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Making Spacecake

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Since spacecake is probably the most consumed food that contains cannabis I'm going to make this one sticky right away...


I've made this cake for the party my best friend gave when he got 19, and I can tell you, she was a killer!


I'll post all the pictures I still have about this beauty!


--- From here on I will close this for a while since a bug is resisting me to upload pics... ---


Okay, I've borrowed the pics from my WF gallery till this one works...


What goes in is very simple,


200grams of sugar, 200grams of flour, 250grams of butter (200 is more regular though I like mine nice and fatty), 4-5 eggs and ofcourse about 1g of weed per slice, although I more than doubled that.


Okay we start of with some weed, I used 30 grams of my outdoor weed which I've picked the leaves of fast, so some leaves remain and it looks like a leafy mess though it was mostely bud.



We melt the butter au bain marie, I didn't have a special au bain marie pan at the time, like most of you probably so I've used a regular set of pans (inner pan) and filled the gap with water.



Soaked the weed in the butter for 20 mins keeping the water below boiling, then added this to the flour and sugar.



An egg or five is about right to get a nice cake, my cake has a lot of butter so will need the extra lift from the proteins to get some air.



So here, it is then, well blended for about 5 minutes by hand and then added about 50 gram's of chocolate chips, that work as a MAO-opposite.



The cake then went into the oven for one hour at 150 degrees celcius, this seems long but due to high butter content it needs to be so long for the cake to get done.



This was the reaction of some of the people, they knieled before us... Just to get a slice of our cake...


Well, that's about it. I'll make some decent pictures next time I bake one cause this is not really that fit for this topic... Hmmm, give it some time!


Reactions are always welcome.



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