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Found 4 results

  1. I was thinking about running mapito SOG with regular seeds like 15 6L pots in a 1m^2 tent on flood & drain table and then aim for 6-9 females at the end. Then I started thinking about managing the canopy and shit and it hit me. They won't show sex fast enough so I could keep them nice and tidy so what if I instead of SOGging I would veg for a few weeks then just cut/top on second or third branch and set them flowering? They would show sex much faster and still get big enough? Is it stupid idea what happens to the roots when I cut down almost the whole plant?
  2. Hello, My plants showed yellowing tips around two weeks ago. I made a post here and was told it was nutrient burn. Now i'm thinking it might definitely be a deficiency. Uploaded are a few pictures, including the fert i am using. I water once every 3 days. around a Litre per plant. every other watering i do a feeding. How i feed is i water the plant normally, then after 15 minutes i make a tea of 1 Litre mixed with 1/5 of a teaspoon (12-12-17). I water using tap water. and I have been kind of changing up PH every now and then, but i don't think it is a problem as the soil always buffers it down to 6-6.5. Oh and btw can you check the pic of the fert i am using, as I did not see Calcium written on there!? Age: 45 days, day 3 in Flowering Pot: 3 Gallon Soil: Universal Potting Compost (A bit of clay in it) (also has 0.75kg of NPK per square meter) Can you please spot any problems or deficiencies? Notice the purpling stem? it is only happening to one plant though! Next up is the damage on the leaves.(Almost only on Fan leaves?) (Also new fan leaves start out with white tips) (Also a bit of dark stripes in the leaves) One last thing, I spotted a few(3) white flies, they were tiny. I made a solution of soap and oil in a spray, they seem to have disappeared. I am thinking Calcium deficiency? Then again i am a first time grower. Thank You for your replies <3
  3. Hello, well do i need to cut the top of the plant to get a nice Scrog? It's the first grow i want to try Scrog like Sannie did... http://www.sanniesshop.com/scrog-growing.html My Plants are Malawi & Golden Tiger from ACE 100%Sativa. They are now in 30 Days of veg and i want to flip the switch to 12/12 soon... Can i also make cuttings when the Plants are i the first weeks of 12/12? many thx
  4. In an attempt to grow smaller plants than my previous (and first) indoor round (see this thread here: https://www.opengrow.com/topic/46845-tips-on-preventing-stretch/), I switched to 12/12 quite early. The plants - a Mad Kush, a C99 and a White Russian - were about 15 cm (6 inch) with 5 nodes/4 internodes. I gave them a few days to settle, as they got new shoes at the same time, and then fimmed two of them. The C99 did not resume growth as quickly, so I left that one alone for the time being. The fimming seems to turn out as topping, since I can see only two shoots per plant developping. My worry now is that I actually may have been too enthusiastic and get very small plants. I am shooting for 60 cm without significant stretch, but observing the growth rate up till now that seems a pretty ambitious goal. Plus I may waste some of the stretch period recovering. On my first grow, the plants really took off during the stretch, but they were bigger and probably had a better developed root system. Can someone experienced comfort me, or prepare me for the worst? Some growth conditions: - 2x70 watt MH on 60 x 60 cm, lights really close to plants. - 11 litre containers with Plagron Batmix - Temp lights on 24, lights off 22 Celsius (tent is heated at night to reduce stretch)
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