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Found 3 results

  1. here we will post all our DAB making etc, (reminder all our oils waxes shatters are made with GK Organics grown cannabis when using other nutrients you will get a different result than me, please keep this in mind) Step one. 1.gather supplies, a, au bain-marie glass set, 2 koffie filters, 1 large cup that fit the koffie filters and have your water boiler ready..... Step two 2.gather your trim/buds...(i used G39 seed plant(new strain "Green Remedy") trim/bud/leftovers) Step three 3.Fill your yar with your bud/trim 3/4 and fill it up with 96%(consumable) alcohol screw on the lid and start shaking for 5 minutes....after this it needs to sit for another 10 minutes, so time to role one.... after the 15 minutes strain the alcohol trough the 2 koffie filters.... when finished straining and collecting youre Ninja turtle juice...lol(alcohol) put it in a bottle and it should look like this... now the fun starts!!!! pour your Ninja turtle juice in your upper part of the au bain-marie glass set and pour the boiling water into the lower part...and now..... we need to wait some more until it starts to smell sweet like HONEY it may take 2-3 time's re-boiling the water to make sure all alcohol is evaporated.... wat's that awesome SWEET HONEY SMELL!!!! the oil is ready!!!!(i use small quantities at a time to get the best results) i scraped up the meds now you need a dabber to whip it until it is golden!!! after reaching the color of gold collect again and it should look like this.... you can now touch it!... it became stable cause of whipping all alcohol we forced out trough movement until it started becoming real SHATTER... Now for a AAA quality control by NAW... curl up your slab of shatter and slightly tap your finger on top...if you used the GOOD STUFF this is your result.... Stay safe and ONLY FLY HIGH Greetz PolderGrower & RhinoCBD
  2. This my best work on wax making. San did dab this one to ... happy to dab side by side <3 train: Lemon Candy (Alien Rock Candy x Lemon Alien Dawg) (THC Development). Genetic, Alien Rock Candy »»» Sour Dubble x Tahoe Alien x Lemon Alien Dawg »»» Alien Dog Cherry Pheno x Lemon Kush. Breeder: THC Development (T1420). Tools use The custom Kuro-neko sNOb with Inf from HE, Wax make by: The Black Noob Cat. Here he is. The Looks: Before the dab we want no bad shit so lets dance those evil spirits away. Smell: When open the No Goo pot damm just like you walking in a candy store. There is a sweet candy smell with a very nice and in balance sour smell to. This one have a very nice combo op sweet/sour/lemon. All is spot on and not one overule. So you can see this like a sour meet a candy in a lemon bad. LOL my wife tells me how nice this one smell. Taste: Same all there sour/lemon/sweet. You almost start to thing you not dabbing wax but a real candy store. And the after taste the sweet sour stay there for a very long time. That all with some lemon and cherry. This my best dabbing wax it smoke so smooth. Feeling: The fucking war on the dabs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yV1IVLp2E0 heating up. The feeling, A hard hitting one but then its a dab LOL. My head is floating some here i don`t know where. The real rush getting kick start some sec after the inhale. Exhale site back and LIFT OFF!!!! The ride to the peak take some time sitting for 17 min`s getting higher and higer. After some time the peak is still on its way and the end is still not here. My wife just start to smile and say thats not normal and see mean my eyes. I look just like a Chinese right now LOL. So we having a facepalm D@B. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq_shHu4lAs Summary of the flavors, Strawberry [] Earth [] Ammonia [1] Pineapple [] Banana [] Berry [ ] Floral / Flora [] Blueberry [] Butter [] Bubblegum [2] Cedar [ ] Chocolate [] Citrus [1] Pine [] Drop [] Grape [] Mint [ ] Fruit [] Fuel [3] Yeast [3] Grass [] Grapefruit [] Hash [] Haze [] nuts [] Hay [3] Cheese [] maroon [] Cherry [5] coffee[] Coconut [] herbs [] Lemon [7] Mango [] Melon [] Menthol [] Mint [] Musk [] Nutmeg [] Notes [] Orange [] Pepper [] Peach [] Petroleum [] Sandalwood / licorice [] Mold [] orange [7] Skunk [] Spar [] Sour [7] Turpentine [] toffee [] Vanilla [1] Sweet [7] Acid []. Summary of the effect, Anxiety relief [8] Audio perception [9] Communication [4] Consider process [3] Appetite [9] Humor experience [7] Ability to rest or sit [2] Paranoia relief [8] Pain relief [6] Sex drive [6] Sleep [2] Taste perception [7] Imagination / creativity [9] Visual observation [5]. (I know my English is bad sorry for that). Dabbing Frog.
  3. Hey here is some Blueberry Kush wax from a recent run, very stony. Yum, blueberry pie.
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