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The Story Behind Opengrow

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I dont kow how i get on this forum, but that was the best mistake i ever did, really nice people, great growers, all with respect to each other...now i know some tips'n'tricks but when somebody new ask me for advice, my answer is OPENGROW 😎

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@ Bepo


Not to know, how to get to opengrow, qualifies you as a premium member.


It´s a trick, but a good one.


yeah, otherwise we'd have to..... yeah.



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Before i stopped from lurking OG forum and going deeper i had more than few passions.

First on my list was Cuore Sportivo( Alfa Romeo) sharing spot with Motorcycles which i ride around 20 years( now i stopped because health issues) and i sold bike :( 

Second passion is very special breed imho, (Pit Bulls, Amstaffs, Red Nose, Blue Nose, XXL pits etc, whatever they call them)

After i found my self  literary read more than 70% of forum content and 5-6 years  of growing i  still have two but sharing place!

Now Grow passion share my 1st with dogs and Alfa went down not by her fault :D 
Motorcycle riding stopped because health issues and after i got busted i had to sell bike to cover some of expenses. 

I became  obsessed(after tried San and Esco gear for 1st time) with good genetics and going deeper into genetics requiring loads of time and endless nights spending on forum and eu.seedfinder comparing and learning gene pools.

Every who had more than basic knowledge of dog breeding know what im talking about, its basically same thing, founding recessive and dominant traits and eliminate or keep them.
In dog breeding great success is when you maintain pure line but imho real success is when your offspring is better than parents.
For my luck i had very good mentor for over 30 years of my dog breed experience but sadly because im living in stateless state i havent real life mentor but thank for OG and people who sharing their experience and more than that!

Thank You OG, from all my hearth rate!


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@ciko i'm a dog man but only have a american bulldog females and a small cat now. thinking of getting an amstaff from willynwood kennels because he's the no. 1 amstaff breeder in the world and has been for 20 yrs plus https://willynwoodamstaff.com/  


pups are $1,800 plus transport that's not by plane. also considering old southern white bulldog but hard to get what i want pure and not many folks have them.

i might just end up with a rescue dog if i can foster it to see if the dog will bnot try to kill my cat and wants to be cool and playful with my bulldog. my. no 1 breed is still A.P.B.T. UNTIL I DIE.  i love dogos, ridge backs, presa canarios, staffordshire terriers, fell/pattertdales, bull terriers, giant schnauzers, Airedales and more lol 

old pictures but she looks about the same. had her like 5 yrs so i estimate her age at 6 approx. 85-90lbs she'll get some work this year for the forst time. just some chain work fr overall strength and so flrt pole too.




Sweetie Pie 1 = 4-9-2018.JPG

sweetie pie new collar.JPG

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