of the ground By now there in full flowering mode and i will place picures asap to prove it (got myself a small OG camera for that). Let me finish my first chapter with two remarks: - one (out of 5) sp is behaving crazy! she topped herself and keeps on growing like she´s a wild sativa thang... - everybody scared me so much for overwatering that i consequently underwatered my first year of growing untill my personal teacher told me to really listen to him I did and im loving the result... Hope to get lots of comments, be hard on me not my babies/ladies... Did i thank Sannie already for all this genetic magic? Let me do it now. Thanks sir dude! Peace SW69
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