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Found 10 results

  1. Hi new here this is my first time growing also and I’m probably on the wrong part but really need some help I’m growing 1 plant indoors on my windowsill so only natural sun light and water. About 2 weeks ago some of the leaves have started to curl? Can you help? Thx
  2. Hi new here this is my first time growing also and I’m probably on the wrong part but really need some help I’m growing 1 plant indoors on my windowsill so only natural sun light and water. About 2 weeks ago some of the leaves have started to curl? Can you help? Thx
  3. You know what to do. Get creative, as long as its weed related and rhymes. Weed, dabs, MJ, cannabis No matter the name its all bliss Medibles, edibles, gobble them up For the cure, or to get messed up Breath it in, exhale smoke It's always time for another toke Ms G's recipes, yum, yum, yum, It's your guys turn, have some fun
  4. Welcome to the blog! We have just released the Share Holder and we are SO happy with this friendly little addition to our lineup. It's fun to make, it looks like some cool crystal and it functions like it should. We've packed a lot of great R&D into this design to deliver a functional and unique piece, in this blog here I'm going to explain a few of the different features! I designed the Share Holder as a simple keepsake and smoking accessory that encourages friends to share. Joints are meant to be shared. Right? They're portable herb delivery devices; a clever and streamline arrangement of paper and flower. Throw one in the back pocket and hit the trail with some friends. The Share Holder is designed to firmly grasp most hand-rolled joint varieties and sizes as well as pre-rolled cones. I personally use filtered RAW cones with my Share Holder. You didn't know you wanted to, but it's fun to fidgit with your joints. Not only does the Share Holder keep people's filthy paws off your happy straw, but it also functions as a fidgeter with each face smooth as stone and the edges having a satisfying crispness to them. The wide grip allows for comfortable draws and easy passing from hand to hand. No more dropped joints while passing! My favorite feature of the Share Holder is how it keeps your joint elevated when placed down. If you need to place a joint down you're typically hunting around for an ashtray or a piece of metal so you don't burn the house down or have it roll away. The Share Holder solves that problem. It holds your joint like the stone held Excalibur's sword. Whether placed flat, sideways or upright, the Share Holder will hold your joint elevated off of the surface and make sure the joint doesn't get blown or roll away. Be confident to put your joint down if you need to. Need to save some for later? If not other safe surface is available, you can extinguish a joint easily flipping the joint around and stamping it out inside the hole in the Share Holder. Those who are experienced can enjoy little one-hits with the Share holder by simply tucking a pinch of flower into the front and igniting with a gentle flame, inhaling in slowly with your lips barely on the holder. With some practice this can be very effective at combusting your herb resulting in a milky draw. Sacred Geometry, namely the Dodecahedron, is ever-present in the design of the Share Holder. Those familiar with the dodecahedron will recognize facets on either side. The top and bottom are truncated to allow for a natural and comfortable finger position. Each Share Holder stone is handmade. Pure mineral pigments are manually combined with an Artisan-grade Cement to produce each piece. The stone material is weighty and cool to the touch, with a tactile sensation similar to a very smooth river stone. A non-toxic and deep-penetrating sealer is hand rubbed into each stone to give it a unique washed look and completely seal the piece, making it easy to clean and dry. There is a new catalog of wares brewing here in Bold Maker Studios. A line of living goods and smoking accessories that elevate the aesthetics and community of smoking. We aim to deliver beautiful products that our customers can enjoy at a fair trade. Get on at www.Skandle.us
  5. So mrs owes me a trip to the netherlands (smoke holiday) I know amsterdam has much to offer smoke wise... But also with culture..... Museums....blah blah. Do I tell her book amsterdam ? Or Where else in the netherlands can we visit thats good for smoke choice and other cultural activities, so avoiding the normal tourists and tourist traps ? Really like to hear from the dutch folk. Anyone wants to meet up and be our guide for a few hours ? Greatly appreciated. Shame whazzup isnt around as i remember the days when opengrow meets happened quite often.....can anyone hook me up to him....SANNIE ? Regards Hillcrest
  6. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our little farm house (rented, lest you think I'm some kinda property baron or wine farmer) is surounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see. Every day I am thankful for my life. I love my wife and daughter. I love my country and I am filled with hope for the future. And then I read about another South African being busted with cannabis. Did you know we were one of the first countries in the world to outlaw our beloved plant? Yep. Pretty much for the same racist reasons as the US government in the early 20th century. Afterwards we took the US lead and built out these crazy laws til even a single seed could get you in trouble today. Admittedly only if your arresting officer is a total asshole in a really bad mood. During the dark decades of Apartheid propaganda was spoon fed to South Africans. Our daily diet of God, Country and Volk kept us going. Very few openly questioned cannabis laws. I mean, its a drug isn't it. The government wouldn't have made it illegal otherwise would they? Today we live in a very different South Africa. Our Constitution is a highlight of modern culture. Somehow we've managed to stay the humanist course and legalize gay weddings for instance. But still cannabis is covered by a dark cloud of bad science and twisted old time logic. At the moment a little debate is starting and with warriors like Jeremy Acton and the Dagga Couple on the scene there might be some change coming. This change however is still far down the road for us. Today I just want to congratulate the folks living in Washington DC for throwing off the shackles of federal enforcement and making the only sane choice in freeing the weed. Here on my balcony, gazing at the sun setting over the rusted vineyards, I lift a well rolled Durban Poison joint in recognition of all the Cannabis people battling for the freedom of our herb. Stay safe folks!
  7. Hey guys just a heads up for a new show that is out http://edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/04/17/high-profits-full-episode-season-1-episode-1.cnn about the ganjapreneurs in colorado greetjes all
  8. Hey guys just a heads up for a new show that is out http://edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/04/17/high-profits-full-episode-season-1-episode-1.cnn about the ganjapreneurs in colorado greetjes all
  9. Maine police return stolen marijuana to man Thomas Davis, a licensed medical marijuana grower and caregiver, inspects his sole remaining plant after his crop … It's not every day that police hand you $12,800 worth of pot. But such was the case in Ellsworth, Maine, where local police officers returned the 17 stolen plants to licensed medical marijuana caregiver Thomas Davis, the Bangor Daily News reports. The plants were taken last week from a greenhouse near Davis' home. Police arrested and charged Aaron Pert, 32, of Trenton, Maine, with the burglary after he admitted to the crime after a car he was in was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. Pert eventually told police where the freshly harvested plants were stashed and police recovered the marijuana, according to the Daily News. Now it seemed Ellsworth police had a dilemma. They didn't know whether to destroy the pot, which they would normally do with illegal drugs, or return the pot to Davis. According to the newspaper, the police department was worried about violating federal law if officers returned the medical marijuana, which is legal under state law. "This is new," Ellsworth police Lt. Harold Page said. "No one's dealt with this before." Page said he thinks this may be the first reported burglary of medical marijuana in the state. Ellsworth police Chief John DeLeo said on Monday that returning the medical marijuana to Davis was legal. Despite the return of his plants, Thomas said about 85 percent of the stolen crop is now damaged by mold, which was expected to happen the longer the plants were out of the greenhouse, the Daily News reports. Davis, a state-licensed caregiver for three patients, also uses the marijuana himself to treat pain caused by fibromyalgia. The theft will set him back for months, Davis told the newspaper, and he's worried his patients may have to get their medication elsewhere. However, Davis said he hopes reporting the incident and the cooperation with local police will set a precedent in which the police will view medical marijuana the same way it views other stolen medicine it recovers. ​There have been 42 People including my slef that are legal that have been ripped of this year This is one story thats nice to hear about it.
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