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Found 2 results

  1. Huck's Widow Cured Bud This smoke report is for a cross I made recently with a White Widow female x Huckleberry Kush male. You can view the grow log here. I have come to appreciate the White Widow as an effective strain for nerve pain relief. Having tried many others none work as well for me as the Widow. My only problem with the White Widow's I have grown is they tend to be more mind numbing than body numbing at higher doses. I find myself being less productive and more easily distracted from a task. This is not always a bad thing mind you, but it makes it a challenge to use as my main medication. My hope with this cross was that the medicinal value of the Widow would carry through and the Huck Kush would temper somewhat the Widows narcotic effect. I'm not sure it has worked out that way though. Initial impressions have me thinking I failed at reducing the narcotic effect but definitely improved the body numbing. I haven't sampled enough yet to know how well it works for pain but it sure gets me stoned. Appearance - The pheno I grew had dense, conical shaped buds. While not as dense as the Huck Kush buds they were slightly larger overall. The Huck's Widow did not color up like the Huck Kush did. They did have bright burnt orange pistils at the end but otherwise they remained shades of green. Smell/Taste - After smoking Huckleberry Kush for awhile it's hard to imagine anything tasting or smelling as good. When they were growing these buds smelled of Juicy Fruit gum. After 4 weeks in the jar they have a very muted and more acrid Juicy Fruit smell. Break a bud open though and the sweetness comes through. The taste in the vape is mostly unremarkable. It is slightly sweet but not really flavorful. The pipe brings out the flavor much better. It gives a hint of that Huck Kush sweet goodness followed by an earthy, spicy exhale. Very smooth overall. That was an issue with White Widow, it often left me hacking with too big a hit. This stuff is exceptionally smooth, thanks no doubt to the Huck Kush influence. The High - I loaded up the bong in preparation for writing this report. Took a couple of good draws, browsed around OG for a bit, then polished of the bong with a couple more hits and set about writing this report. Two hours later I decided to try writing again. This stuff definitely messes with ones concentration, not to mention coordination. It's not a hard hitting high but rather a slow dissolve into putty. After several minutes I realize my whole being in buzzing and my brain is out of gear. Not conducive to projects of any complexity. Don't try to balance your checkbook (do people even have those anymore) or figure out the bus schedule. You'll be lost in space. Conclusion - All in all I am very pleased with this cross. It is a nice combination of the two parents that I think will serve a useful purpose for me. I'll try mixing it 50/50 with Huck Kush the next time I make my medicine and see how it works. I'm going to pollinate my currently flowering Huck's Widow with her fathers pollen. Then I'll give them another go and see what we find. There you have it. I hope those of you who are planning to grow these will find the info useful. I will be most interested in seeing how these respond to the very capable growers who have them. OK, that last hit is catching up with me...gotta go.
  2. 2 new White Widow hybrids currently being tested by Shantibaba: http://www.mrnice.nl...w-new-work.html 1. AC/DC (White Widow X HazeAC) 2. Grail Widow (specific lineage not announced yet) These are not expected to replace Black Widow on the Mr Nice menu, but to expand the current selection of Widow hybrids such as Critical Widow, G13 Widow, Medicine Man, Shark Shock, and Mango Widow.
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