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Registration Terms

The boring but necessary Stuff: Rules of the forum


You should bear in mind that this forum is a general public forum. The information that you post is open to everyone and you should take measures to protect your privacy. Placed messages, profiles etc. may not be amended or deleted. The administrators and moderators could not be held responsible for the privacy of the forum members. The forum is open to anyone. This is a great diversity of backgrounds and knowledge with many different opinions and positions. This requires of the participants a large degree of mutual respect and decency.


Take the time to read these lines first.


Attention! If you do not meet these rules, you can be temporarily or permanently removed from the forum!


The following rules apply to our forum:

  • The minimum age for new members with effect from February 1, 2012 18 years.
  • Spamming (commercial purpose advertise for a site, product or service) is not permitted.
  • The use of discriminatory, offensive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or sexually oriented language is not permitted.
  • The provision of and/or questions to illicit trade is not allowed. Under illegal trade also falls selling, offering or exchanging plants, or parts of plants like cuttings.
  • Keep as much as possible 'On-topic. Do you have questions which have nothing to do with the topic or take the attention away from the subject intended by the topic starter, please open a separate topic yourself.
  • Do not place nonsensical messages , only to keep topics open. Do not respond to topics who have been in-active for months.
  • When you open a new topic, use a clear title which indicates the problem.
  • Place your new topic in the appropriate forum.
  • No MSN language. Just plain English. This reads a lot easier. Moreover, not all members on the forum are 18 and into that kind of language.
  • Act respectful and give everybody the room they need so we do not have to intervene.


Violations of the rules

Opengrow reserves the right to ban a user for misconduct or provocative behavior, temporarily or permanently . We also reserve the right to inform the provider about misconduct at the forum. When you witness any forms of violation of copyrights, other violations of the law, or violation of the above rules, you can always use the 'Report' button or send a PM to the moderators. We will investigate as soon as possible and take the necessary measures.



Opengrow is in no way liable for damages of any kind by using our Web site or whether or not available from the website.


The owners, manager (s) / moderator (s) of this forum cannot be held liable for any posted links (to other sites). Nor can the owners, manager (s) / moderator (s) may be held liable for the content of any violation of your feelings or potential violation of the morals.

Each user is responsible for his or her contribution to the site. Your presence here is entirely voluntary. Your posts will not be removed unless they violate the rules of the forum.


Opengrow is in no way liable for copyright violating content or legally liable for content posted by our visitors. We try to purify the posted messages of any kind of violation. If you find such violations, please report this to the moderator team.



Opengrow reserves the right to alter this text without giving any reason or notice beforehand. This text is not legally binding and confers no legal rights.